Driftwood retreat and ranch

Has anyone had any success with retreats?

2023.06.05 11:13 Babi_Wabi Has anyone had any success with retreats?

Hi everyone, this is a bit counterintuitive but my husband with agoraphobia has expressed interest in going to a specialised retreat/rehab for treatment. He is tired of this condition and is ready for something a bit more radical than regular therapy. If anyone here has some experience to share we would love to hear about it
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2023.06.05 11:00 RX-HER0 Spider-Man in DnD 5e!

Before we start, I'd like to give a great thanks to the "DM Mentor's Guild" discord, for without them I wouldn't have been able to make this build at all! Make sure to check them out! This server has experienced DMs with a knack for helping others tell an immersive fantasy, balance encounters, and fix game related issues. If your question requires a personal touch, there's no one I'd refer you to over the good guys at the "DM Mentor's Guild" server!
This is a guide for how to play Spider-Man in DnD 5e. Of course, it will be impossible for this to be all-encompassing, but I’ll do my best.
“With great power, comes great responsibility.”
Peter Parker isn't a mutant, but rather just a human. Due to the spiderbite, he’s far from your normal high schooler, however, so we’ll make him a Variant Human! Variant Humans get a feat at level 1, and we’ll be taking the Crusher feat to weave to yank enemies with our webs and launch them with our super strength! This feat gives us the ability to move a creature 5ft, once per turn, when you hit with an attack that deals bludgeoning damage. Additionally, when we crit on an attack, all attacks against our target have advantage until the start of our next turn. Finally, we may boost our Strength or Constitution by +1, and we’ll choose Constitution. As a Variant Human, we are also able to increase 2 of our stats by +1. Let’s boost Dexterity and Wisdom for better web-slinging and stronger Spidey-Senses! Finally, let’s grab Perception as a skill, to represent our peak ability and health!
Stat Array.
Peter’s got a wide array of abilities, so to cover this we’ll be using Point Buy, which gives us 27 points to put in our stats, which start at 8 as a default. Each increase above 13 will cost 2 points instead of 1.
9 points in Dexterity! Spider-Man is a slippery, nimble fellow with an agile fighting style! Our Dexterity will be 15 + 1 = 16, with a +3 modifier.
5 points in Wisdom! Peter’s always had a good heart and a just head on his shoulders. Additionally, Wisdom represents his senses, like Spider-Sense! Our Wisdom will be 13 + 1 = 14, with a +2 modifier.
5 points in Constitution! Spidey definitely can take a beating, but he’s more of the more frail characters of Marvel. Our Constitution will be a 13 + 1 = 14, with a +2 modifier.
5 points in Intelligence. On top of being nimble and perceptive, Peter’s smart beyond measure- to the point where he made his extremely strong, chemically binding web fluid by himself! Our Intelligence will be a 13, with a +1 modifier.
2 points in Strength. Spider-Man can lift metal fortresses, but we just can't have everything. Still, we can’t dump it. Our Strength will be a 10, with a +0 modifier.
0 points in Charisma. Peter’s a nerd who constantly gets picked on by Flash Thompson. Even as Spider-Man, he’s not exactly appreciated by the people of New York. Yeah, yeah, I know -he still had to have amazing Charisma to bag Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and Black Cat- but we can’t have everything. Our Charisma will be an 8, with a -1 modifier.
Peter Parker was a high schooler that, by circumstance, was bit by a radioactive spider, did a wrestling gig, saw his uncle die -you know the story already. Let’s grab Deception to lie to Aunt May, and Investigation, to devise tactics to defeat our enemies! Let’s call this the Web Head background.
Spider-Man is a fast, nimble hero who crawls walls and prefers to dodge attacks over tank through them, so we’ll kick them off as a Monk 1!
Let’s grab Athletics and Acrobatics as skills, to do whatever a spider can. We gain proficiency in Strength and Dexterity saving throws. We are also proficient in all simple weapons and short swords. For our artisan’s tool, let’s grab Tinker’s Tools.
Our favorite wall-crawler wears nothing but his costume in action, so it’s good that all Monks gain Unarmoured Defense! We gain a new way of calculating AC; 10 + Dexterity modifier + Wisdom Modifier! In other words, our AC does not come from armour, but from quickly evading blows and predicting attacks through Spider-Sense!
We also gain Martial Arts! We may use Dexterity instead of Strength for Unarmed Strikes or Monk weapons, which means that we can viably use all of our martial jabs and kicks. Furthermore, when rolling damage for a unarmed strike or monk weapon, we may role our martial art’s die + our Dexterity or Strength modifier in place of our usual damage. Our starting die is a d4. Finally, when we hit with an unarmed strike or Monk weapon on our turn, we may make an unarmed strike as a bonus action.
We’ll use Unarmed Strikes for our punches and kicks, and for our web shooters, we will actually use a sling! Why? It’s a 1-handed ranged weapon that does bludgeoning damage. With this, we can use our Crusher 5ft pull with our unarmed strike, which is our super-strength, or with our sling, which is yanking an enemy with our web shooters.
Monk 2.
At this level, our training allows us the ability to harness the mystic energy of Ki, which is a representation of our Spider Powers! We have Ki points equal to our Monk level, and regain all Ki on a short rest. Our Ki save DC is equal to 8 + proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier. We may use Ki to fuel the following effects:
Flurry of Blows: Right after we take the attack action, we may spend 1 Ki point to make 2 Unarmed Strikes as a bonus action! This is a combo!
Patient Defense: We may spend 1 Ki point to take the dodge action as a bonus action. This is you focusing on dodging.
Step of the Wind: We may spend 1 Ki point to take the dash or disengage action as a bonus action! Be the spider JJJ just can’t squish!
Finally, we gain Unarmoured Movement at this level. While wearing no armor or a shield, we gain a bonus to our movement speed, which makes sense given how slippery Spider-Man is. Right now, it’s +10ft, and it’ll increase as we level up.
Monk 3.
At the 3rd level, All Monks get to choose a Monastic Tradition! For skirmishers like Spider-Man, Drunken Master is the best pick (you don’t actually have to drink for it to work).
As a Drunken Master, we gain proficiency in Performance, which we use to emulate our alter-ego ( also, use it for the dance ), and Brewer’s Supplies, to brew some New York joe.
All Drunken Masters also gain Drunken Technique, which gives us +10 movement speed and the benefit of the disengage action, when we use Flurry of Blows.
We also gain Deflect Missiles as a 3rd level Monk! As a reaction to being it with a ranged attack, we may deflect it, reducing the damage of the attack by 1d10 + Dexterity modifier + Monk Level. If we reduce the attack’s damage to zero, we may throw the projectile back as a monk weapon using the same reaction, at the cost of 1 Ki point! Catching a projectile and throwing it back is just the thing Spider-Man would do.
Monk 4.
At this level, we gain our First ASI! As a Monk, we desperately need them, so let’s not squander this bonus and boost our Dexterity by +2! Our Dexterity is now 16 + 2 = 18, with a +4 modifier!
We also gain Slow Fall at this level! As a reaction, we may reduce the damage from a fall that we take by 5 times our Monk level! It would be a shame if you took falling damage from your own jump, after all?
Monk 5.
At this level, we gain Extra Attack! When we take the attack action, we may make 2 attacks with that action! Spider-Man doesn’t take his rogue’s gallery down with one powerful strike, but with many rapid ones.
Additionally, we also gain Stunning Strike at this level! When we hit with a creature with an attack, we may expend 1 Ki point and force our opponent to make a Constitution saving throw. If they fail, they are stunned until the end of your next turn. This is you webbing up your opponent!
Alright, we’ve got a decent amount of martial ability and spider strength, let’s grab a few more specific abilities. To do that, let’s multiclass into . . .
Wizard 1!
All Wizards get Spellcasting, but we’ll reflavor yours as abilities you get courtesy of your radioactive blood, and/or your gadgets! After all, Spider-Men in general are at least a little bit mystic due to the Web of Life and Destiny. With how quick-witted you are, Intelligence will be your spellcasting modifier. As a Wizard, we get a spellbook for our spells, which for you is just your school notebook.
For Cantrips, we’ll pick . .
Mage Hand, to yank items towards you with a thwip.
Light, which is a light.
Mending, which is webbing something back together.
1st level Wizards also get to add 6 spells into their spellbook! Let’s grab . . .
Shield, which is a Web Barrier.
Longstrider, even more dexterous movement.
Catapult, which is using your webs to slingshot an object.
Gift of Alacrity, for even better reflexes.
Thunderwave, which is our impact webs.
Jump, which is how we’ll do web swinging. It isn’t climbing and isn’t flying, but I think this is a good compromise. With this and Step of the Wind, we have a 60ft long jump and a 18ft high jump.
As a 1st level Wizard, we also get Arcane Recovery, which allows us to, once per long rest, recover spell slots with a total level equal to or less then our Wizard level. The spell slots recovered cannot be above 6th level, to reload and gain more ammo!
Wizard 2.
2nd level Wizards get an Arcane Tradition, and the War Magic Tradition is the pick for superheroes that apply their intelligence in both rigorous study and brutal combat!
War Magic Wizards gain Arcane Deflection, which allows us to gain a +2 bonus to AC against the attack or a +4 bonus to that saving throw as a reaction. If we use this feature, the only spells we may cast next turn are cantrips. This is great for us, since we rely on weapon attacks anyway! This is our Spider-Sense.
We also gain Tactical Wit, which allows us to add our Intelligence modifier to our Initiative!
For our new spells, lets learn . . .
Silvery Barbs, which is distracting our enemy with a spurt of webs!
Identify, which is us using our Intelligence to figure out a mysterious magic item.
Wizard 3.
For our Wizard spells of this level, let’s learn . . .
Web, which is an AOE web (duh).
Earthbind, which is yanking Green Goblin down with webs.
Okay, we’ve got everything we need from Wizard, so let’s jump back to . . .
Monk 6.
At 6th level, we gain Ki Empowered Strikes! Our Unarmed Strikes now count as magical for the purpose of overcoming non-magical resistance.
As a Drunken Master Monk, we gain Tipsy Sway! This gives us two benefits:
Leap to Your Feet: When we’re prone, we can instantly flip off the floor, costing us only 5ft movement instead of half.
Redirect Attack: When we are missed with an attack role, we may spend one Ki point to cause that attack to hit one creature within 5ft of us, other than ourselves.
Both of these abilities are very fitting for Spidey!
Our unarmoured movement bonus increases to +15ft.
Monk 7.
At this level, We gain Evasion, which allows us to take half damage from a failed Dexterity save, and no damage from a successful Dexterity save! This is also a good ability for Spider-Man.
Additionally, we gain Stillness of Mind! As an action, we can end one effect on ourself that is causing us to be charmed or frightened. Spider-Man’s always had a good heart and a strong will, so it makes sense that it would be difficult to sway him with charms or frightens.
Monk 8.
At this level, we gain another ASI! Let’s boost Dexterity by +2 to cap it off at 18 + 2 = 20, with a +5 modifier! Now we’ve got the maximum amount of nimbleness that we can achieve.
Monk 9.
At this level, we gain an Unarmoured Movement Improvement, which allows us to run up walls and across water. Running up walls is our wallcrawling, and I guess across water is some shoe gadget you made?
Monk 10.
At this level, we gain Purity of Body, which makes us immune to poison and disease. Spider-Man’s got super-healing, after all.
Our unarmoured movement bonus increases to +20ft.
Monk 11.
At the 11th level of Monk as a Drunken Master, we gain Drunkard’s Luck! We always have a bout of luck when we need it most, as whenever we make an attack, save, or check and have disadvantage, we can spend 2 Ki to cancel out the disadvantage.
Monk 12.
Another ASI at this level. Let’s boost our Wisdom by +2 for higher AC and greater Spidey-Senses! Our Wisdom is now 14 + 2 = 16, with a +3 modifier!
Monk 13.
At the 13th level of Monk, we gain Tongue of the Sun and Moon! We are now able to understand all spoken languages, and all creatures that speak a language can understand what we can say! Spider-Man is beloved world-wide.
Monk 14.
At this level, we gain Diamond Soul! We’re now proficient in every single saving throw, including death saves, and if we fail a save, we may spend a Ki point to reroll!
Our unarmoured movement bonus increases to +25ft.
Monk 15.
All 15th level Monks gain Timeless Body! We no longer suffer the ill effects of aging and cannot be aged magically. I guess this explains why was perpetually in highschool (yeah I know the real reason is the comic line restarts).
Monk 16.
At this level, we gain another ASI! Wisdom is important for us, so let’s boost our Wisdom by +2! Our Wisdom is now 16 + 2 = 18, with a +4 modifier.
And finally, we’ll cap off our webbed wonder with . . .
Monk 17.
This is our final Drunken Monk Feature, Intoxicated Frenzy! When we use Flurry of blows, we can make up to 3 additional attacks with our bonus action, provided that each Flurry of blows attack targets a different target.
We are extremely mobile! 55ft movement base, 110ft movement on a dash, 220ft with two, 20ft horizontal jump and 18ft high jump with Step of the Wind and the Jump spell, and we can crawl on walls and run on water! We’re really hard to pin down, especially since we can disengage for free when using Flurry!
We’ve got great defenses! 19 AC, Proficiency in every save, we can remove disadvantage for 1 Ki, we can reroll for 1 Ki, +5 to AC through Shield, +2 for free through War Magic, and +4 to saves also through War Magic.
We’re great at handling crowds, as we can make 7 attacks with Flurry of blows as long as we hit a different creature each time, and can make a Stunning Strike attempt on each hit!
We dipped Wizard for Web, but we have a really low Spellcasting Modifier and as such a really easy save to beat.
We missed one of the best Monk features, Empty Body.
A sling is just worse than a shortbow (in DnD, slings are crazy IRL)
Black Suit Spider-Man Quickbuild
Miles: “Let’s go man, before he gets too far!”
Peter: “No . . . he’s mine . . .”
Miles: “You sure? He’s got big teeth.”
Peter: “So do I.”
This is still Peter, but now he’s making use of the dark powers of the Symbiote, so he’ll still be a Variant Human but instead of Crusher, we’ll grab Eldritch Adept and gain the Mask of Many Faces invocation, which gives us at-will castings if Disguise Self. This’ll be how we shift from
our classic and black suit.
Our main stat is Strength.
Take 1 in Monk for Martial Arts.
Put the following 6 levels in Barbarian, which fits the much more brutalistic nature of your newly adopted fighting style. Take the Beast subclass for large symbiote weapons! Your maw is conjoining your arms and spawning a giant toothy jaw, your claws are tendrils at the tip of your fingers, and your tail is a great black tentacle that leaps out of you. Not to mention, you can crawl and jump(webswing) long distances now too. We’ll be using the Barbarian’s unarmoured defense.
Put the next 2 levels in Monk and take the Astral Self subclass, which we’ll reflavor as our stretchy symbiote attacks. We’ve got 3 Ki, with 9 over the course of the day, assuming 2 short rests.
Put your remaining 11 levels in Barbarian. Infectious Fury is placing a mote of your symbiote within your target and making them attack your ally. Or, it’s just scaring the shit out of them if you choose the other option. Call of the Hunt is giving a bit of your symbiote to the entire party.
Venom Quickbuild
“We are Venom.”
While building Black Suit Spiderman I noticed that the build would also work perfectly for Venom, which makes sense.
This build would be the same as with Black Suit, but we’ll grab a 1 Rogue level at the beginning and grab Expertise in Strength and Intimidation.
Carnage Quickbuild
“I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!”
This build is the exact same as Venom’s, except we grab Rogue 2 after level 6 of Barbarian for Cunning Action, and we’ll put Expertise in Acrobatics instead of Athletics.
Spider-Gwen Quickbuild
“All right, people, let's start at the beginning one last time. My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last two years I've been the one and only Spider-Woman. You guys know the rest . . .”
This build is the same as the original, except instead of Crusher we’ll grab Mobile, and we’ll take a 1 level Rogue dip after our Wizard levels for Expertise, which we’ll put in Perception and Acrobatics.
Miles Morales Quickbuild
“Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah? For real this time. This is it. My name is Miles Morales. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for like two days, I've been the one and only Spider-Man. I think you know the rest . . .”
Miles is a high schooler who was bitten by a radioactive spider, just like Peter, so he’ll be a Variant Human too, although for him we’ll grab Mobile instead of Crusher for hit and run tactics. He’ll still use a sling for webs. Make sure to grab Sleight of Hand to swipe the USB from Peter.
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
From there, put all 20 levels in Monk and take the Ascendant Dragon subclass. We can change our unarmed strikes to elemental damage, so this is how we get our lighting abilities (don’t use it for any other damage type because that’s out of character!). Same thing goes for Breath of the Dragon - it’s a blast of Lighting Wings unfurled is our web swinging, and Aspect of Wyrm and Ascendent Aspect are already built off of flavor we’ve already established. Empty Body is our invisibility, and Stunning Strike is a zapping stun.
Spider-Man 2099 Quickbuild
“What has yesterday done to tomorrow?”
Miguel O’hara is a human, but his DNA was overwritten with that of a spider, so we’ll choose Simic Hybrid, and our level 1 mutation will be Nimble Climber. ( Ask your DM if you can have the Sunlight Sensitivity trait )
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
Put 5 levels in Monk and choose the Open Hand subclass. Our Open Hand Technique is our super strength and agility, and Stunning Strike is injecting someone with our venom. Choose Grappling Appendages, which are just your claws.
From there, put 2 levels in Rogue ( ask your DM if you can use Sneak Attack on Unarmed Strikes ) for Cunning Action and Expertise. Take Expertise in Athletics for grapples and Perception for your super hearing and supervision.
From there, put 2 levels in Artificer and grab the Repeating Shot infusion for your organic webbing, Sending Stones, which are tech communications, Goggles of Night for your darkvision, and the Wand of Detection, which is your AI Lyra doing a scan for you.
From there, put 3 levels in Wizard and take the Conjuration subclass, which gives you a 3d printer you can use to make small items with. Choose all the spells that we chose in the original build.
Then, dump the remaining 8 levels into Monk. Wholeness of the body is our healing factor, and Tranquility is simply us being hard to hit.
Spider-Noir Quickbuild
“Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind smells like rain."
This Peter was bitten just like our Peter was, so we’ll make him a Variant Human. Instead of Crusher we’ll grab Gunner for your revolver.
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
Put 5 levels in Monk, choose Kensei, and grab a Revolver. Our Stunning Strikes are Knock-Out punches.
Put 3 levels in Fighter and take the Blight Fighting style to fight in pitch black darkness. Choose the Battlemaster subclass. Grab Trip Attack, Feinting Attack, and Ambush.
Take 2 levels in Rogue for Cunning Action and Expertise. Take Expertise in Athletics and Stealth.
Take 3 levels in Wizard and choose the Divination subclass, which is your Spider-Sense. Choose the same spells as the ones we chose for our initial build, except swap out Earthbind for Spider Climb.
Dump the remaining 7 levels in Monk.
Peni Parker Quickbuild
“私の名前はペニ・パーカーです。私は 3145 年のニューヨーク出身です。父のロボットの中に住んでいるクモと精神的なつながりがあります。そして私たちは永遠に親友であり続けます。”
Peni Parker wasn’t given power by a radioactive spider, but she bonded with it -oh, and that spider controls an anime mech that she pilots. Let’s make Peni a Variant Human and grab Telekinetic, which is you pulling or pushing something with webs.
Our main ability will be Intelligence.
Put all 20 levels in Artificer, and choose Armourer as your subclass to get your SP//dr mecha.
Choose the Guardian Model. We’ll be wearing Full Plate.
Choose Enhanced Defense, Goggles of the Night, Enhanced Arcane Focus, Armour of Magical Strength, Boots of Elvenkind, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Boots of Striding and Springing, Ring of Jumping, Belt of Hill Giant Strength, Ring of Protection, Spell-Refueling Ring, and Helm of Awareness as infusions.
Pick Booming Blade, Sword Burst, Guidance, and Thorn Whip as cantrips. Prepare Web, Spider Climb, Stoneskin, Haste, Absorb Elements, Detect Magic, Faerie Fire, Identify, Jump, Longstrider, Kinetic Jaunt, Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Water Breathing, and Alarm. We also get Magic Missile, Thunderwave, Mirror Image, Shatter, Hypnotic Pattern, Lighting Bolt, Fire Shield, Greater Invisibility, Passwall, and Wall of Force.
Booming blade is a sonic strike, Sword Burst is a 360 swipe, Guidance is looking something up, and Thornwhip is a grappling hook. Web, Jump, Longstrider, Kinetic Jaunt, and Spider Climb are typical spider-person stuff. Stoneskin, Absorb Elements, Alarm, Fire Shield, and Dispel Magic are SP//dr’s defenses. Detect Magic and Identify are scanners, Faerie Fire is targeting systems, Glyph of Warding is a trap ( I guess you can do that now? ), and Water Breathing is just SP//dr being airtight. Magic Missile is web missiles ( yeah I know it’s a stretch ), Passwall is smashing through a wall, Wall of Force is a forcefield, Lighting Bolt and Shatter is techy stuff the mech probably can do (?), Haste is a battle focus, and Greater Invisibility is out of character so don’t use it.
Spider-Ham Quickbuild
"I was bitten by a radioactive pig."
Spider-Ham was a spider that was bitten by a radioactive pig. Instead of trying to comprehend the logic check that such an origin demands, let’s just make him a Gnome, which fits since he’s a tricky, short fella. Specifically, a Forest Gnome, and we’ll use Minor Illusion for our cartoon shenanigans. We’ll use a light hammer for our mallet.
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
From there, the build follows our original Spider-Man build, except instead of taking 3 levels in Wizard, we’ll take 3 in Warlock. Choose the Hexblade subclass.
Take the Beast Speech and Improved Pact Weapon invocations.
Take the Pact of the Blade boon. This is your hammerspace.
For cantrips, grab Prestidigitation, True Strike, and Mage Hand. For spells, learn Shield, Hex, Expeditious Retreat, and Shadow Blade.
Expeditious Retreat is just running fast, Prestidigitation and Major image will be used for cartoon stuff like making a lightbulb appear over your head. True Strike is waiting for the right time to strike. Shield is dodging out of the way, Hex is a combat focus, and Shadowblade is a random weapon pulled out of hammer space ( it deals psychic damage because your opponent can’t comprehend that they’re being beaten by a pig ).
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2023.06.05 10:29 wal-rider do any of you make any "off menu" things for yourself?

i saw someones post about frying an apple pie and it got me thinking about some of the stuff me/my coworkers have made!
my personal favorites: - put some ice cream and orange fanta in the frappe blender. creamsicle shake! -during shamrock season, a couple pumps of the syrup (for the mcflurries) into a mocha frappe. the color looks like literal poop but its so GOOD -apple pie mcflurry. break it up a bit before you blend it tho. literally cant go wrong with hot apple pie and vanilla ice cream. -chocolate chip cookies and caramel in a mcflurry to recreate the chips ahoy flurry from a couple years ago. -bootleg snack wrap. literally scraping ranch out of the package for it lol
im realizing almost all of these are ice cream...still. i love seeing the stuff people come up with.
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2023.06.05 09:51 uoY_evoL_I 39 [F4M] Warsaw/Anywhere - Message in a bottle

I've been travelling/moving around for a few years and I'm currently in Warsaw. I'm usually not in big cities so I thought it might be a good time to send a message in a bottle.. Who knows what the tide might bring in ? I love long meaningful conversations and I have plenty of travel stories but I appreciate deep silence (actually went on several silence retreat). I love travelling but long for a home. I love the ocean or a good hike, but also staying in for the entire day resting, reading, watching movies and mind extending content. I am looking for a relationship. I have enough friends and casual sex is not my thing (because truly there's nothing casual about it :) I want someone to share life with because I do agree that happiness is only real when shared. I don't care about everyone saying you should make yourself happy. I do smile a lot (so I've been told), but I am much happier when I make someone else smile or when I'm not alone smiling at something beautiful. A bientôt ? (oh, and I'm french)
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2023.06.05 09:47 CDOMarkets Brent Daily Report

Support Level : 73.20 – 71.30 – 70.00 Resistance Level : 75.20 – 76.20 – 77.40
Brent made a strong rally on Friday, traded from intraday low 74.15 area to high 76.50 level. It retreated modestly and ended the day around 76.25, up for the day and stabilized above 20 and 50 SMA, indicates bullish sign in the hourly chart. Meanwhile, the 20 SMA started turning north and heading towards longer ones, indicates bulls not exhausted yet. On upside, overcome 76.50 may encourage bulls to challenge 77.40, break above that level will open the gate to 78.50.
Check out for more: CDO Markets
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2023.06.05 09:41 CDOMarkets DJI Daily Report

Support Level : 33000 - 32740 - 32600
Resistance Level : 33300 - 33550 - 33730
DJI tumbled to fresh low 32737 in the London session, it then bounced from here and made a U turn, jumped to intraday high 33180. It retreated modestly and ended the day around 33130, above 20 and 50 SMA, suggests bullish strength. Meanwhile, 20 SMA started turning north and heading towards longer ones, suggests bulls not exhausted yet. On upside, overcome 33300 may encourage bulls to challenge 33550, break above that level will open the gate to 33730.
Visit for more: Read Detailed Reports
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2023.06.05 09:36 EfficientPounds Is it just me or does it look like the horse is the love interest in this story?Covers, Hauls & Shelfies

Is it just me or does it look like the horse is the love interest in this story?Covers, Hauls & Shelfies submitted by EfficientPounds to RomanceBooks [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:29 Junkymonkeyshoes Picked this up for $420. I think I did pretty well.

Picked this up for $420. I think I did pretty well. submitted by Junkymonkeyshoes to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:23 Ralphy_Lauran Misprint metal arceus vstar? I couldn’t find another like this anywhere

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2023.06.05 09:21 Willy8257 My thoughts seeing them open for Muse in Austria

I was there and it was their first performance since the BBC debacle. Obviously the music was great, it was an awesome treat to hear them play Hole live. However it was painfully obvious that all this negative press has affected their stage presence. I think Mike spoke directly to the crowd maybe twice, and all he said was "Thanks, we're Royal Blood" no attempt whatsoever to get the crowd going other than motioning for us to clap. It's like they went full 180 and just retreated into a shell.
I was over in muse and a few folks who hadn't heard of them before were saying that they thought it was boring and that they were completely uninterested in connecting with the crowd. The first opening act On Ok Rock brought way more energy and people seemed to like them better. I hope they get themselves out of this funk real soon, because it's actually having a real effect on their music.
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2023.06.05 09:18 blogman66 [BATTLE] Italian Wars 1517 - War on the Gonzaga

Italian Wars 1517

War on Gonzaga

The Trial of Cesena, called for following the Gonzaga accusation of the assassination of the young Cesare de Montefeltro, surprised all when the trial was called off and counter-accusations were brought up against the Gonzaga for plotting against the Pontificate and other Italian princes. Declarations to the contrary, and evidence of the deal the Gonzagas and Medicis had made in the years prior fell to deaf ears.
Papal troops were quick to move to the temporary estates of the Gonzagas in Cesena. Both Francesco and Elisabetta were ignominiously captured, but Federico - the Duke's son - with a portion of the elite Gonzaga retainers managed a brave and dangerous flight from Romagna, using the superior Mantovan cavalry to evade capture on their escape back to Mantua.
della Rovere forces had attempted to fight Gonzagan mercenaries in Venezia, but somehow failed to pincer those forces, allowing the former to promptly retreat back to Mantua.
Even with Federico's escape and the relative safety of their raised forces (save for the majority of those that were in Romagna), the situation was nevertheless grim. Great hosts from Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna were gathering to march on the formidable fortress that is Mantua.
In total, nearly twenty-thousand men and an impressive score of cannons were raised to bring the Gonzaga to an end. The fortress-city had done its best to prepare itself. Defenders were raised, additional supplies received from friends afar, the walls of the city were something to behold. Additional walls of the new Italian style, advanced fortifications on the other side of the bridges across the Lago di Mincio.
An initial skirmish had already repulsed a della Rovere contingent that was attempting to secure the north side of the Lago thanks to a bold sortie by Federico and his forces. However, come early May, the maw of the Papal armies and their allies were closing in. Sorties delayed the formal start of the siege as much as possible, but eventually the besieging forces had encamped themselves well enough to deaden the impacts of those sorties, especially following the arrival of the Este forces in June after they had finished the sieges of the Po statelets.
Requests to surrender are formally ignored, following which the siege began in earnest. The allied plan was to starve out the city of Mantua rather than attempt any assaults on the city walls itself. Attempts are undertaken to break down the walls with cannonfire, and over the next couple of weeks after they are able to safely fire on the walls, they do, but the terrifying enfilade fire stemming from the new Italian style quickly puts an end to any and all attempts of assaulting the city.
Over the next few months, with lulls in the fighting and the slow starvation of the city underway, negotiations take place between higher powers, which will bring peace to the region.
(Details of that peace are for when I get them)
Note: Players can reimburse their 1518 spending of their armies - you do not need to ask me.
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2023.06.05 09:14 Desperate_Sentence14 Hosting/advice tips for a new female comic!

Hosting/advice tips for a new female comic!
I started comedy roughly 4 months ago, in San Diego, shortly after I began working at a Comedy Club. I had my first show in Playas Tijuana 1 month into my journey.
I never pictured myself diving into comedy. I'm still not sure I'm completely in love with it; it can be difficult finding balance with such an active night life. Sometimes I feel on top of the world, and other nights I feel drained from the toxic energy (of mostly comics.) I mean, the party never really stops with some of them.
Anyways, I started hosting the open-mic (there are around 45 comics with 3 minute sets), and as a fellow comic mentioned; it's like eating your vegetables. It may not taste great, but it's good for you. This is the part where I develop tough skin navigating various personalities. Everyone always wants to go up when the room is "hot."
Any advice you guys have for hosts/new comics generally speaking? How to avoid the burn-out, or really any advice. ❤️
Also I'm putting together a 2nd fundraiser show on my mom's horse ranch, so if you have any great ideas, that would be awesome. 💡
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2023.06.05 09:12 TheSwiftyPeasant I've (26M) made her (29F) feel like her kisses are unwelcomed. How do assure her that it's not the case?

So I've been on a couple of dates with this absolutely wonderful woman. I'm smitten with her. But I've twice now said something along the lines of "but I don't want your kisses" (*for.context while we walk to the station) and that being said right after we've shared a moment with blissful kisses. She feels like it's a rejection and I'm unsure as to how i can reassure it's really not meant to me.
It's monumentally stupid because what I really mean to say is 'let's slow down and talk'.
She says she has had bad experiences with boys being anxious and unsure about who they are and what they want. She wants someone who will stay with her in the moment not worrying about being kissed while walking. Not setting limitations on how we can act when we're together.
I've been anxious for a long time, something i told her i went to a psychologist to figure out, She recommended a great self help book with deals with the Three principles, which in essence is based on how our thoughts make our feeling and by acknowledging the we can dissapate the feelings which make us feel etc anxious. I feel like that understanding has worked wonders for me. However, when she felt rejected yesterday and said to me that she would rather have that we don't meet again if i let my thoughts put limitations on how we can act she also implied that she thinks i haven't really been listening to the book she recommended. Which made me sad. I really felt like I had turned a new leaf.
I essence i think i might be reacting out from an internal acknowledgement of the fact that i want to make sure that we have something that doesn't dissapate the moment the feelings dont draw us towards each other. I might be retreating because I feel uncertain and a bit uncomfortable with how fast things are processing. I don't want that worry to ruin what i feel and how i act towards her.
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2023.06.05 09:06 Aamidepressed Mental Health Retreat

A Mental Health Retreat is a specially designed program that offers a safe and supportive space for individuals who are struggling with mental health and emotional challenges. These retreats typically last for a few days or weeks, depending on the needs of participants. The retreats typically include psychotherapy, counseling, self-care workshops, meditation, and mindfulness practices. They may also involve group therapy sessions where participants can connect with others who are going through similar experiences. It provides individuals with the opportunity to focus on their mental well-being free from the distractions of daily life. With trained professionals on hand to offer guidance and support, participants can learn tools and strategies to manage their mental health challenges and improve their overall quality of life.
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2023.06.05 08:59 kimberley45 Exquisite Luxury Bathroom Vanity Designs Will Elevate Your Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with our collection of exquisite luxury bathroom vanity designs. Choose from a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes to suit your personal taste and bathroom décor. With ample storage space and ornate hardware, our luxury bathroom vanities offer a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. Elevate the ambiance of your bath space and indulge in the epitome of sophistication with our luxury vanity designs.
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2023.06.05 08:54 autotldr Mexico president's ruling party wins governorship of country's most populous state

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 72%. (I'm a bot)
NAUCALPAN, Mexico - A quick-count sampling of votes for governor of Mexico's most populous state suggested a victory late Sunday for the candidate from the governing party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which would end nearly a century of uninterrupted rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party.
Preliminary results indicated Delfina Gómez of the Morena party was likely to win between 52.1% and 54.2% of the ballots in the State of Mexico, compared with 43% to 45.2% for Alejandra del Moral, representing the opposition coalition, according to the National Electoral Institute.
The State of Mexico hugs Mexico City on three sides, encompassing urban sprawl and rural ranches, as well as stunning inequality, violence and corruption.
She led a bizarre coalition including the conservative National Action Party and leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution sharing only a common desire to deny López Obrador's party control of Mexico's largest state electoral prize.
On Friday, the president said he hoped for a calm vote and was "Very, very optimistic." His party is also viewed as the favorite in next year's presidential election.
Even if the PRI holds on there, the loss of the State of Mexico could spell the end of its political relevance on a national stage, a stunning reversal for a party that ruled Mexico uninterrupted for seven decades.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: party#1 vote#2 Mexico#3 state#4 PRI#5
Post found in /neoliberal, /worldnews and /2024elections.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.05 08:51 Remad7 RTX 3070 rog strix fan speed kicking in to 100% for 3 seconds then back to to normal, sporadically.

RTX 3070 rog strix fan speed kicking in to 100% for 3 seconds then back to to normal, sporadically.
Highlighted on gpu tweak III, top 2 green circles show the fan RPM shoot up to over 3,000 but the percentage stays flat at 55%. What could be causing this?
GPU temp peaking at around 80 and fan curves are only set to around 65% at that temp (which is still a lot less than 3k RPM).
Also before it happens, there is a loud clicking/vibrating noise) just before the fans kick in to overdrive, then retreat back down again.
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2023.06.05 08:45 Daruis_abomantion May 19th

May 19th
I had to sit in a church for like two hours from my God Sister ‘s graduation, but I’m at the after celebration in Applebee’s 😭😁🍎🐝🥪🍔🥙🌮🥗🌮🥗🥪🥙🌮🌭🍔
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2023.06.05 08:39 give-me-any-reason say hello to my little friend(s) 🐥

say hello to my little friend(s) 🐥
went to an estate sale today and apparently the owners were very into birds. they had a bunch of bird figurines and i just couldn’t help myself. looked up some of my finds later and kind of blown away by the clock ebay value? definitely not letting it go anywhere but wow. bird collection included a swallow (?) sitting on a driftwood branch, a ceramic hummingbird, what i’m guessing is some form of clay or stone in the shape of a mallard, and my penguin friend with his child painted on him.
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2023.06.05 08:36 flansitogansito234 Wart update!!

Wart update!!
These are two warts I've been retreating on my fingers, hoping these motivate people to continue treating their warts!!! Will continue to use salicylic acid and hope they go away :)
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