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For questions and discussion about Facebook Marketplace.

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For when you come across "that thing" on the Facebook Marketplace that makes you cringe or even scared!

2019.03.01 17:25 matt1215 Weird Shit Found On Facebook Marketplace

Discussion for all the strange items found on the glorious Facebook Marketplace. It can be strange combination, odd homemade items that people try to sell, or people that just don't have a general grasp of the concept of it all.

2023.06.05 12:20 VilisGrinvalds Facebook Marketplace doesn’t work for me.

I have a slight problem with Facebook Marketplace. Four months ago Marketplace just stopped working. It shows that the “Marketplace is not available in your country.” I asked my friends thew sed that everything is okay in Netherlands with Facebook. All good. But why it shows like that for me? I am in wrong country or whats wrong? I wrote messages to Facebook everyday and asked for help but there is no single answer. Very bad costumer service very bad Facebook very bad!
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2023.06.05 12:19 Visual-Two-9747 Youth Dress Shirts (L - 14/16) bunch

Youth Dress Shirts (L - 14/16) bunch
I purchased these shirts in December on Facebook Marketplace for my boys and my wife informed me that I got them too small. Paid $120 and selling for $50. No offers will be accepted and am happy to meet in Madison/Harvest for pickup (Huntsville on Tues/Wed).
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2023.06.05 11:01 AutoModerator Daily Megathread: HOUSING?

Here are some sites to look at and please know - any sites that have a real estate person’s contact on it are all fed from realtor.ca (MLS - Multiple Listing Service) database. The platforms that some real estate brokerages use might be more user-friendly though.
Realtor run sites:
Not sure if these scrape other sites or just realtor.ca
Non-Realtor listings
Possible shorter term rentals:
This vid can be useful for some as well: https://youtu.be/piVgW35wziQ
For students:

(above text stolen from the wonderful GTAhomeguy)
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2023.06.05 10:23 wriat What are the Free Advertising Options for Your Book Launch?

Launching a book is an exciting and fulfilling moment for any author. However, without effective advertising and promotion, even the most brilliant book may struggle to gain attention in a crowded marketplace. Fortunately, there are numerous free advertising options available that can help you generate buzz and attract readers to your book. In this article, we will explore some of the best free advertising strategies for your book launch, including leveraging free publishing websites, utilizing the services of the best self-publishing companies, and tapping into self-publishing platforms. We will also discuss the role of self-publishing companies in India and the importance of book publishing in the overall success of your book.
  1. Utilize Free Publishing Websites
One of the most accessible options for advertising your book is by utilizing free publishing websites. Platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Smash words, and Draft2Digital allow you to self-publish your book for free and reach a wide audience. These platforms offer various promotional tools, including the ability to create author profiles, book listings, and discounted pricing options. By optimizing your book's metadata, selecting relevant categories, and leveraging keyword research, you can enhance the discoverability of your book on these platforms.
  1. Tap into Self-Publishing Companies
The best self-publishing companies offer free advertising services to authors. They provide platforms where authors can create professional book listings, access marketing tools, and engage with readers. Some self-publishing companies offer promotional features like author interviews, author spotlights, and newsletter features, all aimed at increasing exposure for your book. By collaborating with reputable self-publishing companies, you can tap into their existing reader base and gain valuable visibility for your book without incurring additional costs.
  1. Leverage Self-Publishing Platforms
In addition to free publishing websites and self-publishing companies, self-publishing platforms offer additional opportunities for free book advertising. Websites such as Goodreads, LibraryThing, and BookBub have dedicated communities of readers who actively free book publishing engage with books and authors. These platforms allow you to create author profiles, participate in discussion groups, and promote your book through author Q&A sessions and giveaways. Engaging with these platforms can help you connect directly with your target audience and build a strong reader base.
  1. Harness the Power of Social Media
Social media platforms are powerful tools for book promotion, and they are often free to use. Establishing an author presence on platforms such as Facebook, best self publishing platforms Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn enables you to connect with readers, share updates about your book, and build a loyal following. Utilize relevant hashtags, engage in conversations with your target audience, self publishing in india and share compelling content related to your book to generate interest and attract potential readers.
  1. Collaborate with Book Bloggers and Influencers
Engaging with book bloggers and influencers can be a cost-effective way to gain exposure for your book. Many bloggers and influencers have dedicated followings who trust their recommendations. Research and reach out to book bloggers or influencers within your genre and book publishing online offer them a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review or feature on their blog or social media channels. These reviews and features can significantly boost your book's visibility and attract new readers. Conclusion When it comes to advertising your book without breaking the bank, there are several free options available. By leveraging free publishing websites, self-publishing companies, self-publishing platforms, social media, and collaborations with book bloggers and influencers, you can publishing companies effectively promote your book without incurring significant costs. Remember to optimize your book's metadata, engage with your target audience, and consistently share compelling content to maximize the impact of your free advertising efforts.
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2023.06.05 10:22 reptomcraddick Places to sell antiques to?

My mom gave me some of her vintage milk glass and I was wondering if y’all had any recommendations on how to sell it. Have you had luck with Facebook Marketplace? Is there an antique store that you’ve had good results selling to?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 09:43 AutoModerator [DOWNLOAD] Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Six Figure Side Hustle

I got the course Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Six Figure Side Hustle
I found a link for the course for all of you people out there who need.
The link is direct download, no torrents, no viruses.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I can get access to many courses.
Where to download
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2023.06.05 09:38 ExtendoClout Are there any item exchange groups for the Tokyo area?

Looking for any common item exchange or buy and sell groups around Tokyo. Facebook marketplace and Craigslist don’t seem to be too great.
If there is anything to do with buying/trading luggage specifically, I would also be interested.
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2023.06.05 09:03 LooseCalendar5800 is this worth it?

is this worth it for $200 AUD ($140 USD) i found an oculus rift s on facebook marketplace and the only game im looking to play is half life alyx and a few others is this a good option or is it overpriced it just comes with everything it normally comes with. also how much might I be able to resell it for?
picture of it: https://imgur.com/a/SX6t9YT
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2023.06.05 08:48 Ismasoto24 Soccer uniforms and soccer jerseys

Soccer uniforms and soccer jerseys
Hello guys, don’t know if you’ve seen my ad in Facebook marketplace but I sell soccer jerseys and also provide with complete soccer uniforms for anyone who’s starting their team or wants new uniforms. Quality is 10/10 insane. I’m located thru central. Don’t want to gatekeep the prices but the most expensive I’ll sell a uniform is for $35. Hmu if you want more info
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2023.06.05 08:27 tnycrpntr Can anyone confirm that this is Elfa?

Sure looks like it but want to make sure! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/479790784274450/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner
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2023.06.05 07:26 Markula_4040 Best places to find used cars for under $6K besides Facebook marketplace?

My car is looking like it's on its way out so I'm starting to look around for another which I'll probably be using a small loan from my bank to pay for it
Been looking around on Facebook marketplace and found a couple that looks alright. Like to ask if there are any other places to look for used cars in or close to Ocala
If it matters, I'm looking for something under $6K, 4-cylinder, automatic, under 185K miles, around 25 city miles - 33 hwy, and in these sizes: sedan, hatchback, coupe, SUV, or small car
Tried doing the normal google search and went through the top sites and holy crap are they annoying to navigate. They also had not much in inventory
Anyone have any suggestions, online or off, for places to find a used car for under $6K?
Thanks for any help
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2023.06.05 07:21 PlentyConfusion2734 Bait and Switched?

I recently bought a treadmill on Facebook Marketplace through cash. The listing was for a specific brand and he used pictures of a specific model.
On this trip, I bought the treadmill in cash and paid for a different item via zelle.
I reached out to him saying the treadmill is completely different from the listing and he basically said its my fault for taking it home without double checking it there. Lesson learned. He blocked me while we were talking about bringing it back in the box and exchanging for the one described in the listing.
Is there anything I can do? I thought about trying to reverse the zelle payment on the second item to get a partial refund but then maybe thats too far. I'm blocked so I cant even report him :( Ive always bought stuff on fb marketplace through cash so this has me wondering if i should trust buying through cash again
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2023.06.05 07:12 food8888 Tablet Tech Issues

Recently got a huion 1060 plus from facebook marketplace and just connected to my laptop not long ago. For some reason, the tablet isn't detected on the huion program and I keep getting pop ups saying directory name is invald. I tried using my pen too but that only works when both tablet and pen are plugged in. I've tried getting an older version, restarting, and getting a new cord and none of that has worked. Would love some help.
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2023.06.05 06:52 NotPoggersDude Starting my next money dump

Starting my next money dump
Hi everyone, college student here.
Found this HP 5800-48G switch, NavePoint rack+case, and a simple storage desktop server on Facebook Marketplace for $300. I don't have a topology, sorry! I'll post one as soon as I expand a bit.
Does anyone have any experience with this switch or ones like it? My education has only covered Cisco equipment.
As for the desktop, it's got 4 1TB HDDs, but I'll be swapping those for higher capacity ones (Maybe 10TB each?) down the line before I get it set up for good. Does anyone have any recommendations for the OS and drives? I plan on hosting my own personal cloud on it and probably running either raid 1+0 or 5, not sure yet.
Additionally, I have an old Optiplex 5050, dunno what to do with it yet. I have a Raspberry Pi running PiHole as well.
Any recommendations or comments are highly valued,
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2023.06.05 06:49 Radiant-Ostrich-4806 Fake or real

Fake or real
Hey wanted to buy this off Facebook marketplace but idk if they’re real or fake can y’all help?
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2023.06.05 06:30 Bisco711 Confused - Is this soundbar/subwoofer some sort of diamond?

So last year I bought my friend's old Polk SoundBar 3000. I traded him a pizza for it. Literally.
Last week I upgraded to the S90B so I obviously don't need this old Polk anymore. It's nearly 10 years old...
So I put it up on Facebook Marketplace for $25 and closed my laptop. I opened er back up this morning and 35 people had messaged me asking to buy the Polk. Is this unit something particularly special? Is $25 way too low for this? I'm confused because it wasn't that great of a soundbar and the sub cracked every now and then. It was like the epitome of entry-level and yet for some reason everyone and their brother is trying to buy this.
I tried looking it up but really returned no helpful information about this. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.05 06:16 Vivid_Clue725 2013 KTM sxf 250 or 2015 RM-Z 250

Idk what to get but I'm 5"8 1/2
Links for both
KTM https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1015112356141609/?mibextid=dXMIcH
Suzuki https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/752215699958307/?mibextid=dXMIcH
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2023.06.05 05:44 ZedOnNutella FB Marketplace legit?

FB Marketplace legit?
Was browsing through facebook marketplace and saw a bunch of Nintendo switches witha bunch of codes by the end (this one A502). They are all 100$ or less. If this is a scam, how does it work? I'm very tempted to buy but it is too good to be true.
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2023.06.05 05:11 Liliannnaa Should I trust this? I found a seller on FB and selling their Gigabyte B650M AORUS ELITE AX Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard please help before I buy it tomorrow.

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2023.06.05 05:08 Snuffy2g Is this a good deal? 2011 V10 R8 Salvage.

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2023.06.05 03:18 freshlybred Best place to sell furniture these days? Feel like I don't get as much immediate interest on my stuff on Facebook marketplace as in the past

Should we go back to craigslist?
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2023.06.05 02:40 MJDeebiss Just out of curiosity...how many people are going to stop using reddit here if they stop the 3rd party apps? Like i will still check it on PC cus im a dumbshit addict but if my RiF app (im on android) doesn't work that is like 80% of my usage gone.

I'm being honest I just wont use it on mobile. I already dropped facebook and twitter (phone first for both and then twitter on PC too, only use facebook on pc for marketplace and family) so I KIND OF see this as another just "cleansing" of my time. I'm not knocking anyone or anything for using any of these, just imo they have gotten bad enough to leave and reddit is about to join that crew imo.
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