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2023.03.22 06:36 Americano_Joe (CNN) South Korean capital announces plans for ‘floating’ swimming pool and art pier and world's largest spokeless Ferris wheel.

Just two weeks after announcing plans to build the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel, Seoul’s city government has shared its intention to build urban ‘floating’ swimming zones along the capital’s Han River.
Seoul mayor Oh Se-hoon announced that an art pier and public swimming pool are planned for Ichon Han River Park in southwest Seoul near the National Museum of Korea.
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2023.03.22 06:36 kickslick TT Table (Joola Inside 19) in Garage - Heat an Issue?

Let me preface this by saying I tried using the search function and I couldn't find the exact answer to my question.
I live in Central TX and the garage can sometimes get as hot as 110-120F and it can sometimes get extremely chilly as well (high 30s). It is not temperature controlled and I run a dehumidifier whenever the humidity gets past the 45% threshold.
  1. Would I be able to play on a table such as the Joola Inside 19 in such a garage through the summer? Or would I need to get a table rated for outdoor use?
  2. Would I be able to play on just the concrete flooring with shoes or should I install horsestall mats? Epoxy finish is kinda out of the question at this point unfortunately :(
  3. For folks who park the car in the garage as well, do you just install a large net on either end to prevent the balls from ending up under the car? I envision that being a problem.
TIA for the help! I'm hoping this helps other folks who're stuck in a similar situation!
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2023.03.22 06:14 Background-Escape-88 Why did Valkyrie not affect the monster?

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2023.03.22 06:14 Basicallyacrow7 The reason I believe in soulmates

So glad I found this group, I’ve been wanting somewhere to share my boyfriend and I’s story, buckle in, it’s a little long
Sometime at the end of January last year, I started playing video games online. Starting with a game called Counter Strike. I had only been playing a short time (probably less than 10 games) when I met a couple of people who invited me to queue with them next game. I agreed, and when we queued up for the next game, they added another player, RJ (not his real name, using for anonymity purposes). RJ asked who the new person was and I said hello. The first words he ever said to me were “Oh great, an e-girl, can’t wait to see how this goes.” We play one game together and I figured that would be the end of that. He had added me to his friends list though.
A few days later, we’re both online, and he invites me to play again, much to my surprise. We play a few games, and actually end up talking a good bit, and add each other on discord. This was February 7th 2022.
We start texting everyday, and gaming every night. This graduates to phone calls, which turn into FaceTimes. Eventually, we exchange numbers and move off the discord app as a means to communicate. We talked, Every. Day. We started getting closer, realized we had a lot in common. Honestly, it was just like we clicked, from the moment we started talking we couldn’t stay away from each other. I had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and wasn’t looking to get into another. He had be hurt pretty badly by his last girl (won’t go into details) and borderline swore of females. So, there was no reason, after playing a few games, we should’ve become so attached to each other. I think one reason was because I could read him so well, even through text. He was more guarded than I was, but I’ve had my fair share of hurt (more so friends/parents) but I could see through his defense mechanisms, and call him out, and be understanding a patient and loving to him.
But. One issue. I lived in Pennsylvania and he lived in Florida. 900 miles apart.
I am a religious person, as is he. So I started praying on it, basically it consisted of “Lord, I feel like this man is right for me, in my soul he feels right, but I’m going to get hurt with us being so far apart. It’ll never work, please, if this isn’t what it feels like take him from my life because I won’t be able to do it”
That SAME week, my dad (I’m 21, but still live at home currently) stops me in the kitchen and just randomly asks “hey, how would you feel about moving to Florida?” My family has always wanted to move south, but it was always NC, never Florida. (And I hadn’t told them about the boy in Florida who I was falling for yet) Turns out his company had a job opening down there and he was considering taking it. The first thing I do is check how far the town we would move to is from RJ. My shock when it turns out I would be an hour away from him if this move happened.
So we start going through the process and my family decides to make a trip down to Florida to check out some properties. And I ask if we could possibly spend our first night in his city so I could meet with him in person. To my shock, and anyone who knows my parents, they agreed. This is now April. So two months after we started talking, we’re finally going to meet. I’m iffy on if I believe in Angel numbers, but out hotel room that night, after a 14 hours drive, was 222 aka the soulmate number. And at 11am the next day, we go to a nearby mall, and finally meet up in person. We were never awkward, it was comfortable from day one. We actually ended up kissing (more so making out, trying to keep this PG) in a dressing room in one of the stores. Literally had friends asking me what book I’m living in after hearing about it. We spent a blissful 2 hours together and then I had to go. We looked at property’s and then back to PA.
Another two months goes by, this time it’s even harder. I talk one of my girlfriends into a “girls trip” to Florida. But her and everyone knew it was just to see RJ. We go down for four days, I spent as much time with him as I can between his work. We would just sit in a car (he lives where he works, so we couldn’t hang out there) talking, lots and lots of talking and kissing until 3am.
FINALLY. In July of last year, my family made the move to Florida. We have a small farm (horses chickens etc) so it took us 19 hours to move all of them down there. And since we moved, seldom has there been a weekend we didn’t spend together.
And just this last week, RJ and I closed on a house we found together, I won’t be moving in with him for a bit, we have to build a barn and pasture for the horses, but I’m writing this after spending the last 3 days with him getting a few things set up, and cleaning and “playing house” with him. We also got a dog together. We still play games together every night. It just hit me on my way home from there, how crazy it is, a year ago, we were messaging 900 miles apart, after a chance meeting playing a video game (something I never did) falling for each other but thinking we were stupid for even letting ourselves get attached because of the distance to, now we have a house and are planning a wedding and a future. I also think back to his first comment, “can’t wait to see how this goes” and I make myself laugh thinking “well, you buy a house with the e-girl” Our story just makes me giddy, I never would’ve dreamed to have what I have with him, we have grown so much too, I could keep going on a thousand little details that mean something to me, but I don’t want to make this entirely too long. I just wanted people to share this with, if you made it to the end, thank you for reading❤️
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2023.03.22 05:50 Potential-Channel-18 My daughter’s A-W-E-S-O-M-O! She created it all herself for the bunny hutch at AllCon Dallas.

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2023.03.22 05:29 asaharyev Matchday Thread 3/22

Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

Home Away Time TV
El Farolito International San Francisco 5:30 PM YouTube
Appalachian FC NC Fusion U23 7:00 PM YouTube
Manhattan SC FC Motown 7:00 PM YouTube
Club de Lyon B Nona FC 7:00 PM -
Chicago House AC Bavarian United 8:00 PM YouTube
Beaman United FC Des Moines Menace 8:00 PM YouTube
Tulsa Athletic Brazos Valley Cavalry FC 8:00 PM YouTube
UDA Soccer Park City Red Wolves 9:00 PM YouTube
Project 510 Crossfire Premier 10:00 PM -
Ventura County Fusion Capo FC 10:00 PM YouTube

USL League One

Home Away Time TV
Central Valley Fuego FC North Carolina FC 10:00 PM ESPN+
All Times Eastern
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Here is a pre-filled message to the bot.
Bot not working? Here is a guide to making match threads.
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2023.03.22 05:23 daveneeds_another Drawing of tweek from South park

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2023.03.22 05:21 s0up_dumpling ✨🎤Boys Planet Astrology - “More than meets the eye” Edition (ft. Keita, Taerae, Haruto & PHanbin)

Hello! I am back with more astrology birth chart analysis. For this post, I wanted to highlight the trainees that showcase the phrase “there’s more than meets the eye” -- meaning, trainees that might be very different from the first impressions they give off.
DISCLAIMER: I think astrology is a fun way to interpret people but it's not always 100% accurate! I do not think any of us will ever fully know any of the trainees (or anyone else aside from ourselves for that matter). ALSO, “first impressions” are IMMENSELY influenced by one’s rising sign, but since we do not know the exact time of birth for any of the trainees, it is hard to fully analyze. Please take everything with a grain of salt and remember this is JUST FOR FUN! & if you're new to astrology, feel free to ask questions~
When I first thought about the phrase “first impressions don’t mean anything” my mind immediately went to Kim Jiwoong. His “mysterious hot cool guy” vibe is what reality TV dreams of. However, it’s already been (relatively) shown that he is also super dorky and has a “cute” side. Similarly, Park Gunwook had his “overconfident intimidating cool guy” vibe, but again it has been shown that Gunwook is a “giant baby” who gets doted on by the older trainees. [I have analyzed their charts on my twt so pls scroll down if you want links to read their individual analyses!]
I then asked myself, who else seems like there’s “more than meets the eye”? Who definitely “acts” one way (or are “portrayed/shown” one way by Mnet) but it definitely feels like there is more to who they are that hasn’t been shown?
The first four trainees that came to mind are: Keita, Kim Taerae, Haruto & Park Hanbin
Completely unintentionally, all of them are water signs. Which I suppose makes sense since water signs are typically more in tune with emotions and aren’t as “outgoing” as fire or air signs. (Though I was very shocked to learn Haruto is a water sign lol).
My 1st thought: he’s a composer, producer, choreographer, singer, rapper, generally well liked, AND a cancer? AIN’T NO WAY. Then I saw he has 3 sagittarius, 3 gemini, and 3 aquarius in his chart and proceeded to scream into the void.
Starting w/ the 4 first signs, Keita became Avatar the Last Airbender with his signs here -- his sun (main/core sign) is in cancer [water], his moon (emotions/internal processing) is in sagittarius [fire], his mercury (communication) is in gemini [air], and his venus (perceptions of love) is in taurus [earth]. At first glance, this seemingly helps keep Keita very balanced keeping his actions, thoughts, words, and emotions all in check. However, this could also cause a lot of back and forth internally.
Cancers are known to either cry very often or bottle up every emotion until it comes out uncontrollably. This paired with the sagittarius moon and mars (ruler of intense emotions) makes me assume Keita is the second since sagittarius also tend to bottle up their emotions and only express themselves in situations they deem to be appropriate. This is unsurprising as he was shown crying during the Limousine performance as he resonated with the lyrics’ message.
Geminis are social butterflies that mold well to different situations. This being Keita’s mercury might make others feel more at ease as Keita might have a good sense of humor and/or know what to say to keep morale up. Taurus are typically very patient. Keita showed both mercury gemini and venus taurus traits when he helped Jay during the star level test & when he reassured Hyunbeen about his center position in zoom.
Stelliums occur when 3 or more planets are in the same sign. Keita has his mercury, jupiter, and saturn in gemini. Sometimes the traits of the stellium overpower the core sun sign. In this case, I think it’s a benefit to Keita. Jupiter represents expansion and saturn represents effort. Since geminis are social butterflies that are always seeking fun, these traits can help balance out the emotional cancer sun sign and give Keita the ability to let loose and not take things seriously all of the time.
Neptune represents the parts one tries to hide. Uranus represents individuality/quirkiness. Lilith represents buried traits. Keita has all of these in aquarius. Keita is probably just as standout as some of the really outgoing trainees, but refrains from doing so because of his self-image. This is shown during the dance battle with Woongki where Keita starts to drop into similar “girlypop” moves but then reverts to more a “street” style.
There is definitely more than meets the eye with Keita! I’m sure he has gone through a lot of hardships and a lot of triumphs, none of which have been particularly documented by Mnet. His image of an “all rounder” is positive but Mnet doesn’t seem to leave room for interpretation. I hope Keita is able to showcase more of himself (especially as a singer, composer, producer, and maybe some other surprise titles?) in ways he wants to and not because he thinks he has to ascribe to a specific persona.
When I saw Taerae’s smile and heard his angelic voice, I thought he HAS to have some type of evil alter ego. Instead I’m faced with a wholesome chart that makes it hard to believe someone like this exists let alone someone who is willingly putting himself into the spotlight of fame and stardom???
Cancers (as the cardinal water sign) are notorious for being the “most sensitive/emotional” sign. Taerae’s sun (core), mercury (communication), and jupiter (expansion) are all in cancer. This most likely means he speaks and carries himself with a lot of compassion for others. This can be seen throughout the “MIL” clips as he is helping out others & continuously raving about how good his members did. Also his genuine reaction when seeing Hyunbeen was selected as the “Zoom” center. The signs indicate nothing he said was exaggerated and he genuinely believes in uplifting even the smallest wins of others.
The moon sign represents emotions and self-image and venus represents perceptions of love. Taerae has both of these in virgo. Virgos tend to appreciate routine and are detail-oriented. The combination of the moon and venus sharing the virgo sign might mean Taerae often appreciates the little things in life and doesn’t take them for granted. This can be seen during the behind the scenes of the studio choom shooting, Taerae says, “[Seeing] the lights already touches my heart.”
Taerae’s mars (intense emotions when under pressure) in leo gives him drive. Leos are known to be very “goal-oriented” and always seeking a greater purpose. I’m assuming this sign is what helps Taerae manage when he does feel pressured and drives him to become an idol.
Neptune represents parts one might try to hide and Uranus represents individuality/quirkiness. Taerae has both in aquarius, meaning he might suppress some traits that make him different from others; however, many trainees this season also have these placements on top of more air and/or fire signs in their charts which might make Taerae seem “not as marketable” as others in front of the camera. (But if you have seen him in any of the “scare pranking trainees” clips then you already know he’s weird forreal because not him being more scared of the pupa than the ghost??).
I’m hopeful that the balance of water and earth continues to ground Taerae with his emotions and processing “fame”. Also the sprinkling of air signs should help keep things light hearted as well. I hope he continues to find support within himself and with others. Mnet is forreal shaking in their boots cause they had absolutely 0 content that could be manipulated and/or evil edited from Taerae. His chart explains why he might not have had much screen time because all his interactions were probably very WHOLESOME!!!
Alright girlypops buckle in for the wild ride that is Maeda Haruto. Behind every “don’t worry I’m FINE” Scorpio is the desire to cry and be reminded everything will be okay.
For starters, scorpios are usually stereotyped as broody, sassy, unlikely to share about themselves, and full of that “it’s not a phase, mom!” energy. One does not want to get on a scorpios “bad list” because scorpios will hold onto a grudge until they die (and possibly pass it on for generations to come). The fact that Haruto’s sun (core) and mars (intense emotions expressed under pressure) are both in Scorpio means he is probably able to channel his intense energy and turn it into sheer willpower even in high stress situations. This makes sense considering Haruto willingly moved to South Korea on his own, has survived multiple audition programs, and still currently perseveres.
However, the combination can also prove to be harmful. Scorpios have the potential to become upset if things do not go as planned often through passive aggressive remarks or sarcasm. I’m assuming Haruto’s “sassiness” has been marketable to Mnet, otherwise they probably could have easily “evil edited” him for extra drama clips.
Capricorns are known to keep cool, calm, and collected outer demeanor. Haruto having his moon (emotions/self-image) in capricorn brings balance to the intense scorpio sun. He probably stays level headed and has an ordered step-by-step self-care routine. This is unsurprising considering all the trainees have noted Haruto goes to sleep by 10PM every time.
Sagittarius are the mutable fire sign meaning they are not usually as outgoing compared to Leo or Aries. However, Haruto’s mercury (communication) in sag is probably amplified by his scorpio sun. His one-liners (“You’re a BIRD!!!” & “Matthew hyung, sorry~~”) are the epitome of this combination. He comes across as outgoing, a bit “tongue-and-cheek”, and memorable.
Libras always seek balance. Haruto having his venus (perception of love) in libra probably means he looks for reciprocity in all his relationships - he probably won’t go out of his way for someone unless they go out of their way for him. During the show, this has probably helped him preserve his time and energy to focus on honing in on his skills as an idol.
Uranus represents individuality/quirkiness. Saturn represents effort. Unlike many of the other trainees, Haruto has both of these planets in water signs (often more in tune with emotions). His saturn in cancer might make him feel intimidated by critique and/or judgment + his uranus in pisces probably means he has the tendency to be a team player rather than a leader. This can be seen when he was in the first training lesson with Solji (and also when he was on LOUD and started crying with JYP).
Note: Haruto definitely has different vibes from his first impressions compared to his chart. I’m under the impression his rising sign (and subsequent other signs) might be drastically different, influencing his personality in ways we can’t analyze unless his birth time is known.
Although Haruto is perfectly capable of being a bad boss-ass b*tch (positive) and keeping afloat, I think it would benefit him to be around others who are capable of expressing their inner thoughts and feelings more often (especially seeing his comments Mnet posts on his fancams). I hope Haruto is able to let others in and also be reminded that it’s okay to trust others and ask for help!
At first glance, I thought PHanbin would have traits typical of a fire or earth sign leader full of righteousness and outgoing demeanor. However, PHanbin might be one of the secret crybabies on Boys Planet. He is definitely an atypical leader as his chart is full of water and air signs, including an aquarius stellium.
Pisces (as the mutable water sign) are the epitome of self-sacrifice and sometimes are seen as doormats who will get repeatedly stepped on over and over again. PHanbin’s sun (core) and venus (perceptions of love) are both in pisces. Pisces are the ruler of venus and those with this particular placement are thought to be among the most empathetic. This most likely means he will put others before himself. Pisces are very inclusive of all and most pisces leaders will not move forward with decisions without getting the input of everyone on their team. Their water-like fluidity will let them fit into almost any role. This can be seen with PHanbin’s past leader roles both in “Hot Sauce” and in “Law” as he prioritizes the strengths of his team members to create a harmonious picture.
The moon sign represents emotions and so the Libra (air) placement indicates PHanbin might recharge by being around others; this might contradict with his pisces sun and venus as pisces tend to be more introverted and enjoy recharging in solitude. At the same time, the amount of trainees PHanbin has seemingly befriended (and how different they all are from one another) indicates this libra moon combined with the pisces sun invites others in and his presence makes others feel safe.
The mars sign represents emotions under intense stress and/or situations. Aries is the ruler of this sign. The fact that PHanbin’s mars is in aries makes a lot of sense and is probably what gives him more “typical” leadership qualities. Mars aries are very righteous and believe in order and hard work to achieve good results. This is shown when the “Law” trainees mention PHanbin had rumors spread among the trainees for creating a “hard/strict” training regime from his former teams; this is also seen as PHanbin actively makes the “Law” trainees repeat key moves over and over again. However, I’m assuming the water signs in the chart balance out this authoritative stance because the trainees are willing to still follow along and feel grateful for PHanbin’s leadership.
PHanbin’s mercury is also in aquarius which might mean the way he communicates is a little more lighthearted than how he actually carries himself. Since the water sign pisces can be a little emotional, the air sign of aquarius (and especially because PHanbin is an aquarius stellium) can balance that out. Like many other trainees, PHanbin’s uranus and neptune are both in aquarius meaning he might try to conceal the weird and/or different parts of himself -- but at this point EVERYONE in Boys Planet is a lil weird, a lil fruity, and/or some mix of the two.
Overall, PHanbin’s chart honestly leaves me with a lot more questions than it does answers. Like Haruto, PHanbin definitely has different vibes from his first impressions compared to his chart. I’m under the impression his rising sign (and subsequent other signs) might be drastically different. The way Mnet has portrayed him is definitely different from what his chart indicates (or maybe it’s just the lack of screentime) so I hope he is able to showcase more of himself in future episodes!
You can click here to see my entire spreadsheet of all 52 members in TAB 1 & with visual charts in TAB 2.
I post on Twitter mostly but will also cross-post on IG / TikTok when I have the time! Here are the individuals I have done analyses for thus far:
I hope to continue posting more natal / birth chart analysis to my twitter in the near future. I really enjoy doing these and I’m so glad others have enjoyed reading them~
If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for sticking around! If you're also interested in astrology, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Boys Planet members!
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2023.03.22 05:20 GuyWithATophat_ I saw people on r/nicevancouver complaining about the fact that the 20 has two loops and the 29 has none, so if TransLink was ever to extend the 29 to Harrison Loop as well, here are my 3 possible theories. (I like making these kinds of stuff.) Thoughts?

I saw people on nicevancouver complaining about the fact that the 20 has two loops and the 29 has none, so if TransLink was ever to extend the 29 to Harrison Loop as well, here are my 3 possible theories. (I like making these kinds of stuff.) Thoughts? submitted by GuyWithATophat_ to vancouver [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 05:09 NizamNizamNizam saudi ruleabia

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2023.03.22 05:08 Sourcee_app I’ve loved South Park since I was a kid, so getting to write about it for an article was an absolute joy! South Park #SouthPark #article #top10 https://www.dualshockers.com/south-park-best-episodes/

I’ve loved South Park since I was a kid, so getting to write about it for an article was an absolute joy! South Park #SouthPark #article #top10 https://www.dualshockers.com/south-park-best-episodes/ submitted by Sourcee_app to JournoRequest [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 05:00 Squrlz4Ever Randy Discovers Japanese Toilets - South Park

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2023.03.22 04:57 SupremoZanne I just discovered something interesting, and very COINCIDENTAL!!!!!!!!

There's a route 62 nearby the Minneapolis airport that Larry Craig got arrested for gay bathroom sex in. Also, the letters of the word POOP add up to 62.
16 + 15 + 15 + 16 = 62
yup, poop goes into a toilet!
and the letters of the name Madonna also add up to 62.
13 + 1 + 4 + 15 + 14 + 14 + 1 = 62
Since Madonna was in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan, I also wanna say that the letters of the name Susan add up to the same number that the letters of the name Larry add up to.
19 + 21 + 19 + 1 + 14 = 74 (Susan)
12 + 1 + 18 + 18 + 25 = 74 (Larry)
is it any wonder why Larry Craig and Suzanne Thompson appeared to be "meant to be", seeing as Suzanne is the French cognate of the name Susan?
But I guess this marriage must have been an attempt to hide the possible fact that he was natively gay, while trying to use anti-gay politics to cover it up.
There's also an Interstate route numbered 494 on the south part of the airport, and number 494 is the sum of numbers 100, and 394.
the letters of the name Suzanne add up to 100 as nth letters.
19 + 21 + 26 + 1 + 14 + 14 + 5 = 100
and the UPPERCASE ASCII values of the letters of the similar name of Susan add up to 394
83 + 85 + 83 + 65 + 78 = 394
There actually is an Interstate 394 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, but the ironic thing is, that route doesn't go to the airport, but since it's nearby the 45th parallel, we can also say that the letters of the name Sue, the one-syllable variant of Susan and cognates add up to 45
19 + 21 + 5 = 45
I gotta say, this case of lewd conduct in an airport bathroom is so weird, but now I feel like I got a lead on it, by finding coincidences.
In some ways, this case may be similar to the duke in the urinal the Hardly Boys found in South Park.
I don't make posts on the /LarryCraig sub too often, but when I do, it's often a hilarious post!
now, lets make some charts to better visualize what I just said above.
words that add up to 62 words that add up to 74 side note
poop Larry Larry Craig took a poop before getting arrested!
Madonna Susan Madonna was in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan.
now, lets make another one:
names that add up to number 74 side note
Larry Larry Craig's first name
Susan the similar name of Suzanne was Larry Craig's wife.
another thing I should say, Larry Craig has LC as his initials, and musician Leonard Cohen also has those initials, and Leonard Cohen made some Suzanne references in his career.
Since Leonard Cohen is Canadian, the province of Quebec had the 45th parallel as it's border, what do ya know, the parallel line that also cuts through the Minneapolis/St. Paul metroplex.
I guess if you fixate on the Larry Craig case enough, you start to see something other people don't see in him.
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2023.03.22 04:56 mhova04 Parks Around the World

I wanted to plan a trip to hit multiple parks. Do you recommend any specific parks in South or Central America? With good pump tracks etc
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2023.03.22 04:51 ChromeShadows9 Astraea Record Light Novel 3: Conquerors War Cry

The "board" had changed completely with the arrival of the "Conqueror."

The entire city was in disarray, and amidst the intensifying battles across the five chaotic battlefields, the "strongest" man strolled calmly, constantly advancing, with the melody of his mighty sword.


Just like on the night of the beginning of the "Great Feud"

Each time someone crossed his path, the dark slab of metal would claim another victim.

The ones who stood in Zard’s way were only "touched" by him.

With just that simple action, adventurers were shattered and sent flying.

It was an invincible march that no one could stop, a true path of destruction.

"Too weak. Far too weak. I don’t even feel like eating... But..."

The steel-colored eyes deep within the helmet narrowed slightly.

(They aren’t going all out. They aren’t even trying to slow me down... Are they trying to lure me in?)

Lifting his face, his gaze turned toward the base of "Babel," the Central Park.

Like Valetta, Zard was convinced that there was someone hiding inside that ice wall, waiting for him.

A hundred?

Or even a thousand?

He didn't know how many adventurers were waiting in ambush.

But that didn’t matter.

"So they’ve prepared a 'feast' for me. I’m grateful. Saves me a lot of trouble."

Zard thought of the unknown prey, without changing his expression within the large helmet,

No matter how many adventurers were hiding, he would hunt them all down.

Releasing a loud voice from deep in his chest, strong enough that it creaked from within the armor, he shouted out.

"─Orario! It seems like the city of heroes has disgraced itself while we were gone!"

The roar that reached every corner of the city was enough to make both adventurers and members of Evilus stop in their tracks.

Even monsters cowered, looking up at the sky as Zard continued.

"If you want to welcome me back, put your lives on the line! Your strength, wisdom, and will.Use everything you have!"

Sweat ran down the faces of the adventurers, as the man declared those words, putting his very heart and soul into them.

"Otherwise, my hunger won’t be satisfied! Fragility is a far graver sin than gluttony!"

Finn and Allen glared at the southern part of the city, hearing the words of the most formidable evil.

“You've got to stop letting me down! There's nothing more bitter and worthless than the taste of disappointment.”

There was no one in this city who could deny the man's words.

After committing such brutal acts on the night the adventurers tasted defeat, the strongest had once again returned to this land.

“Even opening the "lid" and feasting on hell itself won't heal my bitter, dry throat!”

There was no one who could stop him.

No one to halt his advance.

The people "Babel" and the five "fortresses" trembled in fear as they felt the large fighting spirit of the man.

Finally, the man reached the towering ice wall.

"So try and satisfy me, o prey. Light a fire in my veins, send a tremor through this flesh of mine, that bears the name of the greatest.

He stopped his roar and brought forth his final declaration.

Swinging the black greatsword in his hand, he struck it against the gate of the battlefield.

"Now, let's devour each other."
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2023.03.22 04:48 RMTBolton New Zealand Domestic (Plunket Shield) Roundup, 22 March 2023

Day 1
Round 8
Canterbury vs Wellington YouTube Scorecard
Batters Score Bowlers Analysis
CAN (1st) 294 WEL 86.4 overs
Rhys Mariu 112 (191) Peter Younghusband 17.4-3-50-4
Matt Boyle 59 (87) Luke Georgeson 9-1-31-2
Central Districts vs Otago YouTube Scorecard
Batters Score Bowlers Analysis
OTG (1st) 268 CD 76.1 overs
Dean Foxcroft 70 (97) Ray Toole 20-3-78-4
Jake Gibson 68 (92) Ajaz Patel 18-6-36-2
CD (1st) 129/3 OTG 46 overs
Jack Boyle 72* (158) Michael Rae 12-4-33-2
Brad Schmulian 24 (36) Andrew Hazeldine 9-1-36-1
Auckland vs Northern Districts YouTube Scorecard
Batters Score Bowlers Analysis
AKL (1st) 350/5 ND 97 overs
George Worker 114* (222) Scott Kuggeleijn 24-2-92-2
Simon Keene 100* (136) Fergus Lellman 11-0-32-1
Today's Honour Roll: - Rhys Mariu 50 100 - Matt Boyle 50 - Jake Gibson 50 - Jack Boyle 50 100 - George Worker 50 100 - Simon Keene 50 100 - Ray Toole 4 Wicket Haul - Peter Younghusband 4 Wicket Haul - Jacob Duffy 5 Maiden Overs
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2023.03.22 04:30 4000grx41 What in Sam Hill is this?

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2023.03.22 04:28 UltramicroscopicSaw Police Blotter Reports on Altitude Trampoline Park

I was there about a year ago with my 3 year old and see a fight break out right next to us on the trampolines. I was concerned but assumed it was a very rare occurrence. Has anyone else seen fights break out in or outside Altitude?
From police blotter
A teenage girl’s mom reported Monday that some kids assaulted her daughter, causing a concussion, and stole her jewelry while she was at a trampoline park, according to a police report.
At about 7:54 p.m., a woman entered the Police Department lobby to speak with an officer. She said her daughter was jumped in the 2400 block of South Interstate 35E on Saturday.
The woman told police that her 15-year-old daughter was at a trampoline park when she texted that there was a fight. She picked her daughter up and learned she had been jumped, and the girl had injuries like bruises and scrapes. She drove her daughter to the hospital, where she learned her daughter had a concussion.
A woman reported Monday that her son was jumped by a group of boys outside a trampoline park over the weekend, according to a police report.
Other report
At about 2:04 p.m., police took a report over the phone from a woman who said her son was assaulted near the same trampoline park on Saturday.
The mother said her two sons were being verbally harassed by a group of boys. They allegedly waited for her sons to exit a business and then jumped one of them. She showed police a video of a large group of boys in a fight.
During the fight, she alleged, one of her sons was pushed to the ground and sustained bruises and abrasions.
Police are still investigating the incident. They are still working to confirm the identities of everyone involved in both this assault and the aforementioned robbery.
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2023.03.22 04:25 Remix_the_cat Quick weekend trip to NYC with 9yo. Is Ubering easy to use in the city?

Im taking my 9yo on a surprise weekend to NYC to see Hamilton. We’ll have most of Saturday free and part of Sunday. So far we’ll plan to hit Time Square, FAO, American Girl, Central Park (what to do there?), Staten Island Ferry. I don’t want to stress over the subway so I plan to Uber when needed. Is that feasible?
Also, we’ll be flying in from DC and then meeting my family at Lego Land after the weekend. Best way to get to Lego Land from Mid Town? I saw there is a bus from Port Authority but a NY native friend of mine kind of recommended against that. Is it feasible to Uber to Lego Land? It would be pricy I know but I’m looking for ease and safety.
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2023.03.22 04:24 Remix_the_cat Quick weekend trip to NYC with 9yo. Is Ubering easy to use in the city?

Im taking my 9yo on a surprise weekend to NYC to see Hamilton. We’ll have most of Saturday free and part of Sunday. So far we’ll plan to hit Time Square, FAO, American Girl, Central Park (what to do there?), Staten Island Ferry. I don’t want to stress over the subway so I plan to Uber when needed. Is that feasible?
Also, we’ll be flying in from DC and then meeting my family at Lego Land after the weekend. Best way to get to Lego Land from Mid Town? I saw there is a bus from Port Authority but a NY native friend of mine kind of recommended against that. Is it feasible to Uber to Lego Land? It would be pricy I know but I’m looking for ease and safety.
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2023.03.22 04:19 Igennem Vintage Rockridge Oakland Neighborhood promotion ad "No negroes, no Chinese, no Japanese can build or lease in Rock Ridge Park."

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2023.03.22 04:19 Sea-Juice1266 New and expanded map proposed for Las Vegas Loop

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