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Welcome! This is a friendly place for those cringe-worthy and (maybe) funny attempts at humour that we call dad jokes. Often (but not always) a verbal or visual pun, if it elicited a snort or face palm then our community is ready to groan along with you. To be clear, dad status is not a requirement. We're all different and excellent. Some people are born with lame jokes in their heart and so here, everyone is a dad. Some dads are wholesome, some are not. It's about how the joke is delivered.

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2023.03.25 01:54 FormerGutterSkank Car insurance advice/risk assessment experts

Are there any risk assessment experts out there who can help me decide what kind of insurance to put on my vehicles? I'm deciding whether to get liability only or also collision.
2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Book value $8633
2009 Toyota Camry Book value $4338
My understanding is that if either of these vehicles were totaled, I would get the book value from the insurance company. This would be nice because I'd be able to replace the vehicle immediately.
I'm 19 years old, working full-time at an auto shop and attending college full-time. If either vehicle were totaled, I'd have the other one to use until I could get the money to replace the one that needed replaced. I might be able to borrow money from a family member and make payments, but that's not guaranteed. I must have transportation!
I drive the Camry daily to work and to school. I drive the F-250 only one or two times a week, as needed for projects. Hauling scrap to the junkyard, picking up appliances or furniture, towing other vehicles, etc.
Is it worth spending $150 a month each for collision vs about a fourth of that amount for liability only?
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2023.03.25 01:53 FrostyMark1781 Best reading recourses for EVBRW section?

Taking the SAT for the second time in June and want to study for it this time. I see some people recommend reading articles/books/papers. What will be the best, free place(s) to find articles/papers that are related to the different types of passages found in the reading section? Books are a hard no cause they take too much time and I will probably just give up in the middle of them. My plan rn is to read 2-3 articles/papers a day.
This is not the only thing I’m doing to study for EVBRW. I will do other things after all my AP exams.
Here is what I got on past EVBRW sections:
PSAT10: -7R -11W —> 660 PSAT: -6R -11W —> 670 SAT: -13R -13W —> 630
All three tests I got a 1240 composite on. Check my last post for the picture lmfao
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2023.03.25 01:53 GovernmentDoingStuff For the first time ever, the MWC has an Elite 8 team

What an effort tonight by the Aztecs to deliver the deepest run ever for the Mountain West. And they did it by beating the Number 1 Overall Seed.
They will also be the higher seed no matter what on Sunday!
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2023.03.25 01:53 SamuraiFungi Encounter Challenge Multiplier is...Mathematically Proven but Missing from Pathfinder 2e Guides?

If I search for Pathfinder 2e challenge multiplier or similar searches, I only find results from 2009 or earlier which are therefore from the original Pathfinder (not 2e) that discuss "CR" which I though was only for D&D but I'm not familiar with earlier Pathfinder. For D&D 5e, the DMG has a chart for how the number of creatures multiplies against the XP-based difficulty. For example, 2 creatures is multiplied by 1.5, and 3 creatures is multiplied by 2 and it gets even higher. So, as is also painfully evident from multiple experiences (and mathematically provable as I'll mention), the chart is "correct" and that it is "incorrect" to say that four Level 1 creatures is anywhere near as easy as one Level 4 creature.
I wrote and tested an entire 5e campaign and I'm converting it to Pathfinder 2e and need help. I may end up using the multipliers from the D&D DMG, but Pathfinder should really have something like this. Maybe this is why Adventure Paths tend to kill characters and even cause TPKs (Total Party Kill) according to multiple experienced GMs online. I do not want to have the same problem in my book. I already checked the Game Mastery section of the Core Rulebook (4th printing) the Encounter Building section of the Gamemastery Guide. Under "Encounter Design" at Archives of Nethys, there is a helpful table for multi-enemy encounters called "Quick Adventure Groups," but it only is a template for certain specific numbers of creatures (or pairings of differing challenge) and I'm not sure if it is mathematically correct. I am sure this is a real issue because the multiplier in D&D 5e is based on Lanchester's Square Law according on one post (I probably can't post links, but found the result on EN World by searching Google for: challenge multiplier dmg). Can someone please direct this issue to Paizo or provide me with a resource to contact them (or did I miss something)?
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2023.03.25 01:53 TaysonJodd [USA-CA] [H] MSI GF65 10UE Thin laptop [W] PayPal, Local cash,

Thin MSI gaming laptop. For the specs, they are a 10th gen i5-10500H CPU, an RTX 3060 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 500gb SSD of which 477gb is usable. It comes with a 144hz FHD screen, a red backlit keyboard, x2 usb a 3.0 ports, x2 usb c ports, headphone jack, ethernet port, built in NIC, mic and webcam. Charger included.

Purchased in late 2021 and has had minimal usage. Great condition, the only cosmetic defect is a couple tiny scratches on the back that have erased some paint. 93% battery life, look at the battery report. The trackpad is clicky and smooth but assume there is some dust in there just by virtue of being used.

Final price is $650 local to ZIP 93611 or $666 with Paypal shipped by USPS, both firm.
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2023.03.25 01:52 LostForevar What is wrong with corn stalks? map_FillType, map_DensityHeight have the same data for corn stalks as for other straws, but the windrow/pile of corn stalks is bigger. Even in map_fruitType corn stalks are 2 liters/square meter instead of 3.6 as normal straw...

What is wrong with corn stalks? map_FillType, map_DensityHeight have the same data for corn stalks as for other straws, but the windrow/pile of corn stalks is bigger. Even in map_fruitType corn stalks are 2 liters/square meter instead of 3.6 as normal straw... submitted by LostForevar to farmingsimulator [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:52 Mysterious-Ad7019 GWF - Good ordering experience for a music keyboard! (Southeastern Wisconsin and Metro Chicago)

Ordered a Casio CT-S300 3/17. Website didn't say anything other than ordered. Arrived today 3/24 in a cardboard box with sufficient packaging by FedEx in good condition. From: Goodwill of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metro Chicago ecommerce.
The prices on musical keyboards are very competitive! $58 keyboard -$10 discount coupon (which you get as a first time user, or can find online anytime) $13 shipping $5 tax
$65 total for the CT-S300 which retails $179 new, so about half the price of new.
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2023.03.25 01:52 Cx_Tracker I'm so confused about respecs, please help

Okay so I thought I had it all figured out but I don't. I saved my Beast Mastery spec to try out Survival for the first time. (I am a returning played after 7 years break). I leveled from 1-61 as a Hunter in Beast mode and wanted to try out Survival. I saved my spec and was assured by other players my old button layout/spec would be easily ready to switch back to. Welp, after switching to Survival and spending 30 minutes picking my abilities/talents, I go to save the new spec and notice there's NO other saved loadouts (ie: the one i saved as my BM spec)... just the option to Import and create a new one? So do I need to somehow Import my old Beast Mastery spec if I want to switch back and if so, how? I feel overwhelmed. If I have to remake my Beast Mastery spec and re-do all my buttons everytime I switch this is gunna be a royal pain... Sigh
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2023.03.25 01:52 OneTrueKing777 (SPOILERS MAIN) How ready is the fan community to be disappointed by The Winds of Winter?

The Winds of Winter is one of the most anticipated books in recent history. Expectations could not be higher. The book community has swollen massively since the show's popularity and as a result a large number of fans know NOTHING except the wait for the next book, while the horrifying final few seasons of the show have only amplified the expectations for TWOW to be brilliant. The community sustains itself on theorycrafting for these wonderfully dense and layered books to keep us sane.
So what if we get disappointed?
I think we will, to an extent, and that scares me. Everyone is expecting a new ASOS - a book that will massively move the plot along and reveal long-awaited mysteries. We might not get that. We very well may not get serious answers to many questions that fans have come up with, whether it's because those questions are being saved for the final book or because GRRM hasn't got space to include them in the limited space he has left to finish the series, and the prospect of never getting those answers or having to wait for ADOS might kill the goodwill in the books community.
We may also find to our horror that the show has spoiled us more than we think. What if Cersei really does blow up the Sept of Baelor? What if Barristan really does die unceremoniously? What if Daenerys really does throw Meereen aside and walk away as if nothing happened? What if Stannis dies before taking Winterfell?
How will we react if we close the book at the end of our first read and realise that, for whatever reason, we feel disappointed? Because I think a lot of us will. It's been too much time to theorycraft and read too deeply and hype ourselves up. The hype for this book can never, ever match up to the final product because of the nature of the community, which sustains itself through waiting and speculating feverishly, where many of us have never seen a book in this series release and don't know how to manage our expectations.
I'm really worried that TWOW will be good, but that this community will implode with disappointment after it releases because we've spent too much time being excited and theorycrafting and speculating. We won't know what to do with ourselves anymore. The wait for ADOS will seem impossible to do after such a long time waiting already, and the unlikelihood of that book being completed.
Are we going to be able to manage our expectations and emotions and take TWOW for what it is? Or will this community - built as it is on speculation - simply go to pieces?
Please don't leave snarky comments saying, "TWOW will never be finished lmao". It always happens and it doesn't add anything. Cheers.
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2023.03.25 01:52 Super_Rocket4 My opinion on the fight of V from Cyberpunk 2077 vs The Courier from Fallout New Vegas

So this is just me bored as hell going over each point of stats and feats, and why I believe who wins what. Note this is my thoughts but I'm open to debates, debunks, ECT. Both characters somehow have all perks, max stats, and the best weapons no matter the circumstances (all stats 20 V, special 10 Courier, ECT)
Strength: This one may need the most debate. Courier can fight the giant robot scorpion bare handed which can tank a mini nuke, where as V can fight Adam Smasher who can casually walk through a gravity field that crushes tanks. These two feats are so neck and neck, but I'm more willing to believe V is just barely weaker than Courier. Without gorilla arms. If V is given GA, he is given +6 to his body. That's a 30% Strength boost, and I think just barely covers the gap. So normally Courier>=V, but with gorilla arms V>Courier
Speed: This ones a much easier choice. While the courier does have Turbo to slow down time, it does not nearly compare to the sandevistan. With the best sandy, V stops time down to 10% and can casually dodge bullets. Turbo in comparison only makes it go down to 35% for only 3 seconds. V is then theoretically over 25% faster, and that's without mention of the dozens of speed perks you can give him. So V>Courier
Durability: This one is very tough. But a good part of me is going to give this to the Courier. Without any armor implants, he is capable of surviving mini nukes, giant surfboard sized swords, dozens of bullets, and massive robots. The courier can tank armor piercing rounds and such, but not to the same degree as the courier.
IQ: this is possibly a harder choice than strength. Both are amazing hackers at max intelligence, and each have different feats. Arasaka is like apple on steroids, and hacking them also runs the risk of them hacking you back. In the other hand, a terminal is the pinnacle of software protection and stops any and all hacking attempts unless you're the courier. I'm going to say this is a tie but if you disagree go ahead.
BIQ: Just as debatable as the last. Courier can be trained by the legion, NCR, brotherhood of steel, ECT. But V has upgrades that can instantly let you learn anything you want to learn. Not only that, but V is a champion boxer capable of fighting chromed up monsters who have been doing this for years. It's experience vs abilities in my eyes and I believe it's a tie.
Experience: Courier. Canonically older, has been living in the streets of the fallout world. Not close.
Abilities: I don't need to say V. Sandevistan, way way better enhancements, a second heart, bio monitors, the ability to instantly hack anything even smasher who has the peak of tech. This isn't close.
Durability; Courier takes this just as easily as V took the last one. Power armor and armor implants make him too tanky. It's a great defense to have.
Weaponry: This is again tough. V has dozens of guns, melee weaponry, ECT. But Courier has just better weaponry. Mini nukes and plasma blasts vs katanas and super revolvers. It's quality vs quantity. With all of V's points he may have the edge, but really it's a toss up. Possible tie.
Overall, I think V is just so fast and strong, he could beat courier. Yes he has a bunch of durability, but it's a 3 second slow time vs a 10 second near stop time with far higher strength with gorilla arms. It's a high difficulty fight, but V still wins
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2023.03.25 01:52 kdubz206 First Fenton find

Finally picked up some Fenton today at the antique store. I have lots of Vaseline glass I have collected but this is the first piece that doesn't look like your standard green glass. One of the employees saw me using my UV light everywhere and ended up asking me to check a few other things for her. Also busted out the Gieger counter to check some Fiestaware, found quite a few hot items.
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2023.03.25 01:52 iRambL I feel disappointed in wanting to upgrade headsets

I’ve used a void wireless for around 3 years now with 2 headsets because they tend to break fairly easily it seems with the charging port. I want to keep utilizing icue since I like their sound profiles but why in all name does the hs80 with it’s nice sound mic quality not have vertical adjustment?
As someone with a large head the void has been my go to for ages because of the adjustment but not being able to go vertical is annoying as all heck. Now thinking of moving away from Corsair as I did with steelseries because the lack of cheaper options not being able to fit me.
In that case, convince me to spend more to get either a virtuoso or another suggestion that would help me. (The hs80 ear cups hit the bottom of my ears so it’s not gonna work unless Corsair offers some sort of extension). Any advice is appreciated but I would like to stick to Corsair if possible since my eqs are setup nicely for my current setup. Thanks
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2023.03.25 01:52 Kcsoccer75 My All NBA 6th Man Team

These guys all won the NBA 6th man of the year award. It's a 12 man roster with a starting 5 and a second five and two more bench pieces. I'm going to pick them based not only the year they won it fully it but also at the peak of their careers. So, yeah a combination of their contributions as a 6th man and their peak careers. What is your team?
sf-Detlef Schremph (Do you know one he shot over 51% from 3 for the Sonics? Only 2.2 a game but still) This was the hardest position to choose.
Second Team
pg-Lou Williams
sg-Jamal Craword
Additional Two Players: Ricky Pierce, Danny Manning
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2023.03.25 01:52 Thunderholes Single player/soloable extremely grindy game suggestions

I'm trying to find a game that I can just turn on and turn my brain off on weekdays after work and would greatly appreciate some suggestions. I'm hoping to find something that's just a niche or largely overlooked game but whenever I try to find something internet searches always return the same handful of suggestions (Bethesda RPGs, Path of Exile, Warframe, FF14/11, Runescape and Monster Hunter are the most common) all of which are games I've played, most of them excessively at one point or another.
I have access to a pretty good gaming PC, a switch, a 3ds, and a ps4 as well as some older consoles but I wouldn't be averse to getting a way to play the right game if I find it. I have a strong preference for something single player or at least able to be played as an entirely solo experience. I also have a strong preference to see as many possible numbers go up as possible, I crave that artificial dopamine hit of the numbers going up. If at all possible I would also prefer any story content in the game to not block just playing the game, I try to play anything I want to actually pay attention to on a weekend or holiday or something where I'm not already mentally drained. I don't have a strong preference on the game's genre but what I'm looking for does likely suggest it will have at least some rpg elements. Finally I don't really care if the game is new or old, there are tons of things I probably haven't heard of or given much attention to over the years.
Games I've played
Most big mmos released in the past 15-20 years (WoW, FF14, SWtOR, LOTRO, New World to name a few but many many more)
At least one of each generation of Monster Hunter games, usually multiple, as well as other games like it (Toukiden 1/2, Dragon's Dogma, a couple God Eater games, etc)
All versions of Runescape
Too many ARPGs/diablo-likes to count
Some looter shooter games, while they do scratch the grind itch in a lot of ways they usually try to emulate Borderlands a bit too much and make everything a laborious bullet sponge which just isn't fun to me.
Many JRPGs, a lot tend to be grindy but they also tend to be very story heavy breaking that up. I am a very big fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series for both parts of that and have played most games in it, including its spin-offs, as well as most other big name, long running series (dragon quest, final fantasy, etc.) to some extent
Most of the Disgaea series, this is the closest I've come to perfectly matching what I'm looking for but even with most things in the game being, or will become, quite easy I find that the fact it's a tactical RPG prevents me from the whole turning off my brain thing. I guess it's just one step too far in the gameplay department to allow me to completely mindlessly grind.
Siralim Ultimate, This was the most recent thing I managed to dump way too much time into but it unfortunately finally got a bit too stale for me.
Many others but this post is already long enough.

TLDR: Lizard brain like number go up, please help lizard brain.
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2023.03.25 01:52 ChillyStomper Advice for Recurring Fungal Infections? Please help!

Hello, my husband and I adopted our axolotl almost 6 months ago and since then she has had FIVE fungal infections! We are desperate for any advice to prevent these from happening! Below are all the steps we’ve taken after each fungal infection to resolve them (she is now on her fifth unfortunately). Also, at every point in her care, her ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites have been perfect and water temp is always below 64 degrees. Her behavior has been normal throughout (including eating, pooping, etc).
Fungal infection #1: -Black tea baths for 4 days
Fungal infection #2: -Melafix for 7 days (per recommendation from aquarium store) -Indian almond leaves
Fungal infection #3: -Melafix for 7 days -Removal of carbon from filter (per recommendation from aquarium store) -Indian almond leaves
Fungal infection #4: -Removed plants from water that looked scummy, just in case the plants had fungus -Added sponge filter (in addition to the hang on back one she currently has) -Switched to 25% water changes twice a week (versus the once a week we were originally giving her, though parameters were fine) -Methylene Blue treatment for 5 days (per recommendation from aquarium store) -Black tea baths afterwards for a few days to be safe -Indian almond leaves
Fungal infection #5 (current one): -Resorting back to black tea baths starting today -Indian almond leaves
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2023.03.25 01:51 BlueCollarBearded 43 [M4F] #LasVegas #Nevada - A somewhat weird nerd in search of something that's more than casual *GASP*

I'm not great at writing these things, but here we are, right? I'm currently in a weird place with my poly identity - I ended a long term primary relationship last summer that I had put a lot of myself into, anyone I am dating is married and/or lives in another state - neither of whom are serious options, and most of the people who approach me these days are not looking for anything past FWB - For some this would be an ideal situation, for me not so much, and it feels weird to say I'm "dating with purpose" in this context, but I guess that's where I am. So I guess my point is, I feel like I'm much better at being an adult human when I have a primary partner, and miss having someone in my life who feels like home and who I can be that for as well.
Moving on, here's the about me: Big time comic book and general pop culture nerd. I'm 6'2", dad bod, sort of in my elder goth era, semi-heavily tattooed, beard, hispanic, home owner, fairly well employed, no kids/vasectomied, and pay my own bills, my only real vices are THC or a drink every now and then, but neither is a regular thing. I try to make time to go to concerts, check out restaurants and do Vegas-y things, I think I make a great piece of arm candy personally, definitely miss having a partner who wants to show me off and enjoys getting dolled up for a night on the town once in a while,, or doing silly fun things like coordinating outfits for an event. I enjoy travel like most people, I go to 2-3 comic cons per year, a good vacation is definitely great for mental health. Also love being a homebody, enjoy cooking when I have someone to cook for, have made my home into a cozy nest in general...in spring through early fall, any excuse to be in the pool or lay out near it is a good one. Some of the kindest things friends have said about me: "You're like, the only cis male in my life I don't wanna stab" "You're just like pure Daddy energy, dude" and "The brother I never wanted"
I was recently asked what my ideal relationship would be - and I thought I'd found it, but life happens! I know some frown on heirarchical poly relationships, but it's just what works best for me. Having my person, who wants to be with me and wants me to be with them and not having to have that feeling of insecurity or that need for constant reassurance, regardless of anyone else we may have in our lives. Something maybe not quite KTP, as that can feel forced at times, but definitely not a situation where we have to feel threatened by each others' relationships, and absolutely not a situation where we are always looking for greener grass elsewhere. And while I may not be vanilla, I'm not really super into any scene/lifestyle as far as that goes... I'm not against it, but prefer those types of things with a partner. I don't think I have a "type", really - but looking back, I do get along best with people who have a passion for some type of nerdy thing, I love being able to learn about those things and enhance those things for them as best I can. And one more thing - while I don't at all expect someone to be available to me 24/7, I need IRL connection, so I'd really prefer someone at least within a few hundred miles. So if the idea of long term anything, where we can talk regularly, and at least see each other a few times a month isn't something that can happen, I'm probably not your huckleberry, but I'm always happy to make new friends!
I've got plenty of photos for trade, and am cool with starting via PM here or telegram/kik if that's easier. I'm not everyone's cup of tea, I know - But I'm someone's, I also know that. Maybe they'll find me!
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2023.03.25 01:51 PowerfulArachnid6280 Reviews DM me for my number !

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2023.03.25 01:51 P4arzival Is it just me or the nerfs to gen regression perks just feels like a way for BHVR to try to nerf the Skull Merchant 3 Gen without touching her power?

Reading about the perk changes and it just feels like a way to balance the SM (other killers with strong 3 gen) without actually balancing her
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2023.03.25 01:51 Dumbidude I have some silly questions as a newbie.

1) Why does tower focus me when there are creeps around? Shouldn't tower focus creeps and later champ, I didnt attack enemy. 2) How to put shop on right side or middle? 3) Can stats like kda of team/enemy be put on mid? 4) Im currently playing with bots cuz trying to get better after video tutorials, there are 4 bot scripts, default bot, ranked matchmaking ai, bot experiment, a begginer AI: new. Where do those 4 change, they seem same. And is there a 5 players vs bot cuz team full of bots seems meh and they never gather to fight for rune 5) how to check match history, cant seem to find old matches stats.
I also play league of legends but wanna learn dota cuz is more fun and more challenging. Thnx for the answers
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2023.03.25 01:51 LadderNo5407 (WTB) Stock, muzzle device, magpul BUIS

Hey all, looking to buy either a magpul or B5 stock in FDE or Coyote. ~$30-50
Also looking for a 3 or 4 prong flash hider 1/2x28. ~$50-80 BUIS ~$50-60
If these prices aren’t accurate let me know. Thank you!
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2023.03.25 01:50 Smotan30 Will this go down anymore? If so how much more?

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2023.03.25 01:50 Kroll_of_Dehetenland I trimmed a pineapple around the core and put a whole chicken over it. Smoked it for about 3.5 hours.

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