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This is a safe community for strippers only. Please do not interact if you are not a stripper. Welcome to stripper: The stripper community of Reddit! Come to have fun, relax, discuss, post photos, vent, and share stories! Did you have a good night? Did you make a lot? How were the customers? Share it all, and do not be shy! The best way to describe Stripper is: "The women's locker room in a strip club." All photos and videos are encouraged as long as they are stripper related.

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This is a place for Photographers in and around the Free City of Night City, California to share their work

2023.03.21 22:47 xbrittanyandrea I MUST HAVE THE PINK RHINO

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2023.03.21 22:46 coop3548 New Merch - thanks Shakepay. In da club!

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2023.03.21 22:46 ZeroxDS This cheered me up after a losing streak

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2023.03.21 22:46 fluffycowgod to prospective Berkeley students

Hi :)
I've been thinking about writing something like this to prospective Berkeley students for a while, even though there are dozens of posts just like this in the Berkeley subreddit and what I have to say probably isn't anything new, so take that with a grain of salt, and I hope I don't get any hate for my opinions. This post is, also, in a way, more for my own catharsis, so if anyone doesn't read this I don't mind too much either.
I'm in my second to last semester here at Cal, and across my time here, I feel like I've done a lot of reflection and learning -- enough to gather a comprehensive view of this school and offer some advice/warnings to people who might be thinking of coming here, especially with admissions timelines steadily arriving (or have they already happened? idk, i'm so disconnected from college admissions now heh). With that, here are some of the primary lessons/insights I've taken from my time here as someone who's going to graduate relatively soon.
  1. Berkeley club culture is a huge, huge part of social life.
    1. Club culture is huge here, affecting everything from your professional development, to potential friend groups, to a network of academic support. It definitely isn't everything -- I know people who have found community through their dormmates, rock climbing, etc, but clubs are definitely integral to student culture here, possibly in a way that doesn't exist in other schools. My other friends at other UC's and privates are often confused by my experiences with club culture. Clubs here go on retreats together, implement big-little systems, share past exams / exam resources (lol mainly CS) , etc. And "recruitment" here is no joke. Consulting clubs often have multiple rounds of both technical and behavioral aspects, and the most competitive clubs have acceptance rates that are relatively way less than Cal's own admission rate (~16%). However, there's also some more chill clubs (like potluck club, the genshin impact club, etc that are also really sweet, but are more about general membership and seem slightly less tight knit)!
    2. Although I've been lucky to join clubs that have offered me professional and social support, I have friends and roommates who have often told me they often feel like they have to prove their worth in order to gain social validation and connection. It's not a great feeling. However, as someone who's been a part of the club culture here, I can also vouch that some of my closest connections are just from random friends I've found on Instagram whose friendship I've been able to gain from consistently asking to hang out and consistently reaching out to. So, clubs aren't everything, but they can also act as "built in" social circles and a lifeline to surviving school here.
  2. It's sink or swim here.
    1. This is probably also common in larger schools and public schools, as well as most UC's. If you fall behind, you have to pick yourself up. You are the one who is in charge of maintaining social connections and making sure your academics are in order. There are many resources here, such as programs like the Disabled Students Program (can help ppl with mental illnesses or disorders like ADHD), academic tutoring, study groups (again mostly for subjects like CS or for bigger classes haha), but you need to put in the work to find them. It teaches you the valuable lesson of being independent, but it can sometimes get tiring. Sometimes, it's nice to have someone like an academic advisoetc looking out for you, but here you'll only get the help you look for. There's so much going on here, but it won't come to you magically.
  3. If you are a student with a history of struggling with mental health issues, Cal may not be for you.
    1. Now, I know that this is an affliction that affects students and non-students alike nation-wide, and that all administrations struggle with addressing mental health struggles. Mental health is an epidemic here and everywhere. However, there are aspects to attending Berkeley which, in my opinion, can really exacerbate this. (the two bullet points I listed before are part of this heh). CAPS is largely unreliable as someone who's applied to get therapy more than three times from them, and again, you're likely to have to seek out help yourself + elsewhere (outside of the school). This really sucks if you're low-income/don't have access to these resources. Also, even if you have DSP, not every professor follows DSP (disabled student program) guidelines and (again) you're going to have to cross-check with each professor about how to implement DSP. In a school of 40k+ students, it's easy to get lost and feel lonely here, and sometimes it's really not manageable.
  4. The people are all quite lovely :') (most of the time)
    1. In lieu of all of this, I've still met some of my best friends here. There's such a diversity of opportunities here that I've had the chance to meet people from all over the world and country who are kind, intelligent, nuanced, and who care about me. People are sooo smart and talented too.
  5. Don't listen to stereotypes, there's something for everyone here in terms of the social scene.
    1. The plus side of 40 thousand people attending Cal is that there's so many types of people here. If you're into Greek life, there's a huge community for that. There's communal living spaces post-dorm (co-ops, Bowles Hall), there's clubs for e-sports and anime and furries (lol). There's also a house show/band scene here and fashion shows/student run art installations and galleries for people who are really into music/art. I feel like I've only heard this from terminally online ppl lol but Cal isn't only a 'school for nerds'.
  6. Tech is not everything here, but it does saturate many parts of student culture. There's less focus on art for the sake of art if you want a campus with a super strong creative culture.
    1. Even non-CS majors are often part of consulting/tech-consulting clubs because our proximity to SF/the Silicon Valley. Tech is a major part of Berkeley's identity and if you want a school that's more focused on the humanities, just consider that. However, there are so many cool opportunities for the humanities here as well (AMAZING creative writing faculty, the chance to audit Berkeley Law Classes, I even know a few people interning for senator Feinstein in SF). There's kind of way less opportunities for art (lots of people go into design-tech), except for student-run orgs. Art Practice majors still exist here but there definitely aren't as strong creative programs as places like UCLA or actual art schools haha. However, as I said before, because there's simply so many people here, it's still very possible to find tight-knit creative communities just depending on what you do, what you join, and the people you meet. Again (lol), it's all about seeking opportunities for yourself.
Ahhh, that's all I could think about for now. For students who are planning on coming here, I just wanted to offer some transparency, even though, again, I know lots of posts like this already exist. Coming to Berkeley has changed my life in so many ways and I've grown so much (even though I'm going through a really tough patch right now). I wouldn't be the person I am today without the obstacles thrown at me, the chance I've given myself to grow/be aggressive about seeking chance, etc. I just wish, sometimes, though, that someone had told me these things before I'd gotten here to inform my decision better. That's all -- Go Bears !!! :,)
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2023.03.21 22:45 TakedownslikeGSP Racial Diversity in SaaS Sales - Is it getting better at the big companies or still overwhelmingly white males?

I wanted to know about the sales culture at the biggest SaaS companies such as Salesforce, Adobe, Google, and such.
Has it become more racially diverse in the past few years at all?
I worry because I know how poorly minorities and people of color can be treated at a place where the sales culture is practically the rowing team or country club.
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2023.03.21 22:44 clshaw OMGosh release week! Are you reading any of these spicy romances??

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2023.03.21 22:44 0sub0r Sexy amateur couple tries a swinger club for the first time

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2023.03.21 22:43 M_BL Ghoulia Fang Club

Hi! I’ve been seeing so many times posted on when to buy the exclusive Ghoulia, does anyone know what time would it would come out est?
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2023.03.21 22:42 jl2727_ Trying to get a brace with an icon throwback for kluivert objectives and this happens…

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2023.03.21 22:42 Useful_Audience7315 Looking for any orgs doing political education classes.

Just wondering if there were any active orgs doing political edu classes, or book clubs reading any anti-colonial/Marxist texts. Any leads would be helpful. Appreciate y’all!
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2023.03.21 22:41 eroticstoryqueen F4F 47 Looking to chat and maybe more with another (f)

Professional couple M50/F47 looking for some added spice. New to the Life Style. Let's see where we can take this. Would love to connect with another (F) or the right couple and see where things could go. Looking to find someone near Central Southern Virginia or Northern North Carolina for chatting, dinner, drinks and hopefully more. We love to go to strip clubs, the (F) loves dancing and to be danced for. Especially when hands wonder up and down her body. We have been to a couple swingers events and have recently started frequenting "The House" in Raleigh and really enjoy it. Please NO single males. DM if you are interested.
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2023.03.21 22:40 snakeuser74 H: Listed Items Below, W: AA25 FFR 90RW Gatling Gun

Open to other offers (except for caps), along with keeping an eye out for the following:
  1. Vampire Chainsaw: +40% more power attack damage and 90% RW.
  2. Tattered Field Jacket
  3. Quad Railway Rifle: +25% FFR and 90RW.

Weapons: All are between lvl 45-50 unless stated otherwise)
  1. Anti-Armor Recoil Compensated Automatic EPR: +50% VATS hit chance and FMWA. (Stabilized Automatic Barrel, Stabilized Stock and Reflex Sight)
  2. Anti-Armor Fatman: +50% VATS hit chance, 90% RW.
  3. Anti-Armor Powerfist: +40% FSS and +1 Strength.
  4. Bloodied 50 Cal. Machine Gun: +25%FFR and 25% less VATS AP cost.
  5. Bloodied Bowie Knife: +40% FSS and +1 Strength.
  6. Bloodied Fixer: +25% FFR and +50 DR while aiming.
  7. Furious Flamer: +25% damage while aiming and 90% RW.
  8. Indigo Baseball Bat (Unrolled, lvl 45)
  9. Junkie's Gatling Gun: Bullets explode and 90% RW.
  10. Quad 50. Cal. Machine Gun: Bullets explode (only two star)
  11. Quad Alien Blaster: +50% VATS hit chance and 15% faster reload.
  12. Quad Recoil Compensated EPR: Breaks 50% slower and Refresh AP on kills. (Aligned automatic barrel, stabilized stock, refined beta wave tuner and normal sights)
  13. Quad Fixer: Bullets explode and +15% faster reload.
  14. Quad Railway Rifle: Bullets explode and +250 DR while reloading.
  15. Recoil Compensated EPR (x2, Unrolled, Splitter Barrels, Stabilized Stock and Reflex Sight)
  16. Two Shot Fatman: +50% VATS hit chance and VATS critical meter fills 15% faster.
  17. Yellow Baseball Bat (Unrolled, lvl 45)
  18. Zealot's Thirst Zapper: +50% more damage on VATS critical hits and +250 DR while reloading.
  1. Asylum Worker Uniforms: Forest, Pink and Yellow (x2 of each)
  2. BoS Jumpsuit (x2)
  3. Emmett MT. Hazmat Suit (x2)
  4. Fasnacht Buffoon Mask
  5. Fasnact Crazy Guy Mask
  6. Fasnacht Deathclaw Mask
  7. Fasnacht Fiend Mask
  8. Fasnacht Loon Mask
  9. Fasnacht Old Man Winter Mask
  10. Forest Scout Armor Mask (x2)
  11. Garrahan Foreman Outfit/Helmet (x2)
  12. Straitjacket Clean (x2)
  13. White Powder Jumpsuit (x2)
  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Balloon Arch
  3. Behemoth Boss Plushie (x2)
  4. Bear Arm Puncturing Mod (x2)
  5. Blue Ridge Caravan Backpack (x2)
  6. Blue Ridge Caravan Flag
  7. Bouquet of Star Balloons
  8. Boxing Gloves Lead Lining
  9. Deputy Hat
  10. Deathclaw Gauntlet
  11. Formula P (x4)
  12. Machete Sacrificial Blade Mod
  13. Nuka World Cowboy Duster
  14. Nuka World Cowboy Hat
  15. Poker Set
  16. Raw Cement Barricade
  17. Safari Crocolossus Backpack (x3)
  18. Safari Gorilla Backpack (x3)
  19. Scorched Tube
  20. SheepSquatch Club Mods (Barbed, Burning and Poisoned)
  21. Sherrif's Hat
  22. Shielded Lining (BoS and Casual x2, Marine)
  23. Sledgehammer Mods (Heavy Sharp, Spiked and Heavy Searing Sharp)
  24. Spin the Wheel Ornament (x2)
  25. Stimpak Diffuser
  26. Tenderizer Mods (Pepperized and Salty x2, Spicy)
  27. TV Aquarium (x2)
  28. T-60 Power Armor Parts (full set available)
  29. Ultracite Armor Mods (Kinetic Dynamos and Servos, Optimized Servos, Overdrive Servos, Targeting HUD, Tesla Coils and Welded Rebar)
  30. Vintage Water Cooler
  1. Enclave Plasma Gun Aligned Flamer Mod (x3)
  2. Enclave Plasma Gun Severe Beta Wave Tuner
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2023.03.21 22:39 nordbyjoel26 New Golf Simulator Bar in Old Town! Check out the new South Broadway Country Club Location with 3 Trackman Simulators and a sweet cocktail bar and good beer selection! Super affordable and great for all skill levels or just a cool cozy place with good vibes to hang and grab a drink.

New Golf Simulator Bar in Old Town! Check out the new South Broadway Country Club Location with 3 Trackman Simulators and a sweet cocktail bar and good beer selection! Super affordable and great for all skill levels or just a cool cozy place with good vibes to hang and grab a drink. submitted by nordbyjoel26 to FortCollins [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:38 CimplyRavishing Club RunDisney registration

Planning a bucket list trip in 2024 and want to run the Wine and Dine half. To guarantee participation, I’d like to sign up for club runDisney when the next registration opens. Does anyone know if spots for the club sell out like the races do? The only info I can find was that platinum sold out last year (I’d be looking for gold). Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 22:37 domithicc any of y'all got a pokemon club or something similar?

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2023.03.21 22:37 AmbassadorFew7374 Rake back system ! Crazy action daily !!!NLH, PLO and ROE rolling all day !! Great action with low rake !! New player bonuses and daily free rolls add ons ! Agents please message me ,daily payouts 713-966-9734

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2023.03.21 22:37 ConorB2022 Cheltenham on the Friday

Club & Festival Lounge Package booked for Cheltenham next year.
Will I be ok getting a pint and a piss on the Friday? I've been told that's its a crowded nightmare on Friday but maybe that's just general admissions?
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