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2023.03.22 02:31 Kenny-Sheepy-0112327 Characters drawing poil 2

Tiny Sheep i own and thing of souls i also made Please comment below other south park or fnaf characters no security breach to draw
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2023.03.22 00:56 Frost_Phoenix_ On the Subject of FNAF:SB...

On the Subject of FNAF:SB...
Does anyone else think it's weird that Bonnie just got scrapped?
Without going into the redundant discussion about supporting evidence for Bonnie's disappearance and who may or may not have been behind it and where he ended up (psych; this is a FNAF theory post, you know I'm going there), is there anyone else just kinda wondering why Bonnie was just...dumped by Fazbear Entertainment after years of using him? I kinda understand from a merchandising and new-fan-draw perspective that it shakes things up to create a new character and place him as the bassist in the band, but from a company monetary perspective?
"We have invested literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands into this character. He is recognized by all fans and has huge brand recognizion attached to him. We have merchandise of him, we even have a bowling alley dedicated to him, he is one of the core four. Oh, he's wandered off and is completely AWOL with no clue where he's gone? Welp, time to start anew, cue up the next in the band roster, off we ride!"
It's called out how easy it is to repair a new character, a la angered Vanessa:
Vanessa Demonstrating Corporate Harassment
So why, why would you just abandon hundreds of thousands of dollars in robot development, marketing, advertisment, brand recognition, general ease of operation, because someone played too rough with Bonnie? I doubt they only had one casing set, and only a fool would have a singular copy of an AI programming (and Fazcorp may be dumb, but they aren't fools). Redoing Bonnie from the corporate perspective would've been a cinch.
(Yes, I am aware of AI sentience and the difficulty of replicating an individual person, but none of that matters to the execs because none of that really affects the bottom line unless stuff gets expensive.)
So to suddenly yank Bonnie with no explanation given to the general public OR to the front-line staff would've taken something fairly catastrophic.
Another Message to the Boss that Will go Completely Ignored
And note, we never hear of Bonnie being destroyed by Monty. There's no message that says that Bonnie was found in Gator Golf, just that he went missing in Gator Golf.
Just a Tad More Expensive than Losing your Phone
It's easy to assume that Monty - with documented anger issues, destructive tendancies, mountainous jealosy, and ambition - did away with Bonnie to make a spot for himself in the headliner band, but that only makes sense if Bonnie was irreplacable. He's not. Take a new endo, polish up a new casing, implant a copy of Bonnie's AI, and hey presto! Our favorite bowling bassist is back on the job! Monty's move makes sense from a human perspective, but these aren't humans. They're robots. Their parts are interchangable. Their intelligence is lines of code. AI sentience argument notwithstanding, it's easier on everyone (except Monty) to just rebuild Bonnie from "scratch" and keep rolling on like nothing weird's ever happened.
And yet, Bonnie's just pulled. He vanishes into Gator Golf, and the entire company gives up on him and embarks on a far more expensive rebranding project. Why?
I'd theorize it's got something to do with everybody's favorite asthmatic murder grandpa, Mr Willie "Comeback" Afton.
Take a look at u/SkyPieGuy1's post about Afton's model (This link right here, go upvote his awesome comparison).
Look at dem long smexy legs!
I'm very sure all of us have thought about where Crispy Boi Afton got his new bod from, and with no bunny in the Pizzaplex and the unlikelihood that the massive 165 degree fire in FNAF 6 would turn Scraptrap into anything but a molten pile of metal and singed guts, it's not a massive logical leap to assume that Vanny would pull Bonnie to the basement of the basement of the Pizzaplex. Afton is an ailurophile. (Gloriously Purple) Bonnie is literally right there for the taking. Possibly with some help from Monty, it's not hard to assume that she coulda knocked our best bunny boy out and refitted him to be the vessel of an immortal child murderer.
(Also as a weird sidenote, fire will not burn skeleton, so this
Bacon! Wait, wrong animal...
and this
Me After Finals
are perfectly acceptable to exist at the same time.)
But that leaves us with our orginal dilemma, you've lost a Bonnie. Just rebuild him. Something had to have happened with Bonnie for the company to freak out and decide that he was not worth the massive cost to rebrand and shove him under the rug.
Personally? I think it'd have to be something associated with Afton trying to go public. Maybe he tried to use his new body to start doing what he do and almost got caught when the batteries ran out. Maybe there is some hush-hush incident of "Glamrock Bonnie," scrapped and scuffed and looking like something that H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks spat back out due to indigestion, attempted to kidnap and/or kill someone. Maybe whoever got Vanessa into her job sept under the rug an incident report of a guard encountering something truly horrifying staggering toward them with the shell of a formerly beloved bassist.
For a company to just wipe all indication that a formerly public asset existed in the first place, the negative PR rammifications of an event would have to be insurmountable. Nightmare Fuel Former Boss rising from the ashes to continue his lifelong mission of Mass Amounts of Child Murder definitely fits the bill.
But that's just a theory...
(All images ripped from Google because I am a lazy criminal)
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2023.03.21 20:35 Crystal_959 (Updated) Everything we know about the FNaF movie

Will update as needed, feel free to add information or give corrections in the comments. Last updated March 24, 2023
The movie began filming in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 1st 2023 and will end April 6th 2023. FNaF is currently 52 days into its 65 days of filming.
FNaF is set to have 3 films all produced by Blumhouse Productions, according to actor Matthew Lillard. He will appear in all 3. Though the film’s on-set “code name” is Bad Cupcake, Lillard, Jason Blum, and other actors have all simply referred to the film as Five Nights at Freddy’s.
The movie will be directed by Emma Tammi, and was written by Scott Cawthon, Emma Tammi, and Seth Cuddeback. Scott Cawthon is also reportedly onset overseeing production.
The film likely takes place in the 1990s, as production is seeking cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s for use in filming.
The FNaF movie will star Mike Schmidt (played by Josh Hutcherson), a young man struggling to take care of his little sister Abby (Piper Rubio) in the absence of their parents. Mike is described as curious to a fault, troubled, and riddled with guilt over a tragedy in his past. He gets a job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place as the night security guard.
Mike’s sister, Abby, is described as self-reliant due to her brother being unreliable. She often expresses herself through drawings, but is not without the usual outbursts of a 10 year old
Vanessa (played by Elizabeth Lail) is a police officer who aims to help Mike survive his shifts without revealing too much about what she truly knows about the past of the restaurant. Reportedly production also has been seeking an actor to play “young Vanessa.”
William Afton will be played by Matthew Lillard. It’s currently unknown what the extent of Afton’s role will be in the movie, though it’s safe to assume he’ll act as an antagonist.
Another seemingly-prominent character is Max/Maxine, whose exact role is unknown. Apparently the character wears an outfit actor Kat Conner Sterling likes, but is unable to show off. We will also apparently be seeing Mike’s mom, played by Jessica Blackmore.
Other child actors include David Huston and Jophielle Love as ghost kid 3 and ghost kid 5, as well as Lucas Grant who will play a child named Garrett. Ghost Kid 3 and Ghost Kid 5 are likely the spirits of the child victims, though Garrett’s role is unknown. Apparently production is also seeking a stand-in actor for Garrett.
David Huston has also posted a photograph with Grant Feely, another actor named Asher Colton Spence, and two other currently unidentified children. It’s not certain but it’s likely these will be the movie’s MCI. Child actor Grant Feely will play a currently unknown “strong supporting role” for the film.
Mary Stuart Masterson will play the role of an as-yet unnamed female villain. Other actors whose roles are unknown/unclear include Christian Stokes as “Hank,” Tadasay Young as “Dr. Lillian,” Bailey Winston as “Kim,” Joseph Poliquin as “Carl,” and Julia Belanova, Michael P. Sullivan, and child actor Xander Mateo in currently unnamed roles. Actor Jeff McCormick has also apparently hinted at some minor involvement in the film
Animatronic costumes for the film are being made by the Jim Henson Creature Company, and their designs appear to be closely based on their appearances in the first game. Natalie O’Brien has also joined the film’s crew as a costume designer. Will not spoil who, but we have seen one costume from a great distance, and two versions of another animatronic’s head in the workshop. They look fantastic.
Award-winning composer Michael Whalen has joined in as the composeconductor for the movie’s music.
A few scenes have been caught mid-filming by onlookers, though I won’t spoil their contents/actual events here. One was filmed in front of the recently deconstructed facade of the outside of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. The inside of the Pizza Place is most likely in a separate studio or warehouse somewhere.
The movie has no current release window at this time.
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2023.03.21 02:25 CULT-LEWD weird thought,most of the childrens drawings from fnaf 1-2 have animatronic drawings from kids but it clearly shows there eyes on most of them being dark with white pupils yet thats only really seen at night...do the kids who visit there know?

like ive seen that in some drawings or arts and crafts stuff made by kids clearly hint at there paranormal nature to them,but why would the kids who go there create drawings like that? or do the drawings change at night just like how in fnaf 1-2 you will see objects move or appear in random places?
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2023.03.20 23:09 ApprehensiveField915 Why is this happening when I open notifs?

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2023.03.20 05:32 FazbearFright_lover things i want to make or do in the next few years

a tour through Heracles Hospital
that one old "it's me or the ps5" thingy but with this absolutely wack cover of it i found while burrowing through the Warrior Cats fandom
use Snowkit's death VHS audio for a springlock failure
"you need help" jack stauber audio but for one of the missing kids or smthn
make that old lie detector trend with william because i've had the scenes in my head for weeks
start using capcut
draw my designs for the FNaF characters (my gacha designs are waaay different than how i imagine them in my head)
figure out how to draw frizzy hair so i can draw Charlie and Andrew
make a mrs. afton because it's confirmed she exists by the afton staff bots
make a complete afton family reunion
thoroughly explain William and Elizabeth's relationship cuz it's hard to explain without using scenes
finish the silver eyes trilogy (i'm only on chapter 3 of the first book help me)
make halloween aftons + easter bunny springtrap because halloween is the best
do something silly for april fools
make some fnaf vines ( i have almost all of them planned out)
explain why child murder is absolutely disgusting and why i don't ever want to recreate the MCI in gacha club
explain why i don't like AUs where a certain character (usually william) doesn't remember anything and therefore excuses their actions/relationship with another character
explain why william sucks
explain why mike is boring
explain why henry sucks
explain why elizabeth should either get a redemption arc or get to be a main villain
learn how to draw springtrap's damned flesh ankles (seriously drawing the suicide bot's ribcage was easier)
learn how to draw human corpses w/ gaping mouths (turns out it's a lot different from dragons' corpses smh)
make MC designs
remake every fnaf book in gacha club
learn how to draw freaking humans omg i hate drawing them. seriously Wren is the only human being i can draw
remake all of my designs
make my au as canon as possible but also having the stupidest head canons to tick ppl off
make as many people as i can so mad they hate me forever
learn how to avoid crying in any situation unless someone real has died or if someone real is hurt (my parents' words back when i was younger: unless someone real died or if someone real is hurt, don't cry)
get taller (i'm not stopping til' i'm eight feet tall)
aaaaaaaaaand read Coraline because the movie was very cool
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2023.03.20 03:08 TypeLX_ Some of the theories I started believing recently.

Some of the theories I started believing recently.
I actually wrote most of this post about a month ago, but this account didn't have enough karma to make a post until now. Give your thoughts or critiques, because I'm sure there will be some disagreements here. Most of these I didn't even believe until recently, but having taken a step back and looked at everything again, these answers seem to make most sense to me for the story.
  1. WillStuffed- I was a big arguer for it being the Puppet (games timeline only) but now I can agree William probably stuffed them in the suits. The Give Gifts Give Life minigame makes more sense to be a predecessor to FNAF3’s Happiest Day minigame, where the Puppet [attempts] to give the children peace.
  2. ShatterVictim - I’ll say it. I don’t think Bite Victim is just possessing Golden Freddy. I see no narrative or thematic reason for Golden Freddy to just randomly have two spirits, it comes completely out of nowhere and really adds nothing to the story. What I do believe however, is that (somehow) pieces of him are inside each of the original five animatronics. This is actually much cleaner than it might seem, because it actually creates good storytelling from FNAF2 onward.
  • Give Gifts Give Life in FNAF2 shows us the Puppet trying to cheer up the original spirits using giftboxes, before resorting to giving them life with their masks. Golden Freddy's spirit and his jumpscare appears right at the end; the point of this minigame was to show how none of them will find peace unless all five of them are together, making Golden Freddy problematic.
  • Happiest Day in FNAF3 shows us a successful version of GGGL. You can play that minigame on Night 1, but only Cassidy will be there. You can't complete it until all five kids get cake, are wearing their masks, and have been reunited.
  • FNAF4 and World then attempted to continue this narrative by answering a simple question: why? Why do they need to be together to be free? The answer to that is the Bite Victim, its his memories from 4 that the other five children are stuck inside in FNAF3, in FNAF World putting him back together is synonymous with bringing the missing children together by setting up Happiest Day.
  • Sister Location and FFPS take a literal approach to this theme of 'putting the pieces together,' by having William literally melt the robots together [hey, does this mean its William or Charlotte who said "I will put you back together"? Heh...)
  1. Timeline Order of the Deaths - Bite Victim -> Charlotte -> Elizabeth -> Missing Children -> The Rest
  • Bite Victim - Spring[?] of 1983 I don't think he's the catalyst for everything William has done but I still believe hes the first main death. Two of the reasons I think this is the case is because of my take on Midnight Motorist (lower down), and because of FNAF4's Halloween Update. I think the reason Scott is so adamant on the Halloween Update being non-canon is actually really simple: because BV can't die on Halloween. Why? Well...
  • Charlotte - ... because Charlotte dies on Halloween 1983. This is supported by the novels, the connections between Midnight Motorist and Curse of Dreadbear, etc. Something probably happened during "Fallfest 1983," and since it apparently can't be BV, then its probably Charlotte.
  • Elizabeth - June 1985 - Yeah this'll also be a controversial take. Remember the FNAF3 tapes? Phone Guy says the suits shouldn't be used because of an "unfortunate incident at the sister location involving multiple simultaneous springlock failures." Do you think that maybe... JUST MAYBE... the Springlock Suit from the sister location might be the same Springlock Suit from Sister Location? Shortly after that tape, Phone Guy has to warn employees not to bring customers into the safe room, and that somebody touched Spring Bonnie, and then subsequently they seal off the wall. That obviously alludes to ....
  • The Missing Children's Incident - June 26th, 1985 - Since the Springlock failure happened at Circus Baby's, it had to coincide with Elizabeth's death; and since this happens immediately before Phone Guy's tapes that allude to the MCI, then I think the MCI simply comes after Elizabeth's death.
    • I also like this order because each of these events have a corresponding "ironic parallel," all of which seem to happen in the exact opposite order: [Follow Me, Michael's Scooping, Henry's Trap, and Happiest Day]
  1. WillPlush - Since I believe BV died first, the Plush can't be Charlotte. I think it's Shadow Freddy / William; William being the one who said "I will put you back together." There's too many connections to William for me to just say "oh it was Charlotte who somehow became this child's plush for some reason"
  • William ends up pulling through with that, given he literally puts BV back together through MoltenMCI.
    • I know saying its William will be unpopular, but really everything we know about the Plush has some connection to William. Sister Location connects the Plush and the phrase "I will put you back together" to William; The Silver Eyes connects Happiest Day to William (even though that's a whole can of worms). William and Charlie are just dramatic foils of each other.
  • The Plush also seems to be pretty malevolent prior to Night 6, because it actively tells the BV that whatever he's afraid of about the animatronics is true, making him more afraid. Scott practically confirmed that whatever BV is afraid of was something he misunderstood, so the Plush is just making it worse for some reason, which is why I think it's Shadow Freddy.
    • Narratively, I think this is the best solution because Shadow Freddy is literally the final boss of FNAF4, he's the reason Mike has his nightmares; Shadow Freddy being prevalent in BV's story ties the nights back to the minigames in a compelling way. More on this topic...
  1. Shadow Freddy - Since I'm talking about it, he absolutely is Nightmare and the cause of Mike's nightmares. The Logbook sets this up too cleanly for this not to be the story Scott was trying to tell. The logbook introduces Mike, Cassidy, and BV. Cassidy asks BV about his own memories, like the plush and the telephone, and Mike makes a drawing alluding to FNAF4's nightmares.
Something that goes overlooked however is the random story prompt about Jeremy Fitzgerald getting followed home during FNAF2. Why is this in the logbook? Because it parallels what prompted Mike's nightmares; Shadow Freddy followed him home.
Does this mean Jeremy also had nightmares? YES WE SEE THEM IN FNAF2 THESE CUTSCENES ARE DREAMS.
I do believe the Logbook is used by Mike in 2023 [not necessarily that it was made in 2023], because FNAF3 would be when Shadow Freddy has an opportunity to latch onto Michael [either during the main game or after the auction at the end]. FNAF3's last night was called "NIGHTMARE MODE" after all. At the very least, the logbook is after SL anyways. Cassidy and BV are probably speaking through the logbook because its their remnant keeping Mike alive; similar to how Carlton had to interact with Brooks' remnant in The Fourth Closet.
  • Cassidy and/or BV might also be somewhat responsible for these nightmares, and I think that parallels nicely with William in UCN, but I'm not so certain with that.
I also wanna say Lefty is based on Shadow Freddy, in universe. I think this should seem obvious just from design ques, but it also makes sense in story. In the Insanity Ending, Lefty's blueprint appears at the same time when Henry says "lured them all back", describing Shadow Freddy. Henry realized what William did, luring the children back to the same place where they died, so Henry decides to do the same thing in his master plan.
Henry lured everyone to the alleyway of FFPS because that's where his daughter died [This is the purpose of Security Puppet; its the same alleyway]. He even used Lefty, who resembles Shadow Freddy, for this plan to make sure his daughter also "returns." This is a cool story detail that I don't think anyone calls out.
  1. FredbearsFFPS - the FFPS pizzeria 100% has to be where Charlotte died, because this is a necessary plot point for the game. Therefore, FFPS also has to either be the first Freddy's, or Fredbear's. I'm leaning towards Fredbear's because that's where she died in the novels, and because of Security Breach.
  2. Midnight Motorist - Alright. Here's my take on Midnight Motorist [credit to Sire Squawks]
  • Orange Guy is William.
  • "Later that Night" does refer to Charlotte's death.
  • Michael is the runaway kid, as BV already died months ago.
  • Henry is the couch guy.
    • This is actually the most important part because if Henry isn't the couch guy, then this minigame is literally pointless.
    • Fruity Maze draws attention to Follow Me which is relevant to the Insanity Ending, and gives a face to the name Susie in the Completion Ending. Security Puppet draws attention to the alley, which is crucial to Henry's plan as described in the Insanity and True Ending, and indicates the Puppet is important. Candy Cadet alludes to MoltenMCI which is relevant to both the Insanity and True Ending.
    • Now... what does Midnight Motorist have to do with ANYTHING in Pizzeria Simulator? Sure, it connects to Security Puppet, but then it tells us nothing of value relevant to FFPS... unless this serves to tell us why Henry wasn't at the restaurant to save his daughter, as he describes in the True Ending.
    • This logic is also why I don't believe AndrewMM anymore, because for the plot of FFPS, introducing another kid who only becomes relevant in UCN just makes it disconnected.
  • This is just tangentially-related, but can I also say that there is absolutely no reason for the Security Puppet to have faceplates, unless Scott is trying to tell us that William made the Puppet. Why would he do that only to kill her a few months later? I don't know, but Scott is hinting to it anyways. "I am the fearful reflection of what you have created," I guess...
  1. StitchlineGames - I still believe StitchlineGames, but I know that's gonna start an argument if I try to bring up any evidence... so why not follow it up with something better-
  2. CassidyTOYSNHK - I also believe Cassidy is TOYSNHK. How do I believe this and StitchlineGames? What about Andrew?
  • Well, I'm like half-convinced Andrew wasn't even real. He was Eleanor all along. Oh yeah totally, the stingers establish that Andrew caused everything, and then makes him vanish, followed by Eleanor showing up and the story just deciding to change its mind and say "It Was Eleanor All Along actually!!!"
  • When Jake and Andrew first talk, Andrew can't see so he asks Jake where they're at, Jake says they're in a dump truck and that there's junk everywhere, Andrew just goes "Figures. Story of my life" and Jake is like "why?" and then Andrew ignores him and NEVER ELABORATES ON THAT. Hmm, if only there was a character with a connection to junkyards...
  • Remember that one line when Jake said "Andrew's voice reminds me of a kid I used to know in school" HE PROBABLY WAS THAT RANDOM KID WHO KNOWS.
Okay. With that out my system...
  1. Security Breach's characters
  • Alright, I'm not as certain with everything from this point onward, but I at least like this narrative.
  • Afton does probably still want to rebuild his family in some twisted way, I'm pretty sure of this. Maybe as brainwashed people, as robots, whatever.
  • We now know for certain due to GGY that not only is Vanessa under Afton's reign, but so was Gregory.
  • Afton wanted both of them to mimic act as his family. Vanessa takes the role of Elizabeth ("Bill right? Your father's name was Bill?"), Gregory takes the role of BV ("The wizard's most favorite apprentice")
  • Why isn't there a human Michael stand-in? Tbh... because he's probably still alive and wrote the code on the wall.
    • Is it not odd that the room that was supposed to reveal the truth about Vanessa and Gregory also has a code describing what Gregory must do in SB; and that Scott randomly decided to make it Michael's room from Sister Location? Seems peculiar to me.
  • Why isn't there a human Ms. Afton stand-in? Tbh... okay I'll give you that one I don't know.
  • I think FuhNaff is right in connecting Gregory's possession to BB World.
  • As to why Gregory isn't possessed during SB, my guess is whoever wrote the wall code freed/reprogrammed him to "save those with soul." (depending on if you think Gregory is a robot which, idk could probably go either way at this point)
  • No idea who Glamrock Freddy or the Blob are... and at this point who knows what the deal is with Glitchtrap/Mimic.
That's all that I can think of, but let me know if I am wrong should elaborate on anything
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2023.03.20 00:57 StoneMan_3 Sentient animatronics?

I've been rewatching all of Markiplier's fnaf videos and I'm on pizzeria simulator. In one of the videos he gets sued. Now the lawsuits are of course full of jokes, but we need to remember that this is scott we're dealing with so sometimes what looks like a joke turns out to be canon. Basically the lawsuit says that an animatronic's head fell off in front of a little girl and "When asked if she was OK the girl screamed. Management asked the head to stop asking questions." Jokey jokey haha right? But it made me think. The head clearly saw the girl was distressed, thought to ask if she was OK, and then Management spoke to the head as it would a regular employee. The only time we see animatronics being sentient like this, asking and responding to questions like a human, is when they're possessed like baby and in sb with the glamrocks. I don't think this really means anything for the lore itself but I just wanted to draw attention to something I found interesting. It's probably nothing at all but it makes me wonder if whatever makes the glamrocks so human has been around for longer than we know.
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2023.03.19 02:07 FazbearFright_lover collection of all of my drawings, starting with the fnaf ones

collection of all of my drawings, starting with the fnaf ones submitted by FazbearFright_lover to u/FazbearFright_lover [link] [comments]