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2022.04.24 20:09 test1cl3s tradle

A place to discuss the OEC’s world trade guessing game Tradle

2022.12.04 23:42 Smash_Factor Here's all the Wordle type games I've been playing lately

Wordle (obviously):
Spelling Bee: (Available in the upper left corner of Wordle)
Phrazle: (And the 6, 5 and 4 "Wordle" games next to it.
Waffle: (The larger and more complicated Deluxe Waffle is available also by clicking the 3 lines in the upper left corner of Waffle. It's only one per week, released on Monday)
Factle: (Not really a word game, but it's worth playing every day.)
Tradle: (This game used to be countries. Now it's US states for some reason)
Worldle: https://worldle.teuteuf.f
If you got any others, please share!
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2022.08.10 19:09 Aspos Exports of Sakartvelo

Hey, I am a big fan of tradle and today it featured Sakartvelo! Was surprised to learn that Georgia exports $400M worth of cars to Azerbaijan, Ukraine, UAE, Belgium. Please, do tell me what brand is that? How come?
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2022.07.08 08:35 ananaspunsch Daily Game Suggestion - Tradle

Since Budok is PhD in Economics and Geography, this game may be interesting
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2022.05.16 18:29 TheEvilsSouls Another Wordle Spinoff which is kinda geography related

You should try Tradle, it's like Worldle but instead of getting the outline of the mystery-country, you get the country's product export information.
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2022.04.25 13:38 kirakyaw Playing for only two days, so far so good

#Tradle #50 1/6
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2022.04.24 20:10 test1cl3s April 24th

Tradle #49 2/6

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
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2022.04.22 04:26 test1cl3s Tradle has to be my favorite wordle-inspired game.
Just found it today, but it definitely beats my love for the other geography one, Worldle.
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2022.04.12 21:24 vwmatos Viciados em Worldle/Termo/Letreco do /r/Brasil precisamos criar um compilado de todos os jogos do gênero e alternativos, eu começo:

Escolha seu veneno:
Wordle, o original:
Termo, o br (tem dueto e quarteto):
Letreco, o br 2:
Wordlegame, o br 3:
Charada, o br 4:
Palavra do dia, o br 5:
Squardle, o br estranho:
Semantle, por contexto:
Contexto, o Semantle br:
Worldle, silhueta de países: https://worldle.teuteuf.f
Tradle, exportações de países:
Globle, países por proximidade:
Flagdl, bandeiras de países:
Nerdle, matemática:
Mathler, X = 150:
Heardle, música (alguns dias não disponível):
Picodia, pixel art:
Framed, Filmes:
Quofee, citações de filmes:
Xingo, xingamentos:
Dungleon, para fãs de D&D:
Outros Spinoffs em inglês:
Adições dos comentários:
Absurdle, sem palavra fixa: (martivs)
Musicle, álbuns por amostra de música: (violinha)
Chessle, xadrez): (Hairy_The_Spider)
Duotriogordle, 32 palavras: (RafaCarro)
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2022.04.10 13:07 Throwaway29711 Can'r get enough of worldle? Here are some worldle spinoffs

  1. Your goal is to guess the mystery country using the fewest number of guesses. Each incorrect guess will appear on the globe with a colour. The hotter the colour, the closer you are to the answer.
  2. Each time you make a guess it will reveal another portion of the flag and give you a geographical hint.
  3. Each day you'll see a different treemap of the exports for a particular country. Each rectangle represents the share of a given product proportional to its percentage of exports for that country.
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2022.03.18 12:55 GrayRVA Get Tested Fridaily

Did I leave out any good ones?
Slate News Quiz
Semantle (my favorite)
Sedecordle (Thanks, cleverocks!)
Lewdle, NSFW (Thanks, CapnKatie!)
Wow, I shouldn’t have started updating this post.
Poetle (NBA)
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2022.03.14 12:35 guees_shang Tradle

#Tradle #8 4/6
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2022.03.13 20:15 Potatomanin Is there a finance related wordle?

Looking for wordle variations related to finance, particularly high quality/popular ones.

This is the only one i'm aware of
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2022.03.13 02:42 guees_shang Tradle

#Tradle #7 3/6
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2022.03.12 00:19 guees_shang Tradle

#Tradle #6 6/6
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2022.03.11 13:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2022.03.11 12:20 guees_shang Tradle

#Tradle #5 6/6
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