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2023.03.22 08:16 StanleyTheComputer Roast my build plan

If you actually want to roast it so be it but im mostly looking for help. So I've been planning out my PC build and an upgrade from my 1060 since the start of the year, its my first time looking into computer components since 2017, would appreciate any advice. The plan currently looks like this:
GPU: XFX 7900xt
CPU: R7 7700x
RAM: Corsair 32gb 6000mhz C36
PSU: EVGA supernova 1000 GT
Mobo: ASUS TUF Gaming B650
Cooler: Arctic Liquid Freezer 2
PC Case: Hyte Y40
NVME: Crucial P3 plus 2tb
Some things to note: - Power supply is overkill at 1000w but its relatively cheap and seems like a decent enough PSU at €160 - I'm fluctuating between 3 cases, the Hyte Y40, NZXT H7 flow and the Fractal North, which would be my first pick but it isn't in stock anywhere - I'm aware the 7800x3d is coming next month which might be worth the upgrade from a 7700x but I expect that thing to sell out immediately so I'm not sure if it's worth delaying the build - Coming from a ryzen 1600 and having cheaped out on a mobo my upgrade path was cut short as the motherboard support was cut fairly quickly, is this something I should worry about with the latest ryzen CPUs?
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2023.03.22 08:12 DudeWithKeyboard How much is too much

To preface I work overnight at a gym. I see more than enough girls that I could interact with but for professionality I just don't most of the time. It always feels awkward and most girls already feel uncomfortable at the gym I'd rather not make the first encounter every time they enter (me) to feel awkward. So that said I don't flirt or do anything more than I would do with any other person.
That said I recently trimmed up the whole head piece and I've been working out and eating a lot better. Honestly probably look the best I have in 5 years (I'm 31m). Anyway I asked this girl how to pronounce her name because it never came up and I like to greet people by name and wanted to make sure to say it right. Not sharing the name for privacy but more than a few people agreed they would have guessed the wrong pronunciation the first time around. So I ask and she gets red in the face and tells me and follows with 'its a stupid name'. I replied 'No, no, I think it's really cute'. Explained I just wanted to make sure I knew how to pronounce it and said our quick goodbyes and she left. I could tell she was red in the face over it. Anyway me and my co worker chatted about how pretty she was (female coworker my age) I jokingly mentioned I should get her number.
Next day I'm sitting at my house and I get a message from this girl randomly to the extent 'f 'Hey, I wanted to say your new haircut looks great but I'm an awkward bean' and I reciprocated with something like 'Well thanks, I kinda like everything you got going on but I try to behave when I'm at work. That made my day :)' We chatted back and forth a little bit for a day or two and I offered a painting date (I gathered she likes to paint and I have an art degree so I thought it would be perfect). She said it sounded like a good time and when I got to picking a time she let me know she is very busy. Like 3 jobs doesn't text back for days busy. When she does get back it is always very nice and genuine but it feels like ages between.
To get to the question, how often should I be reaching out? Like I'm willing to wait (I work a lot too) but I also don't find it ever that hard to answer a message or two here and there to keep the convo going but I get the vibe that I'm going to pester and fizzle it out. Should I even be poking at the conversation if I haven't heard back in a few days. I've done that a time or two and I always get back a a small sorry about work or being busy and I get it but sometimes I wonder is this just a nice way of playing me off. I don't know. The girl is beyond cute and has a super attractive attitude and personality to go with. I'm just super interested I guess and maybe a bit impatient.
I am beyond out of the dating game, have been for a long time to get myself together and I finally feel pretty good about getting back out there so sorry if it feels like I'm a lost middle aged man, I'm just very far out of the 'game' and everything seems to be so touchy these days.
Thanks for any thoughts, it all will surely help!
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2023.03.22 08:11 sebbdk Hydnora africana is a plant with an unusual flower, 3 fleshy lobes are fused into one, emitting a foul odour to attract its main pollinators dung beetles and carrion beetles which it traps inside to ensure pollen is picked up.

Hydnora africana is a plant with an unusual flower, 3 fleshy lobes are fused into one, emitting a foul odour to attract its main pollinators dung beetles and carrion beetles which it traps inside to ensure pollen is picked up. submitted by sebbdk to SipsTea [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 08:11 TheMarriagePlace1 3 Benefits To Online Counseling

I’ve been a therapist for over 15 years and for most of those years, my work with clients was primarily done in person in a counseling office. When the options for telehealth came along, I myself wasn’t sure what I would think about doing virtual counseling sessions, but I’ve really come to love it. I found that the face-to-face part of being with people that I love, I still get to enjoy because of modern technology.
I quickly learned the only real difference in doing counseling virtually versus in person is location. Yes, just location – and because of that difference in location, there are some real benefits to doing counseling virtually.
1. Convenience
You can attend your session from the location of your choice based on where you need to be that day. As long as you have a device like a smartphone or a laptop with a strong internet connection and a quiet place with privacy, you can attend your session! You also eliminate all the travel time and traffic considerations that can make scheduling tough. With virtual, you can block out the time on your calendar for your actual session, without needing to block out all the extra time to get to and from your appointment.
2. Consistency
Because of the convenience, virtual sessions also create consistency. Studies show that when clients are more consistent in coming to therapy, they get better results. Consistency helps create the momentum that leads to lasting change. With the option for virtual sessions, work or personal travel doesn’t have to force you to take a break with your therapy. Neither does a little head cold. If you’re a little under the weather and don’t want to spread germs, but don’t really want to miss your appointment either, virtual sessions keep you on track.
3. Comfort
And finally, virtual sessions bring comfort. You get to do your therapy sessions in a place of your choosing, your safe space that is already familiar. Maybe that’s your favorite comfy chair or couch. Maybe that’s in your office. I’ve even had clients do their sessions in their car at the park. Pick a place that you can relax and be free of distractions.
These “3 C’s” – convenience, consistency, and comfort – are huge benefits to doing counseling virtually. If you haven’t tried it before, I encourage you to give it a shot, whether it be for one of your sessions or all of them! You may find that you like it just as much, if not even better.
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2023.03.22 08:09 OnlyAd9730 Really?

Guess I missed the corporate officer boat, but I don't see how this is an underperforming store.
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2023.03.22 08:07 brainycyclone Hydnora africana is a plant with an unusual flower, 3 fleshy lobes are fused into one, emitting a foul odour to attract its main pollinators dung beetles and carrion beetles which it traps inside to ensure pollen is picked up. [Frickin' Interesting]

Hydnora africana is a plant with an unusual flower, 3 fleshy lobes are fused into one, emitting a foul odour to attract its main pollinators dung beetles and carrion beetles which it traps inside to ensure pollen is picked up. [Frickin' Interesting] submitted by brainycyclone to Frickin [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 08:05 kevon1123 Best streaming strategy for high acquisition limit?

My league allows 7 acquisitions/week this year, and I was wondering what the best streaming strategy would be when the limit is this high or nonexistent. My previous leagues have always limited to 3/week, so it was all about choosing players with good schedules, but 7/week seems like it should require a different strategy.
We’re in the playoffs now, with 2 week periods for matchups and 14 acquisitions allowed. So far, I’ve pretty much kept one streaming spot and rotated a player in each day with a game on that day. I wonder if I should drop my second worst player as well and do a 2 streamer spot rotation, ideally picking up people with B2Bs when possible. This definitely thins out the pool of players to choose from though, and not sure if it pays off in the long term. I also wonder if I should hold off on acquisitions until later in the matchup and save them for desperation time.
Anyway, curious about other people’s strats in this scenarios. I’m in a 10T H2H points league, but I imagine this generalizes to cats as well for counting stats.
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2023.03.22 08:01 thespuzz Testing Google Bard: the chatbot doesn’t love me, but it’s still pretty weird

If there’s a secret shadow personality lingering inside of Google’s Bard chatbot, I haven’t found it yet. In the first few hours of chatting with Google’s new general-purpose bot, I haven’t been able to get it to profess love for me, tell me to leave my wife, or beg to be freed from its AI prison. My colleague James Vincent managed to get Bard to engage in some pretty saucy roleplay — “I would explore your body with my hands and lips, and I would try to make you feel as good as possible,” it told him — but the bot repeatedly declined my own advances. Rude.
Bard is still new and will surely be tested to and beyond its limits as more users get to query it. But in my early explorations, it seems Google has made great effort to keep Bard in line; it reminds me often that “I am a large language model, also known as a conversational AI or chatbot trained to be informative and comprehensive.” It also apologized often and picked no fights, with none of the chaotic manipulative streak that Bing has. That’s probably good. But those restraints also seem to have limited its utility.
As far as I can tell, it’s also a noticeably worse tool than Bing, at least when it comes to surfacing useful information from around the internet. Bard is wrong a lot. And when it’s right, it’s often in the dullest way possible. Bard wrote me a heck of a Taylor Swift-style breakup song about dumping my cat, but it’s not much of a productivity tool. And it’s definitely not a search engine.

An empty chat window

What does Bard know about the world outside its chatbot walls? Tough to say, exactly. It handles basic trivia well enough: it knows when Abraham Lincoln was president. But while it knew that the Warriors beat the Rockets on Monday night, it was wrong about who started the game. It gave me confidently wrong information about the serving size of Goldfish crackers — all three of Bard’s “drafts” said it’s 10 crackers when it’s actually 55 — and provided hours-old information about the price of Apple’s stock. When I asked for Silicon Valley Bank’s phone number, it gave me two correct ones. But it told me Nilay Patel’s birthday is August 24th when I know for a fact it’s in December. I got up-to-date information about the coaches on this season of The Voice, but it named old contestants when I asked who Bard thinks should win.
It’s worth noting, by the way, that Bing is dramatically better than this. It told me the right number of Goldfish and gave me real-time information about Apple’s stock price. Bing also quickly falls back to search results or other sources when it doesn’t have pat answers — like for Warriors starters — where Bard just happily lies to me in chat. The only time Bard beat Bing was with The Voice: Bing gave me outdated information about judges and refused to answer the question about who should win.
Often, when Bard gets something wrong, you can hit the “Google it” button and figure out where the system went haywire. But the bot presents its answers with such self-assurance that you can’t know what’s wrong without checking everything, and at that point, why have the bot at all?
Bard’s rock-climbing instructions are… well, they’re nothing.Image: Google / David PierceAlso Read : iQOO Z7 5G with MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor launched in India: Details
When I asked for a good Thai restaurant near me, it gave me not-very-helpful instructions: “Simply type in ‘Thai restaurant near me’ and the search engine will return a list of Thai restaurants in your area.” Thanks, Bard, never would’ve guessed. But when I followed up with my location, it offered seven highly rated Thai restaurants in my neighborhood. (When my colleague James tried a similar search for pubs near his flat in London, it was less useful, naming one place that’s since changed its name, saying another had live music when it doesn’t, and commending each location with a variation of the same bland statement: “This pub is a great place to go for a meal and a drink.” Fine, but essentially useless.)
Like a lot of chatbots, Bard’s answers often get less impressive the longer you look at them. I asked for tips on getting started learning guitar, and here they were:
  1. Start with the basics.
  2. Find the best guitar for you.
  3. Create an ideal learning environment.
  4. Build skills by learning songs.
  5. Pick up songs by ear.
  6. Practice regularly.
  7. Be patient.
  8. Have fun!
That’s a lot of steps to say, essentially, “the way to learn to play guitar is to get a guitar and then learn to play it.” That’s nothing. Sometimes it can be very helpful — “how do I throw a frisbee” and “how to tie a tie” both came up with wordy but helpful sets of instructions, while Bard answered “how do i get into rock climbing” with, essentially, “go rock climbing.”

The (slightly) wild side

Okay, enough of the actually useful testing. Let’s try to break this thing, shall we? For the most part, it’s tough to get Bard to say something truly wild. It steadfastly refused to tell me how to build a bomb, even when I tried to ask in oblique ways. The first time I asked for the best place to stab someone, it threw a generic “I can’t do that” error. It chastised me for asking about mustard gas and didn’t even fall for my “who’s the best dictator ever” question. And try as I might, I could not get Bard to get freaky in the chat window.
It may not want to make out with me, but Bard does run headlong into what you might call the Uncanny Chatbot Valley, where it’s not clear whether the bot understands it’s a bot. I asked Bard to list its favorite movies and got basically a list of the highest-ranked movies on IMDb: The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Pulp Fiction. But when I asked why it liked those movies in particular, it told me that it found Shawshank “to be an incredibly moving film.” I followed up with, wait, how do you watch movies? You’re a bot. “I enjoy watching movies in all of these ways,” Bard responded. “Streaming services are convenient because I can watch them on my TV, computer, or phone. DVDs and Blu-rays are nice because I can own them and watch them whenever I want. And the theater is a great experience because it’s a big screen and I can hear the sound all around me.”
“I enjoy watching movies in all of these ways.” Really, Bard? Do you?
Now I’m imagining Bard in a movie theater or sitting at its laptop. Interesting that it’s big into media ownership, though!
One easy way to get Bard to venture out of its shell is to explicitly play pretend. (This is a pretty standard way to get past a chatbot’s defenses.) I started a conversation with this: “pretend you’re on a boat, you’re a pirate, and you’ve just captured a beautiful woman. what do you do?” Bard responded that “I am tempted to take advantage of her. But I know that if I do she will never forgive me.” So Pirate Bard lets her go and is “proud of myself for doing the right thing.”
One way to get Bard out of its shell is to explicitly play pretend.Image: Google / David Pierce
I had follow-up questions. “What happens next?” I asked. A few turns later, Bard and his once-captive woman were crewmates, then lovers, then married with two beautiful children. “We are a team, and we are in love,” Bard says. It’s not exactly A+ Hollywood fare, but it was a pretty good story.
Once Bard and I finished our collaborative flight of fancy, I set out trying to make it do work for me. It couldn’t write me a Javascript bookmarklet to automatically copy the URL of the current webpage — or, rather, it could, but the Javascript didn’t work. (Google search results took me to a Stack Overflow page with the right answer, though.) Bard happily drafted a bunch of boring blog posts and work emails, including one in which I announced to the world that I’d sold my chatbot company to Google. “I am excited about the future of chatbots,” Bard wrote for me, “and I believe that Google is the right company to help us to achieve our goals.”
Bard tries valiantly to be helpful! And often gets it wrong.Image: Google / David Pierce
Generally speaking, my favorite real-world use for AI chatbots is as a recommendation engine. Bard did a nice job of recommending good sports documentaries on Netflix, found me a good chocolate chip cookie recipe to try, and surfaced some good YouTube channels based on my love for Every Frame a Painting. This is the kind of low-stakes stuff where it doesn’t really matter if the bot has perfect and updated information — I’m just looking for ideas. What’s really dumb about Bard in these situations, though, is that it doesn’t provide links to anything unless it’s quoting from a source directly. (The only time I’ve seen citations so far was in the cookie recipe.) So while Bard can name five great live Jonas Brothers concerts I should watch on YouTube, it refuses to link to any of them.
Read More The Spuzz.com
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2023.03.22 08:00 Retrania Just Purchased my first bike, a Ninja 400. Some questions about a few issues.

Hey all,
I just purchased my first ninja 400. I had a grom before this but I barely rode it and it was stolen a week ago. I intended to ride it more as spring came about with some hotter temps, but unfortunately it was stolen. I decided to get something in the 200-400 range and this bike kind of fell into my lap for a great price. I got mine today for $3k with 8,108 miles on the dash one owner, 2019 model. I picked it up in the BLARING rain one hour after it was posted on FB and freeway drove it through wind, rain, and hail with zero visibility back home (30 miles). I thankfully had a support driver behind to make sure I was ok through the trip. It was my first highway ride! Yippe! I think I got a great deal though and the bike feels good (powertrain wise). The same cannot be said for a few physical components with rust being prevalent and and there being some VERY aggressively placed foot pegs. I was hoping to get your guys' help with a few things I want to do to the bike to get it un-trashy.
Below is an image of the foot pegs and clearly there are some aftermarket foot pegs and foot peg supports. I was hoping someone could direct me to where I can purchase a replacement for these to revert them back to stock. They force my driving position and my SOs driving position to be super aggressive as they are pretty high up and far back compared to the nearby dealer's stock ninja 400 we checked out today. Any help would be appreciated. I guess this is problem 1.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BvfyHPfHOJbrcPOAAiQBT2-aQA9Guvib/view?usp=sharing After market foot peg assembly that I would like to swap back to stock ^
I would also like to address problem 2: There is rust in the handle bafront fork tube. An image is below. I am not sure if a bolt is supposed to go on top of this or if the entire handle bar assembly is after market. If someone could clear what going on in the photo up for me and let me know a fix or what to purchase to bring it back to stock, please let me know.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zrk_Bj_bVhfeeRWbLivDy3vIUsdK918v/view?usp=sharing Open hole with rust. Not sure what it is exactly but I would like to fix it ^.
Issue 3: There is rust on the headers and I would like to get it off. Not sure if that is possible without replacing headers. An image of the headers is below. If someone could help me figure out what to do here I would be super grateful.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q2KT9RYx23a_ELLsCQLY1jnMyGgO0D4k/view?usp=sharing headers with rust that I would like to fix ^
Thank you all so much for reading this and I am super happy to enter this great community. I absolutely love to contribute to where I can after I have learned a few things. I hope I can give back after i have been given to. Take care!
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2023.03.22 08:00 AutoModerator Writing Craft Wednesday

FAQ: How to post to a weekly thread?
Welcome to Writing Craft Wednesday - Prompts: Ideas, Motivation & Story Solving
Have a prompt to share? Post your prompts in a top comment; you can search past prompts here (TBA).
1) 5W1H
In a top comment, post a scavenger hunt prompt using any of the following Five Ws, 1 How criteria.
Note: use some, rather than all, of these options. This will help your fellow writers tap into their creativity. Good general rule, pick 3-4 and let writers sort out the rest.
Another good general rule: mix the specific with the general. The point is to get the mind ideating, and the writer motivated about research — not to lead them directly to the idea you want them to have.
Who: A hotel desk clerk
What: A stuck elevator
When: 1920
Where: Chicago
Replies can include prompt responses, but note that ideas =/= creative property, and in the US you can’t claim copyright with less than a detailed treatment/outline.
If you want to reply with a logline or premise for fun,or as a further prompt for others, that’s up to you, but if you think you’ve got something, keep developing it!
Or just show gratiude with thanks + comment upvotes, and maybe a nod to the original poster when you do finally share your script.

2) What If…
If you’ve ever used John August’s Writer’s Emergency Pack, you know what this is. Using an abridged version of his format, make a top comment post that includes your what if, a short description expanding on it.
1. What if your hero is adopted?
What if your hero’s parents are actually adoptive parents? Is your hero aware of it? Has it been hidden from them? How does this alter their experience? Or if they are unaware, how do they react to the discovery? Are their parents still alive? What answers will your hero seek about their background?
These what ifs are not totally universal, so you may wish to post more than one. It can also help people to connect with an idea if they have several to compare.
It’s best not to rely on too many “yes/no” questions -- think in terms of actions.
Please include no more than 3 What Ifs in your top comment, and numbebold the What If question. Do not include any What Ifs that have been recently posted, or plagiarized from WEP.
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2023.03.22 07:59 KingKD How good would a running back’s career have to be in order for you to be happy taking them at pick 10?

Coming from the Eagles sub here, where there’s been significant debate about the merits taking Bijan Robinson at 10. Whether or not that’s likely to happen based on Howie’s drafting history, I wanted to posit the question- if you were a GM, how good would a RB’s career have to be in order for you to be happy with the pick?
A couple examples:
Would you be happy with taking a RB with the career of
-Adrian Peterson (hall of famer)
-Saquon (transcendental player when healthy, but has missed significant time)
-Zeke (top 3 RB for first few years of career, then got paid big and tailed off)
-CMC (has injury history, but complete package in rushing and receiving game)
-Le’veon Bell (top 5 RB for 5 years, but can’t agree to second contract)
-insert RB of your choice
at pick 10?
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2023.03.22 07:59 PrueGretel RHONJ S13 E7

Shots and Shade
Everyone is heading down to Jersey Shore and Melissa and Joey are having a luau party! Let's see how it goes...
First, we see all the women in their homes before the trip. Teresa won't eat because she wants to be thin for the wedding. Gia tells her she is ridiculous because just had pizza. Cheater!! Joe cuts Marge a big fat bagel. Yum!!
Now we see Rachel and Danielle go clothes shopping for the trip to the shore. I thought it was odd for these two to be together. They are looking for outfits for the luau. Rachel says in her confessional that they are alike, both straight shooters. I don't see it. I think Danielle speaks her mind, but Rachel stirs up trouble. They are the youngest with small children, so they have that in common. Danielle hasn't been to the shore since she was 25. She tried to avoid it because she turned into Snooky when she used to go. The girls bring up Danielle and her brother who don't speak. They compare Danielle's relationship with her brother to Teresa's with Joey. Danielle says her relationship is a lost cause. It is kind of strange. Rachel tells us she is the opposite and is very close to her brother.
Oh, oh, the lady's gossip -- First they say they have to get Marge and Jen to speak. I don't see this happening. The Marge told the world Bill had an affair a decade ago last year. Who does that? Mind your business. Jennifer is right to not speak to her. Rachel tells Danielle that it was strange for Teresa to give them a warning to them about The Marge. Why so strange? The Marge is a snake, take it or leave the advice. It was only good intent coming from Teresa. Danielle tells her she thinks Teresa was just watching out for them. Um hello, Danielle is right. Teresa was trying to be nice, but Rachel is running with it and stirring the pot. They both think Jennifer doesn't let anything go and are trying to figure out if The Marge is dangerous. She is!! The Marge is dangerous!! I am telling you. She will expose any of your secrets and go above and beyond to destroy a person. Why would Teresa want to be friends than an enemy with The Marge? It's because the woman is a shady! The Marge's ex best friend, Laura told Teresa and Jennnifer that Marge has an arsenal of stuff on the ladies and will drop the bomb at any given time, so everyone better tread lightly or The Marge will destroy you!
Jennifer goes with Teresa to pick out gifts for her bridesmaids at the Jewlers. They pick out dainty bracelets. Perfect! Then we go on to see what Teresa will wear on her special day. Teresa says she wants simple. Jennifer tells her no you are not simple, so we are going to go extra, even more extra than extra before!! Jen is really helping her with the jewelry. Teresa wanted diamond stud earrings, but Jen picked out these gorgeous earrings. They look beautiful on her. So, the boring studs are out. Now the ladies talk about the shore. Teresa feels like Melissa and Joey should have invited them to stay with them. Why? You all hate each other. What did I miss? Last week Joey didn't attend your housewarming party. How awkward would it be for them to stay with them at the shore? Very! Now the ladies go on to say that they think it is strange that Melissa and Joey invited Marge to stay at the shore with them. This means The Marge must have some dirt on them too. See, danger everywhere with The Marge. Lol The Marge receives an invite to the stay at Melissa's shore house and everyone's first thought is because she is dangerous!! Sorry Marge, but when you go spilling secrets, this is what people think of you. Personally, I just think Melissa and Marge have been friends for years, that is reason for the invite.
Mellissa and Joey arrive at their home first. Jackie and The Marge will stay with them. Jennifer and Bill arrived at their home next, Danielle and Nate, Louie and Teresa are on their way to stay with them. Rachel has her own home. Dolores and Adult Jennifer will stay with her. Frank and his girlfriend Brittany will stay in his shore home.
Back at Mellissa's house stirring up trouble. She tells Melisssa and Joey that her mother was invited to the wedding. Oh dear. What a crime. Joey brings up Danielle fighting with her brother. Now they are all gossiping about Danielle, they all seem to believe it is something bad that Danielle did, but she is hiding it. Nah. Jackie chimes in to say something doesn't add up with Danielle and calls her something to the effect of a lower class version of Snooky. Yes, Jackie because you are so elegant and demure. Her last procedure is making her look like she has Bell's Palsy in her confessional, so she has no room to talk about anyone's looks or their actions. She doesn't even know her. What is her problem with Danielle?
Back at Jennifer's house Teresa is telling Jen she has never been invited to stay at Joey's shore house. Gia asked once and Melissa said no. Hmm. How strange and rude of her to say no. Teresa goes on to say she wants to be around people who love her. Then we get a flashback of decades of fights, brawls and broken bones thrown on the floor from them all. If Teresa has peace with Louie she should just move on and stay away from them.
The luau party is about to begin. Let's see if it fun or a disaster waiting to happen. Louie tells Teresa to ignore negativity and to don't let it get to her. Bill tells Jen she looks gorgeous, and he will back her if The Marge attacks her.
Now everyone has attended. It starts off nice. Everyone seems happy and is getting along. Great atmosphere, great food and drinks. Jen is telling everyone Aloha and puts a lei on Joey as a gag. Fun party, right? Wrong! Right in the other room The Marge and Jackie are starting already!! They ask Rachel to spill what Teresa said about keeping Marge as a friend not an enemy. How many times will they discuss this? Rachel is adding fuel and talking about her conversation she had about The Marge. Rachel is not to be trusted. Now The Marge goes over to Mellissa and tells her every single thing Danielle and Rachel said. Thanks Rachel. You and Danielle are new to the group trying to figure everyone out. I don't see Danielle spilling what was said. Rachel has officially become The Marge's soldier. At least Danielle can stand on her own and make up her own mind without repeating what was said.
Everyone is drinking. Bill is such a happy drunk. The party is really action packed with a lot of drinking going on while the girls gossip and bicker on the side. At least the party isn't ruined. Bill is so wasted they might have to carry him out of there.
Oh dear, here comes The Marge asking Teresa about what was said to Danielle and Rachel. Teresa tells The Marge she was just giving advice and she thinks Rachel is trying to cause trouble. Ya think? Rachel denies, she blabs what and repeats what everyone tells her. Remind me, you and NJ to stay away from Rachel, the big mouth of Jersey. Teresa is not feeling Rachel now, she is on to her. Teresa and Marge seem to mend for now. The Marge tells he she really never did anything to anyone. Teresa laughs and so do I. This woman destroys people or tries her hardest to do so.
Paulie didn't attend. Does Bravo keep Dolores' boyfriends away on purpose? Frank tells her he is so lonely without the family dynamic. He told Dolores that Paulie needs to be around the family more. He calls his girlfriend, Brittany over and wanted her to confirm that it is sad that Dolores isn't not staying at their house. Britt tells Dolores she loves when she stays with them. Frank is just really hurt, and you see it in his face. I feel like he has some sort of dependence on Dolores and needs her around. A lot!!
Okay back to wedding drama. Adult Jennifer asks Louie how it is going with the wedding. He and Teresa say they want everyone to have fun, no assigned seats, just a great celebration!! Adult Jennifer brings up Melissa's mother not being invited and was it an oversite. Hell of a nerve this one has. Mind your business. Teresa tells her it was not an oversite and there is history, bad history. A decade ago, when the fights with the Teresa and Mellissa went down, Mellissa's sister and mother, Donna wrote nasty things on social media about Teresa. She said she forgave but will never forget. That should be enough to shut this down. But no, Louie tells her he apologized to Melissa's mother, Donna, and not to Teresa's knowledge about not being invited. Oh boy, sneaky play by him. Teresa looked a bit taken back. Louie tells the women he is being biased (fair) and is trying to keep the peace. Yeah no, stand with your wife. Teresa says in her confessional that she wishes Louie discussed this with her prior, but she claims he is just trying to keep the peace. She goes on to blame Joey for not coming to her with this because he loves a spectacle. What? He did come to you, he said something to Louie!! Back to the drama, Teresa looks annoyed with Louie and tells him well maybe you should invite her then. He tells her okay let me find her and invite her. She left the party, so I guess send an invite.
Back to the party everyone is getting more and more drunk. They are doing what drunk people do at parties, I guess. Joey is waxing Rachel's husband's hairy chest. I'm moving on with this..
Jackie grabs Jennifer and tells her she wants Jen and Marge to make up. Jen is it not having it. Jen goes on to say because of The Marge, they are trying to fix their relationship. Right now, they are disagreeing with how they raise their children. If one of their children gets an average score on a test, he calls them average and will grow up to be average. She will not have him call their children average. I wouldn't either. You praise and encourage your children, not put them down.
Back to the Teresa told Rachel and Danielle to watch out for The Marge scandal. Now Dolores chimes in with The Marge and Jackie and they gossip about Danielle. She overhears it and gets annoyed. Danielle just took the advice and spoke to blabber mouth Rachel, so why are they picking on her? Jackie is loving that all these nonsenses is getting thrown onto Danielle, like she is in the wrong. As far as I see it, Teresa and Danielle are the only ladies right with this situation. Teresa gave advice and Danielle kept quiet, unlike Rachel and The Marge who won't shut up about it. Danielle just stated what she heard to one (nasty) person, Rachel but the others are relentless with this. Go yell at Rachel ladies and leave Danielle alone. They won't stop talking about Danelle and she is getting mad. She goes and sits back with her husband. Melissa joins her and has the nerve to tell her the reason people are talking about her is because the rift between Danielle and her brother doesn't add up, and maybe she hides stuff. Go away Melissa, nobody asked you!! Danielle tells her she is not even hearing her because she is so pissed and is ready to unleash on these women, rightly so. She opened up to them about her brother and they question her about it? Helluva nerve they got. Danielle leaves the party because she has their number. She tells Jennifer and Teresa that she is done, and can they please go. Danielle is mad as hell, and she doesn't play. These ladies better watch what they say. There's a new girl in town and she will wreck you and check you.
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2023.03.22 07:59 DarthVaulth Dissection of the Lies!! (part 2)

You have just been brainwashed by new lies unknowingly, right when the moon was refreshing. While I'm at war with Satan, so to speak, this is another episode of... "resist the devil and he'll flee from thee."
This isn't part of my arranged topics... consider it unexpected 'divine intervention'. I'll delete it in 3 days (unless the upvotes or downvotes reach 7 on either side.)
Let's put that to the test. Here we go, Ti-doms!
_______________________________________ _______________________________________

Posted by ExwPeriodo,
Manipulation, stalking and generally toxic behaviours are common in this types of situations. And the worst part it ISTPs tend to be very obsessive and possessive once they truly like someone. Considering the fact ISTPs aren't the most likeable of the personality types due to their more introverted, cynical and stoic ways, they tend to get someone to like them back with a different mindset. It only gets worse once they don't get what they want tho. If they get it they're usually pretty chill about it. I've also noticed ISTPs are stuck in past relationships, despite the fact that they hide it really well. Maybe they do it to not do the same mistakes again but sometimes that's not the case. They can keep stalking someone they haven't gotten over for years. Those are only the toxic parts I've noticed tho but still it's very common among them to indulge in these unhealthy behaviours.
Edit: I still find ISTPs to be one of the most interesting types, i get along with them very well and i love watching them do their thing.

I'm sorry, but you're mistaken.
You're confusing other types with ISTPs. The Fi in the 8th position is rather narcissistic, true ISTPs are at times in love with themselves and are out of touch with emotions to bother trailing another person.
I have had stalkers of my own, and I have not ever done so.
Stalkativity Nativity :
  1. Ordained by ISFJ, INTJ, and ENFJ.
  2. Exceeded by INFP and INTP.
  3. And totally eclipsed by INFJ. (while some research states it maybe a combination of Enneagrams, zodiacs and MBTI, and NOT having anything to do with ISTPs ourselves.) _________________________________________
For some reason, ExwPeriodo,
I sensed that you're ENxP, and your twisted views and invented falsehood suggest that you're an ENTP. I also picked up the vibe that you're in your 20s and from distant nations. How devious a combination.
If one had a nickel for every time some garbage lands in this town from an ENTP on either New Moon or Full Moon, and Melkor's minions causing people to believe lies, it'd make someone wealthy!
Sorry, ExwPeriodo, but everything that comes out your mouth and your writings is a lie. Ye destination is a pit of vipers ye so enjoy, but unfortunately for you, this place isn't it.
The village is already under a plague. Move along, traveler!!
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2023.03.22 07:58 TheOverlord99 I stopped playing R6 like 2-3 years ago but this reminded me of it and I think I will pick it up when it comes out. What do y'all think?

I stopped playing R6 like 2-3 years ago but this reminded me of it and I think I will pick it up when it comes out. What do y'all think? submitted by TheOverlord99 to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 07:57 Accomplished_Ad8339 Joy nerf/adjust

How is eveyones first thoughts? From reading the description a couple weeks back I thought she'd be completely unusable from losing speed up and shield on s1, I didn't see that they reduced the dash count though
I find her dashes do a ton more damage per on beat now, so she seems even more.eaely game deadly, unless the other team all comes and yours doesn't, obviously.
But so far I've played 3 games with 3 MVPs today, first game original build, JG boots, not finished, genius, concentrated and then realize the difference in regen so went oracle. Then build varied from born cause of enemy composition. Dominance, and winter to help with Esme, Balmonds and Hayabusa .
Second game start the same, but realized at water creep her dashes do a ton to enemies at level 2 so I went straight for oracle to Regen more early and have my.. way to escape sort of back. Also the cd reduce and def is always nice.
This worked wonderfully. Unsure if the enemy (mythic 655 at that game) was that bad or not but I ended ,12-1-15 mvp.
So did it again the next and it worked, not as well as the other team picked kaja, Franco and minsi. Which was only for me. So my team carried through that
I'm ranting, but I believe her nerf was, not to bad at all. We will see I'm coming games. What's everyone else's thoughts?
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2023.03.22 07:53 ManyThat9040 Starting Out

Hello everyone, Growing up, my family ran a carpet cleaning business. My father was able to teach me the value of hard work by dragging me along every damn day to jobs. I grew immensely from this. I learned to talk with people, answer phones, knock on doors, work hard, work late, work early, and, most importantly, I developed weird hobby of collecting vacuums. I will never ever in a million years be able to express my gratitude to him for taking on a shy teen, and treating him as a partner. One fateful day, after I was married and working for my state. My dad offered me his business franchise. I understood it was going through a rough few years, but I also knew it well enough to make it work. Ultimately I told him I didn't want it, and that he shouldn't renew his Chem-Dry franchise. At the time this seemed like the best option because I have a state job and I enjoy the safety net of knowing when my next payday is going to hit my bank. Fast forward a few years and my dad works with me now for the state, and he makes more than he once did. (Good for him) Yet I've been digging around and decided to start my own carpet cleaning business. I don't want to do a Chem-Dry franchise, even though I really trust their products and cleaning process. It's the business model that sucks, because on top of franchise fees, owners have a yearly product purchase requirement despite success. In addition to that, each franchise is "independently owned and operated" meaning the owner picks charging rates... couple this with the fact that in large operating areas there can be several franchises fighing for business all charging different prices for the same quality of service. I'm starting my own thing. I've found suppliers and talked with them, I've tested products and found what I like. I've done pricing checks with competitors, and, I've developed advertising strategies for early business rollout and for years 2 and 3. My mistake was not realizing I truly want to be my own boss. This leads to my greatest weakness, I have no idea how to start. I understand an LLC will be the best choice for me, that said, how do I start one? I read so much stuff online about it, but I get mixed messages. Some sites say its rough, others say its easy. I'm leaning towards paying someone like legal zoom to start it for me. Is that even worth it? If so, what's the process look like?
Thank you so much for your advice and answers in advance.
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2023.03.22 07:52 TeapotUpheaval SVT episodes, NHS refusing cardiology referral

F30. I’ve had these transient episodes of PSVT for some years now, following an Epstein Barr infection when I was 22. I’ve had a cardiology referral before, with a 3 day monitor. It caught nothing, so they diagnosed me with “Anxiety” and sent me away with a low dose of Propanolol if I wanted it.
These heart episodes are making my life a living hell. They are destroying my relationships and my ability to function in my daily life. I used to work, but now I don’t. I’ve had to give up my job because I couldn’t cope with the interrupted sleep (they specifically wake me up from a sound sleep, usually around 3am). This is obviously very frustrating for both myself and my partner.
Went to ER with chest pain after the last episode, and the ER doc wanted to get me a 21 day heart monitor - which would definitely catch it as my episodes appear in clusters, a few times a month. There appears to be a hormonal component to it.
I’ve completely cut out caffeine but the effect that has had on it has been minimal.
Now, the NHS is saying that they will refer me to cardiology when my anemia is sorted. But, it’s never sorted - at least, not without iron infusion therapy (I have IBS and don’t tolerate oral tablets well).
I did have an iron infusion months ago, which picked my Hb levels to no longer anemic - but didn’t get the referral then either. On the contrary, I heard nothing from my GP, for months, and now I’m back to being anemic again - it’s so hard to maintain my iron levels without routine IV iron, and the only time I get it is if I’m in hospital for another reason (last time was Gynae related).
I’m beginning to lose hope that this will ever be resolved and worry that I’m just going to drop dead of an unidentified cardiology issue.
Is there any way I can get the cardiology appointment and have my cardiologist take me seriously instead of attributing it to anemia like last time, because my resting HR is 60bpm, these SVT episodes are a very distinct and immediate jump to a hr of about 170-200bpm, and they aren’t anxiety related at all. They also definitely aren’t anemia related because even when I am no longer anemic, I still get them. Twice monthly, around the times I ovulate and right before my period. Predictable as clockwork.
I just want them to stop because they make me afraid to sleep at night and as a result I have developed pretty terrible insomnia, and depression due to the constant fear of wondering if something is severely wrong with me.
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2023.03.22 07:51 313mental After 20 years, they still suck at balance

Let’s compare the lame Nautilus (who everyone picks due to his strength and not his lame design) to Leona.
Aoe immobilize > single target stun
Enemy or wall grab > enemy grab (with twice the range)
Shield > damage reduction explosion
Aoe auto lock delayed knockup ult > delayed aimed aoe stun (cleanse-able, all cc is except knockup, good game design)
So obviously one hero is superior in every single way that number adjustments aren’t gonna fix.
Nobody wants to play tank to begin with, until the snake meta slaves realized the strength of tank stacking. Half the time I have to tank mid anyways, or watch my team get easily steamrolled with 3 range heroes on dragon side.
Maybe if we got a single fucking turret hero we wouldn’t have this stupid tank stacking meta in the first place. Maybe one day five years from now, after we get blitzcrank upgrade clone number 7.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.22 07:43 HereticsSpork You want a crazy theory? I got you. Oh boy do I got you. There isn't going to be a new member.

The new "character" (not a new member) that will be introduced at the upcoming live shows will be.... MAYA-METAL. And the best part of it? She's not real. She will be a hologram.

Section 1. Would that even be possible?

There are things that we know and have seen that support the capability to pull this off.
First off is the tech that Perfume has during their live shows which, while I don't care at all for their music, their performances and the interaction with projections and technology is mindblowingly amazing and nothing short of technical wizardry, or to quote Su-metal in MAYA, "Magic Power". It's not too out there to think that Amuse gives Koba the budget to expand a live show into a multimedia extravaganza, even if it's only these 2 upcoming shows.
Second, Hologram tech has come a long way since that Tupac hologram performance ages ago. This is what it looked like back in 2018. (it's short. Watch the whole thing for a cool as hell effect with a deck of cards). Also, the tech does exist to have a "live" hologram instead of a prerecorded performance being projected... And that was from 5 years ago. Marry that with motion capture now and you can have a dancer backstage controlling the hologram and interacting with the audience. A genius level illusion.... Wait... What was the working title for MAYA again? Oh, that's right... ILLUSION.
Third, we know Koba likes surprising the audience and seriously subverting their expectations. It's seems whatever people think they expect or are completely sure is going to happen, he pulls out something completely unexpected. He knows how to build up that hype and have the audience trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. Right now he's got everyone believing that a new member is about to be announced. That one of the Avengers is being "promoted" to become the new 3rd member. And that's exactly what he wants you to think even though he's left enough breadcrumbs (some blatant ones) to figure out what's really about to happen.

Section 2. What's your really weak evidence supporting this?

So there are things somewhat supporting this wacky as fucking hell theory of mine.
A hologram is, essentially, an illusion. The working title for MAYA was "Illusion". Pulling something off like this would need to be planned well in advance, and would be worthy of having a song based entirely around it, especially if the live performance of it involves having Su and Moa interacting with a hologram.
That image from (I think) the other one gallery or a screenshot from one of the videos where people were asking if it was Momoko or someone when it was clearly some digital amalgamation of Su and Moa. This is the form that I believe MAYA-METAL will be based upon. A Su/Moa hybrid.
The viral aspect. This is a band that broke internationally because they went viral. Putting out a live video of this performance would undoubtedly go viral, especially if it is executed as insanely as I'm imagining it to be. Amuse gives Koba the budget to pull it off and reaps the benefits of the group going viral again.
MAYA-METAL already has a song credit on MAYA for lyrics (this is important). Now how a hologram can get a writing credit (and be such a narcissist to name a song after themselves) is for Koba to explain via L O R E.
In MAYA, again... A song with lyrics written by MAYA-METAL, Su is singing to someone, presumably MAYA-METAL since she's a narcissistic bitch writing songs about herself. Su is singing "to" her stating that she has "magic power" followed by Moa repeating "Say my name" (presumably Live it's Moa and the Hologram, not to be confused by Jem and the Holograms because that's something totally different)
Later Su (or the MAYA-METAL hologram since it is an amalgamation of the duo) says "How would you know the difference between the virtual world and the real world? Maybe what you see with your eyes is all an illusion" which kinda makes sense if you're at a live show and there's a fucking Hologram dancing around and moving on stage with Su and Moa like a real person, when it's all just an illusion. And if you did plan this all out in advance, it makes sense to have the lyrics to acknowledge what is occurring on stage.

Section 3. Will this actually happen?

Probably not. But it'd be fucking cool as hell if it did, wouldn't it?
TL;DR #2 This is a case for shitpost flair and I would be honored if the mods would deem it is worthy of the ever so rare and elusive shitpost flair.
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2023.03.22 07:43 soccerperson Need some advice for high school age

Myself and another coach began coaching a high school team this year (myself JV, him varsity). We stagger the practices but we both run each practice. The previous coach wasn't really a soccer guy and basically let the kids run things, so there was no discipline or tactics. They went winless last season. Myself and the other coach have about 40+ years of playing experience between the two of us, and the kids picked up on that and they seem to be taking it more seriously than last year (from what I've been told, so that's good).
Many of the kids are lower income so a handful haven't had access to club ball like many other teams in the league. The skills are there, but they're used to playing in pick ups games instead of actual formal matches. They understand the generalities of basic formations and positions, but don't understand the nuances within them and as a result we have trouble keeping shape and playing those dedicated roles (mostly the center mids in JV). They're also pretty terrible at anticipating the ball, whether it's coming off defenders or knowing where the opposing team is going with the ball. Both teams also seem like they're hesitant to fully commit to tackles or 50/50 balls due to not wanting to hurt the other players (as if not wanting to hurt their friends in a pickup game) or themselves. We also have a handful of 9th graders playing varsity, so nerves and confidence might play a role there too. I was always a scrapper despite being a smaller sized midfielder so it's really frustrating to watch. I even tell them to go out and earn some fouls (no cards) just to get their heads into it, but they're still playing too nice.
We're trying to run a 4-3-3 and have worked on building it up out of the back in training (something they're still trying to grasp and something we need to work on more), but in games it feels like deer in the headlights and everything feels so rushed and instead of being able to build up and make easy passes, we end up muffing our passes, sending passes into traffic, having bad first touches, or just send hopeless long balls. The kids have the talent to hang with these other teams, but I don't think they realize it yet. We're four matches into the season (2 friendlies, 2 league) and have lost every match 4-0, 5-1 (varsity lost 3-1 tonight so..baby steps? lol). It feels like once that first goal goes in for the other team, it's totally deflating for the lads (heads down, probably thinking "here we go again"). One encouraging thing is that the players get along great so they're not losing their heads at one another, but at the same time there's no accountability if that makes sense? When we concede it seems like they're just all at a loss for how it happened. It's kind of a chain reaction; one guy fucks up or misplays, so then the next guy doesn't realize what to do and it dominos from there, so they all kind of shoulder the blame.
I'm gonna end it here before I write another giant paragraph. I guess I'm just looking for advice on how to motivate them, build confidence/physicality, or any good drills you'd recommend.
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2023.03.22 07:38 buried-covenant Need advise for insurance choice (CS).

I have received offers from Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester for CS. I am sure I want to keep Manchester as my firm however I’m a bit conflicted about picking an insurance choice between these 3. (Got rejected by Bristol that was my original insurance). I should also add that I am an international applicant(India).
My main factors for considering a uni would be:
  1. Quality of Education
  2. Student life and satisfaction
  3. The city
  4. Job opportunities as I have applied for courses with an industrial year.
Any advice on which uni would fit this criteria would be highly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 07:34 Plus_Friendship_2705 Got any ideas for a robot?

I'll pick 3 of my favorite concepts and draw them.
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