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Sunday funday

2023.06.05 11:24 Former_Junket_6126 Sunday funday

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2023.06.05 11:19 Impressive-Pea6916 New Gardner (NEED HELP)

Hello to all who may have stumbled upon this post. It's going to be a long one, so strap in, but rest assured your time spent reading this and possibly offering advice could save these poor little plants. That being said, let's begin.
I am a complete noob to gardening and have found myself overwhelmed with all the new information online. One article says this, another post says that, etc., etc. Although I am a complete beginner, I am the type of person who likes to take great care of things. This is why I'm here seeking guidance and don't believe in giving up on things.
Everything I looked into about gardening warned against buying "bad plants" and mentioned things to look out for. I found it pretty sad. My background in being a fisherman has helped me build a close relationship with Mother Nature, and I firmly believe all of her creations deserve respect. That being said, when I went to my local big box store, Lowe's, here in the US, I sought to purchase the most wretched-looking plants in hopes of saving them. Most of which are indoor plants that I'm slowly learning are very particular when it comes to watering, lighting, and potting. It's a lot, and I'm trying to do my best to take care of these little fellas and could use some help.
Now that the stage is set, let's talk about these plants of mine. First on the list and in the worst condition would be my Peace Lily plant. I would also like to mention that I will be posting pictures of each plant and its condition later today. It's currently 2:39 in Texas, but I couldn't sleep easy knowing these plants are suffering. Anyhow, the Peace Lily is in poor shape but looks promising in terms of its chance of healing. It has some dead stems and wilting flowers, with one strong flower proudly standing up. I took it out of its pot, rinsed the soil off its root network, and was happy to see healthy white roots with only a few brown ones. I pruned the areas which I felt were necessary (side note: I wish I would have waited to make this post because I hate the idea of giving up on those leaves/stems that may have had a fighting chance, but I digress). Anyway, I placed the pruned and inspected Peace Lily back in its original pot with about an inch and a half worth of soil beneath the roots, followed by more soil gently filled in around the roots to help support my plant. My question on this plant, and again I will provide pictures later for better reference, is: What is my best option for potting soil? As well, how should I go about watering this guy? I heard that root rot is easy to achieve with overwatering and decided to plant it in pretty dry soil, barely damp to the touch. I plan on heading back to the garden center later today to purchase all of the necessary pots and soil, so any recommendations would be much appreciated.
On to our next plant, the fiddle leaf fig or Ficus Lyrata. It's coming in second for my most jacked up plant, but I am happy to say that I think this one is also going to be okay with a little tender loving care. When I got it home and started watching YouTube videos, I was sad to find out that this plant is probably suffering from early root rot, but I'd like to get your opinion on it. Here's the rundown: the plant was purchased completely covered in dust, and it had a pair of drooping/wilting leaves that I pruned. Overall, the plant has two stems that are supported by a wooden rod in the middle. It seems to be in poor condition, but resilient enough to stand upright, with only the two leaves that I removed hanging low. After giving it a quick sponge bath to remove the dust from each leaf, I was disappointed to see brown spots on a few of the leaves, as well as brown and wilting sprouts trying to emerge from new nodes. I believe this is a sign of the lack of nutrients being pulled by the roots, leading me to suspect root rot. However, I'm hopeful that it just needs a new pot and more suitable soil. I would also like to mention that most of the leaves look strong, but many have blemishes, possibly due to sunburn or an inability to repair themselves due to the aforementioned problems. I'll post some pictures later for better reference, and I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.
Regarding the fiddle leaf fig, I haven't taken it out from its original pot yet because I heard that it can be a traumatic experience for the plant. To avoid subjecting this struggling little plant to unnecessary stress, I want to make sure I get it right the first time. Any potting tips, suitable soil recommendations, and guidance on watering and lighting would be greatly appreciated.
Moving on to the third plant on the list, the Split Leaf Philodendron. This plant is actually in pretty good shape, although I am concerned about its pot situation. There are three separate stems sharing one pot, with all the backs going in different directions. As far as overall health goes, it seems to be upright and healthy, with no signs of root rot to my untrained eye. There are only two leaves that need to be pruned, which is solely due to my negligent transportation of these plants—they fell over in the bed of my truck. I briefly considered trying to graft the stem and leaf back together, but that seems like advanced stuff and a bit over my head. Just so you know, the leaves didn't die in vain; they are sitting in my compost pile. As a remedy, I added some small skewers as supports to the back of the two largest stems, fastened with some repurposed bread twist ties. This should provide additional support as I intend to help this plant grow big! Once again, I would appreciate potting tips and any further guidance on soil, watering, and lighting.
Finally, onto the last plant, the Sansevieria. This thing seems to be indestructible. It reminds me of an old dog that just refuses to back down no matter how tough the going gets. My only concern with this plant is my lack of knowledge regarding watering and potting procedures. I am likely going to use this plant for propagation practice, as I can already spot a few little sprouts budding at the edge of the pot. I would love to share these little plants with my friends and family, so any propagation tips would also be helpful.
That's all for my plants. If you've read this far into the post, thank you! I know I can be long-winded, so I appreciate your patience. Please, if you have any advice, don't hesitate to share. Me and my little plants will be incredibly thankful for your input. If you're currently busy and don't have the time, please make a quick post that I can interact with later to notify you and remind you of this good cause. Once again, thanks to everyone, and happy gardening!
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2023.06.05 11:18 Impossible-Sale-7433 Mark K organ prioritization strategy

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2023.06.05 11:11 doc_loco Strange rattling sound from front end

I've been trying to chase this front end rattle for two years or so (since I bought my 996 C4S). Its was lowered 2 years prior to my purchase on KW v3's and its never been something I noticed till recently when I moved to a place with more uneven/rough poor roads.
Its sounds as though something is rattling clanging up and down (more from the left side) when driving over these roads. My first thought was to change the drop links as they seems like they didn't age well (KW kit supplied drop links). I replaced them with adjustable links and that didn't stop the sound. When I look around and move things around everything seems solid. I press down and don't see or hear sounds from the top mounts neither.
The coffin arms were replaced at the time the suspension was done so they aren't that old. The rattling sounds doesn't happen when I go over speed bumps or when one wheel goes over a bump (we have some speed bumps that have a gap in them here in the UK). It only happens when driving on poor roads.
I'm not sure where to look next and any advise would be great.
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2023.06.05 11:08 cherry_chocolate_ Is anyone familiar with this JPG Le Beau gift set?

Want to buy Le Beau, and considering whether I should get just the bottle or this old gift set from fragrancenet. Since it is a large bottle, for traveling I will need a smaller one, and it's only 8 bucks more, which is the cost of a travel atomizer anyways. However, I'm concerned that it may be older and have changed in quality over time or been poorly stored? Since the bottle by itself has good reviews I would think it's safe to get that one, but not sure about the gift set.
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2023.06.05 11:00 korea_viva Heungbu And Nolbu

( Korean / English / Portuguese Dubbing )
Plot summary : This film whose main characters are marionettes deals with the old Korean folktale 'Heungbu and Nolbu.' Greedy elder brother Nolbu kicks his good-natured brother Heungbu out of home and takes all the inheritance from their father. Poor but good man Heungbu one day cures a swallow's broken leg and frees it to fly away. Next year, the swallow comes to Heungbu's and gives him a gourd seed. He plants the seed and split it in fall. A huge amount of gold, silver and gems come out of the gourd, and he becomes rich over a night. Nolbu gets green with envy of him.
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2023.06.05 10:50 mrwadams 🎵On Da Bench🎵

Hi consulting!
A friend of my is on the bench this week so, in the spirit of fun, I asked GPT-4 to write some appropriate lyrics to the tune of 50 Cent's "In Da Club". Hope this brings a smile to your faces on a Monday!
(Verse 1) Go, go, go, go, go, go, go Go consultant, it's your first day We gonna party like it's your first day We gonna sip Bacardi like it's your first day And you know we don't give a ****, it's not your birthday!
You can find me in the suite, laptop with the Chrome Look consultant, if you need it, got that PowerPoint at home I'm into having meetings, I ain't into making calls So come give me a hug, if you're into getting roles
(Chorus) You can find me on the bench, bottle full of gin Mama, I got the time, if you into cashing in I'm into making slides, I ain't here for making friends So come give me a job, if you're into making ends
(Verse 2) When I pull up out front, you see the Uber X on When I roll 20 deep, it's always 20 on Zoom Heard I crashed with SAP, yeah it's been reported on Every project go bad, and all the work is gone
In the boardroom, we be puffin', everybody drinkin' Poppin' bottles, we got that company ink sinkin' And we gonna take it off, no more corporate stinkin' So you better get to thinkin', if you see me blinkin'
(Chorus) You can find me on the bench, bottle full of gin Mama, I got the time, if you into cashing in I'm into making slides, I ain't here for making friends So come give me a job, if you're into making ends
(Outro) Don't try to act like you ain't know where we be, naah We in the business making all that mon-ney Once I'm off the bench, you'll see, I ain't no phoney Now homie, you can hate me, but why not hone me? Ha ha, Poor consultant, on the bench...forever lonely.
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2023.06.05 10:43 CaptainskywardPlanet Another random Lovejoy song ranking with reasons

  1. It's Golden Hour Somewhere: The new lyrics change made is so much better
  2. Portrait Of a Blank Slate: Cool instrumental, lyrics, overall vibe check
  3. The Fall: I didn't expect this to be good when i first heard it, the 2nd part rocks
  4. Knee Deep At ATP: A Lovejoy cover that sounds so different from the other songs in a good way
  5. Concrete: Amazing instrumental, the music video made it much more enjoyable to listen to
  6. One day: Just a classic that never gets old
  7. Sex Sells: Halfway through this i'm, struggling to say anything else other than good lyrics and tunes
  8. Model Buses: It's vibe was great and singing along the lyrics was fun
  9. Call Me What You Like: The feeling of hearing a new Lovejoy song after so long was awesome
  10. It's All Futile! It's all Pointless!: Never heard the original but i'm nostalgic for this one somehow
  11. Cause For Concern: Repetitive lyrics but still has a good instrumental with a mix of trumpets
  12. Warsaw: A song i feel like listening to more instead of singing it
  13. Perfume: I forget how good this song is but i like listening to the other songs more instead
  14. Taunt: Same reason for why i put Perfume a little lower
  15. You'll Understand When You're Older: A Music video for this one would make it more memorable
  16. Main Character Syndrome: Not an official song but the snippet was amazing
  17. Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?: One song i forget exists even though when i listen to Pebble brain it's the first one
  18. Consequences: The choices they made for production weren't the best, the instrumental's worse for me but it's growing on me too a little, the live version was better
  19. The Perfect pair: The newer version sounds slightly worse, not bad but it doesn't feel like Lovejoy. Same could be said for Knee Deep at ATP but that has a different theme i like
  20. Coronado: I liked it at one point but if they improved on this it could be an amazing song
  21. Scum: The Instrumental sounds worse than the live one, repetitive lyrics and still being the second longest lovejoy song with the least amount of lyrics, pretty dissapointed since i liked the snippets a lot and it could be better
  22. Tommorow: Just a small snippet but it just doesn't have lyrics, the acoustic one sounds good though
  23. Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy: I don't hate it but i don't like listening to it, simple as that.
These are all my opinions, i like all the songs but some songs like Scum, Coronado, Spiral Galaxy aren't my favourite even though Scum was stuck in my head for days, in a good way. and for Acoustic rankings it's simply: 1. Cause For Concern, 2. Call Me What You Like, 3. One day, 4. Taunt, 5. Sex Sells
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2023.06.05 10:42 belocrno Missing last 8 episodes on Netflix and HBO

Hi, does anyone know why I can't see last 8 episodes of The Walking Dead neither on Netflix nor HBO Max? I contacted customer support and they were absolutely not helpful. I am in a Southeast Europe region so I'm not sure if it's because of that.
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2023.06.05 10:41 Sweet-Ship-5412 New Rapper! - Networking, Fellow Rappers, Mentors, etc.

I'm a 24 year old Latino in Burbank, California with dreams of becoming a rapper. I have Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder. I'm looking for fellow rappers that want to make it big in the business, who can push me to be great. Mentors of any kind would be appreciated. As recency goes, being the Oliver-El Khatib/Noah "40" Shebib/Lil Wayne to my Drake, the Terrence "Punch" Henderson/Dr.Dre/Ab-Soul/Schoolboy Q/ Jay Rock to my Kendrick Lamar, and the Jay-Z to my J Cole, etc. Potentially forming a group like Black Hippy (substance, passion, depth, etc.) would be dope. Rappers who balance lyricism with mainstream appeal/hits (think Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Eminem, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Biggie, 2Pac, Kendrick, Nicki, Lil Baby, etc.) with a primary focus on lyricism and songwriting would be amazing. Let's support each other and chase our dreams! Thanks!
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2023.06.05 10:38 CharmingTie6188 UTI for 2 months, do I need a longer course of cipro?

I'm a 34 year old female (Active, vegetarian, don't smoke, rarely drink, and I take 50 mg trazodone at night)
In early April I got a UTI after having sex in a bubble bath. I've had 3 UTI's before, in my early twenties (I used to get them after my first time with a new partner, but I would take an antibiotic and they never came back for the rest of my relationship).
It had been 9 years since I'd had a UTI and I'd had two new partners in that time, so I'm pretty sure it was the poor choice of location that was the issue. Anyways, I have really severe OCD now and a lot of phobias, I was afraid to take an antibiotic or go in and see a doctor. I waited over a week before I buckled. The did a urine culture and found I had citrobacter koseri and I was prescribed nitrofurantoin for 7 days. I was still having symptoms afterwards but put off going back to the doctors for two weeks. They ran another culture and did an STD test (negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea). The culture again showed citrobacter koseri and that it was susceptible to the same range of antibiotics as the first culture (though I am confused why the nitrofurantoin didn't work if the culture showed it was susceptible to it). The doctor gave me a choice of taking nitrofurantoin again, or stepping it up to cipro (which she highly recommended). I opted for the nitrofurantoin again (because I was silly and scared). I also, waited two weeks to start taking it, because I was scared. After four days on it, it was clearly not working, so I was switched to cipro and given a 10 day prescription. I finally noticed improvement to my symptoms on day 5, but now I just finished day 7 and have 3 days left and my bladder is still quite sore unless I do nothing but stay inside and drink water and pee constantly. I know that cipro is prescribed 10 - 14 days for complicated UTIs, should I try and get an additional 4 days? I am really scared of medication, and I'm really scared that this has been going on since April 17
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2023.06.05 10:34 Southern-With-Pain Alex from Growing Goodings

Trigger warning for eating disorders.
So bare with me, I know this happened a few weeks ago. But I can’t stop thinking about the poor girl Alex threw under the bus by name. I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe your kids, but your daughter is in ballet which is known to be a common place for eating disorders to start, so to act shocked your tweenager is concerned about her body and weight while you have her on “happy juice”. And the thought that Emberli didn’t just say that because she could see Alex getting mad, so she wanted to pass the blame.
Her video after the post where she talks about the girl was infuriating. I thought she was not that bad. Especially since she didn’t DFE once she got saved. When her rave days were mentioned here and she had to immediately make a video of her raving and then treating that girl terribly she is just gross.
If someone had treated my kid like that I would have a hard time biting my tongue when I saw her. With all the ballet events they have been going to I can only imagine how awkward it is for the girl and her mom. What 30+ year old who has struggled with eating disorders gets told (some false information from her daughter) that sounds like an eating disorder and instead of checking on that girl publicly shamed her by name.
I hope this made sense it just has been on my mind since all the ballet event and feeling bad for the family she attacked.
Also on mobile
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2023.06.05 10:31 HiCarumba Poll - Join in the protest for Reddits API changes - Close the sub for 2 days - 12th to 14th June

What's going on?
A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.
What's the plan?
On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.
What can you do as a user?
Complain. Message the mods of /reddit.com, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join the coordinated mod effort at /ModCoord.
Boycott and spread the word...to Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
What can you do as a moderator?
Join the coordinated effort over at /ModCoord
Make a sticky post showing your support, A template has been created here you can use or modify to your liking, and be sure to crosspost it to /ModCoord.
Thank you for your patience in the matter,
-Mod Team
View Poll
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2023.06.05 10:16 FafaScinant Looking for a song that sounds religious used in movies or show when something bad is going to happen

I think that lyrics say "ameno" but I'm not sure.
It's not "Ameno" by Era. It's a different song or piece of music that I have in mind.
I'd say it goes like this "ameno, ta ta-ta-ta-ta, ameno santi" sorry for poor explanation.
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2023.06.05 10:13 Irish_beast I wouldn't abandon my Everest climb to save somebody else

Another heart warming story of a climber abandoning his Everest attempt a few hundred metres from the summit so he and his guides could save a distressed climber.
Well I'm too old and poor to attempt Everest. But if you want to attempt you need to invest serious money, and have a serious level of fitness. Often the people who are in distress did not do the level of needed training to be ready and/or tried to climb the mountain on the cheap.
Why should people who do everything right have to quit their climb to save those who didn't prepare. I would keep on going to make the summit. Maybe stopping on the way down to help as long as I'm not risking my or my Sherpa's life.
Now don't get me wrong, were I the person dying of altitude sickness and hypothermia I would not refuse help. In fact I'd be sobbing: I don't want to die, oh please help. That's normal human selfishness
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2023.06.05 10:05 Mpander Seretide - Cognition - Other Natural remedies.

Whats up Weezers!
I've had Asthma my whole life, i'm a 41 year old male.
Its been a few year now of no Alcohol, and trying to work on my health.
I'm as in tune with my body as i've ever been.
I recently, accidently, used an empty Seretide inhaler for about 14 days. At the same time had a chest infection, so I put my poor cognition and poor feeling down to the illness.
When I realised, I had been using the empty inhaler (0 clicks left), I had about 6-8 puffs of 125mg. And felt instant relief and my brain was back within 1 hour.
I was struggling at work, and very scattered in my day to day life.
I feel I want to optimise my Asthma medication further. Have just been on 125mg puff 1x morning 1x night for like 25 years. Probably mild Asthma compared to most.
I dont get attacks, just a general energy slump if I forget or it runs out and I dont realise, and it takes maybe 1 week of a near empty inhaler before Im really tight in the chest.
Is taking double the dose bad? would 250mg morning and night be alot? What are the side effects of taking more than required? What are some natural things I could be doing to improve my Ashtma? What supplements do people take? Should I go and see a specialist rather than my GP? Any allergies tests I should be doing to identify potential foods that not working for me?
Having low oxygen is a horrible way to live, nothing better than breathing easily. It must be nice.
I plan on talking with my Doctor and maybe find a specilist, however i've always found Reddit helpful with health chat.
Sorry if this was too long, and thanks if you comment.
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2023.06.05 10:00 WorldOfSoap [TOMT][MOVIE/TV?][2010s-Present] Movie or show featuring a black man as the main character who was some kind of hitman

I believe I saw this in the form of a youtube advertisement sometime within the past 5 years, followed by watching a clip from the same thing, or something very similar, when I looked it up.
Per title, the titular character whose perspective we followed was a black man, who was some kind of hitman or killer. He was old, and wore a beanie or flat cap hat.
The advertisement: It was night in some kind of city. He goes up an elevator to this suite, with a rich white man, possibly multiple. He/they had done something terrible to a woman, may have had drugs and credit cards on the table. They try to pay our main character off to keep quiet, but he declines the offer and proceeds to pay them back for what he/they did, winning despite having poor odds.
The clip: It's a bright sunny day in a suburban neighborhood. We see our character stroll up to this guy, and proceeds to threaten him. Maybe told them he's doing things his way? There are guns involved, but no shots fired. Our main character then meets the guy's wife and kids, and proceeds to go with them, while he can't do anything about it.
I'm not 100% sure these are from the same thing, so if you have something that fits one but not the other, it's still very appreciated. I also remember the letter W, for some reason? Maybe the title had a word that started with it?
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2023.06.05 09:50 xenizondich23 FIF Bookclub August Nomination Thread: Genderbent Robin Hood

Welcome to the AUGUST FIF Bookclub nomination thread for Genderbent Robin Hood. This means Robin Hood retellings where the Robin Hood character identifies as a woman or enby person. A Robin Hood (RH) character embodies these traits:
Using this definition it opens the door a bit more from the traditionally recommended books. Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen is a traditional genderbent RH retelling. Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton fits the looser definition while still being genderbent and embodying the greater themes at play. If you're using a non-traditional style book please take a moment to explain how it fits the prompt otherwise I'll have to assume you posted in error.
I will leave this thread open for 2 days, and compile top results into a google poll to be posted on WEDNESDAY, June 7, 2023. Have fun!
JUNE (this month) FIF book: The Daughters of Izdihar by Hadeer Elsbai
JULY FIF pick: The Bone Doll's Twin
What is the FIF Bookclub? You can read about it in our Reboot thread here."
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2023.06.05 09:38 The_Halfmaester What if the Targaryens were strong in magic?

The only real magic we see the Targaryens practice (other than dragonriding) is the rare and often unreliable dragon dreams. Bloodraven was also capable of skinchanging and may at one time use a glamour to pass as someone else.
Yet we know that the Valyrians were able to do so much more. The Targaryens were not the most powerful of the dragonlords, likely due to their poor affinity for magic.
But what if they weren't?
What if Aegon and his sisters were powerful in magic and used it in conjunction with their dragons like the Valyrians of old? How would that change Westeros?
Would the Red Keep be black like Dragonstone? Would King's Landing be surrounded by black walls like Old Volantis? And the kingsroad be as great as the dragonroads of Essos?
How would the Faith react to these "demonic" sorcery?
What would Aegon's tax policy look like, if he had the knowledge of alchemy and forging Valyrian steel?
Would Aegon the Unworthy use bloodmagic to indulge in his perverse fantasies? (If anyone in Westeros is a furry, it'll be him)
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2023.06.05 09:30 Cheesetorian "Ang Huling Hapon sa Hilagaan", Aking Tula.

"Sa Pagpapalam, Hindi Na Muli Babalik" o "Ang Huling Hapon sa Hilagaan"
Ang aking kaunahang akda (Taong 2009).

Nakaupo ako dito sa liwasan, ang ating lumang tagpuan.
Linalabanan ang paghihimok sa dalamhati’t paghihinayang.
Sa lahat na bagay na ‘di ko nasabi, at iba pang hindi ko nagawa.
Sa lahat ng aking maling inakala, at yun sanang 'di ko sayo ginawa.
Doon sa limliman ng puno: ang dami nating kasayahan,
Dito din sa upuang saan ginuhit ang ating mga pangalan.
Ngayo’y sa alala ko’y parang mumunting bato na lamang,
Kumukupas na dating mga salita nati'y pinangakuan.
Sa aking pagtayo sa pagkabata’y muli't huling sinilip;
Pagtanggap na kahit masakit, sila'y sa nakaraan dapat ilakip.

I am reading through some of my old poems...realizing how cringy they were even in English. But if I was to expect others to post their own, I can't be a hypocrite by hiding mine. These are old and weird (surely most of you too were once young and stupid). My only reprieve is I get to 'rewrite' these in a slightly better form in a different language, masking their poor qualities.
Humihingi ng tawad sa pagkahamak nito, Keso (Dating Bata Din).
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2023.06.05 09:25 32Gold Mental health

hey everyone, hope you're doing well. Last month or so, i was feeling overwhelmed and made a post about possibly taking a break from RS, and there seemed to be a lot of support from other addicts/daily players/returning players/casual/new players, etc... it was really eye opening and has increased the quality of my life two-fold. i appreciate anyone who took the time to comment and share their story or give advice.
flash forward a month or two unto this very moment, i've decided that i'll be officially leaving (dailyscape) june 12th. with more immediate changes like playtime reduction and physical activity happening today monday june 5th.
i really really love this game, and all of my online friends. it's practically all i live for, and while it's been a good 3-4ish years, i really need to stop sitting down for like 8-18/+ hrs daily. it's draining, and i'm sleepless most days. my arms, back, knees, very weak. whats crazy is that doesnt even include my time spent on the cellphone scrolling reddit/twitteinstagram/youtube all day.
My diet has been daily 2-4litres of coca cola/pepsi soda and tens of thousands of dollars in delivery orders. which at times has put me in the negatives/debt and neapenniless several times. even wasnt able to pay my rent one time because of it and that was a bad month playing catch up. all while still playing the same amount. and it's crazy cuz there was a solid year or two where i only survived because i stumbled into a situation with an abusive but somewhat caring partner who kept me fed and would help me with housework. enabling me to play more. and instead of caring about my situation and doing something about it, i didn't tell anyone until it was too late for me. i was afraid of losing food and extra rs playtime comfort, and they used it against me in the worst ways. but thats on me. nobody else. not the point of the post, but just saying that focusing solely on Runescape can really prevent you from 'running and escaping' your real problems. in the real world. it's like putting blinders on a horse... all fine and dandy because it can carry a few hundred extra pounds, but eventually some miles down the road it will possibly have some sort of fracture/injury/death.
im now fully aware that i hid/e behind my addiction and it's not helping long-term. no matter what i tell myself, and what my 'friends' and commenters have said.. it's not cool.... and its not healthy to play hours on end every single day, unless you;re already maybe housebound or chronically ill. but the exception does'nt make the rule.
in recent months it seems like everyone wants to throw around the word 'fomo' (fear of missing out) and it can be a real thing forsure, but only if you let it be.
i/we need to be accountable instead of something like chuckling at our 'time played' on steam overlay. it's really not funny bros.
same with "just logging for dailies" it's never just that most times, and doing every reaper + daily + dnd x2/4 back to back within a small timeframe certainly does'nt help either. the xp and gp rates are some of the best for the time played... i can agree, forsure. but is it really fun in comparison to a full life outside of runescape? really think about that.. it took me lots of notetaking and comparison/research/conversations just to even start thinking. i was sold the illusion that i can do whatever i want because it's my life. which is true!!! and hey i definitley loved playing 12=18 hours some days, forsure, but i couldnt begin to tell you how many times ive played for days and weeks on end with not a glimmer of hope.. just because i wanted to force prgoression. it's scary to think back on it sometimes because whenever i look at my window from outside on the way home now one of the first thoughts is "wow i cant believe i've sat behind that curatin for 250+ days playtime".... almost literally can't unsee the imaginary shadow of depression that lurks in my window.
when people say "do whatever you want" they almost will never lay out the consequences for you.. because it's your situation to deal with... and that's fair. figuring stuff out on your own is oftentimes a really large part of life, i mean heck me and my buddies would joke about touching grass and opening the curtains for sun these past years.. like i mean yeah it's an mmorpg, but it should'nt be the end of our lives. confined to a chair. i literally didnt realize the damage i was doing.
funny story, so two weeks ago i bought an $80 mop and spin bucket instead of ordering takeout food for the day. when it arrived i realized i couldnt even sweep or mop because i had hundreds of soda cans, delivery food bags, and random stuff all over the floor. after spending 12 hours cleaning it up, i mopped the floor for the first time in........ 16 months? maybe longer? was probably like near xmas 2021 last time i swiffered/reusable mop, and wow bros i mean wow.... i know i forgot and i knew it was dirty all the time.. but like.. not that dirty.. it literally took me x4 buckets on each section of my apartment, a whole bottle of floor cleaner, and lots and lots and lots of moving around.. even passed out from exhaustion at one point. it was embarassing.... i felt like asmongold when he went to build his ikea bedframe with pinksparkles, but couldnt because he was too lightheaded. if anyone knows what im talking about you know thats not a good thing lol.
after i woke up to nice clean floors, but messy everything else, i revisted the old post i made about contemplating a break, and it was like i had a sudden realization that mopping my floors is only 1/100th of the responsibility and accountability i should be holding in my daily life. fr. since those past few weeks i have now swept and mopped every other day with the windows and curtains open. it has literally been changing my life. going barefoot ona nice clean floor with a fresh scent really makes the place feel like 'home' and brightened up. i dont know how to explain it bros but i promise if theres one small step thats worth making.. its having a clean floor, clean kitchen, clean bathroom, and clean bed. feels like a 5-star hotel or some kind of exspensive airb&b rental. which is crazy.
so odd to think with the money ive spent to be a degen on rs3, i could've been pursuing my dreams of nationwide, and worldwide travelling - literally could've even bought a small piece of land, fixed up an old vehicle, and camper trailer aswell. all of my major life goals would've been met... odd.
starting to realize it's really weird how i have many accounts, billions of xp, gold, rares, etc... but truly not very much to show in the real world other than my awesome personality and smile. which means a lot to a select few, sure, but probably means nothing to the majority.
nobody except my rs friends and readers of this post know that i sometimes stay inside for 1-12 months at a time (zero sunlight) playing 12 hour days the majority of the week. it's always been my little secret that i sweep under the rug. like a dirty little cave goblin.
i really don't know any helpline phone numbers anyone can call if there in the same position as me, because i've never had any assistance or anybody to talk to except the people i play with everyday, and honestly while playing does help in the moment, it's not ideal. not saying you cant do it like i did or keep doing it or whatever.. your call homies, but like this post is specifically for the bros wanting to pursue recovery and make positive change.. not quit.. just fix things to a healthy playstyle.
it's not impossible bros, please don't give up and relapse if there's something you want to achieve in the real world. we're all gonna make it brah. i promise you.
someone said it a few months ago on here and i cant remember who, but "RS will always be there for us. always. and the real homies will keep your discord and rsn on their list." and with max cash + necromancy being released soon, i just know for my sake that it's time to slow things down. i can't/won't play catch up with re-maxing my acc/s and finshing trim. i just cant do it for my health sake and at this point im finally OK with it taking years.
irdk if this post is even allowed, but i just really wanted to share my experience of addiction and my journey to a healthy recovery and healthy playtime.
i really love everyone in this subreddit and lots of people on the rs official discord server. except the trolls of course! lol! but yeah RS family.. it's time i start being a more casual player instead of daily addiction. i miss sitting down in a restraunt, going on hikes, going to gym, tanning, basic hygiene. you know normal everyday human stuff that's shown to increase quality of your life. all the stuff that i used to somewhat do before covid pandemic. which isnt an excuse. just saying the pandemic really exacerbated my already bad situation and ended up putting blinders on. thats all. my fault 100%.
hang in there bros, you're not alone ,not now not in the past not in the future, you have more support than you know and all it takes is making those first few steps... sometimes and id probably personally even go as far to say.. most times those first steps and reaching out to someone can be the hardest. i'm living proof of that, but every centimeter you move forward is another centimeter from falling back, bros. which really makes all the difference.
really really hope everyone has a really good monday update and monday morning... and a really productive week too - y'all are on my mind all the time and i don't know where i'd be and what i'd be doing without y'all. this community has saved me and rebuilt me from the ground up too many times to count. thankyou coomunity.
also goodnight to the late night players who didnt go to bed a hella longtime ago, lolz. imma get a few hours of sleep too then need to walk across town and drop off some mail.
but yeah if anyone needs a buddy for the next few days or wants to learn some pvm/skilling tips, or even just vent for some support or something about ur addiction... i'll be around a little bit for the next week on reddit and ingame for small stuff until june 12.
also p.s. i'll end this with a hot-take: Mental health awareness event and the matching MHAW promo that ended early was absolutely terrible and did my/friends mental health no favours. which we're aware is our fault, but really just seemed like one big, poorly planned, cash grab.
have a great week y'all
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2023.06.05 09:20 MiddleEarthManiac I support the UKFPO changes

A little late to the party but I wanted to gather my thoughts before posting. Cards on the table, I'm also a 5th year so these changes have no impact on me.
Is the new system perfect? No, but I personally believe it's a lot better than the old one. I think we all agree the SJT was not fit for purpose and needed to be removed but removal of EPM is also a positive.
1) There's more to life than medicine- I'm a postgrad so a little older and it breaks my heart a little seeing how many students do and know nothing but medicine. Yes, it's a nice job to have but it's not everything in the world and I can guarantee you, in a few years, let alone when you're 50 or 60 or 70, you're not going to care you got 79.5% in finals instead of 81% but you will remember the fun times you had (I got a 2:1 in my undergrad and was devastated, 5 years later I don't even think about it but I do remiss back to the parties and picnics I had that year). With the ever increasing risk of burnout, I argue this attitude of having a life outside of medicine is even more important to cultivate. The EPM is just perpetuating a toxic work culture.
Passing medical school is hard and to do so should be enough to be an good doctor. If you want to study more for your own interest then by all means do so. I love learning too, part of the reason I started medicine was because I wanted to know how the human body works, but now my learning interests have changed, I still enjoy practicing medicine but don't want to know the minutiae, instead want to know about history or languages. Or, dirty words I know, have fun, go out and enjoy the nice weather we're having or see friends, not spend our lives in the library. As I said, if you want to get the best scores for yourself then go for it but it shouldn't be a requirement for those who want more of a balance in their life.
2) Fairer- There are a lot of people who cannot dedicate their lives to studying (those such as myself who needed to work or those who care for others etc) or do not do well at exams for a variety of reasons (disability or, now I don't know details of this side of things but have seen on here and heard from fellow students about, discrimination in OSCEs etc). Basically, by using the EPM you're saying, 'To be a doctor, you have to be rich, white, able-bodied, neurotypical'.
3) It seems to be a poor reflection of actual medical ability- I admit I've no evidence to back this up and I've only had the experience of a medical student on the ward but exam scores seem to have had little impact on my abilities to practice medicine. I've consistently scored in the bottom two deciles and most of my friends in the top, yet I've always been able to answer questions in the ward setting as well, if not better, and have always received brilliant feedback from placements.
In summary, what I'm saying isn't that medical knowledge isn't important, but that once we've met the minimum required much further is a situation of diminishing returns so we should be free to learn and live our lives in whatever direction we feel is best for us rather than being forced to spend our life studying in the faint hope we get a slightly better score than someone else so we might get to go where we want to. Yes, using an EPM gives students a modicum of control over where we go but it it brings more problems to our lives than it is worth.
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