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2022.10.06 22:55 Puzzleheaded_Week647 How to find meets?

I’m looking to find some meets to run unattached before my season officially starts. Is there any other place besides Directathletics to find meets?
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2022.05.04 04:11 jackmuhswag Is outdoor season over?

Not seeing anymore meets near me in the Saint Louis area listed on directathletics. In other peoples experience, are there meets hosted in the midwest area during the summer, or is it over until Indoor season?
At a crossroads to with my training trying to decide if i should focus to compete right now or start my offseason.
Sucks that once the weather gets nice I cant find any meets to train for. Its tough doing speed training in the cold for the Feb/March meets.. Only got to run in 2 meets this year due to my work schedule.
Does anyone else have this problem?
Rant over
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2022.03.31 23:48 onlythisfar Website/app for race results

Wondering if this is a thing anyone would be interested in if it were created. Ways it could work: either you log in to add races, or maybe it could even be integrated with major timing systems, so that when you ran a race your account was automatically updated with your new race. It would keep track of your pr's at all distances. If you age up you could sort by age as well. It would display the date of the race and your time, which could link to the race where you ran it.
For those who competed in high school or college, it would be like directathletics/, but for road races and adults.
My boyfriend doesn't think anyone would be interested, but I think there may be enough obsessive runners out there who might like it.
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2019.12.07 20:37 RatKingRulerOfSewer Finding open meets in San Diego

I'm looking for races so that I can practice for outdoor season. I'm doing preseason at my school but the coach only trains his sprinters to run the 400m, and it's difficult trying to figure out how to train optimally while pleasing that guy. I figure doing some more meets is a decent way to keep track of where I am. I'm aware of a monthly meet, but I missed the one today because they closed registration early and cancelled on-the-day registration. I can't find any more meets on or Any help?
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2016.05.12 21:47 krapzz Done with college, where do I go from here?

I'd like to keep going. There don't seem to be many clubs for non-pro sprinters in their 20s. I feel like there are only clubs for masters and kids. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough.
It's fine if I have to continue alone, but training with others can take you away from the tedium of practice.
Directathletic seems to be a good resource. I know I can use that to keep track of open meets.
When does indoor season start in California?
Any advice in general?
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