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2023.03.24 22:47 DJBurns2002 FNAF Timeline theory/rant 🙃

MatPat, you done amazing work, multiple claps and a half are in order. Though I do have some things he may have left out and I would like to mention. Anyone feel free to tell me your opinions, just be respectful 🙂 as this is basically just my opinions with pieces of evidence that can be taken differently depends on you interpretation of the timeline.
I believe in Elizabeth’s death being the reason William does at least some of what he does among other specific things. It makes sense in my opinion for obvious reasons like you said:
This addresses the point on why Elizabeth’s death can’t be before CC’s in Game Theory's second timeline video. All the minigames themselves aren't supported to be 100% what happened, they are just to provide story and lore. Baby's minigame and her story don't match. And why would she even tell us the story since Michael said "they thought I was you"? And she clearly states she was in a room exactly like the party rooms in the other locations so she has definitely been around since the time of Fredbear's Family Diner, so William would have little reason to build a killer animatronic who's purpose is to capture kids.
Plus William wouldn't even consider not having his kid supervised after the bite of 83, even if he made the animatronics or not.
While there's an argument that the little girl with green eyes outside Fredbears Family Diner, no evidence hints to that being the case and she looks more like Baby then Elizabeth anyway.
Now here are some points that further explain why Elizabeth died first and also other points that may help with your own timeline:
  1. In FNAF 1, the news articles say that the murder suspect was arrested. This could be Henry since it would explain why he was absent for so long.
  2. Elizabeth’s death explains the sister being absent in FNAF 4 and why William has an entire bunker made under his house where he watches his children as he wouldn't go to such lengths at that point without a reason fit too well to ignore.
  3. There's no reason that the bite of 83 and Elizabeth's "death" can't happen around the same time as each other. Especially since Michael's behavior in FNAF 4 is similar to how people deal with loss, to force repressed rage on others, like the Brother did to his Sister in Hello Neighbour Hide and Seek.
  4. It just makes sense from a storytelling standpoint, Scott said himself that FNAF 4 was supposed to be the end of the franchise and he told the story he originally wanted to tell. FNAF 4 left some things up in the air that we couldn't fully understand so Sister Location exists only because Scott wanted to expand the lore and what better way to do so then to further explain what the story he's telling us while also adapting it into a new story that follows the first 4 games.
  5. The Funtimes can't have been made for the primary reason to lure and capture kids since there was the bite of 83, multiple murders and restaurants being closed and the original Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy which contain the bodies of said murder victims.
There would have had to have been so many red flags if versions of those characters made from both the Co owner and a suspect to said murders that William couldn't get away with or even do his plan of capturing kids at parties and luring them after all that stuff.
  1. Scott knows that even with all the sci-fi and chaos in this franchise, there still has to be some realism and possibility for this stuff to happen otherwise the story wouldn't be fascinating and create a whole community that now we all both love and hate at the same time.
  2. Elizabeth’s death can be the reason why the Security Puppet exists. Henry knows Elizabeth and knows exactly what happened to her, as evident from him calling Scrap Baby Elizabeth in FNAF 6. He would have wanted to have precautions as he doesn't want anyone, especially his own daughter suffering the same fate.
  3. Why would the Security Puppet only be programmed to care for the kids with green wristbands unless that was their reason to have been made in the first place.
  4. Obviously Freddy's doesn't close straight away because there would have to be the odors from the decay of the bodies or the children. So the restaurants would have had to stay open for a while after the murders leaving William and Henry an excuse to not be at Fredbear's Family Diner when the bite of 83 takes place. William talks out of the Fredbear plush every day except for the day when it happened.
  5. Baby and even Ballora aren't considered Funtime animatronics and are instead called Circus Baby and Ballora. This implies that they had to have been made before William made the Funtimes since they would have been locked away, which is backed up by the fact that Baby's story heavily implies that she was at either of the 2 Fazbear locations.
  6. The gas leak thing is obviously William covering up tracks when capturing more kids for his experiments. If Circus Baby’s Pizza World never opened then how could William successfully capture the kids without anyone noticing.
  7. Finally, how in fact could the funtimes be used for being rented for parties right after all the locations were shut down? There would have to be time for William to handle his loss of his youngest son, to handle all the legal issues and being a suspect to the murders. With that, then when he has to get off free of charge, realize that the animatronics are acting weird and Baby's eyes changed and then conduct his research and experiments to find out about remnant and how the souls work inside of the animatronics.
Now, these were just concerns that I have with the timeline as we know it currently. I can happily accept myself being wrong as all I really want is to contribute what little I can do for a community that personally helped me and got me fascinated as a kid.
That being said, Elizabeth’s death can make sense as the motivation for William killing the first group of kids and when he was gone doing it his youngest child to be forced in the Fredbear suit's mouth putting him in a coma, since William at this point would be working at Fredbear's Diner so he would be there either watching on the plush cameras or actually in the Location while it's happening.
Among some of the other stuff I left out, this can make some sense in the long run. It definitely doesn't fit 100% and I completely respect your opinion, but nothing fits 100% in this franchise at this point apart from that it's so confusing and frustrating to figure out at times. I just want to throw my hat in the ring, and also this can fit in the timeline currently.
Honestly I and many others completely agree with Matpat's beginning of the timeline, both you and him did such amazing work. Here is what I think comes after your timeline so far and it does kinda line up with Fuh-NAF's latest theory in this video along with Game Theory's beginning of the timeline.
With that said, here’s my version of the FNAF Timeline:
This timeline continues from your first video as that was perfect 👌:
1983: With William being jealous of Henry getting so much credit just because he made the animatronics, being the reason for most of William's success, etc. So when he learned how to make animatronics, he tried making his own first animatronic (Baby) for Fredbear's Family Diner (she said herself that she was in a location that exactly fits the Fazbear locations). But he rushes to test Baby out, so he tested Baby out on his daughter saying she was a friend for her to play with. Hence the quote "didn't you make her just for me".
Seeing his success he quickly brings her to Henry to show her off and rub her in his face without actually making sure everything was working properly in Baby with all of the cool stuff he made her with (helium tech for balloons, ice cream dispenser, etc) as he was too focused to one up Henry’s own creations and prove he was superior.
When showing Henry his masterpiece and giving her a test run after it going so well, in the end he fails the test run as Elizabeth being a young child oblivious to what is going on, ignoring her dad from making her stay away from Baby as she is dealing with other kids which makes her jealous or for whatever reason. She then goes to Baby which accidentally results in Elizabeth being killed due to a malfunction as again Baby was William's first Animatronic and he didn’t do any further tests beforehand.
Fyi, Henry talks to Baby by Elizabeth in FNAF 6, meaning he knows all about what happened to her and who she really was.
This results in William losing it because he knows he was the only one to blame in his eyes as he made Baby but also blindly blaming Henry as he, in William’s eyes, was the reason why all this had happened.
With that, builds the bunker, locks away Baby and sets up the cameras and technology he uses to keep CC away from the animatronics because of what happened to Elizabeth and he wants him to stay away from Henry all while he deals with his sadness.
This was working for a few days until CC’s party where both William and Henry were either not watching or at the Sister Location, Micheal after taking his feelings out on CC like how Hello Neighbour's son does to his sister, scaring him and eventually causing his eventual death.
CC dies in the hospital, William makes a promise to fix CC, the springlock suits are moved to the storage area in the Sister Location, William punishes Michael greatly with nightmares of the incident and after William blames Henry for all this as with their own complex relationship, him making Fredbear and all the pent up aggression he had indirectly got from Henry.
1984: Since then, Micheal is still being tormented while William stays in his bunker for his own business, Afton Robotics, making way to torture Michael and also building the funtime animatronics for renting out parties, deserting his family and only going out to work or to get drunk to cope with his losses.
Then 1 night after becoming extremely drunk from drinking all his sorrows away in Jr's, he then gets kicked out for being there to much or causing a possible scene, he then goes to the pizzeria because he has nowhere else to go, kills Henry’s daughter because he wasn’t thinking straight, William gets a taste for murder, heads home, the Puppet is born and Michael gets lured away by Golden Freddy.
1985 - 1987: After a while William finally builds up the courage to face the monster who he created only to find that she was different due to Elisibeths soul possessing Baby.
This kicks off William's experiments. He then goes back to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and kills the first 5 kids and then either blames the murders on Henry for what William sees as revenge and what Henry deserves or Henry was just falsely convicted as seen from the new articles seen in FNAF 1 saying that a suspect has been convicted, explaining why he is nowhere to be seen from the missing kids incident to FNAF 6.
He then modifies the Funtimes to lure and capture kids for his experiments under the pretense of them still being rented out for parties to avoid as much investigation as possible. This later leads to William discovering remnant and how it works, so William then disassembles the toy animatronics as parts of the original animatronics were used to make them to gather remnant to use for experiments.
1987: After a long while, Henry gets released from jail due to lack of evidence and word of William doing bad stuff making him the new prime suspect.
William misses doing his "work" by himself and he is at great risk of being attacked by the Funtimes due to the pieces and memories of the original souls within them. William sees that a new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria opens, possibly by Henry to either try and rebuild the franchise or to trap and lure William, and this both angers and interests him.
William wants the Franchise to die so he goes to the Pizzeria but then finds that the new toy animatronics are a problem via their facial analysis database. So he waits for his time to strike.
Via the anime Freddy vs Foxy cutscenes, we know Henry tries to catch William but keeps failing.
William eventually now has an opportunity when the bite of 87 happens by one of the animatronics, I think Mangle btw.
The Restaurant shuts down and William takes Freddy, Bonnie, Chica Foxy and the deactivated toy animatronics and extracts them for their remnant and parts for experiments.
William is now free to do what he wants so he commits 5 more murders himself which catches The Puppet's attention and he now knows everything they need to try and stop William.
1993: William takes a page out of Henry’s book and tries to lure and trap Ennard as he wants him back. He opens a new location with the original rebuilt animatronics as well as having a new place to experiment with remnant, but this catches the attention of the Puppet and Golden Freddy instead.
With the plan not working out, William closes the restaurant, waits a few nights in the storage room to avoid being caught and then the animatronics are lured by William to dismantle them but the souls are set free which results in William getting springlocked.
That very same week, before William goes to the old location tells Micheal to go to the bunker since he wouldn't be there himself and to avoid the risk of being attacked by the funtimes.
Ennard uses Michael to find answers and takes the job as security guard at the location to find William and gather more remnant and parts but William thinking it's Michael doesn't want him to ruin his plan so he fires him.
The reason why I feel these events happen in the same week is for a few reasons. Because there would have to be a decent time gap from when the Funtimes were stored away, William would have to be able to, and would have had a reason to, have Michael go down in the first place and if England scooped Micheal while William was around then he would attack William the first chance they get.
William spends 30 years in the storage room while Micheal spends the 30 years looking for his father after finding out about all the stuff he is responsible for.
From this point on until 2023: during this time:
The Vengeful spirit stays with William to make sure he's dead while Ennard kicks Baby out.
The Puppet sets all the souls within the pizzeria at the time except the vengeful spirit free with the Happiest Day including CC. Even the 5 dead kids are there via the 5 masked kids sitting at the tables enjoying cake.
Henry hears what happened and is on a quest to find the Puppet.
And Mangle is supposedly still around 🤷.
2023: years later finds out William is still around and is found. News breaks out about Fazbear Frights and both Michael and the Puppet try to put an end to this for good.
Sometime after the fire, it's found out that William is still alive again and the events in Fnaf 6 happen.
William’s soul is now in hell being tormented by Golden Freddy and possibly the Puppet as we can theorize from their dialogue in UCN.
Sometime after 2023: Fazbear Entertainment is still around and they mass produce the Fnaf Animatronics as shown in FNAF AR and develop FNAF VR by using salvaged parts of the animatronics.
Part of William’s consciousness or so of his remnant or agony corrupts the game and infects, Jeremy, Tape girl and Vanessa as well as an unknown number of people.
Thats as far as I can get without leaning off the headcanon cliff without the risk of falling, 😆.
I can't wait to see what you come up with from this point on in the story. What do you think about this 🤔?
Thank you for taking the time for reading this, it means a lot 🙃.
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2023.03.24 20:13 NillaTye-Dye Ballora looped to “Daisy Bell”

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2023.03.24 15:50 Taetaeware2004 I have a confession to make about SL and to this very day I just don’t understand why I thought this. I’m amazed at myself.

I thought Ballora’s name was Funtime Freddy and Funtime Freddy’s name was Ballora.
Unbelievable right? I cringe every time I think about it😭
Edit:this was around the time SL came out btw, This isn’t recent.
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2023.03.24 03:59 sac_112 A changes in my new time line of FNAF

For the start was thinking that William's wife cheated William with Henry Emily but then i got a better idea of It, i whas thinking that brcause the suspect divorce and that he whas thinking that Michael isn't his son. But now i have a better one...
1983 William Afton, a business man and a lovely father, when Freddy's opend he also strarted with his own business, Afton Robotics, but some years earlier he has been discussing with his wife, and the exesive work isn't making it better, William strarted beeng an inestable man with a toxic relationship and strarted drinking at the point of beeng agresive with their son's, one day he strarted thinking that his wife where cheating him, and they strarted to have lowder and lowder discutions so one day William whas working on Circus Baby Pizza World and his wife strarted to discuss with him, so they acorded to divorce, William manipulates their son's to be with him and not with his wife, so when he winned the custody of his kids he killed his wife, and makes an animatronic to re make what he remembers like a good family.
Explication of the theory: How did i know that William whas thinking that his wife cheated him?, Because he strarted drinking in Jr's a local bar clóset to his House seen in Freddy's Fazbear Pizzería Simulator, in Mid Night Motorist, i know that William whas working on Circus Baby Pizza World in that time because It opens that year, Ballora is inspires in William's wife, i know that brcause the comentarys that she makes are really, but really specifics in UCN, we know William manipulates their son's to be with him because, paciente 46 (Elizabeth kid clone) mentions It with his psychologist.
Buut hey that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY, thanks for reding, this theory has a lot of HeadCanons and shuld not be taking It like prooves, It's just speculation and, see ya :b
Also what do yo want me to tell ya Next?
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2023.03.24 02:28 Austinfarrell2007 Help looking for a animation

So I was on TikTok and saw this video about phantom bb asking ballora her age and ballora was like “I’ve live through 3 cycles” the video reminds of j gems so does anyone know
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2023.03.23 10:01 XanderKaze final part of my timeline.

Part 4
8 years later Vanny had finally found William in 2038. Vanny could only rebuild William Afton’s head because his skull was melted onto the Springbonnie suit and Williams eyes were missing. Vanny was looking around and found eyes from an unused animatronic from the backstage which was supposed to be Old Man Consequences but the skin tone was purple. Vanny was running out of ideas until she heard the door open. Vanny looked up to see an alligator animatronic throwing away scrapped parts of a Glamrock styled Bonnie. Vanny then used he parts and remade William Afton. Burntrap was born. Five days later when it was nearly June, a kid named Gregory had snuck into Freddy Fazbears Pizza Plex. This place was built by Micheal. Micheal had hired a bunch of workers to make a pizza plex with a secret room where he watches TV when he is not doing anything because the Afton Household had fell when William escaped his hell. Due to the Afton Household falling down, Micheal could’ve died since he was inside but he escaped just in time. Micheal was sleeping at Jeremy Fitzgeralds house for the night so he couldn’t be notified by what’s happening at the Pizza Plex. Gregory had been shut in when it reached 12 AM and Freddy was willing to help. Gregory had found a Party Pass and went into Monty Golf. When going into Monty Golf it was more clear of what happened to Glamrock Bonnie but Gregory had destroyed Montgomery Gator making him lose his legs and Gregory grabbed his claws. Freddy now had the upgrade of tearing through gates. Later Gregory had been on the tracks of Roxy Raceway and Roxanne Wolf had jumped down the tracks to stop Gregory, Sadly for Roxanne she got ran over and Gregory stole her eyes. At 6 AM Gregory had a choice to either stay in the Pizzaplex or to Run away, Gregory decided to stay. Gregory was then given a party pass and went to Fazer Blast and found Vanny’s secret hideout. Afterwards, Gregory went and destroyed Glamrock Chica but was dragged into the sewers. 2 minutes later Gregory had escaped the grasp of Chica because the disabled animatronics come back to fight, as I was saying Gregory got to this Sticky Note room. The special part about this room is that when going upstairs you see… a family. There was a bot that looked like Ballora, One that looked like Circus Baby, one that looked like a young worker, one that looked like a magician and a normal robot with its head gone. Gregory tried to remember what this was a reference to and he finally realised. It was a reference to the Afton Family. The Magician was William Afton, the Child Murderer, Ballora was Mrs. Afton, Circus Baby was Elizabeth Afton, the worker was the creator of the Pizzaplex Micheal Afton and then the one without the head was The Bite Victim. Could all the rumours be true? Gregory found a present and opened it to find a Poster from Fredbear’s Family Diner. Gregory just kept going. Gregory then upgraded Freddy and then went under the Pizzaplex. Gregory was shocked by the site of Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place from 2024, he thought it was all just fake which means the rumours were true. That’s when Freddy let Gregory know the ones that were fake because Micheal programmed it into him if he ever comes across Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place. Freddy and Gregory then went inside of the pizza place. Gregory went inside of Freddy due to seeing the giant hole in the floor and Freddy went down with Gregory inside. When going down Gregory was in shock looking at another form of Molten Freddy… The Blob. The Blob was a mix of every animatronic that was popular with Funtime Freddy as the head. The souls were still inside of Molten Freddy, even an angry Lora after learning the William was a killer. Freddy got on a plank of wood which had broke apart due to Freddy being a robot with a child inside. Freddy had dropped down into a secret office with two doors on the side and a vent in the middle. Meanwhile, William Afton had walked out of a broken down Power Generator that gives power to the Glamrock animatronics. Burntrap puts his hand on a TV screen and hacks Freddy. Freddy was forced to eject Gregory and Gregory set fire to the room Burntrap was in. Burntrap stops and Freddy returns to normal. Freddy then let’s Gregory know that Chica is coming so Gregory closes the doors. The doors automatically reopened when Chica had left. William goes into a different room and starts hacking Freddy again, Gregory goes and lights Afton on fire. Freddy is no longer corrupted. Freddy tells Gregory to watch the vents because Monty was coming. Gregory closes the vent door on Monty and Monty goes backwards to Burntraps lair. Burntrap then goes to the other room on the other side of the building and starts hacking Freddy once again. Gregory burns Burntrap and uncorrupted Freddy. Freddy warns Gregory about Roxy and that there is no stopping her so Gregory goes into the corner where the bed is so Roxy can’t get him there. Freddy gets hacked and Gregory runs towards the main room Burntrap was in when the fight started and burns him. The whole Pizzaplex starts burning and Gregory runs away with Freddy. Burntrap is trying to walk away but The Blob spotted Burntrap and grabbed him with its tentacles and then up above. Gregory and Freddy are still running and they get out and sit down on a sunny cliff. Chica, Monty and Roxy get back up to the surface and start wondering around the Pizzaplex looking for a meal. Micheal walks in to see that the whole Pizzaplex was burnt and destroyed and leaves to do normal day things. A little girl had later went to the ruined Pizzaplex with a flashlight and-
To Be Continued.
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2023.03.23 10:00 XanderKaze Part 2 of my timeline.

Part 2
The following day, Fredbear’s had closed to stop the tragedy that happened because a parent could use this to kill there child they don’t want. William then wanted Micheal to suffer after realising that Micheal was bullying Evan without him noticing and what he did to Evan. William had made nightmare animatronics to have Micheal to fear, this went on for 8 nights, wasting Micheal’s sleep, making him tired when he went to school. Micheal, knowing he’s not wanted had ran away from the place until it was time to return. This led to a big search that went on for year’s. Meanwhile, Henry had made a pizzeria whilst also using the animatronics the were about to have at Fredbear’s. Henry then invited William over to make to restaurant together as they made Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and the Security Puppet to protect Henry’s daughter, Charlotte. William made a secret pizzeria with new Funtime animatronics that were made to capture children but something went horribly wrong as on the same day Circus Baby’s Pizza World has opened. William closed the pizzeria due to Gas Leaks but the reality was that no matter how many times William told Elizabeth not to go near Circus Baby, she went anyways and it ended up killing poor Elizabeth. Lora after William told the news that Elizabeth had died, Lora decided to blame William for both of there children’s death and decided to find Micheal and live with him. Lora ends up finding Micheal but was so distracted that she ended up driving off a cliff with Micheal being the only one besides William who was following her to witness her death. After seeing William, Micheal ends up hiding in a bush and waits there until he goes back. Micheal after William left, had walked all the way up to Heathers house to hide there until it was time to return to Hurricane, Utah. After seeing Micheal walk through her door, she welcomed him with a hug that would squeeze the air out because Heather had missed Micheal. Meanwhile back in Hurricane, Utah William had reunited with Henry after the death of Elizabeth and Lora, even having there remnant. Henry after realising Williams depression decided to cheer him up with some tricks that Henry was doing with Charlotte. And in that moment, William decided what should be done. Freddy Fazbears has opened in 1985 as William darted to the security puppet and put a box on the present while the security puppet was deactivated. At night while Charlotte was locked outside, William darted around the back and murdered Charlotte in cold blood, William had thrown Charlotte with the trash bags to hide her body, The Security Puppet managed to bust out of his box and dashed outside to find Charlotte’s dead body. The security puppet had just got on top of Charlotte right when Charlotte’s Remnant had came out and then Charlotte had possessed to puppet, making the green eyes turn white and have purple tears come from the eyes of the puppet. William then went in his Springbonnie suit a told children that they’re dogs are alive with Old Man Consequences who was a planned animatronic for Fredbear’s but was scrapped and is now in its own arcade game where you try to fish. Gabriel, Jeremy Jr, Susie, Fritz and Cassidy had followed William into the safe room where they met they’re demise. When William was murdering the 5 kids, the remnant of Evan had spilt into the unused black bow tie and black hat Fredbear and after killing the 5 children, William had stuffed Cassidy in the Unused Fredbear so Evans first friend can keep him company. He then continued to stuff Gabriel in Freddy, Jeremy Jr in Bonnie, Susie in Chica and Fritz in Foxy. A few hours later the police arrived to not find the bodies and later closed the pizzeria. Later, Henry found Charlotte’s body and made a funeral that William didn’t attend because he was on a holiday trip in Australia. When William came back, he teamed back up with Henry to make a new pizzeria with toy animatronics that were based of there toys even adding BB and JJ. Meanwhile At Heathers house, Jason had came over and then a few hours later Jeremy came at the exact same time The new Freddy fazbears pizzeria had opened in 1987 and now the gang was back together once again. Back at Hurricane, Utah the new Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria had only just opened and it was a big hit with families, infact it was bigger then Fredbear’s Family Diner. A thing was that William had secretly scrapped the original animatronics and painted the parts he got to make it look like he originally created it. But since the toddlers liked the original Foxy better, they went to kids cove and pulled Toy Foxy apart and put her back together. And after the day ended, the employees have found toy foxy in bits on the floor and built her back to her original self. This would repeat for 3 weeks before the staff members just gave up and made Toy Foxy a ‘Take Apart and Put Back Together’ attraction which ended up with the name of Toy Foxy switching to Mangle because she was a mangled mess of animatronic parts. It was October and Mangle had gained the ability to climb on the ceiling and walls which became a big threat so all staff members were equipped with Tasers in case if Mangle was getting dangerously close to staff and people of all ages. This became a problem because one time Mangle was trying to get away from the toddlers and got close to a staff member that the staff member tasers her and the toddlers ripped her apart and put her back together. When halloween rolled around kind person by the name of Dave Miller had applied for the nightshift at the place and he finished his week but complained that the animatronics were heading into the office and the theory was that the animatronics weren’t given a proper night mode so they used a Empty Freddy Fazbear Head for testing I didn’t fool 2 of them. The 2 were being the withered version of Foxy and the Marionette so for the marionette they used a music box and for withered foxy they used a flashlight to blind it. Later when it was 6 days till December, Jeremy Fitzgerald applied for the nightshift, While William was in disgust of the sight of Jeremy after what he did with Micheal in 1983, Henry gave him a second chance and accepted him for the job. Meanwhile, The toddlers were messing around with the toy animatronics to make them Hostile towards Adults, this made it so kids come more often and not Adults. On Jeremy’s first night everything was fine until 1 AM to where the Toy Animatronics started to wonder around the place, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica went in separate vents while Toy Freddy went through the hallway, Jeremy put on the mask just in time and almost got killed by the puppet because Jeremy forgot about the music box but wound it up just in time. On his second night Withered Foxy and Balloon Boy invited themselves in with Balloon Boy going the in the same vent as Toy Chica and Withered Foxy in the hallway, at 5:59 AM Balloon Boy got the flashlight batteries and Withered Foxy was just about to kill Jeremy but 6 AM rolled around. On night 3 the rest of the animatronics came to attack with Mangle going in the same vent as Toy Bonnie, Withered Chica going in the same vent as Toy Bonnie and Mangle, Withered Bonnie going in the same vent as Toy Chica and Balloon Boy and Withered Freddy going in the same hallway as The Marionette, Toy Freddy and Withered Foxy. This continued for night 4 and night 5 but night 6 is when the scrapped Fredbear which was now named Golden Freddy had joined the party with Withered Gold Freddy appearing in the hallway and in the office. Before Night 5 tho, William Afton had used the Springbonnie suit and committed yet another 5 missing children incident afterwards, the Puppet had lead the children into there own seaprate animatronics with One going into Toy Freddy, One going into Toy Bonnie, one going into Toy Chica and 2 going into Mangle as One was for the Endo Head while this other was for the Toy Foxy head. Anyways after Night 6 Jeremy switched over to dayshift to take care of this children, but Mangle crept up behind Jeremy and went infront to take a bite out of his Frontal Lobe, because of this Jeremy had knocked out as the event known as the Bite of 87 has happened. Jeremy was immediately rushed to the hospital to where Jeremy had thankfully survived. Meanwhile at Freddy Fazbears, people were cleaning out the place after the toy animatronics were scrapped. Fritz Smith was in the office getting ready to bring it down to the ground when Withered Golden Freddy had appeared behind Fritz and knocked him out. Cassidy, in control of Withered Golden Freddy at the time, had put Fritz in his own personal hell. Meanwhile in Fritz POV, he was infront of a giant select screen and like the idiot he was because he wasn’t supposed to tear down the office he set all 10 animatronics to there max difficulty, 20. Fritz had managed to defend himself from the barrage of animatronics on his first go but was found In the parts and service when he woke up and that’s when everyone saw the withered animatronics. A few minutes later Fritz was fired for Oder and Tampering with the Animatronics because what Fritz didn’t know is that Cassidy controlling Withered Golden Freddy had dragged Fritz Smith into Parts and Service to try and kill him but the employees found him. After some brainstorming, William had thought of the idea of retaking the old pizzeria and make new animatronics out of the ones that Fritz scrapped and when he finished his sentence, Henry had stopped him and told him he needs to leave because people are getting suspicious that the murders were because of William to which William walked away saying he will make his own business and it will be bigger then Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Henry then took Williams idea but added the Puppet as a Prize Gifter just like in the previous location. Meanwhile, William had made Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental which was bigger then Freddy Fazbears where the Funtime animatronics can be shipped right towards you door, but Circus Baby and Ballora where strange as they kept on saying personal things towards him, that’s when William realised the he accidentally poured Elizabeth’s Remnant into Circus Baby and Lora’s remnant in Ballora in 1986. After the new Freddy Fazbears had set sail in 1993, and a few hours later Micheal had came back to Hurricane, Utah in which everyone was happy for the return of Micheal Afton and all swarmed him with hugs and welcome backs. He then went to visit Henry in which Henry embraced him with open arms. Micheal had later got an apartment next to Freddy Fazbears to avoid seeing William until he finished his job at Fazbears when there is a job available. After 2 weeks Fazbear Entertainments most loyal worker only known by his co-workers and everyone else as Phone Guy had been ambushed by the animatronics and being stuffed in by Golden Freddy due to looking Purple even tho he was just a regular person. Micheal then applied for the job but Henry had changed his last name to his mothers last name, Schmidt due to people wanting to ask Micheal if William is the Fazbear Entertainment murderer even tho he was gone for 10 years without knowing about the murders and being socialised from Hurricane, Utah. Micheal’s first night was a breeze at first but at 2 AM Bonnie had started moving and at 3 AM Bonnie got more aggressive with Foxy and Chica wondering around, at 4 AM Chica, Foxy and Bonnie got more aggressive. Night 2 Bonnie, Chica and Foxy were more aggressive then the first night with there aggression levels always raising by one every 3 AM and 4 AM but Bonnie is the only one to raise his aggression level by one at 2 AM. The same thing happened on Night 3 except this time, Freddy was wondering around. Same thing happened on Night 4 with the phone call of Night 4 is Phone Guy being brutally murdered by the animatronics. Night 5, Golden Freddy had appeared with Evan inside of Golden Freddy being more angry then ever. Same thing happened on night 6. On Night 7 however, Evan inside of Golden Freddy knocked Micheal when he was in the office and Micheal was now infront of a Select Screen with the four main animatronics and just because of the sake of getting out, Micheal had set all 4 animatronics to there max difficulty, 20. Like the champ his is, Micheal finished the challenge first try but while he was knocked out, William had snuck into the pizzeria and destroyed the animatronics but met his demise through a springlock suit that he wore for the first time since 1987. Because of no one being around when the animatronics were scrapped, when Henry walked through the door he blamed Micheal for destroying the animatronics. Micheal was fired for the same reason as Fritz Smith, Oder and Tampering with Animatronics. Micheal had then left the pizzeria and went back to his house since 1983. When Micheal walked through the house it was completely empty, stone silent. Not even Elizabeth or William could be heard what made Micheal more suspicious is the fact that the house was for sale which Micheal later bought. Micheal was bored and stayed in the house with some occasional shopping and hanging out with friends but in 1995, Micheal had found a note on the fridge to say that Circus Baby and Ballora is Elizabeth (inside of Circus Baby) and Lora (inside of Ballora) to which Micheal found a favour from his father to hopefully reunite with his father. Micheal’s first night went downhill at the elevator as Circus Baby saw Micheal and thought he was William because all the Funtime animatronics found out they were made for killing children, thinking of a plan, Circus Baby had an idea to scoop Williams insides out and climb inside of him to escape this hell. All the other Funtime animatronics agreed with the idea as soon as the elevator landed. Micheal had went and shocked Ballora once, Funtime Foxy twice and Circus Baby thrice. Micheal didn’t want this to happen but he had to anything he can to free his mother and free his sister. Micheal then went home with the animatronics banging on the vents trying to get in. When Micheal was home, he had found blueprints of all the Funtime animatronics, and the scooper. It turns out the Funtime animatronics, most specifically Circus Baby and Funtime Freddy, were made to capture and kill children, Micheal had finally found out who was responsible for the murders in Freddy Fazbears. And that the Scooper had Remnant inside which gives things life. On Micheal’s second night, he shocked Ballora once and Funtime Foxy once. Yet Hand Unit was bugging between the shocks. When it was time to shock Circus Baby, the shock didn’t work twice in a row. After the shock didn’t work twice, Hand Unit had turned of the power which also had disabled the Oxygen. Circus Baby had turned into helpful made for some unknown reason and told Micheal about the place under the stairs, where Micheal hid off from the Bidybabs. After two try’s, the Bidybabs gave up and let Micheal go. Circus Baby then told Micheal to listen to her which Micheal did and made it across Ballora Gallery without dying. When Micheal went into the Breaker Room, he had his first encounter and last encounter, with Funtime Freddy and like all the animatronics Funtime Freddy had saw Micheal as William. Micheal had finished the breaker room with the Mascot Response that makes it seem like Bon-Bon, Funtimes Freddy right-hand man (literally) was saying for Funtime Freddy to go back to his stage. Ballora didn’t attack when Micheal crawled along the floor to finish his shift. On Micheal’s third night, he had to go trough Funtime Auditorium and used a flash beckon because Funtime Foxy was motion activated. After dealing with him, Micheal found Funtime Freddy in Parts and Service because Funtime Freddy bugged out and tried to capture a child at there birthday party. Micheal had to press multiple buttons on Funtime Freddy’s face which opened the face plate. After that he pressed yet another button on the endoskeleton which opened the faceplate on Funtime Freddy’s chest. Micheal saw the part of the endoskeleton where Funtime Freddy captures the kids. To finally stop working on Funtime Freddy and to go home, Micheal had to find Bon-Bon and press the button underneath his bow tie. But… where was Bon-Bon? Micheal was a ever so tiny but scared because his confidence had spiked through the roof. It took 6 tries to get Bon-Bon, 5 tries Bon-Bon had hid away but Micheal was then stealthy and clicked the button just in time. Bon-Bon was now on Funtime Freddy’s shoulder and Micheal could finally leave. But, Circus Baby’s plan had finally come into play as Funtime Foxy had snuck on Micheal while he wasn’t looking and then jumpscared him which ended up knocking out Micheal. Funtime Foxy had dragged Micheal into the Scooper Room inside of a Prototype Springlock suit. While Micheal was knocked out, Ballora had punched an employee in the back of the head making him unconscious, 5 seconds later the employee died due to loss of blood. Ballora then started to throw the decaying corpse at random employees and then being caught by Jason who had started working at the place with Heather and Jeremy. Jason had ran back into the primary control module and shocked Ballora 4 times ending with Ballora deactivating. Heather decided to come in late to both help with Balloras problem and to get away from all the racism. After scooping Ballora, Heather just waited behind the glass as she watch the faceplates of the prototype springlock suit open. Curious she got closer to the middle of the scooper control room and saw Minireenas heading towards the inside of the suit and being thrown out. After closer inspections Heather realised it was someone in the suit. After getting bored of the wait and turning on the flashlight, Heather saw that Micheal was in the suit. Heather immediately sprinted towards the scooper room while avoid Funtime Foxy and had freed Micheal out of the suit. Micheal was relieved and walked home with Heather sleeping over for the night because Jason and Jeremy were also sleeping over at Micheal’s house for the night. When morning rolled around for Micheal (4 AM) no one else was awake, Micheal had then went into the attic to find some old tapes from 1966, it was old baby videos of Micheal with Micheal having fun with his mother and father and then wondered, what ever happened to Micheal’s relationship with his father. Then Micheal came across a tape from 1973, where Micheal had been doing chores and broke 2 plates. These plates where from Williams Grandma who had died 2 years before Micheal was born. William was really upset and yelled at Micheal for half an hour. Micheal had started crying and ran to his room. Micheal had finally found out what happened with his relationship with his father. Elizabeth was not even born at the time. Micheal had then swore that once he is done with the job he is currently in he will find his father and won’t stop until William is dead. Micheal had watched the final tape at the exact time his friends had woke up (6 AM). It was Micheal’s final night and Heather, Jason and Jeremy had quit because of the incident that happened before the events of Night 4. When Micheal was just coming down the elevator, Funtime Foxy had killed 2 engineers and hung them over the first 2 stages. Circus Baby had called Lolbit to use the scooper but Lolbit didn’t want to destroy they’re friends. So then Circus Baby had called Yenndo to do the scooping. Yenndo was a Funtime Freddy endoskeleton and was fine with it. Yenndo scooped Funtime Foxy and Circus Baby and the endoskeleton parts rebuilt themselves to make an amalgamation of 4 souls, a hivemind on which they named themselves… Ennard. This name was mostly made as a pun but they stuck with it. Elizabeth controlling Circus Baby had controlled Ennard to put Circus Baby’s shell in parts and service. When Micheal reached the vent, Hand Unit had informed Micheal that there are two technicians on sight, unfortunately when Micheal checked the lights, the technicians were there. Micheal watched in horror as he saw the hanging technicians, and Hand Unit didn’t even mention a thing. Micheal had crawled through Funtime Atrium and reached Parts and Service. Micheal was glad that he was going to free his sister. Micheal pressed a button and put in a code, after that Micheal had sent Circus Baby to the Scooping Room. But before Micheal went to the scooping room he saw something within the darkness. It looked like a mixed up mangle of an endoskeleton, little did Micheal know that was Ennard. Micheal followed Circus Baby’s instructions and went to the Scooping Room, Ennard had swiftly grabbed the mask in the Primary Control Module and went to the back of the Scooping Room. Ennard had told Micheal his plan, they wanted to be just like him, Micheal had finally gotten what the plan was and tried to escape but Yenndo and Lolbit had held him in place Micheal was defeated inside. When the Scooper button was pressed, Micheal had remembered the name tag he was given and put it on his uniform. Ennard looked closely and realised that it was the wrong person, Elizabeth and Lora inside of Ennard had realised they made a huge mistake. Lora realised she was going for her son that she hasn’t seen since 1985 and Elizabeth realise she was going for her brother that she didn’t see since 1983. Elizabeth tried to stop the scooper, but it was already to late. Micheal had been scooped and his organs are out of his body. Ennard had climbed inside and patched up the area where Micheal was scooped. Elizabeth, while controlling Micheal had seen some Exotic Butters laying at the receptionist and saw the note on it saying ‘For Micheal’ as Micheal had completed his shift. Ennard had eaten the Exotic Butters in one single go and left. Ennard, with nothing else to do had kept on going to work for the day shift and each time Micheal had left, he got more decomposed and eventually turning purple. Ennard thought it was time to reveal the truth and ejected themself into the sewers. Micheal’s lifeless body had fell onto the ground as Micheal’s soul was floating above his body. Micheal’s soul had been sucked into the depths of hell for no reason and was infront of a select screen. Desperate to get out of there, Micheal had set all characters to max with actually knowing what the characters do by hovering his hand over the character on that select screen. In a single go, Micheal had completed the challenge and was sent back into the real world. For micheal it felt like six hours but in real time it was six seconds and by the time he got back up, his remnant had been pushed into his body and he was revived.
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2023.03.23 01:38 RaeshathePuppet Who else imagined Glamrock Ballora as a pearl from Steven Universe?

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2023.03.22 17:53 Admirable_Box_7822 My Ballora rates yours ( idk I got bored)

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2023.03.22 06:08 andejm93 So Let's Talk About Genetics

So Let's Talk About Genetics
Buckle up y'all, I'm about to get early 2010's Game Theory here.
As I continue to chip away at my damn illustrated timeline project, I started the icons for the human characters. Made a few mental notes, looked at current illustrations, so on and so forth. But then something caught my attention.
Ear shapes.
I realized as I drew my W. Afton icon and my H. Emily icon, that the new Henry illustration from the Encyclopedia has quite the distinct earlobes (as well as some handsome hazel-brown eyes).
So I decided to check the illustrations of William Afton from the graphic novels, and no such earlobes are on him. But that's the graphic novel for an alternate William Afton. It's not as though there's any in-game source that would show Afton has less distinct earlobes.

Or is there?
Now it isn't a replica of Afton, no way in hell. But if he wanted to recreate his children, the replicas of the Afton children would have almost the same ear shape given the limits of what material is used. So if we see three heads with nary a distinct earlobe, it can be surmised that the Aftons in general had connected or undefined earlobes. (Fun fact: the picture of Rick Astley used for Michael Afton doesn't have distinct earlobes either)
So the Aftons don't have earlobes and the Emily's do, big whoop. What does that do for the lore?

Could be the art style, but…
Yeah, nix that. Art style is a bit too loose. To me it looks like the start of some earlobe definition in prepubescence. But hey it's just the art style, it's not like there's another trait we could check—
Take a closer look at that snout!
Well those noses do not look similar at all. Elizabeth has that sharp nose and chin that's reminiscent of alter William Afton's same feature. Crying Child on the other hand has a steeper nose and rounder chin when you compare the two. But not just that, look at the insides of the ear. Crying Child has a distinct tragus drawn into the ear, while Elizabeth does not.
Do you want to know who else has a steep nose, round chin, and a distinct tragus drawn into their character portrait?

Cue the Jerry Springer bit
Okay, now we have to pump the brakes. Have I just put forth the theory that Crying Child is Henry Emily's son? Yes, yes I have. Do we ever know if Charlie had a twin in the games? Do we know what may have happened to the game's version of Sammy? Well now we might know.
I have one last bit to back all of this up. Let's talk about eye colors.
In art and renders, William Afton has always had Grey or Grey-Blue eyes, evil purple energy ignored for obvious reasons. Michael Afton has blue eyes, as we've seen in sprites from in game. Elizabeth Afton has green eyes. And if the Ballora = Mrs. Afton parallels are correct, then Mrs. Afton had some very icy blue or lavender peepers. So what does that all mean?
Well here's a blast from the past for many folks
If we compare the Afton family to general ideas of how eye color is inherited, it's a high improbability that Crying Child would have brown eyes as we see in his official art. Henry Emily has some Hazel or Light Brown eyes which makes it much more probable that his children would have brown eyes.
This also fits in with the book parallels of William Afton kidnapping one of the Emily children. Now why is Henry Emily's child the Youngest Afton? Any number of reasons, which is all the more reason to look into Sister Location and it's themes of family and children.
On top of all that, it would explain why it's Fredbear that speaks to Crying Child. Because Fredbear is Henry Emily's creation, and an extension of Henry Emily. (This also ties into my theory about the FNAF4 eon minigames and who talks to Crying Child through Fredbear that I posted here)
So the FNAF Encyclopedia is a bit of a hot mess. But, I feel that this is one of those weird set of details that fandom theorists should not ignore. There's a good chance, the Youngest Afton is an Emily.
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2023.03.22 02:04 FreddyFazgamer13 I Finally Got Ballora’s CPU! I Now Need 4 more!

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2023.03.22 01:37 Lolbit_PlayzGacha this is FNAF btw

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2023.03.21 19:50 LAGamer2010 Let’s see everyone’s beautiful ballerina queens😁

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2023.03.21 19:23 StoryTeller1601 Scrap Ballora

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2023.03.20 21:46 mrafekaj Why Cassidy is (probably) not the Vengeful spirit ... (theory)

EDIT: Video version has been completed!

Hello everyone! I'm here again to present on of my theories for feedback. This time it's about the growing discussion that Cassidy is NOT the Vengeful spirit after all!
Lemme know what you think in the comments!

(also, this is a video script, so forgive me if there are in-text notes placed in the following)

But… As much as I love that theory… over the last couple of years, there have been some major problems popping up around it…
Because- it looks like we have been neglecting the possible existence of an even better candidate for the vengeful spirit, Andrew.

In the aforementioned Stitchwraith stories, we are introduced to a kid named Andrew, who’se the vengeful and angry spirit inside of the stitchwraith, and while he’s long been considered to be a simple stand in for cassidy in the books, there are some major details in the books and games that make that are making me question that assumption

Because you see, Andrew is a perfect parallel to the vengeful spirit, unlike almost every other parallel in the books which have at least SOME major differences from the games. In terms of parallels, Andrew arguably is more up there with William and Henry than the other “close parallels” in the books like Hudson in What we found(Micheal Afton) and Jake in the real Jake (The Crying Child)
Because, we know Andrew is killed by William and hidden in a Golden Freddy suit in the books, while Cassidy is only directly referenced in the logbook, and was INFERRED to be in Golden Freddy with the crying child, based on the evidence we mentioned earlier.
Andrew is the one who latches on to William Afton’s soul during the fnaf 6 fire in fazbear frights, yes, THAT fnaf 6 fire, and keeps Afton alive in a perpetual state of nightmares as revenge.
Andrew is also a young BOY with curly black hair, long enough to stick out of Golden freddy’s neck while he is stuffed inside (show fnaf 4 minigame scene with big question mark on it) and not only that, but the vengeful spirit in UCN is referred to with exclusively male pronounce in the game: (show UCN quotes)

And it’s appearance? Well, the Vengeful Spirit is represented by none other than Scott’s SON.

But it doesn’t end there, because in the aforementioned fnaf novel trilogy, which is yet another separate canon from the fazbear frights books, Golden Freddy is NOT cassidy, in that book series, the series, which I mind you, is Cassidy's formal INTRODUCTION to the fnaf franchise, she is just another one of the Missing children's incident kids. Instead, Golden Freddy is possessed by an oddly unrelated young boy named Michael Brooks. In those books, Michael brooks was a sixth kid who was killed separately from the rest in 1985 by Willaim Afton, and his body hidden in Golden Freddy.

And while these books may be an alternate universe take, they still have some major similarities to the games, especially in regards to the characters, with almost all game characters having similar book counterparts, and said counterparts are usually in the books for the sole purpose of telling us new information about the versions of their charecters in the games (show William, Henry and Charlie)
But, what about that part about him being a sixth missing kid? In the games AND most of the book stories, the Missing Children's incident is very clearly stated to only have FIVE victims, but, key word here is on MOST, because in perhaps most famous book story, Into the pit, we get taken back in time to a weird twisted version of the 1985 location, and the story has William show us his accomplishments of that Era: which compose of not five, but SIX dead kids, all on display for us the protagonist to see

But wait, how can we reconcile SIX dead kids with all the other lore sources we know? And, why should we trust a book with a time traveling ballpit in it anyways?

Well, I think I have found the answer to both of those questions, and the answer comes from none other, than matpat

In his second episode of his Ultimate fnaf timeline, Matpat is finally able to piece together exactly what the toy Chica anime cutscenes in UCN were supposed to tell us. Because while it has been generally agreed upon that the cutscenes are about William rather creepily stalking and killing his victims, we.. really didn't learn anything new from it at the time.

But in his theory, Matpat proposes that the Toy Chica anime cutscenes are there to give some more context on why the Vengeful spirit, is so vengeful.

Because for Toy Chica’s last Murder, she… goes a bit off the rails, compared to her previous killings..
(show UCN quote)
So basically, the Toy Chica anime cutscenes in UCN being there to tell us that the vengeful spirit's death was extra gruesome and excessive, with Willaim going too far in his brutality. And while I genuinely believe Mat is correct here, even then, his theory would fit Andrew just as well as Cassidy.

That’s because, like he said, the Vengeful spirit WASN’T killed in Freddy’s! He was kidnapped and killed after school!

The vengeful spirits body was hidden in the Golden Freddy suit AFTERWARDS, but, while he WAS an afton victim he was NOT an MCI kid!
Most people don’t realize, but Into the pit isn’t actually about a time traveling ballpit, it’s about Eleanor tormenting a kid with illusions and showing him the evils of William afton. This is a theme that actually constitutes the bulk of the Fazbear frights stories, with the remnent/dream demon thing Eleanor screwing with peoples reality to torment them while showing them (and us) many of the unknown history of the Fazbear franchise before trying to lead them to a usually gruesome end.
That’s why there are SIX bodies in that story, because Ealanor is showing all the bodies that were HIDDEN in that Pizzaria, NOT just those of the five kids who went MISSING in the Pizzaria, dubbed the Missing childrens incident by the media. Five killed in the backroom, and one killed separately, but hidden in there with the rest anyways…
Eleanor seems to be preoccupied with the truths that aren’t well known, doesn’t she? Most serial killers in real life have a list of confirmed or heavily suspected kills, but most ALSO have a number of deaths that CAN’t be specifically linked back to them, because they don’t always kill in the same way. Except for in the case of neat and concise storytelling, why would William be any different?
And, all this considered, the fact that Cassidy is depicted with four confirmed MCI kids in the novel trilogy, that also gives credence to the theory that she is NOT the vengeful spirit, because if the previous theory is true, the vengeful spirit is NOT one of the official five MCI victims either!

And not only that, but the evidence against Cassidy doesn’t end there:

Because I'n Fnaf SB, we get to play a series of Princess Quest minigames that not only take through much of the old game lore, but directly change the outcome of the game and lead to the Vanny ending. It's been generally agreed upon that that these minigames follow the spirit of Cassidy, as she, now permanently latched onto Willaims soul just like Andrew was latched on to Afton in the books, is revived along with him in Glitchtrap and sets off to destroy him once and for all. And if we beat these minigames... she succeeds, and the now glitchtrap free vanny lays down her mask and helps Gregory out of the pizzaplex.
It all just works too well. Heck, we even got confirmation that we were playing as Cassidy from the game files... Or so we thought, as soon after the filename was discovered... in a notable first for the fnaf franchise, it was actually REMOVED.
But... Why? And why would this be the first time a filename has been changed like that in the series? Was it because it gave away the mystery? Well, the secret had already been out, fnaf has a history of giving hints or even reveals in the filenames just like that.. and on top of THAT, the fact the were playing as Cassidy was ALREADY abundantly obvious in the minigames. Because if the fact that we play as a little Golden Girl fighting Dark bunny creatures with Old man consequences in the background wasn't obvious enough I don't know what is.
Well, despite all the confusion around it, I’m gonna put in my controversial two cents and say that I really think the only plausible reason why this filename would be removed... is if it was WRONG… (”*HEAR ME OUT” disclaimer) Hold on everyone, this explanation is gonna need a LOT of background context, but trust me, it leads into something critical for this whole theory:
Because you gotta remember... Steel Wool is a full, professional game studio with many employees going in and out of the company on a regular basis. It is standard protocol for studios not to share sensitive story information with ALL of their employees, if they did, it would become leak-topia. They usually only share it with the ones that NEED to know it, and even then, fnaf lore is extremely intricate and difficult to understand, and even some of the game's lead producers seemed to be confused with the lore at times (show ray macaffy quote, with emphasis on "the fans will understand").
For all we know, the filename "cassidy" was just added in by a lower rank programmer or graphic designer who was confused about what the minigame meant or just didn't know exactly what he was talking about. And... this kind of thing isn't uncommon in the gaming industry. You know the famous "Project Dread" teaser in Metroid Prime 3? Well, that wasn't sanctioned by Nintendo.. at all. That was added in by a lower level employee who had been reading too many internet rumors about a leaked fifth metroid game called Dread,and while the game was real,the rumors were not, and it was one that the studio he worked at had never even HEARD of before. And that's why nothing about the so-called "teaser" ended up being correct in the end. It was just tiny bit of misinformation added in by a guy who thought he knew what he was talking about, one that even a company as big and draconian as Nintendo was with quality assurance accidentally let slip though the cracks.

So, I think that's exactly what happened with Cassidy here. With the sprite name being retconned out for the simple reason that… it was misleading.. In the first place.

But if this character we play as in Princess Quest isn't Cassidy, then the real question is... who is it??
And that leads us to what I think is.. Almost the smoking gun of my theory:

In Security Breach, in the basement we see this mural of what is obviously Cassidy painted on the wall. This mural shows her in a hospital bed with the same checkered patterns as the fnaf 4 bed, and the fnaf 4 lamp and IV next to her. What's notable about this image, apart from the fact that it has zero connection to the other murals on the walls, is that it has a big red X over the top, along with a big slash across the image.
The image is extremely confusing for a number of reasons, and it’s EXACT meaning has not yet been deciphered, but the premise of the message it’s putting across, is pretty dang clear: "not cassidy…" or “cassidy is not..” but.. the question is: "Cassidy is not" what? Is it saying she is NOT the bite victim? Well, duh, she isn't. Is it that she is NOT the person having the nightmares in fnaf 4? It would seem like it... Except that, not once in the eight years have I been in the community have I even heard someone even INFER that she was the one we play in fnaf 4. If Scott is trying to tell us something about the lore, why would he try to correct us about something nobody ever really thought in the first place? I mean, you might as well tell us that Henry never possessed ballora, because the community would get the same amount of value out of that statement as well (0+0, is still 0)
No, I think the message here is meant to read out more like "Cassidy is not” and then “something related to fnaf 4" or, perhaps more accurately “Cassidy is not related to” and something about the Crying Child, since this is his bed and surroundings. Sure, it could also be “Cassidy is not related to some aspect of Micheal” since the fnaf 4 gameplay is probably about him having nightmares about what he put his brother through, I still think it is about the crying child, since cassidy.. Is in a hospital bed. NOT the regular sleeping bed that Micheal dreams is in the room in the fnaf 4 gameplay.

So, in a nutshell, if all the supposed references to Cassidy in the classic games are vague enough to fit a different spirit,
and if the person we play as in Princess quest, who fights against William and takes advice from Old Man Consequences isn't Cassidy, and last but not least: the message of "not cassidy" in regards to some aspect of fnaf 4 or the Crying child is directly displayed in the game. I think that finally, we have enough evidence to tilt the scales, and to say that the vengeful spirit, isn't Cassidy. And who else could fit the mold for that role anywhere near as good, as Andrew…
But alright alright, I'm sure you all dislike it as much as I do, because IF that theory is true, then, just who the heck IS Cassidy?? Why is she mentioned in the logbook? And.. Just what purpose does she serve in the fnaf story anyways?... And the answer to that.. is we just don't know.. Obviously, she has to be important, right? Not only because of her mention in the novels and the logbook, but because Scott once intended to write an ENTIRE FNAF MOVIE ABOUT HER. Yup, a couple of years back, while discussing old screenplays for the fnaf movie, Scott revealed that the movie was going to be about her at one point, but that he scrapped the idea because it was, quote "too complicated, taking place over may time periods and locations throughout the franchise's history".
But to me, that... only makes things more confusing, as Cassidy's perceived story in the games was.. rather simple. She is a girl who gets killed by William early on, and she only really does anything besides cameos as Golden freddy when William gets burned in UCN.
So, what did Cassidy do in the lore that was too long and complicated to portray in a movie? Was it a movie about Golden Freddy, and the entire fnaf sage from his point of view?
Bit.. if it was... then why didn't Scott say that it was a Golden Freddy movie?
he had no problem saying that other screenplays were about the puppet and the funtimes, so he wasn't afraid of letting people down with his scrapped ideas
And on top of THAT, when this screenplay idea was revealed, the community wasn't even sure if a character named Cassidy was even CANON, much LESS that she was the Vengeful spirit we saw in UCN. So to me... this is only further evidence that we've probably been mistaken about Cassidy's role and character... since the beginning
And.. Honestly, as much as I hated the idea of Cassidy not being the vengeful spirit, I really wanted to leave my theory there. I had all the evidence against Cassidy right in front of me, and.. I had even managed to find some more evidence on my OWN.. But.. there were some major details in the games and books… I just couldn’t reconcile with myself..


In my second to last theory, I stated that, based on the evidence from the latest books, that I think ALL of Tales from the Pizzaplex is canon to the game canon (which is terrible), and that it seems like at least SOME of Fazbear Frights is too (although “some” is already too much”) However, for now I’m gonna be optimistic until we get out smoking gun for or against that theory and say that the Frights series is probably just loosely related to the game canon. Probably being fictionalized stories based on real events in the fnaf canon, like the fnaf games we see in help wanted that were made by steve, a guy who didn’t even really know much about Freddy Fazbears Pizza. So, maybe the Stichwraith stories are canonically just embellishments of the Golden Freddy story. Maybe Andrew was real, but they turned the crying child into jake and put them both in the crazy contraption that is the stitchwraith just to make the story more interesting.

But then… even if my “solution” for the last problem is true, there is still one more big problem here…

In Fnaf 6 and the ultimate guide, the controversial theory of Molten MCI is all but confirmed. Where the classic animatronics from Fnaf 1 were melted down and their remnant injected into Funtime freddy.
Silly, but not a problem with this theory right? However, the problem is that, the ultimate guide and Candy cadets stories say that FIVE animatronics were melted down into the one that became Funtime Freddy. So, that would leave us Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and… Golden Freddy…
And.. we more evidence for this in fnaf 3, where there are FIVE ghosts in the follow me minigame, despite only four animatronics being visibly destroyed. And in UCN, we get this line from Orvil the Elephant:
"He tried to release you, he tried to release us, but I won't let that happen, I will keep you here, I will hold you here, no matter how many times they burn us."
And.. that’s important.. Because that implies that the vengeful spirit is actively burning in the fnaf 6 fire as WELL. And, who else could the spirit be in but inside Molten Freddy?
So, if Cassidy is a MCI kid, and Andrew is the Vengeful spirit inside Golden Freddy.. Then just where the heck is Cassidy in Follow me? Is she just off hanging out in the back with the crying child while all her friends deal with William or something? Wait a second, if there are two souls in Golden Freddy, then why ISN’t The crying child there? I get that he would be sympathetic to his dad, but if so, then why would he just let the other spirits torment his dad? Gosh that incredible set of minigames has been retconned to mush-

Now, as… regretful as I am to say it… there is SOME minor evidence for a “three spirit” golden Freddy, because in the stitchwraith stingers, it is shown that there is yet a THIRD presence inside the stitchwraith with Jake and Andrew. And.. whether this is Willaim Afton fused to Andrew’s soul, or eleanor causing more mischief again… isn’t EXACTLY clear… But regardless.. Any way you look at it, the stitchwraith has THREE spirits inside it… But.. even then, the “Cassidy isn’t affiliated with fnaf 4” message in SB would SEEM to contradict that, but… It’s at least a vague (but awful) possibility..

And honestly… the biggest problem we have here is that, with the way the modern fnaf lore has degraded, we can no longer judge theories on whether or not they make sense, or how well they fit the overall story. You know what? It DOESN’t make any sense for Andrew to be the Vengeful spirit, heck, it doesn’t even make sense for him to be in the game canon at all, he should just be a cassidy parallel just like Jake is a crying child parallel. But yet… We keep getting more evidence that Cassidy isn’t who we thought she was.. And, at current, no one else remotely fits the bill except Andrew. The unfortunate truth is, that ever since Help Wanted came out, we’ve been shown time and time again NOT to expect fnaf’s writing to be good, but rather, for it to really be BAD . And, as awful as making a random book character canon and having such a seemly important and well liked character such as cassidy thrown to the wayside and made pointless is,if one is to read just how poor the writing is in The Tales Books and SB timeline.. This.. just seems like a normal thing that Scott would do at this point…
Back in the early days of fnaf, reason... was one of the few things had to decipher the lore. Back then, with so little and such vague pieces, you kinda just had to do the most reasonable conjecture and run with that. And thankfully, we almost always got it right (show Scott fnaf 4 quote "it seems there was nothing I could hide!). Nowadays, however, the fnaf story has become more and more unglued. Now, we mostly have to throw reason to the side and see just see what absurd explanation from the books we can try and use to fill in each gap. Things have gotten SO crazy, in fact, that over the course of two out of nine games, fnaf went from a series legendary for its lore, to one that is infamous for it
Honestly I’m 40-60 on the whole thing…. Ok, more like 30-70. I think that Cassidy makes complete sense as the Vengeful spirit inside of Golden Freddy… but the ONLY concrete connection she has to ANY of those roles is the fact that she’s seems to be communicating with the crying child in the Logbook. And now that SB is hammering in that we got something majorly wrong about Cassidy and her role means that at least SOMETHING about our interpretation of her has to give..
And on the other hand, Andrew fits the bill of the Vengeful spirit even better than Cassidy does. We know he’s a boy, he has a direct connection to Golden Freddy, is murdered by William, and keeps him alive in a perpetual state of nightmares after the fnaf 6 fire. And unlike Cassidy, where all these things are conjecture, they are indisputable fact with Andrew. Andrew.. Makes for a better Cassidy, then Cassidy. Not only that, but he also would be a sixth kid, which would line up with the number of bodies we see in the 1985 location in into the pit, and he also just aligns far better as a parallel to Micheal Brooks, a sixth kid killed separately by william and stuffed into the Golden Freddy suit in the 1985 location in the Novel trilogy.

And.. worst of all I think… how do we know if any of the previous contradictions to Andrew have any good explanations.. Or they just bad writing? And ditto with the contradictions to Cassidy?
So again, right now I am.. Only a bit more certain about Andrew being the vengeful spirit in the games then I am Cassidy.
Andrew has the most direct evidence.. But makes the least sense. Cassidy Makes the most sense… but has the least direct evidence..
And again, my biggest fear here is that now that sense has been thrown out the window in the modern fnaf timeline, is that “sense” may not be justifiable evidence in any of these theories anymore.

Anyways, this is shycrow, signing off
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2023.03.20 19:06 Ratclife This "Good ending" thing, how long has it been?

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2023.03.20 14:45 ChickenNuggetsUnU Give some fnaf characters for me to make!

Ones I have made
Mrs. Afton
William Afton
Micheal Afton
C.C Afton
Elizabeth Afton
Circus Baby
Spring trap
Funtime Freddy
Glamrock Freddy
Glamrock Chica
Roxanne Wolf
Fake Charlie
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2023.03.20 13:36 Exusss Fnaf 2 Song lore??

Hi guys, i found songs about FNAF games and listening to the FNAF 2 Song something stuck with me.
The song basically is a mother mourning her son's death. On the video there is a mother with a child that runs away to freddy's pizzeria when the mother was in the phone booth. The rest is just afton luring children and killing them and puppet stuffing them in the animatronics. The last child to be put is the child that run from the mother and he is put in the golden freddy suit and the video ends with it's me text.
Is this a straight up confirmation that crying child is in the golden freddy and that the mother is afton's wife? I made the connection because in the beggining of the song which supposedly she is singing, we can hear the words: "I dunno what i was thinking, leaving my child behind, now i suffer the curse and now i am BLIND". This reminded me that ballora is supposed to be based on william afton's wife and she has closed eyes, as if she was BLIND.
What do you think guys. I'm kinda supprised after randomly remembering that.
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2023.03.19 22:57 Specialist_Use_8689 what wait is noah cannon? oh what i found in fnaf that many voted no that noah is not cannon

what wait is noah cannon? oh what i found in fnaf that many voted no that noah is not cannon
let me explain a little deeper so you can i understand. i know that many gacha youtubers and fnaf gacha youtubers that thinking who really possesed ennard, of course other animatronics maybe possesed by other children like freddy,chica,foxy,bonnie,circus baby,puppet and springtrap are also comfrimed now have traped souls. Many theorize who really possesed ennard at all. But if you look a little closer you will see that circus baby tricks us in sister location. as you never know Circus baby is possesed by the duaghter of the main antagonist of fnaf william afton, who disobey her fathers intructions. at Night 4 circus baby scoop ballora in the scooper as circus baby said " ballora should be punish" as well as ballora never learns. at night 5 you will notice ballora,ft. foxy. funtime freddy and bon bons enduskeleton is been remove except fo rcircus baby. They combine their endoskeleton together to make another animatronic, ENNARD. Ennard is possesed by ELizabeth afton and his voice was Circus baby.
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2023.03.19 12:44 r0pp0p Glamrock Ballora designs! the second is based on her description in "Cleithrophobia"

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2023.03.19 10:51 _Wasthatthebiteof87_ Ballora chain (don’t mind mike he’s too depressing🙄)

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2023.03.19 05:50 Theneongreninja The Glamrock Chica from Security Breach is not the original Glamrock Chica (spoilers for Tales From The Pizzaplex #5)

This is just a fun thing that doesn’t have huge impact on the lore or storyline of Security Breach or the greater franchise, but it’s something I found interesting. Based on information from the Tales From The Pizzaplex books, I don’t think Glamrock Chica in Security Breach is the original Glamrock Chica.
Let me elaborate. There are four stories from Tales From The Pizzaplex that contribute to this theory: Under Construction, Cleithrophobia, The Storyteller, and Bobbiedots, Part 2.
Let’s start with Cleithrophobia. In Cleithrophobia we learn there was a part of the Pizzaplex called Ballora’s Fitness and Flex that featured a new version of Ballora from Sister Location, who I will refer to as Glamrock Ballora. Glamrock Ballora was the fitness-themed animatronic in the Pizzaplex, residing in a fitness-themed attraction and sporting a blue leotard to fit with this theme. Great! What does this have to do with Glamrock Chica? Well, in Cleithrophobia we also learn that Glamrock Ballora and Ballora’s Fitness and Flex were removed from the Pizzaplex before it opened (most likely being walled off) because of the events of the story. Notice how Glamrock Chica wears a leotard and is the mascot of the fitness-themed attraction Mazercise. In Under Construction Glamrock Chica is described to wear a pink dress instead of a pink leotard. This suggests that Chica was not always meant to be the fitness animatronic because Ballora was meant to fit that role, and it became a thing later on when Mazercise was introduced. Need more proof? Take a look at the newest installment in the series, The Bobbiedots Conclusion. In the second story in this book, The Storyteller, Glamrock Chica is said to be yellow, wear a bib, and also have Mr. Cupcake. It only says Chica and not Glamrock Chica, so at first I thought this was referring to Classic Chica in a cartoon or something. Because she is being grouped together with Monty and Roxy though, this is likely Glamrock Chica. The most damning proof of there being another Glamrock Chica that was replaced when Chica took over the role Ballora was meant to have though comes from Bobbiedots, Part 2. In the story Abe goes into the Pizzaplex’s sewers where broken animatronics discarded by Fazbear Entertainment reside, many of them still active. One of these is Glamrock Chica. Considering everything else we’ve gone over, I think it’s clear why there’s another Glamrock Chica in the sewers.
TL;DR Glamrock Ballora was originally supposed the the Pizzaplex’s fitness animatronic before her and her attraction were removed and Glamrock Chica had nothing to do with fitness. When Mazercise was introduced, Chica was replaced with the Chica we know from Security Breach.
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