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2023.03.30 20:17 TechspawnSolution Breaking the Mold: How Odoo is Making Business Software More Engaging and Effective

In the past, business software has been known for its functional but dull interface and lack of creativity. However, with the advent of Odoo, that notion has been completely turned on its head. Odoo is an all-in-one management software that streamlines various business processes and ensures a better overall workflow. And, with the help of techspawn solutions, this software has been transformed into an exciting and enjoyable experience.
What exactly is Odoo?
Odoo is a fully integrated suite of business applications, covering various operations like accounting, inventory management, sales, and CRM. It is an open-source software that is designed to help businesses streamline their operations, boost productivity, and maximize profits. It is a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of any business, regardless of size and industry.
Techspawn solutions have taken the Odoo platform and created a customized experience for users that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. By incorporating vibrant colors, unique icons, and intuitive design elements, the software feels more like a game than a typical business application. This approach encourages users to engage with the software and promotes greater efficiency and accuracy in completing tasks.
One of the standout features of Odoo is its modular design. This means that businesses can select the modules that they need to support their specific operations. The flexibility of Odoo’s modules makes it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can use a few select modules to streamline their operations, while larger organizations can take advantage of the full range of modules to support their entire business structure.
Techspawn solutions has also incorporated gamification elements into the Odoo platform, which encourages users to compete against each other and improve their skills. This makes the software more engaging and promotes greater user adoption.
One example of gamification in Odoo is the use of leaderboards, where users can see how they compare to their colleagues in completing tasks or hitting performance targets. This promotes healthy competition among employees, leading to increased motivation and productivity.
Odoo’s user-friendly interface and gamification features have resulted in higher levels of user adoption and engagement. This ultimately leads to greater productivity, increased efficiency, and improved profitability for businesses.
In conclusion, Odoo and techspawn solutions have demonstrated that business software can be fun and engaging while still delivering powerful features and functionality. By incorporating gamification and intuitive design elements, they have created a platform that encourages user engagement and promotes productivity. With the continued development of Odoo and the innovative solutions from techspawn, the future of business software looks bright and exciting.
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2023.03.30 20:16 hippiegyal Why we are not getting orders

Why we are not getting orders
They are promoting the shit outa being a driver
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2023.03.30 20:16 Girldad627 [WTS] Maui Jim Pokowai Arch Manchester United

Good Afternoon,
Up for sale are my Maui Jim Pokowai Arch Manchester United Sunglasses. They come with the collapsable case and microfiber cloth. I would give the an A and call them LNIB. I have worn them about 1 or 2 times. I did not care for the tint color on the lens.
SV: $100 OBRO Conus Shipping Only
Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for looking!
Timestamp & Additional Photos:
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Here's options for downloading or watching Creed 3 streaming the full Movie online for free on 123 Movies & Reddit including where to watch Creed 3 Movie at home. Is Creed 3 2022 available to stream? Is watching Creed 3 on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch Creed 3 for free throughout the year are described below.
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Is Creed 3 on Netflix?

Creed 3 is not available to watch on Netflix. If you're interested in other Movies and shows, one can access the vast library of titles within Netflix under various subscription costs depending on the plan you choose: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.99 monthly for the standard plan, and $19.99 a month for the premium plan.

Is Creed 3 on Hulu?

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Is Creed 3 on Disney Plus?

No sign of Creed 3 on Disney +,which is proof that the House of Mouse doesn't have its hands on every franchise! Home tothe likes of 'Star Wars', 'Marvel', 'Pixar', National Geographic', ESPN, STAR and so much more, Disney+ is available at the annual membership fee of $79.99, or the monthly cost of$7.99. If you're a fan of even one of these brands, then signing up to Disney+ is definitely worth it, and there aren't any ads, either.

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2023.03.30 20:16 Administrative-Run-2 gangMC.xyz - An mcMMO / RPG Survival+ Server - 1.19.3 - 1.19.4 (JAVA AND BEDROCK)

An SMP server with player skills, levelled mobs, custom enchants, bedrock-java crossplay, and more

IP: gangmc.xyz Discord
Server Features:
Modified Mob Levels - Harder to fight as you level up in your fighting skill (animal level scales on farming skill) - Higher levels drop more XP and loot - Different variants of mob level, each stage rarer than the last (Common, Uncommon [+], Elite, Boss, Unreal) Player Skills - Useful upgrades as you level up each skill - Lots of skills to learn - Gets harder over time Custom Enchants - Over 60 Enchants - Ranging from QOL enchantments to OP enchantments Quests - Infinite and randomized quests - Prizes for completing each quest (ranging from XP to ENCHANTED NETHERITE armor and tools) - Daily skips Other QOL Things - Homes - Warps - TPA - FarmProtect (crops are unable to be trampled) - ImageOnMap - MendingXInfinity bows - DiscordSRV (discord + mc chat integration) - BetterBeaconRange
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2023.03.30 20:16 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Launch Windows Possibly Outed By Take-Two SEC Filing, Here's What We Know

Video game publisher Take-Two has one of the biggest video game franchises on the market thanks to Grand Theft Auto. The latest game in the franchise is GTA V, which is still incredibly popular despite having launched way back in 2013. Recently, Take-Two filed a 10-K with the SEC that shows what the company plans to spend on marketing over the next five years. That form showed that in fiscal 2024, more money would be spent on marketing than any other fiscal year over the next five years.
The marketing spend for fiscal 2024 ending March 31, 2024, is $89 million, more than twice the amount for other years listed on the form. Analyst Jeff Cohen from investment firm Stephens believes that massive marketing budget will coincide with the launch GTA VI. In other words, the filing suggests the highly anticipated video game may be several more years out than many fans expected.
gta v planes Being a publicly-traded company, Take-Two is required to file a 10-K with financial details each year that outlines its marketing spending for the next five years. The last 10-K form filed in May 2019 showed a spike in marketing costs in fiscal 2023, but that spike has now been shifted to fiscal 2024. Many companies have delayed major projects by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced workers to operate from home and shut down production across the world.
Cohen pointed out that marketing spending has been an accurate predictor of the launch of major games from Take-Two in the past. For example, a marketing spending increase was noted on the 10-K form during the launch year for Red Dead Redemption 2, well before that game was announced. GTA VI is expected to launch sometime between April 2023 and March 2024 according to the filing, assuming there are no further delays.
Past rumors suggested a 2021 launch date, so a launch no sooner than April 2023 is a long time away for gamers. With GTA V and GTA Online still incredibly popular, Rockstar wouldn't be in a rush to launch the new game. And a delayed launch would also ensure that the game is optimized for next-generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles.
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2023.03.30 20:15 EnvironmentalFall947 She wouldn't feed her own baby, but the multiple cats she had were well-fed.

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2023.03.30 20:15 Embarrassed-Worth-15 Account temporarily limited - What's the catalyst?

I received an email that my business account was temporarily limited because Paypal needs to make sure it "can support the type of business [I] am conducting." I've had my paypal account for 13+ years. I don't have any claims or chargebacks. There's been no change in volume of transactions. What could have triggered this? Only irritated since I had a balance in there that is no inaccessible until they complete whatever review they need (the query asked me to describe how I conduct my business and where stock is held, which isn't relevant since my business is service-based rather than tangible item sales).
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2023.03.30 20:15 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Modded Vehicles for Sale ⚾ Supercars, Sports cars, Armored Vehicles

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2023.03.30 20:15 EmTee14_ Analysing the UK housing market

For my A-Level computer coursework, we are required to programme a solution to a problem. For mine, I chose to make a website to analyse all property sales in England & Wales. I was wondering if anybody would be able to provide some feedback on it or you can just take a look for fun. The link is at the top, it works on mobile and desktop but a bigger screen is better for the graphs (it also might just break). Any feature requests would also be great as I plan to work on it after my exams in the summer.
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2023.03.30 20:15 EducationalCod3362 75% Off Amélie Home Lightweight Wave Pattern Knit Throw Blanket Cozy Soft Warm Farmhouse Decorative Knitted Throw Blankets for Couch Bed Sofa Living Room (Blue, 50''x 60'') RK

75% Off Amélie Home Lightweight Wave Pattern Knit Throw Blanket Cozy Soft Warm Farmhouse Decorative Knitted Throw Blankets for Couch Bed Sofa Living Room (Blue, 50''x 60'') RK submitted by EducationalCod3362 to HotDealsOnlineUSA [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 20:15 Alex_A_T [WTS] Pilot Custom 845 Urushi ,Otto Hutt Design 04 Checkered White Matte

Hi all,
For sale:
01. Pilot Custom 845, size 15, 18K, M, black
- Comes with the original box and papers.
- Condition [A2]. This M nib is super smooth. It's also beautiful to look at, as is the rest of the pen. This is a flagship pen with a bit of size that's plenty long without having to post it. Takes Pilot cartridges, of course, but also includes a CON-70 converter. Pen comes with the Pilot's wood box packaging. Dipped for nib testing. In immaculate condition. Price €400
02. Otto Hutt Design 04 Checkered White Matte
- Condition [A2] Bicolor steel nib size M. The Design 04 fountain pen uses a cartridge/converter system. A cartridge and a converter are included. Price €150
Comes with the original box and papers.
I can send more photos or you can look my other posts.
Shipping from E.U. Shipping is 22 euro worldwide. Shipping to E.U. is 14 euro.
Please reply here before messaging me.
All sellers and buyers must use PayPal Goods and Services as the method of payment
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2023.03.30 20:15 Galo-13 I (26M) asked my gfs (26F) mom permission to marry her and it didn’t go how I expected

As stated above my gf and I have been dating some time, and slowly over the course of our relationship we have both brought up marriage, kids, and our future together.
Over the last few months our relationship has progressed to the point where she has been sending me rings and talking about where she’d like to raise our kids. We’ve had lots of discussions on it and we are both in agreement for our long term future; how many kids, etc.
I reached out to some of her friends and cousin who she is very close to and all seemed supportive but surprised. My gf tends to be less open about these things with other people, but they all had the opinion of “if she is sending you rings and talking about this and you are both on board then do it”. With this in mind her and I both traveled recently back to her home country where I asked her mother for permission.
Her mother basically told me “call me next week when you are home and we will talk”. I assumed it was going to go well but when we got around to the call the very first thing I was asked was “are you sure you know what you are getting in to?” Followed by being told it wasn’t appropriate because we “aren’t dating but are instead courting each other”. To be frank I have 0 idea what that even means. Her mom went on to imply that the only reason she is into me is that I am the first person she’s met that thinks in the same analytical way as her and she doesn’t think it is the correct timing, and that she needs to make career decisions first. I replied to all these things as my gf and I have talked about them but I was/am caught off guard and don’t know how to respond.
We are going on a weekend get away in 2 weeks where I had planned to propose but now I am unsure. I talked quickly with her friends again but didn’t tell them the full story and they seemed disappointed. If I don’t propose then I’ll probably return the ring but I feel I’ll always have this in the back of my head.
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2023.03.30 20:15 irishcreammm My nerves got the better of me so I'm reposting this.

I posted this a few days ago but quickly let my nerves and insecurities sabotage me, so I deleted it. Someone however left a very nice comment right as I deleted it though, and luckily I got to see it. Thank you to that person! I'm feeling more calm and confident now, so I will try again.
First of all I'd like to say how glad I am that this reddit group exists! I was redirected here by someone in the age regression sub. It's nice to know others are similar to me. I don't know where I'm going with this post but we shall see. I just really need to get this all out...
I'm a "gay man" in my late twenties but lately I've been wondering more and more if I'm not meant to be Trans. I grew up in a very strict, Christian household so I never got to be who I was. I've always liked pink and dolls and everything that society said is for girls. As an "adult" I'm still fixated on those things, and now I can finally have such things. I love my faith, but I feel others perceptions of God (negative ones) caused trauma for me. I've always felt young and like a kid but that wasn't an option for me in my household to actually embrace. I created a persona of exactly what my parents wanted me to be and I'm ashamed, because that persona wasn't nice. I still battle with being "that person". I have forced myself to live a regular adult life and was doing so quite successfully. But all that covid drama shattered my mental health and I don't want to go on pretending myself to be someone I'm not. I really feel like I'm a kid trapped in an adult body. It's not just the "aesthetic", or being interested in collecting kid geared objects... I feel like mentally and emotionally, maybe even spirituality, I'm a kid! The terrible thing is, I still live at home and I don't know how ill get out! I'll never be able to live how I'd like. I worry I won't be able to handle a job (I haven't worked in years) , or doing anything grown up.
So I guess to end a ramble, cause I could really go on for days, I feel like a mess. A mess that is trapped. There was some poll here about the ideal life we'd all like, and I definitely think I need the "not work/have a caregiver option". That sums up exactly how I feel (no I'm not saying that to advertise, but it describes how I feel, and really what I'd be able to handle/not handle). At times I've wondered if I could also have autism, because no one in my personal life has understood how I feel on certain things, other than friends I have with autism, and they said I should get tested for it someday!
ANYWAY, if you read that all, thank you. I'm just so happy others are atleast somewhat like me. Maybe I'll meet others yet. Thank you for letting me ramble! If anything I said in this word jumbo was offensive or politically incorrect I'm sorry. I'm really still new to any type of living that wasn't being a "regular straight Cis Christian man". So please be gentle and kind to me and I will be so right back 💜
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2023.03.30 20:15 a15minutestory [WP] You are a student in the most prestigious magic academy in the kingdom. No one knows how you got in, sure you have amazing magic potential, but you’re “magic blind” meaning you can only feel the presence of magic and not see any magic. [Part 67]

Life, for most, was a series of ups and downs. You fail your test but then your mom makes your favorite dish for dinner. You lose the big game for your team, but then you make a major breakthrough in the spell you've been practicing for weeks. You drop your ice cream, but find some cash in your pocket you didn't remember leaving there.
The girl you've been fawning over for weeks tickles your tonsils with her tongue, but then you're cut in half and enslaved by your nation's mortal enemy.
Yeah, my life was different, there was no doubt about that at all. But the lowest lows made even the slightest highs feel so much higher. Something as simple as eating a hot meal was the height of life when you had been living on crackers, stale bread, and nearly century-old dried meat.
We failed to notice that everyone in the restaurant was staring at us as we wolfed down plate after plate. The juices; the flavors; the tenderness of the meat; the softness of the hot bread smothered in butter. I couldn't stop smiling as I ate.
"You gotta try this," Tovin said breathlessly between bites as he passed me a bowl containing what looked like some kind of wet, shredded, colorful salad. I swallowed the big bite of steak I had been chewing and quickly put a spoonful of the mystery dish in my mouth. It was heaven on earth.
"Holy smokes, what is this?" I asked.
"I think it's the coleslaw, give it back," he said, pulling the bowl right out of my hand. I turned and looked at the dumbfounded waiter standing next to our table, and smiled. "More coleslaw, please! And ribs, I'm outta ribs! And a refill on... what was this called?"
He stared wide-eyed at my plate and then shook his head as though clearing his mind. "Uhh, I believe you were having the peach lemonade, sir."
"That!" I pointed my fork at him before turning back to the assortment of delicacies splayed out before me. I wasn't sure if it was because I hadn't had a proper meal in weeks, or if it was just that the empire knew how to eat, but it was the best food I had ever tasted in my life.
"So good," Tovin said in such a way that I had to check and make sure he wasn't crying.
After eating all that we wanted and all that we could, the two of us just sat slouched in our chairs with bulging stomachs. I lifted my hand shakily toward the last rib on my plate, but let it fall to my side as I closed my eyes and accepted defeat. The will was there but the room in my stomach wasn't.
"My goodness, sirs," said the waiter. "You hunters sure can eat."
I looked up at him with a satisfied grin, "Hard work always makes a meal so much better. Know what I'm saying?"
"Can't argue with that," said the waiter as he folded his hands. "But... if I may, could I politely ask you to pay your bill? I mean no offense, but you and your friend have a..." he cleared his throat. "Musk about you."
I looked at Tovin and then at myself, and then at all the empty tables around us. We were still covered in the calraven's dried wing gunk. I had to have gone completely nose-blind to it. Now the faces everyone had been making at us made a lot more sense. I looked down to see that it had been flaking off of us and onto the restaurant floor.
"Oh man, I'm so sorry," I apologized.
"No!" said the man, holding his hands out. "It was an honor to serve the hunters keeping our cities safe, don't take me the wrong way. It would be our pleasure to serve you again, but it's about to be 5'o clock and our dinner rush will be starting soon."
I suddenly remembered something I had completely forgotten. I looked up at the man, "Excuse me, do you have a pencil?"
"Certainly," he answered, pulling one from his apron and setting it down on the checkered tablecloth. "Your bill will be 22 octims."
"That's so much," Tovin groaned, not bothering to lift his head or open his eyes. He wasn't wrong, but we had ordered almost everything on the menu. I wasn't completely certain I could walk correctly when it was time to leave. I pulled out the envelope and handed him 25 octims.
"Keep the change," I said, Tovin groaning quietly in tacit disapproval.
"Th-thank you!" said the waiter with a wide grin.
"In return, I'm keeping the pencil," I added, smiling back.
x - - x - - x - - ★ - - x - - x - - x
It didn't take long for us to find an inn. Bronzegirder was full of them, as it was apparently a booming industrial hub rife with people traveling on business. We decided to book one room with two separate bedrooms to save a bit of money. It came out to 9 octims a night, which when you factored in food, meant we only had a little over a week's worth of cash if we spent conservatively. I didn't know how long it was going to take me to find Atlas and Axle, but I couldn't see it happening that soon. We would likely have to hunt again; that or find a steady job that paid the bills.
It was a humble inn compared to some of the others we had seen. I really wanted to stay in one of the nicer ones, but Tovin wasn't having it. He said the less we had to go out and make money, the better, and I couldn't come up with a good enough argument to push back. While Tovin took a shower, I took an eraser to everything Fena had written to me in the notebook. I left a little bit of her message so as to avoid suspicion, and decided I'd write back later tonight before bed.
After his shower, he realized that he only had dirty clothes to change into and we were reminded that we needed to go shopping. I rinsed off and the two of us made our way back down to the lobby and out into town. It had gotten considerably darker since we had checked in, and the chill winds blew against my cold hair, sending shivers down my spine. We pulled our hoods up and hit the market.
The first shop we landed at was a big success. We bought a warm hat for Tovin's head, which was only just now growing back a thin layer of hair. We found some sheepskin flight jackets with wool collars that rode high against the back of our necks. Tovin begrudgingly accepted them as the best option both for warmth and for hiding our slave tattoos, but for me, I also thought they looked really, really cool.
We bought some leather gloves that matched the jackets, along with new undergarments and sleep attire. We bagged some Diesillian snacks and drinks, as well as a refill of cigarettes for Tovin before heading back to the room. We were both exhausted, and I was more excited about a bed than I ever had been. Back in the room, we sat on the floor and tried the different candies and snacks as we discussed our next plan of action.
"Let's stay here for a little while," Tovin advised, sitting under the open window with his cigarette in hand. "This place is huge. The odds of them finding us here quickly are slim."
"I agree," I said as I popped one of the candies in my mouth. "I'm not going to say I like it here, but it sure beats being on the run."
"We're still on the run," he warned. "Don't misunderstand that. We should also probably pick new aliases. DuPonte has the wrong ones, but Gilliam is pretty similar to William."
"Yeah, but we're not on the run, run. Y'know, being chased through the night, sleeping in abandoned shacks, and stowing away in train cars. I know they're still looking for us, but how are they ever gonna catch us now?"
He folded his arms and dropped his eyes. Smoke billowed from his mouth as he sat in quiet contemplation. "It would be a mistake to underestimate our enemy," he said finally. "We need to start going by new names. I'm Wallace, and you're Geoffrey, got that?"
"I don't want to be Geoffrey, you be Geoffrey," I said playfully as I passed him a bag of candies. "Here, try these. They're called jelly beans, they're pretty good."
He dug his hand into the bag, fished one out, and popped it into his mouth. "Fine," he said. "You can be Wallace then, and I'll be Geoffrey. You need to help me remember that, you understand?"
"Yeah, I got it," I assured him.
"I said I heard you, Jeez," I said dismissively as I picked up the dark beverage I had been eyeing. It was labeled Root Beer and it generated a golden fizz at the top when disturbed. I couldn't wait to taste it. Tovin reached over and gently lowered my hand. I looked up to find him staring at me intensely.
"Gill," he repeated. "Stop. Just stop it, alright? I know what you're doing. I might be slipping, but I'm not dumb, deaf, and blind just yet. While I appreciate the act, or at least where it's coming from, I know you're just as scared as I am. I'm not a child; and while I may not be able to preserve what remains of my dignity for very much longer, I would ask for your respect until that time comes."
I had somehow underestimated the smartest man I had ever known– again. I didn't know the extent of his condition. Based on our interactions, I figured that he had no memory of the times when he regressed. I assumed that he didn't fully understand how bad his lapses had gotten, but it seemed he did. Worse yet, I knew how he felt about sympathy. The way I was acting had to have felt like the biggest insult to him, and even so, he wasn't reacting with anger.
He just wanted to be heard.
"Earlier today in the woods," he said, lifting his arm and tapping his cigarette against the window sill. "I can't remember the details. I don't know how you did that monster in, how I ended up unconscious, or anything about how we got back to the city. But I do remember how I felt."
He traced the floorboards with his eyes and placed his arms on his knees as he looked for the words. "... I felt useless; helpless like a terrified child. At one point, I felt like I didn't deserve to be alive." He looked up at me. "It was like I was swimming in a dream; like I was watching my own actions from over my shoulder. I came back to consciousness for a brief moment and contemplated shoving that rifle in my mouth."
"Shut up," he waved at me dismissively, drawing tendrils of smoke in the air with the end of his cigarette. "I don't need your pep talk," he huffed. "I'm past it." He rested his head against the wall behind him. "I just want you to know that this whole thing is getting harder for me. It's like there are two people fighting for control of the wheel, and when I'm not steering, I'm in a sleeplike state. My thoughts play out in front of me like I'm having some kind of fever dream. They smear and melt like watercolor giving me brief glimpses of reality through a window I can't reach or jump through."
I stared at him with concern. We shared a brief moment of eye contact before he closed his eyes and exhaled smoke. "It's not looking good for me, Gill. I just wanted you to know before I went to bed," he said, getting to his feet. "That if I go to sleep tonight for the last time..."
"Hang on," I interrupted. "There's something you should know. I reached out to that friend of mine back home. He's already working on a way to fix you."
His face brightened. "Y-yeah?" he smiled. "Gill, why didn't you say anything?"
I picked up the bottle and used the opener we had purchased with it to pry the lid off. "There was never a good time," I shrugged. "It's been a long, long day."
"Well, what else did he say?" he asked, taking a step forward.
"... Just, y'know," I trailed off. "Hang in there."
He sucked his lips in and looked down at the floor. He knew I was holding back. I was more worried about putting him through information overload than anything else. There was a lot he didn't know; too much, in fact.
"Tovin, just trust me. You'll know everything soon," I assured him. "All of it. As soon as you get your memories back."
"You really think your friend is that incredible?" he asked without looking up.
I smiled knowingly. "I do."
I took a swig of the beverage and spat it back out all of my legs. It almost splashed his legs and he quickly scrambled away. He looked at me with apparent disgust.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he yelled.
"It's like medicine," I grimaced. "I don't think this is even a drink!"
x - - x - - x - - ☾ - - x - - x - - x
That night, as Tovin slept, I wrote down the events of the day. As I jotted it all down, I began having new revelations. Tovin seemed to be at his best after resting. In the morning when we got off the train, he seemed alright. However, as the day drew on, he became less and less like himself. I should have known something was up the moment he wandered off without me. Then he was acting like a literal child up to our confrontation with the calraven. He had even mistakenly called me dad, perhaps reliving a buried memory of a hunt with his father.
But when his rifle exploded and he lost consciousness, he was back to himself when he woke up. He seemed to hold strong through dinner up until he went to bed. I wondered what it was about sleeping that restored at least a portion of his working mind.
Then there was the stranger, referred to only once as "Deac." There was no mistaking the magic that glowed in his body, but what was that other energy? I couldn't see it, but for the fact that it danced with and often overtook his magic essence. There were two energies tangled up together inside of him, and they seemed to be at odds with one another. And then there was the Diesel Devil sitting at the back of the cave.
The two of them definitely knew one another on a familiar level. They had been sent together to investigate Eluviel, but why, and from where? She definitely didn't seem happy to see them, but could that have been because she felt I was threatened by them? A splinter-sprite, he called her. A piece of her consciousness that she had shed just before she was subdued.
I wondered why she'd chosen me. Was it because I could see her while others couldn't? Or maybe I was just secretly really, really awesome, like a main character in a novel. I sat under the electric light and smiled at the idea of being someone worthy of tales. Someone like Tovin or Atlas with a bright destiny. But was revenge really such a noble pursuit? The yearning to return home and lift some heads off of shoulders didn't seem like any sort of heroic journey. After I penned the events of the day as best as I could, I got to work answering everyone individually.
Tovin. Be nice to Gill. He's doing his best with what he's got. Instead of being pissed at him, be pissed at the headmasters in question for what they've done to him. I hope everything I wrote above helps in some way, but I'm still running around out here with a lot of questions. Any luck with the spell for your counterpart? As you;ve read, he's getting worse. I need that miracle cure sooner than later. Thanks for your help.
I could already hear him in my head. "I'm working as fast I can you ingrate," or something like that. I laughed under my breath as I thought about what a dick he was. It was pressure, pride, and maintaining appearances that warped his personality so much. Out here in the Diesel as a nobody with nothing to prove, he was so much more agreeable. His inner-Tovin showed through now and again, but I wondered what would happen if he suddenly got all his memories back. Would he be a more chilled-out version of his ENU counterpart, or would he be even more high-strung?
Gill. I hope you read the annotation I scribbled in the margins about not reading the whole journal entry. I forgot you had asked me not to talk about the Galgalim before I had already written it all down. If you skipped right to this response as I hoped, then don't go back and read any of that. There were major revelations about what she is and why she's here.
I knew he wouldn't be able to resist after reading that. I needed his curiosity to overpower his fear. It was possible, I figured, that I could undo some of the damage Vega had done. I just needed to remind Gill of who he was.
I know it's weird putting your trust in me, but if there's anyone you can trust, it's yourself. I'm 99% sure Tovin would back me up on that, haha. And yeah, I remember Fena boasting about the importance of keeping a diary. We love that girl, but we hate to write, am I write?
I hoped he would find my pun funny. He was me, so he would at least smile at it, I was sure.
Even now my hand is aching something fierce, I want to go to bed more than anything. You know how long its been since I've slept in a bed? This mattress feels like heaven under me right now, you got no idea. And is Tovin still threatening to kill you? I thought we had gotten a little closer than that. I can't believe Axle was expelled. You're right, that means you're probably next. Keep your head down, man. Thanks for cooperating with me. If you had changed the summoning signature for the tome, I would have died today... and yesterday too, actually. I'm getting actual combat experience out here. It's wild knowing you can die at any moment. My hand is kinda cramping and I still have to write Fena back so I'll end it here. Thanks again for hearing me out and staying open-minded about this whole thing.
I set the pencil down and massaged the muscle between my thumb and forefinger. I had a lot to tell. But I wasn't about to roll over and drift off without writing to Fena. I picked the pencil up and readjusted myself before putting my words down.
I'm sorry I asked Gill not to tell you, but something deep down inside of me told me he would do it anyway. I just wanted to touch base with him first before I reached out to the rest of you. And technically, I was the one who showed you the message in the tome, so I didn't actually ever keep a secret from you.
I doodled a little smiley face with his tongue sticking out and then quickly erased it only to find that I couldn't fully get it off the page. There was a big smudge there that made it evident that I'd written and then erased something. I let out a frustrated sigh and drew it again, but somehow worse.
That's a solid theory on Tovin there. Same for Atlas. That could end up coming back to bite Vega in the ass. I promise I'll be safe, but do me a favor and help Tovin with whatever it is he needs. He's working on that spell to untether blocked memories from the mind, and the Tovin with me is getting worse by the day it seems. I don't want to see him get caught and sent back to the camp. He won't cooperate with them and they'll definitely kill him.
Thanks for everything, hun. I miss you more than you could ever know. Promise me you'll stay safe too. I know Vega is trying to find a way to get to you. If he got to Tovin... look just take every precaution you can. I love you. Goodnight.
I closed the book and set it down on my bedside table. I pulled the chain on the light, snuffing it out, then turned over and sank my head into the pillow. It wasn't that late yet– I could hear the hum of Diesel vehicles and even the chatter of the populace outside. I pulled the blankets over myself and closed my eyes. I let the warmth of the bed cradle me as I counted my many blessings, and thanked Hahnahkordia that I had somewhere warm and dry to lay my head.
The room was dimly lit when I opened my eyes again. It was just bright enough that I could read the clock on the wall. It was about 7am. It felt like I had blinked. I thought about getting up, but the blankets were so warm, and the room was cold– I had left the window open all night by accident. What reason did I have to get out of bed anyways? I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep again and repeated this several times until the clock read noon and I started to get hungry.
I rolled out of bed and quickly closed the window. I hurried into the hot embrace of my morning shower and got dressed before knocking on Tovin's door. "Hey, you up? I was thinking of breakfast."
There was no answer. I carefully opened his door to find his bed empty and neatly made. I entered the room fully to find that his backpack was also missing. I figured he had to have gotten hungry first and left without me. That theory fell on its face when I ventured back to my room and found a note placed on the side table.
You can sleep all day if you want. I'm going down to the gun range at the hunters' office. I won't be shown up by you again.
I set the note down and began to worry. I didn't like the idea of him going out by himself. What if he were to suddenly backslide mentally while out in Diesel territory alone? I could see a scenario where he'd forget his alias or that he has an incriminating mark on the back of his neck. I got dressed in a hurry and grabbed my backpack before heading out the door. I hurried down the steps and out into the cold wet streets of Bronzegirder.
I made my way north of the crowded city streets and found Alloy street. The bitter winds blew against me as I made my way up the empty road toward the hunters' office. I was starting to regret not buying a warm hat for myself when I bought one for Tovin. I skipped every second step on my way up to the front door and made my way past the reception desk and into the firing range. I heaved a sigh of relief when I found Tovin shooting at targets downrange.
I walked up next to him as he turned his rifle over and grabbed a handful of ammunition from the box sitting on the counter. "Busy morning, Geoffrey?"
"Did you just wake up?" he asked as he began feeding bullets into the tube.
"I figured I didn't have anywhere to be," I shrugged. "I assumed you didn't either. I thought the plan was to get our bonus and ditch this place."
"Yeah, well, I kind of like shooting," he admitted. "Also, we're out of money."
I felt my knees turn to jelly underneath me. "What?" I yelled. "How?"
"Turns out these guns are expensive," he said as he pulled the hammer back and lifted the rifle to his shoulder. "You left ours out in the woods. They charged us for them."
I stammered for entirely too long before wiping both hands over my face and collecting myself. "... How much we got left?"
"We owe," he answered, firing his gun. "They charged us for the uniforms, and then a fee to clean the gunk off of them. Also, I bought us a pair of rain ponchos, they're cheaper here." He motioned to a couple of folded-up ponchos hanging over the wooden divider.
I stammered for a little longer. This was becoming more expensive than it was worth. We would have to hunt another monster today. I was hoping to never have to hoof it out there again, and it was even colder today than it was yesterday.
"Calm down," he said, not taking his eyes off the target. "Get your poncho on. I've got a plan."
"A plan?" I asked.
x - - x - - x - - ★ - - x - - x - - x
"The circus?" I said with a hint of anger in my voice as we stood in front of the many tents and attractions. They had set up east of town on the perimeter of the city. Families wandered the fairgrounds. Vendors had set up games and stands with delicious food we couldn't pay for, and I had just remembered I hadn't eaten breakfast.
"I came this way first when I smelled the food," Tovin said, taking a few steps in front of me and turning around. "Then I explored a little bit. And wouldn't you know it– I found an attraction that was offering a cash prize. It just wasn't open yet."
I sighed and hung my head. "You just wanted to come to the carnival," I grumbled.
"100 octims," he said flatly.
I looked up at him and he smiled faintly. "Thought that would get your attention." He reached into his pocket and produced a single red ticket. "This will get us one round."
"One round?" I asked, taking the ticket and inspecting it. It read, "Single Admission ~ 1 Minute."
"There's a stage toward the back with a guy in a cape that you can challenge in hand-to-hand combat," he said, beckoning me to follow as he turned and started into the fair. I hurried after him as he explained. "Here's the kicker though. You don't have to beat him. All you've got to do is hit him."
"Just hit him?" I asked.
"That's what they said. He's supposed to be some kind of master. You strike him just once and we're set for the next several days, and that's after settling our debt."
This plan was a little better than I had given him credit for. Here I had thought he'd gone bananas again, but this could really work.
"You think I can do it?" I asked. "It can't be easy if they're throwing around a hundred octims."
"Here's what I'm thinking," he said, lowering his voice and slowing down to walk next to me. "You use a little bit of that magic– the kind you isolate in your feet to move quickly."
"Are you nuts?" I cast him an incredulous glance. "Did you forget we'd be on stage in Diesel territory?"
"Just use it once quickly to make your swing a little faster," he reasoned. "It's been drizzling all morning. The stage is wet already. If you're quick about it, it won't stand out."
"I don't know," I shook my head. "It's not the worst plan, but it's so risky."
"Riskier than hunting monsters?" he asked.
That was a fair point. Still, the idea of casting in front of everyone made me uneasy. It wasn't like Jetstream was a super common spell, though. Furthermore, the odds were slim that anyone in the crowd had ever even witnessed magic before. The more I thought about it, the more I started to think we could actually pull this off.
"This is the place," said Tovin as we approached a crowd. There was a wooden sign in front that read, The Slippery Salamander! One hit gets you 100 octims! The two of us pushed through the crowd until we came to the stage where a mustached man was swinging like crazy at the aptly named Salamander. He bobbed and weaved effortlessly around every attempted strike until a man in a red and white striped outfit hurried out onto the stage and blew a whistle.
"Time's up!" he called out.
The crowd cheered and applauded as the Salamander turned and took a bow. The world fell out from underneath me. I couldn't believe my eyes.
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