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2023.03.21 22:32 jaythejayjay I was very wrong

It is not possible I already had some presentiment of my future. When I first posted on this subreddit some time ago, I was about halfway through The Shadow of The Torturer, and was struggling.
I had never read Wolfe before, and so I had no clue what to expect aside from, what I naively presumed, was hyperbole. Many people suggested that perhaps it just wasn't for me, or that it was okay to put it down. But one comment mentioned that I was more than welcome to put it down, and to pick it back up when I found myself pondering about Severian, and the Urth of the Dying Sun...
I redoubled my efforts because, even though I knew I was barely scratching the surface of what I read, there were depths there. It was deeper, denser, and more multidimensional (both literally and figuratively) than I could've guessed. I think the moment where I was sucked in was Father Inire's Mirrors. It was a quiet day when I read through it. I read the chapter, occasionally rereading a paragraph. I finished the chapter and put it down. And then I reread the chapter. I could feel, with a gnawing certainty, that I was trying to view an IMAX screen through a keyhole. There were parts that I could follow, the general shape of what was being told - but key parts of context, the way things connected, were going well over my head. But crucially, that they were there. It wasn't a failure of the writing - it wasn't even necessarily a failure of my comprehension. It's only now, four books later, that I can start to plumb the depths where once I could barely snorkel.
I have a tattoo of Terminus Est on my arm.
I currently own The Book of The New Sun in paperback, the gorgeous folio edition, Urth of the New Sun, The Litany of The Long Sun, The Exodus of the Long Sun, On Blue's Waters, In Green's Jungles, Return to the Whorl, Peace, The Sorcerer's House, The Wizard Knight, and aim to collect Latro in The Mist and Soldier of Sidon shortly.
I think you've made me a convert.
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2023.03.21 22:31 imcdougal Number of Simultaneous Live Migrations Keeps Changing

I have a Hyper-V Failover Cluster with 4 nodes I'm setting up to replace our current cluster. I'm very new to failover clustering, and have felt like I'm drinking out of a firehouse during this whole process. I have the cluster to where I think it's almost ready for testing, but I keep having an issue where when some nodes reboot, the number set in Hyper-V managerfor "Simultaneous Live Migrations" gets set back to 1 (I have it set to 8 since I have two 10 Gbps NICs that the SET is using). I can't for the life of me figure out why that's happening, and my Google-fu has not turned up anyone having similar issues. Anyone seen this before?
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2023.03.21 22:31 chrispopp8 Concert tickets - Best ways to purchase in advance?

I've gone through older posts about show tickets, looking at ways to get a lower cost to be able to attend a show.
I've done HouseSeats and Fillaseat. Houseseats was great - was able to see Morrisey at Caesars and some other good shows. Fillaseat seems to be the same stuff that is the same shows that are "throwaway promotion" that casinos have like Jen Kramer and The Jets. No offense to those artists, but meh... I'll be going back to HouseSeats.
Anyways, the question here is about concert tickets at casinos that are residencies like Rod Stewart where they will be in town for a week once every few months. Is there a good way other than "knowing someone" or "working at that casino" where you can get discounted tickets in advance? Not waiting by the will-call office or the day of, but in advance?
I realize it's probably harder to get lower rates for tickets or even comped ones for shows that have a limited engagement or a "one night only" show without having a really high players card account. Honestly, if I was able to spend $20,000 gambling I don't think I would be concerned about $200 tickets for a show at the Venetian.
While I'm at it, what about residency shows that aren't Cirque? Penn & Teller, Wayne Newton, etc. I wouldn't mind seeing Wayne before he sings his last Danke Schoen, but decent seats for $175 is a little steep and I am not familiar with the room to know if nosebleed seats are worth it.
I've seen Penn & Teller on a few sites like and lower than Ticketmaster so I figure that's the best way to go for those, unless there's a better way.
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2023.03.21 22:31 crowlz90 Do drivers just ignore crosswalks?

Moved to Astoria a few months back and I just can’t get over how drivers ignore crosswalks. It’s crazy. There’s a crosswalk on Vernon and 31st Ave that I use frequently and I’ve had drivers honk when I’m in the middle as if the crossroad doesn’t exist. Anyone else find this?
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2023.03.21 22:31 stebucko360 Any from EU/UK ordered replacement parts for pinball machines?

I requested replacement speakers for my Star Wars pinball in November last year due to a constant loud buzzing. After all the troubleshooting they agreed to replace them. I was advised about a month for the new part. In January I was advised ‘due to no fault of their own’ my part wasn’t with their latest shipment. We’re now in March and still nothing and just get the same email copy and pasted saying I just need to wait. Surely it can’t be that difficult to get a part sent over individually from the US? I would have taken it back to the store closer to the time if I knew this was going to be the case. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?
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2023.03.21 22:31 Mazetron Easy Buildcrafting for ~~Dummies~~ Noobs

There are a lot of new lights having trouble getting started with buildcrafting, so I’d like to share my simple-to-understand basic buildcrafting recommendation, that will work with any class and does not depend on any exotic.
This is not a guide for making the strongest builds in the game, just a starting point to have something while you build up your exotic collection and understanding of the game.
  1. Choose: Melee or Grenade.
  2. Equip aspects and fragments on your subclass that recharge or add extra effects to your chosen ability.
  3. Equip stat boosting mods to get your Resilience as high as possible (ideally 80-100). You get max benefit at 100, so if you have any leftover stat boosting slots equip mods for the stat that recharges your chosen ability (Discipline for grenades, Strength for melees). Note that stats only benefit you every 10 points (50 in a stat has the same benefit as 59).
  4. On your head gear, equip the Siphon mod that corresponds to your chosen Primary (white) ammo weapon. Also equip Heavy Ammo Finder.
  5. On your arms, equip the orb generation and kickstart mods that correspond to your chosen ability. If you have enough energy, also equip Bolstering Detonation or Focusing Strike.
  6. On your chest, equip Solar Resist, Arc Resist, and Void Resist. It’s best to pick resist mods specifically for the current situation, but these three are a good generic choice that should help a little in almost any situation.
  7. On your legs equip Recuperation and either Innervation or Invigoration (depending on your chosen ability). If you can, also equip Absolution or Orbs of Restoration.
  8. On your class item, equip Bomber or Outreach (depending on your chosen ability) and Reaper. For the third slot, I’d recommend either One-Two or Explosive finisher (depending on your chosen ability).
This build will let your spam your chosen ability frequently. You will generate orbs upon killing with the chosen ability, and you will recharge that ability by picking up orbs. You will also heal a little each time you pick up an orb, thanks to Recuperation on your legs.
Some subclass-specific suggestions:
Hunter - Solar: could choose either Grenade or Melee. Lots of good options - Arc: Choose Melee and equip the Combination Blow melee option. - Void: Choose Grenade and equip Vortex Grenade for the simpler option. Choose Melee and the Trapper’s Ambish Aspect for extra invisibility options. Since smoke bombs don’t do much damage, equip Firepower on your arms but otherwise build for Melee recharge. - Stassis: Choose Grenade. - Strand: Choose Grenade. If you are using Grapple, note that grapple-melee counts as an empowered Melee attack, so equip Heavy Handed on your arms, but otherwise build for grenade recharge.
Titan - Solar: Equip Throwing Hammer. Go into your keybindings and make a binding for “empowered melee”. Equip Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus Aspects. Now you can run up to enemies and press the Empowered Melee (not Auto Melee) button, and you will smack them with your hammer, heal yourself, and immediately get your hammer back. Because you get your hammer back as long as you retrieve it (as long as you don’t miss!) keep Heavy Handed but otherwise build for grenade recharge. Keep one-two finisher on your class item so if you ever lose your hammer, doing a finisher will help get it back! - Arc: Good options for either Melee or Grenade. - Void: Good options for either Melee or Grenade. - Stassis: Probably choose Grenade but there are decent options for Melee. - Strand: Probably choose Melee but there are decent options for Grenade. Note that if you choose Grenade and are running Grapple, the Grapple-Melee counts as an empowered Melee, so put Heavy Handed on your arms but otherwise build for Grenade recharge.
** Warlock**
Unfortunately I don’t play Warlock so I can’t give subclass-specific recommendations as well as I can for the other two classes.
In general, Warlocks have a power where you can eat your grenades to get other benefits. For this reason, you will often want to choose Grenade recharge, but may want to run Heavy Handed on your arms.
As with the other two classes, if you use Strand Grapple-melee attacks, that counts as a Melee kill so use Heavy Handed but otherwise build for grenade recharge.
Next Steps
The build I have described here is a core bread-and-butter build that is a good starting point 99% of the time. But there are more complex situations and more advanced builds. So, where to go from here?
  1. Exotic armor. Often you will want to run a build based on exotic armor. The exotic armor will inform which ability you want to focus on, and otherwise you can usually just follow this guide as normal.
  2. Aspects and Fragments. These are quite complex, so you really just have to read them and try them out to figure out how to combo them well.
  3. Other orb generation. Some fragments offer other options for orb generation! If you can take advantage of those, you can make even stronger builds.
  4. The general pattern is to determine what ability you are getting the most kills with, and equip the corresponding orb generation, and figure out which ability you need to regen most frequently and equip the corresponding regen mods. Usually these are the same ability, but not always! I have mentioned some examples in my subclass specific suggestions abovez
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2023.03.21 22:31 Informal-Plane2990 Experiencing Hells Itch for the first time.

I returned from a holiday to lanzarote around 2 days ago. On the last day I had a few hours to kill before I needed to get to the airport. We decided to sit around the pool for a few hours and catch the last bit of sun we’ll see before heading back to the uk.
I decided not to use sun cream as it was deep in my suitcase and wasn’t planning on staying long. Around an hour later I could feel myself burning so covered up with a towel. On the plane home I was made very aware of a pretty bad sunburn on my whole front side including my arms. But wasn’t too worried as I was a regular burner as I have red hair and fair skin.
2 days later, after an uncomfortable nights sleep restricted to laying flat on my back due to my sunburn. I had just finished lunch. And was watching some TV. I noticed some itching on my stomach which I found uncomfortable as it wasn’t an area I could touch due to my burn. Within minutes the itching became absolutely unbearable, I rang my mum and she suggested putting aloe Vera gel over it to see if it calms, it didn’t. After some screaming into my pillow and frantic walking around the house I ran a freezing cold bath to subside the pain. Which did temporarily relieve the pain.
However when I got out of the bath and dried off, the pain came back 5 times worse than before and panic began to sink in. I was lost for words and hyperventilating around the kitchen whilst lightly tapping the itch to give some relief. 3 hours of this pass by and after finding the courage to stop pasting around the kitchen and remove one of my arms from its tensed position I grabbed my phone and searched “severe sunburn itching”. A few seconds of scrolling and I came across “Hells Itch”. this made me feel slightly better as the symptoms had matched exactly what I was feeling. However I found out it wasn’t understood by doctors and there is no clear cure for the itch.
An hour passes and at this point I am running around the kitchen, hyperventilating and asking myself how I can sleep tonight let alone endure the 2 days or pain that is expected. I do not cry easily but this broke me mentally and I refuse to believe there is a worse pain. I have shattered my elbow, snapped the end of my finger and had a barbed fishing hook so deep into my hand that it was touching the bone. But this, this was like nothing I had ever experienced. A perfect combination of suffering and pain to send a person to the darkest place in their mind. I needed a way to ease the pain.
I read online that antihistamine tablets can help ease the itching. After telling my dad about this, he jumped straight in the car and drove to pick some up. The wait for him to come home was terrible. I couldn’t believe pain like this existed but words can’t explain to my family why I’m acting so crazy. He finally got home and I instantly took 2 tablets (double the recommended amount). After about half an hour I finally got to experience what it was like to breathe normal breaths and stand still and to think about something besides pain.
There’s no saying that this mysterious itch isn’t the cruelest and most terrifying sensations to experience. And I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. My only advice is to avoid any creams or gels. Avoid covering yourself in ice. Have a cool shower and take some paracetamol/ibuprofen followed by some antihistamines and ride it out.
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2023.03.21 22:30 thisotterbefun Unable to receive phone calls

I joined mint this week. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. I haven't been able to get incoming phone calls. They all get sent to voicemail. I can make outbound calls but it takes a long time to begin the dial tone. I am receiving text messages. One Mint support member said that I should call AT&T bc my Mint account said that my phone still shows as 'locked'. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with AT&T for them to tell me that my phone has already been completely unlocked and that the issue must be with Mint. I've talked to three people on Mint Support already and was considering switching bc of this nightmare. I don't have my old AT&T sim card so I couldn't test with that.
Here were the things I've tried: - Restarting phone - Resetting voicemail - Resetting network settings - Making sure airplane mode is off - Making sure do not disturb is off - Removing sim card and putting it back in - Turning off call forwarding by calling ##62# then turning off phone, turning back on, turn airplane - mode on for 1 minute then turning it back off. - Tried calling ##004# to turn off call forwarding

Then this big boy (which also didn't work) Go to Settings search 'access point names' click on it. Press top three dots Press 'reset to default' Phen press Add Put in this info Name: T-Mobile US LTE APN: MMSC: MMS Port: 8080 MCC: 310 MNC: 240 APN Type: default,supl,mms APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6 APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6 Press Save in the top right collapsed menu Select it by clicking the radio button next to it Restart the phone Retest phone call after 5 minutes
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2023.03.21 22:30 Relevant_Anxiety7254 I might have a crush

Ok so for context we've been classmates since 7th grade. I had a minor crush on her in 8th. It fizzled out within a month maybe two. Didn't have a curry for the test of highschool.
Now present day, I'm in my last 2 months of senior year and am taking a study break for finals and so is the rest of highschool. Couple months ago I worked on a project with the girl. Let's call her Z. During or maybe after the project ended, I realised I might like her again. Mind you I have kept my self away from the whole crush and girls business for the entirety of school since middle school. I've been trying to get rid of these feelings for months and they are kind of the reason why I started away from girls for so long. I know for a fact that she isn't interested in me. That I understood a long time ago. But now it is really tracking at my brain and I'm trying to just turn the switch off and go back to not being interested is such relationships just to protect my sanity and my conscience. I know I might regret it later but to hell with it. Right now my main focus is to graduate with good grades. But during this whole tone I'm feeling as though if I turn the switch off again, I won't be able to turn it back on. I feel lost. I just want to drive (not full sending it, just cruising) listen to some music and further about these so-called assistant feelings.
Anyway if you've made it this far, sorry to have possibly wasted your time but thanks for reading my rant I suppose.
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2023.03.21 22:30 TwoAny2316 Help! 2 year old won’t sleep in his own bed anymore

My son is 2 and a half years old. He has slept great in his crib since transitioning from the bassinet. We never co slept at all. This all changed around 5 months ago. He started waking up during the night crying, sometimes asking for drinks of water, and not wanting to settle back down. When it started, we would comfort him and he would go back to sleep. It started getting more frequent and he would be back up fussing within the hour. Out of exhaustion, we starting putting him in bed with us. Which has no turned into a bad habit.
We have a great bedtime routine and he is happy when we lay him down. We get pajamas on, say our goodnights and love you’s, and lay him down in bed. Everything is perfect until we turn the light off and pull the door closed… he immediately stands up and starts asking for drinks of water or to cuddle with us. When we give him water, he’ll take a tiny sip and lay back down until we are out of sight, and then the cycle continues. We will do this about 4 or 5 different times until he’s crying and wanting to come to our bed.
He is still in a crib. We are in the process of getting a toddler bed and mattress. I am scared he won’t want in it at all now since it’ll be a big change for him.
We kind of got ourselves into this position, but we have no idea how to get him to sleep on his own again!!
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2023.03.21 22:30 ThePrinceOfRoses Seriously, I'm hella excited and can't wait for them to announce the changes

I'mma brainstorm ideas here, doesn't matter how crazy, y'all should follow up with even crazier ideas. Just please, don't take this post too serious and be nice, those are all just ideas.
Bug fixes or getting full value from krugs don't count as ideas because it's the bare minimum Riot should've done already
I guess that's all I can think about lol, can't wait to hear your ideas, I'm just so excited and scared at the same time for this midscope update.
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2023.03.21 22:30 Jealous_Rock_852 Confirmed umbilical hernia, now inguinal hernia?

[25 F] Roughly 2 months ago I developed an umbilical hernia (intense pain initially at belly button, worsening with sneezing coughing etc) likely through decline sit-ups with weights (was new to these at the time although had been lifting heavy weights for nearly a decade). Has been confirmed via ultrasound to be a small fat containing umbilical hernia (it’s also visible as a small pea). At the time took 3/4weeks off from gym with intense hernia pain. Next few weeks intense pain went away and started picking up light weights again in the gym to keep it ticking over till can finally see a surgeon (have been referred but could be a year plus in U.K. for this). Belly button hasn’t been exacerbated by going back to gym and really focusing on breathing and not going too heavy. However in the past month or so I’ve started developing a tightness/burning in both groins (worse in the right) it is there all the time and worse when I go to the gym (even just doing my light weights). Worse on movements where I’m at the bottom of a squat or when overhead leg press is closest to my core (ie when I lower the weight towards me) but even a light set of dumbbells doing upper body still get this burning heavy feeling in groin. Worried I’ve now developed hidden inguinal hernias…. Or could it just be my groin over-compensating for my umbilical hernia/muscle tear here… anyone had this problem or know what it might be?
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2023.03.21 22:30 nuthinforme I wish...

I wish my problem was pushing people away when they try to get close to me. I can't be the only one here.
If someone ever tries to get to know me I would never hesitate to squeeze them tight and pull them closer, but no one has shown interest in me. No one is showing interest in me. No one looks in my direction. No one acknowledges my existence.
I do have social anxiety and I don't know how receptive I would be to them, but my fear of rotting alone coupled with sheer will and the desire to connect is having my back on this. However, I don't exist to people.
I'm envious of people who have been shown interest but push the interested person away. I know it's a real struggle that people face, but it frustrates me to see how people have problems that I can solve while all my problems end up with dead ends.
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2023.03.21 22:30 FeelSexy How badly did I injure my shoulder?

23M, 177cm 72kg. Works out frequently. Currently on 1mg finasteride daily.
I was doing an overhead press today when I started feeling sharp pain in my left shoulder. doesn't feel like it's a muscle, feels much deeper than that on the top/front side of the shoulder(might be the joint?). however, I was able to complete the rest of my workout with little to no pain.
8 hours later, it still hurts but ONLY when I lift my arm about 45 degrees to the side. raising my arms to the front and back feels pretty okay and I can still do pushups, pull ups, and chin ups with pretty much no pain, just some discomfort probably caused by me constantly rubbing the area.
clearly I need take a few days off from training my upper body but how serious is this? should I see a doctor or can I just take a week off and it'll get better?
thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 22:30 SgtMajorDick Official PBT (Partial Body Tracking) post - games wish list

I made an earlier post about waist tracking here:
In that post I concluded that if we normalize waist tracking as a standard like FBT then more devs might support it in games. Another commenter said PBT, or Partial Body Tracking, and it rolls off the tongue much better than the abomination I initially came up with. Thanks u/g0dSamnit.
I'm going to stress, THIS IS NOT A POST ABOUT HARDWARE. Trackers exist, other options exist, that ain't the problem. If the devs don't support it in their body interpolation models, it won't work.
I decided that I want this so bad that I need to shake things up myself, and I don't often express my desires in video games, I'm normally a happy pappy. I am making a terribly introverted attempt at trendsetting so please be nice:
VR DEVS of the games I will mention, HEAR ME ROAR, I WANT PBT, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. If we don't set PBT as a standard in the social community then no devs will support it and no amount of hardware will make any difference.
PBT!! It should be just as much a thing as FBT (Full Body Tracking), with its own descriptor in the Steam Store. I'm no dev, but I think it would be easier to get into for devs and consumers alike. And yes, it would really be worth it. I'm going to quote myself from another comment "I don't want a better headset, I want less tethers and immersion-breaking. I want Partial Body Tracking. I am tired of playing VR shooters where everyone looks like Michael Keaton in Batman 1989 with a scoliosis back brace. I want to TWIST MY HEAD, LEAN, and GO PRONE and see other people doing that too. I thought by 2023 we all as a community would have had this figured out by now. " Also would be nice to be able to lean over things to look inside them, like a trashcan or box on the ground.
Not every games needs this of course, so I'm going to make a list of games that I think would really benefit from a theoretical implementation of PBT, in the order I think of them:
I invite anyone to add to the list as I'm sure many others would benefit in quality of life ways. Any game that supports and doesn't require FBT presumably already supports PBT.
I'm excited to see how open standards might help, but if the community doesn't express specific desires then it won't happen. It's unfortunate that inside-out tracking doesn't have any solid solutions for this as far as I can tell, but there's gotta be something easy that can be done if the community wants it enough.
Go tell your VR friends, enemies and acquaintances. PBT needs to happen. PBT stands for Partial Body Tracking, and don't you forget it. PBT is the next step in preventing immersion breaks. PBT, PBT, PBT for the love of god PBT.
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2023.03.21 22:30 deadasswhohurtme Issues With Friends

So I'm an overthinker and once I think some stuff it's stuck in my brain. So recently, I feel as if I don't treat my friends well and I want to do so and get their trust back again. I tend to I guess move on from people easily and become friends with others and I don't think this is good. It's important to stick with some people at least yk. Anyways I don't know I guess from the new school year, new friends, and some minor issues have occurred between one close friend. Another two friends, it's just hard to vibe with them sometimes but then sometimes it's easy to. I guess I just don't want to fluctuate like that and just want to feel decently well around them. Honestly, they used to be some of my best friends, but now they probably see me as someone who isn't too important to them. And I don't want that. This is like just a literal rant and has no organization. And I do admit a lot of things have been probably my fault but let me know if there is anything I should do.
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2023.03.21 22:30 memirepoix Retractable leash recommendations - replacing a 50ft long line.

I use a 50ft longline at a couple local hiking spots in order to adhere to leash rules, and it's pretty annoying TBH. I usually just hold the end of it and let it drag back and forth as my dog moves about, but it picks up branches, gets tangled, drags through mud and coyote poop... so here I am thinking that a gasp retractable lead would actually solve a lot of these problems. Does anyone have recs for a solid, long (like 30-50ft long) retractable leash? Do they even come in that long a size? Tape would be ideal, but it's not a dealbreaker if it's cord.
NB4 people start mentioning they're THE WORST... I get it, they usually are. This is a specific use case in which I think the drawbacks are mitigated and it would actually be useful.
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2023.03.21 22:30 nippyeyes Colnago V1R rear brake issues

I have a Colnago V1R that has a direct mount chainstay rear brake.
I am currently using a Dura Ace BR-R9110 and have Bora WTO 60mm wheels.
Whatever I do my back brake seems to rub, especially when I get out of the saddle.
The Dura Ace BR-R9110 seems really difficult to adjust, has anyone overcome this kind of issue before? I am thinking of maybe buying a different brake
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2023.03.21 22:29 Aubrey_Lancaster So I got one of these Meridians in trade a while back and im genuinely curious why someone will pay $2000+ for an unsporterized Saiga or basic Arsenal but get mad when someone puts the same money into one of these

So I got one of these Meridians in trade a while back and im genuinely curious why someone will pay $2000+ for an unsporterized Saiga or basic Arsenal but get mad when someone puts the same money into one of these submitted by Aubrey_Lancaster to ak47 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:29 _Deviated_septum I think me and my roommates got scammed out of 150 dollars of rental application fees and don’t know if i can get it back lol

Me and 2 roommates applied for a rental listed yesterday. The application was 50 dollars a person for the screening. We thought we’d be good to go but today got a text from my realtor stating that “the unit got a lot of applications and they went with the first one they got, we were second.” It sounds like they didn’t run any actual screening on anyone except the first applicants and now we’re just out that money. Is there anything we can do?
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2023.03.21 22:29 WonderfulBack8542 Anyone else really scared of setting boundaries with people?

I'm scared of setting boundaries and saying no, because in the back of my mind I can't help but doubt my right to do those things. I'm scared of being self-centered and hurting other people's feelings unintentionally. I'm just generally scared of actually being in the wrong without knowing
My brain knows that everyone has the right to set boundaries and do right by themselves (e.g. saying no when someone is asking to see you because you don't want to/are too exhausted to socialise) , but my feelings say otherwise. I'm just scared of being an asshole without realising😭
I think I'm pretty okay at noticing when I've offended someone, but then again how would I know if I actually have but didn't pick up on it😩 Most of my friends and family are people who don't necessarily like to bring up or point out things that bother them, because they don't want to make it into a big deal (this might also be a cultural thing). I've had friends who have just stopped inviting me to things without a word instead of telling me why they stopped wanting to spend time with me
I've recently been trying to build my confidence and put my foot down sometimes instead of agreeing to everything and doing everything I can to be as unintrusive as possible (I'm a people pleaser🧎‍♂️I can't handle rejection) but it's very very difficult sometimes. I can't stop getting anxious about it and thinking that I'm being really cold and horrible to people and the right thing to do would to just do what they want me to
Is this relatable to anyone? How have you dealt with this? Some peer support would really help
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2023.03.21 22:29 RoyChiusEyelashes Qualifying Miles

I am working towards getting my gold status back by April 13. I flew from Seattle to Portland which is 129 miles, but I got 1000 with the bonus. According to the app, Alaska gave me 1000 Miles towards elite qualifying miles, which would put me over the 10,000 mile threshold. I’m confused because isn’t it based on base miles?
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