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This is a subreddit where people can ask for advice about visiting Thailand, border crossings, hotels, what to see, what to do.

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Áit do Ghaeilge amháin ar Reddit. Níl cead Béarla a úsáid ná aon teanga eile seachas cor fhocal atá sa gcaint má tá sin nádúrtha. Ná ceartaigh Gaeilge agus ná faigh locht ar Ghaeilge ach amháin má tá sin uaidh an duine a rinne an trácht. Is ait é seo do dhaoine a gcuid Gaeilge a chleachta agus a úsáid.

2023.05.30 23:03 Mahaloth What's up with a student being killed at school in Dearborn Heights, Michigan?

The superintendent has failed a vote of no confidence. Looks like he'll be out.
The story indicates a a "tragic student accident."
What the heck happened? I've been a teacher for 18 years and have twice, I think, had students die while on campus. One was a suicide, the other heart failure a basketball game(oddly during a city league game using our gym). No one blamed the superintendent for these. Tragically, things do happen.
What happened in Dearborn Heights? The circumstances around this student death are very mysterious.
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2023.05.28 00:42 54415250154 2016 PC Build upgrade question

Hi guys, I built my pc around 2016 and it is now having serious trouble running new games. Looking to do a little upgrade to get it up to speed and have a couple questions as I have been paying zero attention at all to pc part news since I built it.

Here it my current build:
And here are my proposed upgrades:
So I am planning on replacing the motherboard, GPU, CPU, and CPU cooler.
R9 390 -> RX 6650 XT 8GB ($245)
i5-6600k -> i5-13600k (Packaged with new mobo $480 total)
MSI Z170A SLI PLUS ATX LGA1151 mobo -> Asus PRIME Z790M-PLUS D4 Micro ATX LGA1700 mobo
And a new CPU cooler
Is there anything obvious I am overlooking or does this make sense as an upgrade package? Really appreciate any input guys thanks.
edit - fixed links thanks automod
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2023.05.27 00:29 CJsTT "Quebec is one of the province’s that still legally allows landlords to forbid animals."

It's me and my roommate.

Edit: I can’t believe the people here are so petty. Yes, I’m formally diagnosed with Autism and PTSD. Yes, CityNews knows that I owner-trained. No, psychiatric service dogs are not the same as ESAs, but it really doesn’t matter because this is HOUSING and both have access.
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2023.05.26 21:54 Moses_Horwitz Large encampment fire extinguished near I-5 interchange in Seattle

SEATTLE — Firefighters in Seattle doused a large encampment fire Friday morning that sent a large plume of smoke into the air near the I-5 and I-90 interchange.
The fire started near 10th and Dearborn Street around 9:15 a.m.
... This is near where police responded to a shooting at an encampment earlier this month, and the SWAT team raided a camp during an investigation of fentanyl distribution.
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MAY 23, 2022 (One Year Ago Today}~Congress and Pentagon seek to shore up strategic mineral stockpile dominated by China~ By Bryant Harris

Congress and Pentagon seek to shore up strategic mineral stockpile dominated by China (
Sikorsky employees building CH-53K aircraft at the Stratford, Conn., production line utilize 3-D work instructions and new titanium machining centers with multi-floor ergonomic platforms. (Sikorsky photo)
WASHINGTON — Congress has repeatedly authorized multimillion-dollar sell-offs of the U.S. strategic minerals stockpile over the past several decades, but Washington’s increased anxiety over Chinese domination of resources critical to the defense industrial base has prompted lawmakers to reverse course and shore up the reserve.
The House Armed Services Committee will seek to bolster the National Defense Stockpile of rare earth minerals in the fiscal 2023 defense authorization bill, Defense News has learned. And earlier this week, the Defense Department submitted its own legislative proposal to Congress asking the committee to authorize $253.5 million in that legislation to procure additional minerals for the stockpile.
The stockpile includes valuable minerals essential to defense supply chains, such as titanium**,** tungsten and cobalt.
Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., who sits on the armed services committee, is also trying to convince the powerful defense appropriations subcommittee to provide additional funding for the National Defense Stockpile. The stockpile is managed by the Defense Logistics Agency and funded by the Treasury Department.
“Right now, the stockpile is reaching insolvency, so we can’t even operate to simply maintain salaries and maintain the stockpile,” Moulton told Defense News. “The second broad issue is that the stockpile has been reduced dramatically in size over the past several years [as] the stockpile’s been sold off.”
The stockpile was valued at nearly $42 billion in today’s dollars at its peak during the beginning of the Cold War in 1952. That value has plummeted to $888 million as of last year following decades of congressionally authorized sell-offs to private sector customers. Lawmakers anticipate the stockpile will become insolvent by FY25.
“A lot of what happened is Congress just getting greedy and finding politically convenient ways to fund programs that they weren’t willing to raise revenue for,” said Moulton.
These sell-offs have included 3,000 short tons of titanium, used in building military airframes, and 76 million pounds of tungsten ores and concentrates, used in military turbine engines and armor-piercing ammunition. They have also included more than 2 million pounds of tantalum, used in electronics, as well as 26 million pounds of cobalt and 62,881 short tons of aluminum.
“It was just ignorance on our part that we allowed that to happen,” Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Defense News. “I don’t see any other reason for it.”
Burchett was one of seven Republicans to sign onto Moulton’s letter to the defense appropriations subcommittee last month asking appropriators to provide an additional $264 million in funding for the stockpile for FY23.
“While these drawdowns were appropriate when the Department of Defense mainly focused on counterterrorism, the current stockpile is inadequate to meet the requirements of great power competition,” the lawmakers wrote. “The [National Defense Stockpile] is no longer capable of covering the Department of Defense’s needs for the vast majority of identified materials in the event of a supply chain disruption.”
Furthermore, China monopolizes much of the global rare earth mineral market, raising the prospect Beijing could cut off access to critical minerals in the event of a conflict with the United States.
“China in particular does a remarkably good job of hoarding these materials,” said Moulton. “China clearly has a comprehensive global strategy to corner the market on these materials and we’re behind and we’re playing catch-up.”

China has the world’s largest trove of titanium and exports a significant quantity of tungsten to the United States. The nation also dominates the mining and mineral trade in developing countries that export large quantities of critical minerals. For instance, it has a majority ownership of 70% of the cobalt mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the world’s largest supplier of the metal.

“Communist China is definitely not a friend of this country and they will continue to bleed us with this,” said Burchett. “They go into these countries and offer to subsidize something for them at a ridiculously low price.”

Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., both of whom sit on the armed services committee, have also introduced legislation to create a separate reserve of strategic rare earth minerals while restricting the use of Chinese rare earth minerals in advanced defense technology.
Kelly told Defense News the additional rare earth mineral reserve would be akin to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
“If we do wind up in a conflict with a country which is where we’re getting our lithium or cobalt, for instance, or other rare earths, we could go to the strategic reserve,” Kelly told Defense News.
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm praised the idea during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday while thanking Congress for including funding for rare earth minerals as part of the $40 billion Ukraine aid package the Senate passed the same day.
Congress allocated $600 million in funding in that legislation for President Joe Biden to invoke the Defense Production Act to expand access to critical minerals and expedite missile production.
Last year, Biden signed an executive order to shore up U.S. supply chains that included a directive for the Defense Department to submit a report identifying risks in the critical mineral supply chain. That built upon a 2020 executive order from former president Donald Trump authorizing grants and loan guarantees in the procurement of critical minerals.

USGS rejects push to make copper a ‘critical’ mineral By Hannah Northey 05/23/2023 04:25 PM EDT

USGS rejects push to make copper a 'critical' mineral - E&E News (
The U.S. Geological Survey is rebuffing bipartisan calls from lawmakers to add copper to its list of critical minerals, a classification that’s catapulted in importance as the nation races to compete with China on development of renewable energy technology and boost electric vehicle adoption.
David Applegate, who directs the USGS, told Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) in an April 13 letter and Republican Rep. Bob Latta of Ohio on May 1 that vulnerabilities in the nation’s copper supplies are reduced by domestic resources, trade deals and other supplies.
“While copper is clearly an essential mineral commodity, its supply chain vulnerabilities are mitigated by domestic capacity, trade with reliable partners, and significant secondary capacity,” Applegate wrote in the letters. “As a result, the USGS does not believe that the available information on copper supply and demand justifies an out-of-cycle addition to the list at this time.”
Copper rods used to machine parts are stacked on a shelf at Makerite Manufacturing in Roscoe, Ill., in 2019. Getty Images
Sinema did not immediately respond when asked for comment, but Craig Wheeler, a spokesperson for Latta, said there’s still bipartisan, bicameral support for designating copper as critical and significant data that highlights the benefits for the U.S.
“The congressman continues to believe that it’s within the secretary’s power to acknowledge this reality and designate copper as a critical mineral,” said Wheeler.
The congressional push over the status of copper highlights how much is at stake in the rush to source up and incentivize development of supply chains to feed EV production and clean energy technology. Should copper be labeled “critical,” projects aimed at mining and processing the material could potentially be prioritized by the federal government and benefit from laws like the landmark Inflation Reduction Act and its lucrative tax credits for electric vehicles.
Under federal law, a critical mineral is a non-fuel mineral or mineral material essential to the economic or national security of the U.S. but has a supply chain vulnerable to disruption.
The USGS, Applegate said, will continue to monitor copper supply and consumption data ahead of releasing the next list. The last list including 50 minerals was unveiled in February 2022, and the next is expected in 2025.
Applegate was responding to letters that a host of lawmakers sent to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland earlier this year, urging the Biden administration to reconsider including copper on the critical mineral list and warning that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and new economic data show significant supply risks.
Sinema, along with Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Mark Kelly of Arizona and Raphael Warnock of Georgia, as well as Republican Sens. Mike Braun of Indiana and Mitt Romney of Utah, concluded in their letter that designating copper as critical is a “necessity.”
The senators referenced both a report from S&P Global and an analysis from the Copper Development Association Inc., a copper industry trade group, which found global copper demand for EVs, batteries, renewables, power lines and transformers will double by 2035 and strain existing supplies.
The association in a release criticized the USGS’ decision and said data the group provided shows a higher supply risk score exists for copper that should land it on the critical mineral list.
“Despite clear data showing that copper’s supply risk score is now above the threshold for automatic inclusion on the 2022 Critical Minerals list, USGS sent well-crafted letters to a bipartisan group of congressmen and senators filled with misleading arguments that were not part of its own official 2022 methodology, or consistent with the spirit or letter of the law, to justify a decision to forego immediately adding copper to the list,” Andrew Kireta, the group’s president and CEO, said in a statement.
Kireta said the decision was made even though Haaland has the authority to add copper to the list without waiting for the next update in three years.
But Applegate in his response laid out the USGS’ methodology and cited the latest federal data showing that while net reliance on copper imports increased from 2018 to 2021, data from this year shows reliance actually decreased over the past year from 44 percent in 2021 to 41 percent in 2022.
“Imports of refined copper decreased in 2022 even as domestic copper consumption increased,” Applegate wrote.
Those points mirror an argument that Terry Rambler, chair of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, along with Earthworks, Patagonia and the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, made in a letter to Haaland earlier this year.
The tribe and environmental groups warned against what they said were attempts to influence a well-established regulatory process around how the USGS determines which minerals are critical.
Jason Burton, a spokesperson for the USGS, said the agency is monitoring critical mineral conditions as part of the normal list cycle mandated in the Energy Act of 2020, and that includes identifying a list of minerals deemed “critical” based on criteria laid out in the law, gathering public feedback, and publishing and updating the list every three years. Prior to issuing a list in 2022, Burton said the agency reviewed more than 1,000 comments from the public, stakeholders, and local and state officials.
Burton also said any revisions to the list will be the result of careful analysis of the most recent, complete sets of data, followed by peer review of the resulting conclusions, and will be issued through a public review and comment process in the Federal Register.

MAY 23, 2023~A New Era: How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition~BY SPROTT

Sprott May 2023 White Paper A New Era How Critical Minerals are Driving the Global Energy Transition (

May 23, 2023 - 11:55 am No end in sight: US and EU continue negotiations on clean car deal

No end in sight: US and EU continue negotiations on clean car deal -
Negotiations between the US and the EU on the planned agreement on the critical minerals for EVs are taking longer than expected. It would give European carmakers access to tax credits in the US.
According to Politico, negotiations are likely to continue well into the summer. While the US insists on a binding pact, the EU is pushing for a more flexible agreement that does not require the time-consuming approval of its 27 member states. Behind closed doors, the EU may even be discussing whether the deal is still worthwhile.
The two sides are working on an agreement because of a dispute over US subsidies for green technologies, which were introduced at the turn of the year with the US Inflation Reduction Act. The EU has since feared that the provisions would lead to an exodus of green technology companies to the US and said several times that it considers the law discriminatory. Since the introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act, several companies have considered prioritising the US over Europe when investing in battery factories, for example.
In mid-March, both sides declared they were working on an agreement on critical minerals for electric car batteries. The US government then submitted a confidential concept paper for a transatlantic critical minerals partnership to the EU Commission. Negotiations continue behind closed doors.
According to Politico, the differences of opinion between US and EU officials are not about the content but about the legal structure of the agreement. One of the major sticking points seems to be that “the way the Inflation Reduction Act is written creates a semantic imperative for Brussels and Washington to call any minerals deal a ‘free trade agreement’, even though such pacts have traditionally required the approval of the US Congress and, in the European Union, the bloc’s member countries as well as the European Parliament”.
According to Politico, the EU is keen to avoid lengthy ratification processes and is arguing for a legally different form, such as a “non-binding instrument” or an “executive agreement”. The US wants “binding trade commitments” so that the pact can be considered a free trade agreement under the terms of the Inflation Reduction Act. However, the Biden administration is under pressure for bypassing US Congress in a similar deal it made with Japan in March. This fast-track approach could be a possibility for a US-EU agreement but is likely to pose domestic legitimacy problems for President Joe Biden.
Politico writes that negotiations could drag on into the summer, and European carmakers will be at a disadvantage in the US in the meantime. However, there are voices on the EU side questioning whether an agreement is worthwhile. After all, the political discussions about the effects of the US Inflation Reduction Act have become quieter in recent months. In the meantime, the EU has taken countermeasures with relaxed state aid rules.
In March, a third of EVs imported by the US in 2022 came from Germany. If US customers only receive tax benefits from domestic manufacturers, sales there would plummet. To qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act, EVs must be assembled in North America (with a loophole for foreign manufacturers via leasing companies), and the amount of the subsidy also depends on the origin of the battery or battery materials. For electric cars to be eligible, 40 per cent of the critical minerals in the battery used must come from the US or a country with which the US has a free trade agreement.

MAY 21, 2023~The U.S. Needs Minerals for Electric Cars. Everyone Else Wants Them Too.~ By Ana Swanson

The U.S. Needs Minerals for Electric Cars. Everyone Else Wants Them Too. - The New York Times (
The United States is entering an array of agreements to secure the critical minerals necessary for the energy transition, but it’s not clear which of the arrangements can succeed.
The Chaerhan Salt Lake in Golmud, China, where brine is processed to extract lithium and other minerals.Credit...Qilai Shen for The New York Times
For decades, a group of the world’s biggest oil producers has held huge sway over the American economy and the popularity of U.S. presidents through its control of the global oil supply, with decisions by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries determining what U.S. consumers pay at the pump.
As the world shifts to cleaner sources of energy, control over the materials needed to power that transition is still up for grabs.
China currently dominates global processing of the critical minerals that are now in high demand to make batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. In an attempt to gain more power over that supply chain, U.S. officials have begun negotiating a series of agreements with other countries to expand America’s access to important minerals like lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite.
But it remains unclear which of these partnerships will succeed, or if they will be able to generate anything close to the supply of minerals the United States is projected to need for a wide array of products, including electric cars and batteries for storing solar power.
Leaders of Japan, Europe and other advanced nations, who are meeting in Hiroshima, agree that the world’s reliance on China for more than 80 percent of processing of minerals leaves their nations vulnerable to political pressure from Beijing, which has a history of weaponizing supply chains in times of conflict.
On Saturday, the leaders of the Group of 7 countries reaffirmed the need to manage the risks caused by vulnerable mineral supply chains and build more resilient sources. The United States and Australia announced a partnership to share information and coordinate standards and investment to create more responsible and sustainable supply chains.
“This is a huge step, from our perspective — a huge step forward in our fight against the climate crisis,” President Biden said Saturday as he signed the agreement with Australia.
But figuring out how to access all of the minerals the United States will need will still be a challenge. Many mineral-rich nations have poor environmental and labor standards. And although speeches at the G7 emphasized alliances and partnerships, rich countries are still essentially competing for scarce resources.
Japan has signed a critical minerals deal with the United States, and Europe is in the midst of negotiating one. But like the United States, those regions have substantially greater demand for critical minerals to feed their own factories than supply to spare.
Kirsten Hillman, Canada’s ambassador to the United States, said in an interview that the allied countries had an important partnership in the industry, but that they were also, to some extent, commercial competitors. “It is a partnership, but it’s a partnership with certain levels of tension,” she said.
“It’s a complicated economic geopolitical moment,” Ms. Hillman added. “And we are all committed to getting to the same place and we’re going to work together to do it, but we’re going to work together to do it in a way that’s also good for our businesses.”
“We have to create a market for the products that are produced and created in a way that is consistent with our values,” she said.

Leaders of the G7 nations, who are gathering in Japan this week, agree that the world’s reliance on China for more than 80 percent of processing of minerals leaves their nations vulnerable to political pressure from Beijing.Credit...Kenny Holston/The New York Times
The State Department has been pushing forward with a “minerals security partnership,” with 13 governments trying to promote public and private investment in their critical mineral supply chains. And European officials have been advocating a “buyers’ club” for critical minerals with the G7 countries, which could establish certain common labor and environmental standards for suppliers.
Indonesia, which is the world’s biggest nickel producer, has floated the idea of joining with other resource-rich countries to make an OPEC-style producers cartel, an arrangement that would try to shift the power to mineral suppliers.
Indonesia has also approached the United States in recent months seeking a deal similar to that of Japan and the European Union. Biden administration officials are weighing whether to give Indonesia some kind of preferential access, either through an independent deal or as part of a trade framework the United States is negotiating in the Indo-Pacific.
But some U.S. officials have warned that Indonesia’s lagging environmental and labor standards could allow materials into the United States that undercut the country’s nascent mines, as well as its values. Such a deal is also likely to trigger stiff opposition in Congress, where some lawmakers criticized the Biden administration’s deal with Japan.
Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, hinted at these trade-offs in a speech last month, saying that carrying out negotiations with critical mineral-producing states would be necessary, but would raise “hard questions” about labor practices in those countries and America’s broader environmental goals.
Whether America’s new agreements would take the shape of a critical minerals club, a fuller negotiation or something else was unclear, Mr. Sullivan said: “We are now in the thick of trying to figure that out.”
Cullen Hendrix, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said the Biden administration’s strategy to build more secure international supply chains for minerals outside of China had so far been “a bit incoherent and not necessarily sufficient to achieve that goal.”
The demand for minerals in the United States has been spurred in large part by President Biden’s climate law, which provided tax incentives for investments in the electric vehicle supply chain, particularly in the final assembly of batteries. But Mr. Hendrix said the law appeared to be having more limited success in rapidly increasing the number of domestic mines that would supply those new factories.
“The United States is not going to be able to go this alone,” he said.
Biden officials agree that obtaining a secure supply of the minerals needed to power electric vehicle batteries is one of their most pressing challenges. U.S. officials say that the global supply of lithium alone needs to increase by 42 times by 2050 to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles. Projections by the International Energy Agency suggest that global demand for lithium will grow by 42 times by 2040.
Ford’s electric pickup truck on the production line of the company’s plant in Dearborn, Mich.Credit...Brittany Greeson for The New York Times
While innovations in batteries could reduce the need for certain minerals, for now, the world is facing dramatic long-term shortages by any estimate. And many officials say Europe’s reliance on Russian energy following the invasion of Ukraine has helped to illustrate the danger of foreign dependencies.
The global demand for these materials is triggering a wave of resource nationalism that could intensify. Outside of the United States, the European Union, Canada and other governments have also introduced subsidy programs to better compete for new mines and battery factories.
Indonesia has progressively stepped up restrictions on exporting raw nickel ore, requiring it to first be processed in the country. Chile, a major producer of lithium, has proposed nationalizing its lithium industry to better control how the resources are developed and deployed, as have Bolivia and Mexico.
And Chinese companies are still investing heavily in acquiring mines and refinery capacity globally.
For now, the Biden administration has appeared wary of cutting deals with countries with more mixed labor and environmental records. Officials are exploring changes needed to develop U.S. capacity, like faster permitting processes for mines, as well as closer partnerships with mineral-rich allies, like Canada, Australia and Chile.
On Saturday, the White House said it planned to ask Congress to add Australia to a list of countries where the Pentagon can fund critical mineral projects, criteria that currently only applies to Canada.
Todd Malan, the chief external affairs officer at Talon Metals, which has proposed a nickel mine in Minnesota to supply Tesla’s North American production, said that adding a top ally like Australia, which has high standards of production regarding environment, labor rights and Indigenous participation, to that list was a “smart move.”
But Mr. Malan said that expanding the list of countries that would be eligible for benefits under the administration’s new climate law beyond countries with similar labor and environmental standards could undermine efforts to develop a stronger supply chain in the United States.
“If you start opening the door to Indonesia and the Philippines or elsewhere where you don’t have the common standards, we would view that as outside the spirit of what Congress was trying to do in incentivizing a domestic and friends supply chain for batteries,” he said.
However, some U.S. officials argue that the supply of critical minerals in wealthy countries with high labor and environmental standards will be insufficient to meet demand, and that failing to strike new agreements with resource-rich countries in Africa and Asia could leave the United States highly vulnerable.
While the Biden administration is looking to streamline the permitting process in the United States for new mines, getting approval for such projects can still take years, if not decades. Auto companies, which are major U.S. employers, have also been warning of projected shortfalls in battery materials and arguing for arrangements that would give them more flexibility and lower prices.
The G7 nations, together with the countries with which the United States has free trade agreements, produce 30 percent of the world’s lithium chemicals and about 20 percent of its refined cobalt and nickel, but only 1 percent of its natural flake graphite, according to estimates by Adam Megginson, a price analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.
Workers at the site of a proposed nickel mine near Tamarack, Minn.Credit...Tim Gruber for The New York Times
Jennifer Harris, a former Biden White House official who worked on critical mineral strategy, argued that the country should move more quickly to develop and permit domestic mines, but that the United States also needs a new framework for multinational negotiations that include countries that are major mineral exporters.
The government could also set up a program to stockpile minerals like lithium when prices swing low, which would give miners more assurance they will find destinations for their products, she said.
“There’s so much that needs doing that this is very much a ‘both/and’ world,” she said. “The challenge is that we need to responsibly pull up a whole lot more rocks out of the ground yesterday.”


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2023.05.20 23:59 rCTAbot News: Teen girl charged with armed robbery on CTA Dearborn Blue Line Platform - CBS News

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2023.05.11 11:03 Nemacolin 2016 Mass Killings in the US

2016 Mass Killings in USA 4 or more killed, including suicides One killer By any criminal means In one emotional event (v1.4)
1) 11 January 2016, Northfield Center, OH 4 killed (arson)
2) 28 January 2016 Chesapeake VA, 6 killed (shot)
3) 4 February 2016, Chicago IL, 6 killed (multiple) ( one killer, but girlfriend charges with accessory after the fact
4) 5 February 2016, McAllen TX 4 killed (shot)
5) 19 February 2016, Edgerton MO 4 killed (shot/arson ) ( (
6) 19 February 2016, Kyle TX 4 killed (vehicular homicide)
7) 20 February 2016, Kalamazoo MI 6 killed (shot) 8) 23 February 2016, North Phoenix AZ 5 killed (shot) 9) 26 February 2016, Belfair WA 5 killed (shot) 10) 8 March 2016, Kansas City KS 5 killed (shot)
11) 19 March 2016, Macon County GA, 5 killed (vehicular homicide) (
12) 20 March 2016, Jeffersontown KY, 4 killed (arson)
13) 25 March 2016, Green Hill AL, 4 killed (shot)
14) 26 March 2016 Des Moines IA, 4 killed (vehicular homicide)
15) 17 April 2016, Seminole County FL 4 killed (multiple)
16) 19 April 2016 Katy TX 4 killed (shot)
17) 21-22 April 2016 Pike County OH, 8 killed (shot) (,_Ohio,_shootings) (
18) 22 April 2016 Peebles OH 8 killed (shot) ( but the mother also guilty of conspiracy
19) 22 April 2016 Appling GA 5 killed (shot)
20) 2 May 2016, Seminole County FL 4 killed (shot)
21) 3 May 2016, Clay County FL 4 killed (shot)
22) 9 May 2016, Meigs County TN 4 killed (Hit-and-run)
23) 17 May 2016, Ravenel SC 4 killed (shot)
24) 2 June 2016, Ida County IA, 4 killed (vehicular homicide) (
25) 7 June 2016, Cooper TWP MI 5 killed (Vehicular homicide)
26) 11 June 2016, Orlando FL 49 killed (shot)
27) 12 June 2016, Roswell NM 5 killed (shot)
28) 13 June 2016, Los Angeles CA 5 killed (arson)
29) 29 June 2016, Las Vegas NV 5 killed (shot)
30) 1 July 2016, Memphis TN 4 killed (stabbed);-mother-in-custody/1410130/
31) 7 July 2016, Dallas, TX 5 killed (shot)
32) 23 July 2016, Bastrop TX 4 killed (shot) (
33) 30 July 2016, Bridgeton MO 4 killed (shot)
34) 2 August 2016, Merced County CA 4 killed (Vehicular Manslaughter) (
35) 5 August 2016 Newport OR, 4 killed (arson) (
36) 6 August 2016, Sinking Spring PA 5 killed (Shot) (
37) 16 August 2016, Greenville NC 4 killed (beaten) (
38) 20 August 2016.Mobile County AL 5 killed (multiple)
39) 23 August 2016, Chicago IL, 4 killed (arson)
40) 29 August 2016, Temecula CA, 5 killed (shot)
41) 8 September 2016, DeValle TX, 4 killed (arson)
42) 11 September 2016, Fort Wayne IN, 4 killed (multiple)
43) 17 September 2016, Panama City FL, 4 killed (vehicular homicide)
44) 21 September 2016, Dearborn Heights MI 4 killed (multiple) ( same killer as 14 July 1991
45) 22 September 2016, Athens TN, 4 killed (shot) (
46) 23 September 2016, Burlington WA, 5 killed (shot) (
47) 8 October 9, 2016, Williston VT, 5 killed (vehicular homicide) ( (
48) 16 October 2016, San Diego CA, 4 killed (vehicular homicide) ( (
49) 25 October 2016, Fort Walton Beach FL 4 killed (multiple) (
50) 2 November 2016, Deerfield, WI 4 killed (Vehicular homicide) (
51) 10 November 2016, Amarillo, TX 4 killed (shot) (
52) 17 November 2016, Stafford County, VA 4 killed (shot) (
53) 21 November 2016, Chattanooga TN, 5 killed (vehicular homicide/Speeding school bus) (
54) 21 November 2016 Flora IN, 4 killed (arson) ( unsolved
55) 25 November 2016 Fairbanks, AK 4 killed (shot) (
56) 2 December 2016 San Francisco CA, 36 killed (fire code violations) ( One person found guilty
57) 5 December 2016. Albuquerque NM, 4 killed (shot) (
58) 9 December 2016, Channelview TX, 4 killed (shot) ( (unsolved)
59) 17 December 2016, Chicago IL, 4 killed (shot) ( (presuming there was one killer)
60) 24 December 2016, Wilson NC, 4 killed (shot) (
Events: 60
Killed 348
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2023.05.06 22:05 CrimeNewsInTheD The two Detroit men convicted of killing 2-year-old Brison Christian after opening fire on his family's truck in June 2021 were given lengthy sentences on Friday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced in a news release on Saturday.

The two Detroit men convicted of killing 2-year-old Brison Christian after opening fire on his family's truck in June 2021 were given lengthy sentences on Friday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced in a news release on Saturday.
The defendants, Darius Evonte Lanier and Eugene Meredith Hubbard, were convicted of second-degree murder and felony firearm and first-degree murder and felony firearm, respectively, by a jury last month. Lanier was sentenced to 43 years and 9 months to 70 years in prison and Hubbard received life without parole, the prosecutor’s office said in the news release. Lanier and Hubbard were charged in June 2021 after Brison Christian, 2, was shot and killed and his brother BJ Christian, 9, was shot and injured while the siblings were driving home from BJ’s basketball practice with their mom and dad on June 22, 2021. The shooting occurred around 9:39 p.m. while the Dearborn family was driving on I-75 and McNichols. The victim’s father heard gunshots and the car began to malfunction, causing him to pull over, according to the prosecutor’s office. The parents then realized that their sons had been shot and called 911 around 9:40 p.m. Brison had been shot in the head and BJ in the arm. Michigan State Police arrived on the scene and medics took the children to a local hospital where Brison was pronounced dead, according to the prosecutor’s office. His brother was treated and later released. Lanier and Hubbard opened fire on the Christians’ truck after they mistakenly identified it based on its black color and make, the prosecutor’s office said. “After a long trial, these two defendants were convicted of taking little Brison’s death,” Worthy said in the news release. “These convictions will not bring him back and his family must forever live with his loss. I hope that these sentences will bring them some peace.” #detroitnews #CrimeInTheD ™
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2023.05.06 22:03 CrimeNewsInTheD The two Detroit men convicted of killing 2-year-old Brison Christian after opening fire on his family’s truck in June 2021 were given lengthy sentences on Friday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced in a news release on Saturday.

The two Detroit men convicted of killing 2-year-old Brison Christian after opening fire on his family’s truck in June 2021 were given lengthy sentences on Friday, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced in a news release on Saturday.
The defendants, Darius Evonte Lanier and Eugene Meredith Hubbard, were convicted of second-degree murder and felony firearm and first-degree murder and felony firearm, respectively, by a jury last month. Lanier was sentenced to 43 years and 9 months to 70 years in prison and Hubbard received life without parole, the prosecutor’s office said in the news release. Lanier and Hubbard were charged in June 2021 after Brison Christian, 2, was shot and killed and his brother BJ Christian, 9, was shot and injured while the siblings were driving home from BJ’s basketball practice with their mom and dad on June 22, 2021. The shooting occurred around 9:39 p.m. while the Dearborn family was driving on I-75 and McNichols. The victim’s father heard gunshots and the car began to malfunction, causing him to pull over, according to the prosecutor’s office. The parents then realized that their sons had been shot and called 911 around 9:40 p.m. Brison had been shot in the head and BJ in the arm. Michigan State Police arrived on the scene and medics took the children to a local hospital where Brison was pronounced dead, according to the prosecutor’s office. His brother was treated and later released. Lanier and Hubbard opened fire on the Christians’ truck after they mistakenly identified it based on its black color and make, the prosecutor’s office said. “After a long trial, these two defendants were convicted of taking little Brison’s death,” Worthy said in the news release. “These convictions will not bring him back and his family must forever live with his loss. I hope that these sentences will bring them some peace.” #detroitnews #CrimeInTheD ™
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2023.05.06 05:35 Rappybeenrappin They had enough😭😭

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2023.05.05 02:30 PollyTLHist1849 The Presidency of Alexander Hamilton To Begin the World Again

Alexander Hamilton was many things. He was a political genius, a hot-tempered jerk, a hypocritical aristocrat, and a rags-to-riches economic mastermind. Above all else, he was a hard driver.
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary of State: John Quincy Adams
Secretary of the Treasury: Oliver Wolcott Jr.
Secretary of War: Henry Dearborn
Attorney General: Rufus King
Secretary of the Navy: John Paul Jones
Alexander Hamilton assumed office in a period of war. Though he stuffed his cabinet with Federalists, as expected, he retained the genius, yet elderly John Paul Jones and the popular Henry Dearborn. Early on, Hamilton came into conflict with a Democratic-Republican Congress. He dramatically increased funding for the army, and pursued a much more aggressive approach. In 1805, Andrew Jackson was charged with the defence of Boston, which was under threat of British occupation. The British… took the city before Jackson could arrive. There, drunken British soldiers knocked a lantern into a hay bale, causing it to erupt in flames. Much of the city was razed.
In response, Andrew Jackson… took as few prisoners as possible upon retaking the city. Though brutal, it went mostly unnoticed by the people. Boston was liberated shortly afterwards, and anti-British sentiment skyrocketed.
In 1806, the Federalists… gained a majority in the Senate and a near majority in the House. Luckily, the Wide-Awake Party was willing to caucus with the Federalists. They were firmly constitutional, however. In 1807, they struck down a Hamilton-approved act that would allow the arrest of anyone who spoke out against the war. The repeal of this Sedition Act came from John Quincy Adams, whose father ironically supported it. Historians note this as the last unpredictable Congressional election.
On August 19, 1808, France began Plan: Sea Leopard. In the plan, the French army would invade the British mainland by crossing the English Channel and through Ireland. After years of planning, it was… successful.
News arrived just in time. Around October, news spread throughout the colonies of a successful landing of French troops on British soil. In other words, America had a chance.
Just like with Jefferson before him, a poll was conducted. How would you rate the Hamilton presidency?

View Poll
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2023.05.02 00:59 Moses_Horwitz Police investigate shooting at Seattle encampment near I-5

SEATTLE — The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is investigating a shooting that happened Monday morning at an encampment under I-5 near Dearborn Street, which borders the Chinatown-International District.
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2023.04.30 18:56 BestOfNoPoliticsBot Trinity College Dublin blocks recording of defamation conference for fear of being sued

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2023.04.22 04:19 jbigbuns69 420! AB Trip NEEDS to happen

420! AB Trip NEEDS to happen
Obviously it won’t happen this summer, adding anymore days on top of the Japan trip is out of the question. But AB’s pitch was the perfect combination of passion and content lol. The crew, especially Ethan, meeting Tim is too good to pass up. Plus Lena’s mom, just their whole family sounded so sweet and nice.
I know they joked about taking two trips (this included). But being that it wouldn’t cost anything crazy, it’d be awesome if they took another small trip later this year or early next year. A day or two at most, and AB/Lena could stay a bit longer extra if they wanted to. Depending on how you schedule it, would only miss maybe 1 podcast show (unless you include SYNT too).
Depending on how long they wait, Hila might not be able to go but it would be fun if they could do it early enough that she could. This probably 99.9% won’t happen just a fun suggestion, AB’s slideshow was really great
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2023.04.11 04:36 SignificantTrip6108 DeWitt Clinton's Second Term / Significant's Elections

DeWitt Clinton's Second Term / Significant's Elections
Clinton’s Cabinet
President - DeWitt Clinton
Vice President - John Eager Howard
Secretary of State - John Quincy Adams
Secretary of the Treasury - George Campbell
Secretary of War - William Henry Harrison
Attorney General - Richard Rush (1813-1817) William Wirt
Secretary of the Navy - William Jones (1813-1819) Smith Thompson
1817 - Shortly into Clinton’s second term he has appointed former Indiana territory William Henry Harrison as his new secretary of war due to John Eager Howard replacing the incumbent Vice President Henry Dearborn. Another cabinet change was Richard Rush resigning to become the Minister to France, he would be replaced by William Wirt. Notably, Indiana and Mississippi were also granted statehood during this time.
1818 - In 1818, President Clinton, with the help of Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, passed a bill which allocated government fund to canals and railroads, which would be the biggest achievement of the second half of his administration. But in more grim news former president Henry Lee III would pass away in Georgia dampened the nation's spirits. Illinois also achieved statehood, while Missouri began its efforts to join the Union as a official state as well.
The Midterm Elections
1819 - After Clinton's party suffers a huge defeat in the midterms, Clinton had given up hope to repeal the King-Ross during his presidency. In early 1819 the court case McCulloch v Maryland takes place which was followed by the Panic of 1819, which hit the southern slaves incredibly very hard causing the beginning of immense economic trouble in the region. Congress raised tariffs in a attempt to alleviate the situation, but it did little to aid the struggling economy. Clinton's popularity plummeted amongst Southerners, with representative John C. Calhoun of the Old Republican Party making a speech declaring his firm disapproval of the president. In other news, Alabama achieved statehood, and Supreme Court Justice Bushrod Washington proposed the establishment of a colony in West Africa for free blacks, which was declined by Clinton due to the country's economic state.
1820 - In early 1820, the discussion in Congress regarding the "Missouri Compromise" began, with the Democratic-Republican minority speaker Henry Clay being a notable proponent of the proposed bill. The compromise would make the territories of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia become the state of Acadia, the Missouri territory become the state of Missouri, and and only permitted new slave states below the 36°30 line. Eventually the House and Senate would pass barley pass the bill despite the very influential New York senator Rufus King’s opposition to it.

5th President of the United States of America, DeWitt Clinton of New York.
President DeWitt Clinton much like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton has decided not to run for third term, leaving the presidency with the future of his party looking dim. How would you rank his second term as president?
View Poll
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2023.03.21 18:01 Consistent-Relief742 AMZN +1: Rackspace Technology Achieves The AWS Service Delivery Designation For Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service


Benzinga Alerts [email protected]

Rackspace Technology Achieves The AWS Service Delivery Designation For Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service 11:37 am, March 21, 2023
Read the full article
Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ:RXT), a leading end-to-end cloud technology solutions company, today announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Service Delivery designation for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), recognizing that Rackspace Technology follows best practices and has proven success delivering AWS services to end customers.
Achieving the AWS Service Delivery designation differentiates Rackspace Technology as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering EKS. To receive the designation, APN Partners must possess deep AWS experience and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.
"Rackspace Technology is proud to receive the designation for AWS Service Delivery," said D K Sinha, President, Public Cloud for Rackspace Technology. "Our team is dedicated to helping companies achieve their technology goals by leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation that AWS provides."
AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Service Delivery Program to help customers identify APN Consulting Partners with deep experience delivering specific AWS services.
Whether customers are just getting started with containerization, or already managing workloads on AWS, Onica by Rackspace Technology™ offers a Container Accelerator service that's designed to help them get to a well architected, production-ready and secure containerized platform in 6 weeks using Amazon EKS.
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2023.03.19 22:07 Paul-Belgium Ford Cougar Concept, July 1962.

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2023.03.18 20:13 systematicTheology Antifa Attacks Pregnancy Center That Abortion Activists Firebombed Last Year
The New York pro-life organization CompassCare was attacked for the second time in nine months on Wednesday when an individual was caught on camera vandalizing its sign.
The Buffalo pregnancy center also was firebombed on June 7 in one of the first of many attacks on pro-life organizations in the past year. The fire caused approximately half a million dollars in damage and injured two firefighters, but the perpetrators still have not been caught.
CompassCare, a pro-life Christian ministry, runs several pregnancy centers across New York that offer medical and other pregnancy and parenting support services to help mothers choose life for their babies....
He criticized the FBI and Department of Justice for not doing more to crack down on the growing domestic terrorism. In January, frustrated by the lack of action, CompassCare hired its own private investigators to find out who was behind the June arson attack.
“This fits the definitions of domestic terror,” Harden said this week. “Those in the FBI and DOJ who refuse to treat it as such need to be fired and investigated. This is an act of intimidation and a violation of the FACE Act. America needs to return to a civilized order.”...
LifeNews has been keeping track of the attacks. Since 2022, they include:
  1. Florida – Pro-Abortion Students Arrested at the University of Florida for Allegedly Stealing Pro-Life Display
  2. Texas – Abortion Activists Threaten Federal Judge Who Could Block Abortion Pill
  3. USA – Actress Jane Fonda Suggest “Murdering” Pro-Life Lawmakers to Protest Overturning Roe
  4. Mexico – Mexico City Pro-Abortion Protest Turns Violent, Explosive Devices and Sticks Used to Vandalize Buildings (Mexico News Daily)
  5. Mexico – Pro-Abortion International Women’s Day Protesters Set Government Building on Fire in Monterrey (Reuters)
  6. California – Police Remove Abortion Activists for Disrupting March for Life in Sacramento (CapRadio)
  7. North Carolina – Pro-Life Student Leader Assaulted at Raleigh Protest (Students for Life)
  8. Minnesota – First Care Pregnancy Center Vandalized, Threatened in Minneapolis
  9. Virginia – Pro-Life Materials Stolen from Student Display at Virginia Commonwealth University (Students for Life)
  10. Virginia – Display Vandalized at Christopher Newport University (Students for Life)
  11. North Carolina – Pro-Abortion Students Stomp on, Steal Pro-Life Display at Campbell University (Campbell Students for Life)
  12. California – Murder Investigation Begins in Shooting Death of Catholic Bishop Dave O’Connell, A Strong Pro-Life Advocate
  13. USA – Video: Pro-Abortion Man Shoves Pro-Lifer, Threatens to ‘Knock Him Out’
  14. Illinois – Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Hit by Car, Another Pushed Outside Planned Parenthood
  15. Arkansas – Memorial Garden for Aborted Babies Vandalized (Arkansas Right to Life)
  16. Utah – Monument for Unborn Babies Vandalized at Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Salt Lake City (Deseret News)
  17. Connecticut – Torrington Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Pro-Choice” Graffiti (Family Institute of Connecticut)
  18. New York – Pro-Abortion Protesters Block Peaceful Witness for Life Rally in NYC (Students for Life)
  19. Tennessee – Abortion Supporter Throws Glass Bottle at Pro-Life Students in Chattanooga, Shards Damage Pro-Lifer’s Eyes; Steals Pro-Life Signs (Students for Life)
  20. Connecticut – Torrington Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Pro-Choice” Graffiti (Family Institute of Connecticut)
  21. New York – Pro-Abortion Protesters Block Peaceful Witness for Life Rally in NYC (Students for Life)
  22. Vermont – Fetal Model, Personal Information Stolen from Pro-Life Students’ Display at University of Vermont (Students for Life)
  23. Washington, D.C. – Abortion Activists Threaten Justice Amy Coney Barrett Outside Her Home
  24. Texas – Houston Pregnancy Help Center Vandalized: “Abortion for All” Painted on Windows (Houston Pregnancy Help Center)
  25. Florida – Two Pro-Life Banners Vandalized at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Riverview
  26. USA – Another Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with “Kill Babies” (Prolife Across America)
  27. Pennsylvania – Unborn Child Monument at Greenfield Church Defaced, Pro-life Billboard Vandalized (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  28. Washington, D.C. – Police Remove 2 Abortion Activists for Trying to Disrupt March for Life (Ford FischeNews2Share)
  29. Oregon – “Kill Them Kids”: Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Portland
  30. Georgia – FBI Offers Reward for Info on Pro-Abortion Vandalism of MLK’s Ebenezer Baptist Church
  31. Illinois – Pro-Abortion Activist Charged with Battery for Allegedly Assaulting Pro-Lifer Outside New Abortion Facility in Rockford (more) (video)
  32. Colorado – Bella Health and Wellness Pro-Life Ministry Vandalized in Englewood (Catholic News Agency)
  33. Michigan – Another Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Eastpointe, Pro-Life Leader’s Home Also Vandalized with Threat
  34. Virginia – Pro-Life Advocate Attacked, Injured at George Mason University (TFP Student Action)
  35. Pennsylvania – Pro-Life Advocate Attacked while Holding Sign Saying “Smile! You Survived Abortion!” at Gettysburg College
  36. California – Pro-Life Student Display Vandalized at University of California San Diego (Students for Life)
  37. Nebraska – Church, Pro-Life Students Receive Violent Threats from Pro-Abortion Activists (Omaha World Herald); Governor Condemns as Domestic Terrorism
  38. Washington, D.C. – Radical Abortion Activists Disrupt Pregnancy Center Banquet Just Months after It was Vandalized
  39. Indiana – Another Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with Red Paint in Greenfield, Indiana (Prolife Across America)
  40. South Carolina – Clemson University Pro-Life Student Group Gets Violent Threats for Hosting Students for Life Chief (The College Fix)
  41. Pennsylvania – Carnegie Mellon University Republican Club Competition Display Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Campus Reform)
  42. Alaska – St. Andrew Catholic Church in Eagle River Vandalized Twice Since Supreme Court Abortion Leak (Alaska Watchman)
  43. New York – Ulster County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Vandalism of Pro-Life Billboard in Esopus, Third Time This Year (Daily Freeman)
  44. North Carolina – Campbell University Pro-Life Student Leader Receives Violent Threats, Display Vandalized (Campus Reform)
  45. Michigan – Prayer rally to defeat Michigan abortion amendment is victim of ‘pro-choice cyber attack’ (Catholic News Agency)
  46. Kentucky – Numerous Pro-Life Signs Supporting Amendment 2 Vandalized, Stolen at Homes and Churches (WDRB)
  47. North Carolina – Attacker Shoots Up Home of Pro-Life Candidate, Bullet Barely Misses His Children
  48. Washington state – St. Pius X Church Vandalized with Satanic Symbols, Window Smashed (Lynnwood Times)
  49. Idaho – Police Investigating Death Threat, Vandalism of Pro-Life Republican Rep’s Billboard (Idaho State Journal)
  50. USA – National Pro-Life Chalk Day Results in More Campus Vandalism (Campus Reform)
  51. Washington, D.C. – Three Abortion Activists Arrested for Disrupting U.S. Supreme Court
  52. California – Elderly Pro-Lifer Attacked Outside Planned Parenthood (Life Legal Defense Foundation)
  53. Florida – Four Attackers Brutally Assault Marco Rubio Supporter (police report)
  54. Alaska – Pregnancy Center, Church Targeted by Pro-Abortion Vandals in One Day
  55. Pennsylvania – Police Search for Woman who Vandalized 5 Police Vehicles at Pro-Abortion Protest (Shore News Network) (video)
  56. Michigan – Elderly Pro-Life Woman Shot by Abortion Supporter while Campaigning against Pro-Abortion Constitutional Amendment
  57. Michigan – Abortion Activists Caught on Video Vandalizing Lansing Catholic Church with Pro-Abortion Graffiti
  58. Connecticut – University of Connecticut Students for Life Materials Vandalized and Stolen (Students for Life)
  59. Washington, D.C. – Police Arrest Abortion Activist for Allegedly Harassing Pro-Lifers at Women’s March (Students for Life)
  60. Virginia – Students Vandalize Pro-Life Memorial at the College of William and Mary (Campus Reform)
  61. USA – Liberty Counsel Website Hacked, Private Info Published after Dobbs Ruling (Christian Post) (more at CyberScoop)
  62. Missouri – Pro-Life Students told to Kill Themselves, Display Vandalized and Materials Stolen at University of Missouri (Students for Life)
  63. New Jersey – SFLA: Pro-Abortion Student Steals & Rips Head Off Fetal Model at Rider University (Students for Life)
  64. West Virginia – Police Arrest 2 Abortion Activists at State Capitol during Debate on Pro-Life Legislation (12 WBOY)
  65. Michigan – Mother and Unborn Baby Care Center Vandalized Twice Since June
  66. North Dakota – Man Allegedly Kills Teenager With His Car Just Because Teen Was a Republican
  67. Virginia – SFLA ‘Abortion Is Not Right’ Fall Tour Begins on College Campuses, Urine Allegedly Thrown at Pro-Life Students at College of William and Mary (Students for Life)
  68. Maine – Abortion Activist Accused of Vandalism outside Conservative Leader’s Home in Mount Desert (Bangor Daily News)
  69. California – Two Arrested at Pro-Abortion Rally in Hollywood (CBS News)
  70. Virginia – George Mason University Students for Life Harassed, Materials Stolen from Table (Campus Reform)
  71. Vermont – Jane’s Revenge brags about vandalizing PRC in Burlington (Live Action)
  72. Iowa – Angry Leftist Smashes University of Iowa Pro-Life Club’s Table With Bike Helmet, Targets Other Pro-Life Groups
  73. California – LACMA Pro-Abortion Protest Stops Traffic; Police Arrest 2 Women (Hey SOCAL)
  74. New York – Alpha Pregnancy Care Center in Schenectady Vandalized with “Fake Clinic” and “Jane’s Revenge” (Catholic News Agency)
  75. USA – Pro-Life Businesses Face Backlash, Harassment Since Dobbs Ruling (World Magazine)
  76. South Carolina – Swastikas Painted on Spartanburg Church, Pastor Attributes to Pro-Life Stance (WBTW News 13)
  77. Massachusetts – Pro-Abortion Extremists Vandalize Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Bethlehem House Inc. Pregnancy Care Center in Easthampton, That Helps Women
  78. Arkansas – Conservative Pro-Life Group Ammo-Can Coffee in Soldotna Is Vandalized, Locks Glued Shut (Peninsula Clarion)
  79. Idaho – Compassion & Hope Pregnancy Center in Pocatello Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, “Beware” (Idaho State Journal)
  80. Pennsylvania – Another Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti in Pittsburgh (Prolife Across America)
  81. Colorado – Catholic Church Shot Up as Wave of Pro-Abortion Violence Continues Nationwide
  82. New York – Police Arrest 5 Pro-Abortion Demonstrators who Harangued Pro-Life Catholics at Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral (Daily Mail)
  83. Maine – Abortion Activist Arrested Outside Home of Federalist Society Leader, Allegedly Threatened 11-Year-Old Girl
  84. Kansas – Calvary Temple Assembly of God Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, “My Body, My Choice” (The Lawrence Times)
  85. Kansas – Emporia Police Report Stolen, Damaged “Vote Yes” Signs Ahead of Pro-Life Vote (KVOE)
  86. Kansas – Pro-Lifer with Students for Life Assaulted while Campaigning for Pro-Life Amendment in Kansas (more at Kansas City Star)
  87. Kansas – Lawrence’s Victory Bible Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti after Supporting Pro-Life Amendment (Lawrence Journal-World)
  88. Minnesota – Police: Abria Pregnancy Resources in St. Paul Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Threat (KSTP Eyewitness News)
  89. California – Abortion Activists Vandalize Riverside Historic Courthouse, Five Arrested (The Press-Enterprise)
  90. California – Los Angeles Police Arrest 3 after Urban Light Display Vandalized during Pro-Abortion Protest (KTLA 5)
  91. Wisconsin – Pro-Life Sign Vandalized in Kewaunee County, Sheriff Looking for Info (WFRV)
  92. Massachusetts – Your Options Medical Pregnancy Center in Revere Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Threat (Catholic News Agency)
  93. Louisiana – Pro-Life Man Assaulted, Camera Smashed outside Abortion Facility in Baton Rouge (WAFB News 9)
  94. Georgia – Vandals Attack St. Boniface Catholic Church’s Pro-Life Sign (Effingham Herald)
  95. Illinois – Abortion Activists Terrorize Pro-Life Attorney, Throw Smoke Bombs and Firecrackers at His House (The Gateway Pundit) (more at The Daily Northwestern)
  96. Wisconsin – Police Investigate Pro-Abortion Vandalism at Abundant Life Christian School, Bernard Catholic Church in Madison (WKOW 27)
  97. California – Sacramento Pregnancy Center Had to Hire Security Guard When Abortion Activist Showed Up With Machete
  98. Louisiana – Woman’s New Life Clinic in Baton Rouge Vandalized, “Abortion is a Right” (National Right to Life News) (more from 4WWL News)
  99. Utah – Arches New Hope Pregnancy Center in Moab Vandalized, Black Paint Splattered Across Building (Moab Sun News)
  100. Pennsylvania – Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia Had Windows Smashed, Office Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Philly Anti-Capitalist blog) (more from the Pro-Life Union)
  101. Kansas – Derby Neighborhood Fence, Mural Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (KAKE)
  102. Kansas – Overland Park Catholic Church Vandalized with “My Body My Choice” after Speaking Out for Life (Kansas City Star)
  103. Ohio – Right to Life of Northeast Ohio in Akron Vandalized a Second Time, “If Abortions Aren’t Safe Neither RU” (RTL of Northeast Ohio)
  104. Washington state – Care Net of Puget Sound in Kenmore Vandalized with Spraypaint, Windows Smashed (My Northwest)
  105. Massachusetts – Two Worcester Pregnancy Centers Problem Pregnancy, Clearway Clinic Vandalized, Windows Smashed (MassLive) (more from Clearway Clinic website)
  106. Washington state – Two Churches Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti in Sumner (My Northwest)
  107. Washington state – Police Investigate Attempted Arson at Two Hearts Pregnancy Center in Everett (Live Action News)
  108. Iowa – Vandals Deface Pro-Life Billboard at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Vinton (Vinton Today)
  109. Kansas – Salina Police Cite Woman for Damaging Pro-Life “Vote Yes” Signs at 8 Locations (Salina Journal)
  110. Wisconsin – Four Catholic Churches in Chippewa Falls, Tilden Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Spectrum News 1) (more from CNA)
  111. Texas – Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Supreme Court Justices with AK47 (Fox News)
  112. Minnesota – Birthright Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency) (more from The Globe)
  113. Oregon – Radicals Smash Building, Attack Journalist at Pro-Abortion Riot in Portland (Andy Ngo)
  114. Texas – Abortion Activists Block Traffic in Austin During Pro-Abortion Protest (Insider)
  115. Michigan – Abortion Activists Block 4th of July Parade in Lansing (Newsweek)
  116. Florida – Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic in Hialeah Vandalized: “If Abortions Aren’t Safe, Neither Are You” (Martha Avila/Heartbeat of Miami) (more from Local 10 News)
  117. Wisconsin – St. Bernard Catholic Church in Madison Vandalized with “Anti-‘Pro-Life’” Graffiti (National Review)
  118. Ohio – Right to Life of Northeast Ohio Office Vandalized Hours after Roe Overturned (Right to Life of Northeast Ohio)
  119. Washington, D.C. – Police Arrest Abortion Activists for Blocking Roadway near U.S. Supreme Court (Bloomberg)
  120. New Hampshire – Pathways Pregnancy Care Center in Littleton Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Message, “Fund Abortion, Abort God” (WMUR News 9)
  121. Kansas – Cowley County GOP Office in Winfield Vandalized, Pro-Life Materials Lit on Fire (Fox News)
  122. Utah – Pregnancy Resource Center of Salt Lake City Vandalized Hours after Supreme Court Overturns Roe (Catholic News Agency)
  123. California – Abortion Activists Vandalize Mobile Clinic of Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Options Health in Concord (Catholic News Agency)
  124. Pennsylvania – St. Patrick Catholic Church in Philadelphia Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency)
  125. Tennessee – Pro-Life Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville Vandalized, Molotov Cocktail Found (Tennessee Lookout)
  126. California – A Woman’s Friend Pregnancy Center in Yuba City Vandalized, Window Smashed (CBS 13 Sacramento)
  127. Washington state – St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Renton Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Windows Smashed (KIRO 7)
  128. Indiana – Monroe County Courthouse Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Fox 59 News)
  129. Colorado – Heart to Heart Pregnancy Center in Cortez Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency)
  130. Indiana – Memorial for Aborted Babies Vandalized at St. Therese Little Flower Catholic Church (Catholic News Agency)
  131. Florida – LifeChoice Pregnancy Center in Winter Haven Defaced with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic News Agency)
  132. Oregon – First Image Pregnancy Center Vandalized Again in Portland, Photojournalist Assaulted for Reporting the Crime (Andy Ngo)
  133. Washington state – Video: Man Smashes Bellevue Church Doors, Throws Rock at Employee (Fox 13 Seattle)
  134. Texas – 3 Statues Vandalized at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Harlingen (Valley Central 4)
  135. New York – Ascension Roman Catholic Church in Upper West Side Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Threat (Newsweek)
  136. Florida – Methodist Church in Tallahassee Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Newsweek)
  137. USA – Hackers Attack Pro-Life States and Organizations, Steal Data (The Byte)
  138. Louisiana – Tombstones for Unborn Babies Vandalized at Holy Name of Mary Church in Algiers (Live Action News)
  139. Iowa – Informed Choices Pro-Life Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Live Action News)
  140. Oregon– All Saints Catholic Church in Northeast Portland Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Catholic Sentinel)
  141. North Carolina – NC GOP Responds to Abortion Graffiti at Raleigh Headquarters (News Observer)
  142. Rhode Island – Police Arrest Two at Pro-Abortion Protest in Providence (The Providence Journal)
  143. Virginia – St. John Catholic Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti after Supreme Court Ruling (NBC Washington 4) Vandals Allegedly Tried to Set Garden on Fire (MRC-TV)
  144. South Carolina – Police Arrest 6 Abortion Activists at Pro-Abortion Protest in Greenville (The Daily Wire)
  145. Virginia – Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center Vandalized after Supreme Court Abortion Ruling (CNN) (more from 10 News WSLS)
  146. Vermont – Windows Smashed, Pro-Abortion Graffiti Found on Vermont Statehouse after Roe Overturned (VT Digger)
  147. California – Paso Robles Tree of Life Pregnancy Center Vandalized after Roe Overturned (KSBY News 6) (more from The Tribune)
  148. Colorado – Abortion Activists Burn, Vandalize Pro-Life Pregnancy Center after Supreme Court Overturns Roe
  149. California – Abortion Activist Charged with Attempting to Murder Police During Pro-Abortion Protest (more)
  150. Washington, D.C. – MAGA hat swatted off pro-life protester’s head in front of SCOTUS (Richie McGinnis/Daily Caller)
  151. Washington state – Pro-Abortion Radicals Destroy Street Preacher’s Bible during Seattle Protest (Jonathan Choe/Discovery Institute)
  152. Washington state – Security Guard Hit with Metal Pipe during Pro-Abortion Protest in Seattle (Jonathan Choe/Discovery Institute)
  153. Washington state – Antifa attack and pepper spray pro-life woman in Seattle (The Post Millennial)
  154. Iowa – Pro-Abortion Protesters Hit, Try to Block Vehicle at Protest in Cedar Rapids (Andy Ngo)
  155. California – Pro-Abortion Protesters in Sacramento Surround Car, Block Driver from Leaving (Fox 40)
  156. Oregon – Pro-Abortion Protesters Smash Mall Windows, Start Fire Near Federal Courthouse in Portland (Andy Ngo)
  157. Oregon – Eugene Police Arrest 10 during Pro-Abortion ‘Night of Rage’ (The Hill)
  158. California – Los Angeles Pro-Abortion Protesters Shut Down Street, Hit Drivers with Sticks (El American/Andy Ngo)
  159. New York – Fox News Studios Vandalized in New York City at Pro-Abortion Protest (more)
  160. Arizona – Police Disburse Pro-Abortion Protesters for Kicking Doors, Trying to Break Senate Building Windows, Interrupting Session (Arizona Family)
  161. New York – Entrance to Expectant Mother Care Frontline in Brooklyn Vandalized (Religion Unplugged)
  162. Minnesota – Northfield Women’s Center Vandalized, Window Broken (Northfield News)
  163. California – Abortion Activist Rips Bible, Disrupts Church Service at Nesting Place Home for Mothers and Children in Long Beach (Catholic Vote) (video)
  164. Maine – First Step Pregnancy Resource Center in Bangor Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Christianity Today)
  165. Virginia – Bullet Hole Found in Virginia Attorney General’s Office after He Condemns Pro-Abortion Violence (Daily Wire)
  166. Washington, D.C. – Wall near U.S. Supreme Court Vandalized: “Abort the Court, Keep Abortions Safe & Legal” (Live Action News)
  167. Michigan – Family Life Services Pregnancy Center Vandalized Twice in One Week in Ypsilanti (Pregnancy Help News) (more at Live Action News)
  168. Indiana – Video: Abortion Activist Grabs, Restrains Pro-Life Student Activist at Indianapolis Protest (Students for Life/SBA Pro-Life America)
  169. Washington state – Options 360 Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Vancouver (SBA Pro-Life America) (more at The Post Millennial)
  170. New York – Two Pro-Life Billboards Vandalized in Esopus (Daily Freeman)
  171. Iowa – Republican Office in Cedar Rapids Vandalized (The Gazette)
  172. Kansas – Pro-Life Yard Signs Ripped Apart, Stolen at Multiple Homes Ahead of Pro-Life Amendment Vote (Value Them Both) (more at KSNT)
  173. Michigan – Two More Sites Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Including Pro-Life Group and Congressman’s Office (Right to Life of Michigan)
  174. Michigan – Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorists Destroy Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Redford, Smashing Doors and Windows
  175. Ohio – Pro-Life Billboard in Columbus Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Right to Life of Northeast Ohio)
  176. Michigan – Windows Smashed, Threat Spray-Painted on Dearborn Heights Pregnancy Center
  177. Wisconsin – Leftists Target Pro-Life Congressional Candidate With Vandalism: “F— Charity Barry”
  178. Minnesota – Minnesota Pro-Life Organization MCCL Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti, Windows Smashed; Second Vandalism in Weeks
  179. Pennsylvania – Abortion Activists Attack Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia, Smash Windows
  180. Washington state – Pro-life Republican Lawmaker’s Office Hit with Arson Attempt, Vandalism
  181. Michigan – Naked Protester Disrupts Catholic Mass to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions
  182. Iowa – Abortion Activists Brag About Vandalizing Another Pregnancy Center
  183. Alaska – Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Nails, Pro-Abortion Graffiti (EWTN Ireland)
  184. Oregon – Abortion Activists Firebomb Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Fourth Bombing in Weeks
  185. New York – Topless Abortion Rights Protesters Storm Court At New York Liberty WNBA Game (Huffington Post)
  186. New York – Statues of Lúcia dos Santos and Jacinta Marto smashed and decapitated at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church (ABC 7 New York)
  187. New York – Tabernacle stolen, Holy Eucharist thrown on floor, statues of angels on the altar decapitated and destroyed at St. Augustine Catholic Church, Brooklyn (Catholic News Agency)
  188. Michigan – Police Arrest Abortion Activist for Allegedly Disrupting Michigan House Session (Bridge Michigan)
  189. California – Abortion Activist Arrested Trying to Approach Joe Biden to Urge Him to Promote Abortion
  190. Maryland – Police Arrest Man with Weapon outside Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s Home, Allegedly Threatened to Murder Him (Washington Post)
  191. North Carolina – Asheville Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Lauren Muzyka/Sidewalk Advocates for Life) (more at FOX Carolina)
  192. New York – Abortion Activists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Third Bombing in Weeks
  193. New York – Pro-Abortion Protesters Mob Catholic Pro-Life Procession (National Review)
  194. Texas – Radical Abortion Activists Invade Church Service to Promote Killing Babies
  195. Florida – Pro-Abortion Violence Continues as Abortion Activists Vandalize Catholic Pro-Life Office
  196. Washington, D.C. – Abortion Activists Trash Pregnancy Center: Dump Paint on Door, Egg Windows, Write “Revenge” on Wall
  197. Pennsylvania – Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Pittsburgh (ProLife Across America)
  198. Oregon – Mother and Child center vandalized; Address was publicized by group that favors abortion rights (Catholic Sentinel)
  199. Oregon – Eugene Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Andy Ngo)
  200. New Jersey – Catholic Pro-Life Student Attacked at Public School, 7 Pro-Abortion Students Suspended (CNA) (video)
  201. Washington state – Radical Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Center, Smash 5 Windows and Leave Threats
  202. Michigan – Grand Rapids Meeting Adjourned after Unruly Protesters Shout Down Anti-Abortion Activist (MLive)
  203. Mississippi – Rural Black Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti
  204. Oregon – Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Portland: “Abort the Supreme Court” (Andy Ngo)
  205. Washington state – Four Churches Vandalized by Pro-Abortion Radicals in Olympia (more from the Washington Free Beacon)
  206. Alabama – Vicar, Parishioners Respond to Vandalism at Pro-Life Women’s Clinic in Auburn (Opelika-Auburn News)
  207. Kansas – Supports of Pro-Life “Value The Both” Amendment Report Yard Signs Stolen (KAKE)
  208. Arizona – Planned Parenthood Chair Brags How Her Husband Assaulted Man in “Blacks for Trump” Shirt
  209. USA – Abortion Activists Threaten to Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices When Roe is Overturned (more at CBS News)
  210. Arizona – Watch: Pro-Abortion Demonstrators Attack, Spit on ‘Students for Kari’ Volunteers (College Fix)
  211. Missouri – Pro-life Student Group at University of Missouri Calls for Dialogue after its Memorial Was Vandalized (Campus Reform)
  212. Indiana – Pro-Life Student Advocates Shoved, Grabbed from Behind at Pro-Abortion Rally (Students for Life)
  213. Idaho – Two Arrested at Pro-Abortion Rally, Protester Allegedly Kicked Police Officer (KTVB 7)
  214. Maryland – Birthright of Frederick Vandalized: “F— Fake Clinics”
  215. Maryland – Alpha Pregnancy Center in Reisterstown Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Andy Ngo) (more at WBAL-TV 11)
  216. USA – Video: Pro-Life Student Activists Kicked, Shoved by Pro-Abortion Protesters (Students for Life)
  217. Michigan – Michigan Catholic Church Vandalized with Satanic Symbols after Roe Leak (more at The Tennessee Star)
  218. New York City – Abortion Activists Threaten to Bomb, Burn Down St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
  219. Maine – Republican Senator Receives Threats after Voting No on Radical Pro-Abortion Bill (Boston Globe)
  220. Texas – Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Denton (NRL News)
  221. Virginia – Pro-Life Organization Office Vandalized; Man Exposes Himself, Urinates on Front Door (Concerned Women for America)
  222. California – Pro-Life Billboard Vandalized in Sebastopol (SBA Pro-Life America)
  223. Colorado – Parish church in Fort Collins tagged with pro-abortion graffiti; police investigating (Catholic News Agency)
  224. Oregon – Oregon Right to Life Firebombed With Molotov Cocktail
  225. Texas – Catholic Church Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti
  226. Virginia – Pregnancy Center Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti in Northern Virginia (National Review) (more from Human Coalition)
  227. USA – Pro-Abortion Feminist Calls for Violence against Pro-Life Americans, Celebrates Arson
  228. Wisconsin – Abortion Activists Light Fire in Pro-Life Group’s Office, Throw Molotov Cocktails
  229. Texas – Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Vandalized in Denton, Texas (more from Students for Life)
  230. Oregon, Maryland – Radical Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers That Help Pregnant Women
  231. Washington, D.C. – Two Pro-Life Leaders Say Abortion Activists Punched Them at D.C. Protest (Stand True)
  232. Texas – Pro-Abortion Group Brags about Vandalizing Trotter House Pregnancy Center in Austin (Stop the Sweeps ATX) (more at Pregnancy Help News)
  233. Texas – Pro-Life University of North Texas Student Says Antifa Vandalized Door, Issued Threats (Fox News)
  234. Washington state – Antifa Assault News Crew during Pro-Abortion Rally in Seattle (Andy Ngo)
  235. Colorado – Catholic Church in Boulder Defiled Following Roe v. Wade Draft Opinion Leak (Denver Gazette)
  236. Oregon – Pro-Abortion Protesters Damage Property In Portland Following SCOTUS Leak On Abortion (KXL 101 FM News) (more at KOIN 6)
  237. California – Two Police Officers Injured at Pro-Abortion Protest in Los Angeles (more at CBS News)
  238. Malta – Pro-life Leader’s Office Vandalized in Malta as She Fights Radical Pro-Abortion Bill
  239. Spain – Sant Vicenç de Sarriá Church in Barcelona Vandalized with Pro-Abortion Graffiti (Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe)
  240. Northern Ireland – Man Bites Pro-Life Advocate at Rally in Belfast, Arrested by Police (Precious Life)
  241. Mexico – Pro-Abortion Feminist Groups Vandalize Monuments in Mérida, Yucatán (The Yucatan Times)
  242. Colombia – Abortion Activists Try to Set Fire to Cathedral in Botoga during International Safe Abortion Day Protest (The City Paper Botoga)
  243. Switzerland – Zurich Church Vandalized with Satanic Symbols, “Burn” in Red Paint to Protest March for Life (FSSPX News)
  244. Switzerland – Police Arrest 8 Abortion Activists at Swiss March for Life (Evangelical Focus)
  245. Northern Ireland – Abortion Advocates Assault Pro-Life City Councilman
  246. Canada – Windsor, Ontario Church Vandalized with ‘Hate-Motivated’ Message: “Abort Christ” (CTV News)
  247. Canada – Video: Man Assaults Pro-Life Woman, Threatens to Put “Bullet in Your Head” in Hamilton, Ontario (Campaign Life Coalition)
  248. Canada – Cambridge Right to Life Building in Ontario Vandalized after Roe Overturned (Cambridge Today)
  249. South Carolina – Abortion Activists Attempt to Intimidate Pro-Life Student at Home, Vandalize Sign (Live Action News)
  250. Czechia – Abortion Activists Block March for Life in Prague (Expats CZ)
  251. New York – Pro-Life Advocate Shoved, Smacked by Pro-Abortion Couple on New York City Sidewalk (Created Equal)
  252. Michigan – ‘I Love Abortion,’ Dead Baby Drawn on Vandalized Pro-Life Display at Eastern Michigan University (Campus Reform)
  253. Massachusetts – Abortion Activists Rip Sign Out of Pro-Lifers’ Hands, Scream Expletives (Students for Life)
  254. Washington, D.C. – Abortion Activists Push and Shove Pro-Life Students at Supreme Court During Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearing
  255. Ontario – Judge Issues Injunction Against Abortion Activists for Alleged Sabotage of 40 Days for Life (40 Days for Life) (more at Pregnancy Help News)
  256. Connecticut – Leftist Students Threaten Conservative Legal Group: I’ll “Literally Fight You, B—-,” Block Exit at Yale Law School Event (Washington Free Beacon)
  257. California – Cal Poly Investigates Alleged Vandalism against Pro-Life Display (The College Fix)
  258. California – WATCH: Pro-Abortion Handmaiden Attacks Pro-Life Advocate, Tries to Destroy Her Sign
  259. California – Pro-Life Display Vandalized at Clovis Community College (Young America’s Foundation)
  260. Florida – Police Arrest Planned Parenthood Leader for Disrupting Vote on Pro-Life Bill
  261. Arkansas – Abortion Clinic Owner Faces Assault Charges After Allegedly Trying to Hit Pro-Life People With Her Car
  262. California – Pro-Abortion Students Vandalize Pro-Life Flag Display at Cal Poly (Mustang News)
  263. Ohio — Video: Abortion Facility Worker Shoves Pro-Lifer, Says ‘Kill Yourself’ (PAAU on Twitter)
  264. Poland – WATCH: Abortion Activist Attacks Man Because He’s Driving a Truck With Pro-Life Signs
  265. Mississippi – Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboard, Celebrate Its Destruction Online
  266. New York – NYC pro-abortion activists curse at churchgoers, beam ‘God loves abortion’ onto St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Catholic News Agency)
  267. Texas – Pro-Abortion Rioters Attack Pro-Life Conference, Throw Bombs at Pro-Life Students
  268. Nebraska – Police: Man Charged with Threatening Pro-Life Woman Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility (Lincoln Journal-Star)
  269. Nebraska – Pro-Life Legislator Gets Death Threats and Rape Threats After Introducing Bill to Ban Abortions
  270. Illinois – Antifa Radicals Harass Pro-Lifers at March for Life in Chicago, Shouting at Pro-Life People and Calling Them Fascists
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2023.03.17 23:20 Weirdcore_FanM0ss Vulcan rates your ocs on whether they could join the Royal Guard or not.

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2023.03.16 16:36 StcStasi Ford to pay near-poverty wages at new Michigan battery plant - "The state of Michigan is also lavishing tax breaks and other subsidies on Ford... The total state subsidy represents a public outlay of $384,000 per job."

Ford to pay near-poverty wages at new Michigan battery plant - submitted by StcStasi to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.03.15 13:58 P3RC365cb As Biden pushes electric vehicles, transit advocates feel left behind. (Paywalled - text below).
Washington — The U.S. auto industry has received an unprecedented boost under President Joe Biden, a self-described “car guy” who has pushed the federal government to pour billions into electric vehicle production as it aims to combat climate change. That's a point of contention for advocates of livable cities, who say other forms of transportation have been overshadowed by the focus on cars.
President Joe Biden, driving a Ford F-150 Lightning pickup at the automaker's Dearborn Development Center, is being criticized for his administration's intense focus on electric vehicles.
“Electric vehicles are great, but they’re not enough,” said Megan Owens, executive director of Transportation Riders United, a Detroit-based nonprofit that advocates for regional public transit.
“There’s definitely a frustration that the things that could be more affordable, more equitable, just as good — if not better — for the environment don’t get the attention or investment that the sexy new things and the things that are great for the auto industry get.”
Advocates argue that the unprecedented funding for transportation could have started to loosen U.S. dependence on cars, especially in urban areas, amid a two-year surge in traffic deaths and rising pedestrian and cyclist deaths.
They also say that switching more transportation to reliable and safe public transit and biking systems would have a bigger impact on emissions, be more accessible to low-income people, and make cities more attractive to talented young people that can contribute to economic growth.
The Biden administration, aided by a narrowly Democratic Congress in 2021 and 2022, has produced a windfall for automakers as the industry invests billions into transitioning from gas- and diesel-powered vehicles to battery-powered ones.
Since the beginning of 2021, Congress and the White House have signed off on $9.2 billion for electric vehicle charging, $7 billion for critical minerals to support EV battery manufacturing, around $12.4 billion in electric vehicle consumer tax credits, $55 billion in tax credits and grants for semiconductor chip production, more than $30.6 billion for electric vehicle battery production, and $110 billion into the highways and bridges that support cars and can be used to expand roads.
By comparison, over the same time frame, they have put $39 billion into public transit, $66 billion for freight and passenger rail, and $5 billion into the new “Safe Streets for All” program, which aims to make roads safer for pedestrians, bikers and drivers. In 2021, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimated there is a $176 billion gap between public transit needs alone and existing funding levels.
Policies that would have supported other ways of getting around also were stripped from the Inflation Reduction Act — Democrats’ social services, environmental and tax law that included more than $360 billion for climate projects — before it passed.
One such proposal was the E-BIKE Act, sponsored by Rep. Jimmy Panetta, D-California, and co-sponsored by 30 other Democrats in the House (though none from Michigan). The bill would have created a 30% or $1,500 tax credit (whatever is less) to subsidize consumer purchases of electric bikes. It was seen as a companion to the $7,500 tax credit approved for EVs.
The White House did not respond to requests for comment for this story. Alternative transportation funding over the last two years is a significant increase from years past. However, EV investments remain at the center of the administration’s focus and messaging strategy as both a climate fix and a tool to combat China’s economic rise.
“If I go out and buy a Tesla today, I get many thousands of dollars in tax credits. If I go out and buy an electric bike, I get nothing. You can make 100 electric bikes out of the battery of a single Tesla,” said Michael Schneider, founder of Streets for All, which advocates for safer shared-use streets in Los Angeles. “It’s really, really frustrating. And frankly, it comes from the top.”
Concerns about EV safety
Over the course of their lifetimes, including their production and maintenance, electric vehicles already create fewer emissions than gas-powered cars.
But industry experts note that finding the critical minerals needed to build EV batteries introduces new challenges, including the task of ensuring fair labor standards and lowering environmental impacts from mining and extraction.
"Instead of focusing on EVs, we'd like to see the federal, state and local governments focus on how do we get people out of cars altogether and invest in public transit, or build safe places to walk and bike?" said Jacob DeCastro, communications manager for Transportation Alternatives, a safe streets nonprofit in New York City, where DeCastro says 75% of the public space is dedicated to moving or storing cars.
"Because quite frankly, a future with EVs instead of gas-powered cars still has a lot of the same harms that we're seeing today."
DeCastro and others cited the risks posed particularly by large SUV and pickup EVs, which have been met with high demand by American consumers, mirroring the market's overwhelming preference for SUVs and trucks over sedans as gas-powered vehicles.
Safety advocates — including the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board — have raised concerns that EVs' comparatively quick acceleration and weight pose new risks.
A Ford F-150 Lightning is up to 3,000 pounds heavier than the non-electric version, and the Mustang Mach-E, Volvo XC40 EV and the Toyota RAV4 EV are all around one-third heavier than their gas-powered counterparts. National crash test programs that determine how safe a car is don't consider the risk to people outside the car, only those inside it.
Biden has regularly appeared in those behemoth electric vehicles during his presidency. The Hummer EV, which Biden test drove during a visit to General Motors Co. in 2021, features a battery that weighs around the same as a Honda Civic. He's also zoomed around a test track in the electric Ford F-150 Lightning.
“There’s a lot of people that look up to the President of the United States and think ‘Oh, this is going to be the solution’” to the growing threat of climate change, Schneider said. We need to “change the narrative that electric cars are going to magically solve everything.”
Funding options
Panetta, the congressman who sponsored the E-BIKE Act, said he plans to reintroduce his plan to subsidize electric bike purchases, which outpaced purchases of electric vehicles in 2021, "to get more butts out of your car and more butts on bikes."
"I realize that there are those in Washington, D.C., some of my colleagues, who don't necessarily see it that way," he said of his legislation, which was supported by the House but killed by Republicans and some Democrats, including Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, in the Senate. "But that's not going to stop us from continuing to fight for this type of incentive that will help people enjoy the outdoors, get out of their cars and reduce their carbon output."
But Panetta's bill is unlikely to gain traction with Republicans who now control the House, including some who are proposing cutting much of the Inflation Reduction Act's climate funding in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. Public transportation funding has also consistently been out of favor with rural Republicans who see little use for supporting a system they view as uniquely urban.
Most of the advocates who spoke with The Detroit News said state and local officials have the biggest potential for change. That's particularly tricky for transit advocates in Detroit, a city built on the success of the automotive industry — and similarly built, at least since the 1930s, primarily to accommodate travel by car.
David Gifford is a lifelong Metro Detroit resident who lives in Warren and works for an automotive supplier in Livonia. He also manages the blog “Transit Guide: Detroit,” which collects maps and schedules of public transportation in the Detroit area.
David Gifford lives in Warren and would prefer to take the bus to work in Livonia, but it would take two hours and three buses for him to get there. He runs the blog "Transit Guide: Detroit."
He would prefer to take the bus to work, but Livonia is a so-called “opt-out” city, meaning it has chosen not to be connected to the regional bus system, and instead has created its own, more limited transit system. It would take him more than two hours and around three buses to get to work using public transit.
The resulting patchwork of transit options is challenging to navigate, he said, and it’s reflective of the system that funds it — largely requiring local voters to approve millages to support their local bus system.
Gifford cited Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s plans to take out $3.5 billion in bonds to finance fixes to freeways and, in some places, to widen them, as well as the billions the state Legislature is appropriating for electric vehicle and battery plants in Michigan.
“It’s frustrating when people push back about transit funding, saying we shouldn’t be subsidizing bus riders,” he said. “But then you look and see the subsidization of automotive so heavily.”
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Twitter: u/rbeggin
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