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2023.06.05 12:57 Sweaty-Cod-8974 Estate agent demanding rent from next of kin after tenant passed away

Good morning,
My brother recently passed away suddenly. He left no will and my parents are still alive, so I assume one of them is the next of kin (I'm not sure how this is determined). This is in England.
Shortly after his death, his estate agent got in contact with my family. They told us brother was midway through an assured shorthand tenancy and that I now have 2 options:
  1. To surrender the tenancy - this would mean paying the remainder of the rent (around 5 months worth) up front, with a 20% discount applied due to bereavement
  2. The contract continues - they will look for a new tenant to take over the contract, and until this happens, we remain liable for the rent
This does not sit right with me and I don’t feel like they are telling me the full story. They stressed that finding a new tenant would be difficult and a lot of work for them. He was living in London, so I can’t imagine it would be too hard for them to find someone — it seems to me that they just want the lump sum up front so that they can let the room out to someone else and get 2 lots of money.
I have requested a copy of the tenancy agreement, and I’ve noticed a couple of things:
  1. There is no address for the landlord - am I right in saying that this means that the contract is not valid;
  2. There is no guarantor - so how can we be liable for the remainder of the rent?
Seeing as I have not chosen either of the 2 above options to me presented by the landlord, and my brother is no longer here, where exactly does the contract sit right now? I don’t want to get bullied by them into spending money. Are my family really liable for the rest of this rent?
My ideal goal would be to amicably surrender the contract, so that we pay no more money and the landlord is free to let the room to someone else.
Thanks for your help.
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2023.06.05 12:56 queenoftheceos How do I deal with an irresponsible roommate? What are my legal rights?

For context, I (20F) recently started renting a room in a shared apartment with two other roommates. One of my roommates, let's call her Sarah (22F), has been causing a lot of problems lately. She's been leaving her dishes in the sink for days, playing loud music late at night, and inviting her friends over without giving us any notice.
We've tried talking to her about it, but she just gets defensive and says that we're being too uptight. The other day, I came home to find that she had taken my food from the fridge without asking and eaten it all. I was so angry that I confronted her about it, but she just laughed and said that it was no big deal.
I'm at my wit's end and I don't know what to do. I don't want to live with someone who has no respect for my property and my privacy. I'm considering taking legal action against her, but I don't know if I have a case. Can I break my lease and move out early because of her behavior? What are my options for dealing with a difficult roommate?
I don't want to make the situation worse, but I also don't want to continue living in a place where I feel uncomfortable and disrespected. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 12:56 Ethereal_Stars_7 Like Rats: Part 022: Trains and Tails

[Previous] Part 021 [Next]
 Like Rats 
Part Twenty-Two
Trains and Tails... In Space!
>>> Outer Colony - Yn Gyntaf Ymhlith y Ser <<<
>>> Starport - Diwrnod heulog, Bob dydd <<<
>>> Frontier Standard Date: 21-03-104 <<<
Shore leave for the group finally rolled around and so the little gathering rode a shuttle down planetside. Seren, Eira, Scanner, Zana and the seven Bridge Bunny brothers. Claiomh fada, Sciath bhabhta, Casur cogaidh. Saighead direach, Miodog gearr, Dhorn tapaidh, and Blath dearg. Most just referred to them as the Bridge Bunnies as a running gag with the crew and because they tended to do everything together. They were one of the few survivors of a raid and had been forced to fend for themselves for a month before aid would arrive. Ever since they had been practically inseparable. For Conin they were unusually quiet and reserved, except when on the bridge or playing games. When they had learned that Seren was a raid survivor as well they had opened up to him greatly. Of all the crew it was the Bridge Bunnies that empathized the most with the Dynol's struggles to cope with the aftermath of surviving.
Seren had packed some sunscreen and a complete survival kit, much to Eira's chagrin and amusement. "I keep forgetting you Dynol burn so easy." She herself had packed a few things but was keeping them secret. "Five bottles though?"
"Right. Yn Gyntaf Ymhlith y Ser is a hotter world due to a slightly closer orbit to its star. Higher UV index than even my skin can likely handle. So does not hurt to be prepared." he explained as they prepared to disembark.
"The forests provide alot of shade though so you should be fine. Now get ready!" Eira churred in anticipation.
The disembarkation ramp lowered and the shore leave team stepped down into a very bright world.
Seren got to the bottom and nearly got run over by the others as he stood there gawking. "...the screw?" The port itself was enough to cause him to pause. The style was reminiscent of Ancient Earth and the American Wild West with a heavy dose of Victorian England. A mixture of stone, brick and wooden structures. The usually angular straight Llygoden Fawr font adorning shops and signs was more curly, almost like question marks rather than straight or angled lines.
"...the screw?" The mode of dress though was more like the styles of Sixteen-Hundred era Age of Sail. Elaborate dresses and vests, broad collars and adorned hats. Sweeping gowns, snug bodices, and even boots which were a rarity amongst any of the starfaring species other than the Dynol and Rana/Salamandra.
But the real "... the screw?" were the people. At first glance they were your average Llygoden Fawr. That is until it settled in that something was wrong with this picture. The most striking was the tail. It was a fluffy bush to put any Vulpes-Vulpes to shame in its luxurious fullness. The faces were not as long and the eyes were a bit larger than average. The ears too were different, standing up and pointed. "Giant space squirrels... the screw???"
Eira was enjoying Seren's reaction and the others were getting a chuckle from it as well. "ahhhhh! Worth keeping it a secret just to see you phased by something."
"That is an understatement." he admitted as he continued to gawk.
Eira led her companion out of the way of the other visitors and explained. "Mutation. Similar to the splits in the Vulpes. Happened about a hundred years ago and with each generation instances increased ten percent. Some radiation from the sun was the cause, again much like with the Vulpes. There were some other less pleasant birth defects, some lethal, that we had to do extensive genetic screening to cull from the populace. The people now are a stable mutation and have been designated Wiwer Fawr."
"Do not stand outside unprotected long. Got it." He took in the sight and then a huge grin spread as he saw something pulling into a station off in the distance. A train. Or more to the point. A Llygoden Fawr style mono-wheel steam train. And after a bit he saw some of the squirrel folk ride past mounted on what looked nothing so much as a four-legged sparrow head... "Ok. That is something you do not see every day either." A carriage pulled by one of these beasts passed as well not long after that.
"Coesau plu? Yeah. They are native to the homeden and we exported the hardier ones here. We used to ride them in our early civilization stages. The electromagnetic field of the planet during stormy season messes with electronics to the point it was more cost efficient to just transplant the coesau plu and use them as mounts and drays like in olden times." She pointed at the mono-wheel train pulling to the distant station. "And same for the trains. It's like stepping back in time a thousand years."
"I take it the archaic mode of dress is protective?"
"Got it in one. All of a sudden the hat business saw a boom."
Seren glanced around thoughtfully. "If the planet is that troublesome then why colonize it?"
"It is one of the few we have come across with a breathable atmosphere, tolerable environment, and isn't bathed in lethal radiation. And the asteroid belt is big and mineral rich. The land itself does wonders for plant life as you can see." Eira pointed at the tremendous looking forest off to the east from the starport. "Colonists have adapted to an arboreal city structure away from the starport. The giant trees afford extensive protection from the sun." Here the white furred rat woman gave a little shudder. "Wouldn't catch me living way up there!"
"Says the rat girl who lives in a home that is hanging from the ceiling of a cave." So teased the Dynol.
"Hey now. Stone is very safe!"
Seren noted though that the common tricorn-like hats many males wore made sense from a protective design standpoint. The forward point shaded the snout and the back points shaded the ears. He got an explanation from Eira that the clothes also served to bleed off excess heat and had a passive cooling system built into every garment. "So why the archaic dress style?" he questioned.
Eira grinned. "A chunk of the early colonists turned out to be historical re-enactment buffs and since the buildings were less high tech why not have fun with it? The idea caught on and now it's their cultural thing. There is even a recreation of a thousand year old town and surrounding farmsteads further north in the cooler zone."
The Dynol took all this in and smiled more and more. "So what is the plan then?" he asked wile pulling out his silver reflective rat mask and donning it. The mask was treated against UV so was a better choice than his usual blister goggles. "I think we are all going to need at least hats pronto, yes?" Said with a worried glance at Scanner, Zana and the Bridge Bunnies who were all shielding their eyes with a paw as the looked around. "I doubt any of us wants to be holed up in a hotel all week right?"
"Right. There's a hat shop nearby for exactly that and right next door a visor shop. Both accommodate large folk." the Security Tech informed them. But I have something for you first." Here she pulled out a hat that was like a tall sloping hill with the long point in front and just a single short back facing point. Set in it was a white feather. "One of my distant cousins gave me this last visit. Never quite suited my style. But the blue happens to match your usual taste in off duty colors."
Seren accepted the gift and tried it on. "How do I look?"
Eira churrred with pleasure. "mmmmm! With the mask on you look like the Phantom Rider!" We need to get you fully dressed up now!"
Scanner and the others of the party were still busy gawking as they had never actually made planetfall in all the years of being on Patrol. "Well this is different." the grey Backeneko drawled in amusement at the sight of the fluffy tailed Wiwer Fawr and the peculiar architecture.
Zana was looking wide eyed in delight at everything and her fluffy tail was practically vibrating with excitement. "They are so adorable!"
"Miss Zana. Please refrain from terrorizing the countryside hugging everything." Seren deadpanned. Vulpes-Canis were a very touchy-feely people and the large curly haired dog girl was like the poster pup for her species. She liked to just pick up the Dynol and hug him to death, or on coinciding lunch breaks she would sit him in her lap and idly pet him. The other Vulpes-Canis on the Patrol Carrier would do the same. Just not as grabby as the Wraith Pilot. She at least did not handle him while he was working. But she would sit and just raptly watch him work. The big dog folk's fascination with Dynol was well documented.
"Oh come on! I let you go... eventually." was accompanied by Zana's merry barking laughter and wagging tail.
Seren had to admit that the starfighter pilot had the reflexes to back up her rampant people pouncing. She could also beat him eight times out of ten at go-cart racing. "So what's the plan then Eira? You -did- have a plan? Riiiiight?" he nudged the rat alien.
"Sure do. I pre-ordered some steam train tickets to the great northern city of Gaer Garreg Werdd yn y Goedwig. It is a recreation of a fortress city from the homeden that was a major steam hub back in the day. It's now a sort of historical re-enactment with people acting out living the way folk used to." She displayed for all a paper map and traced a claw from the starport to their intended destination. "Big tourist attraction and there's a regular re-enactment of a raid by the Crwydriaid y Mor yn Dwyn Gwaywffyn, sea going aboriginals who raided inland every few years well into our early steam age. Quite a nuisance."
"Australia gets invaded by Hawaii." quipped the Dynol.
"I have no idea what you are referencing. But I know it is something embarrassing!"
They all made haste to the hat shop and it was Seren's turn to be embarrassed at being complimented for his Phantom Rider cosplay. Eira had her own hat as well. A white tricorn with a badge pinned to one side and several short square-ish red feathers sticking out back of it. "This is my dad's hat. He used to live here for a few years before getting his hauler gig."
"What is the badge for?" Asked one of the Bridge Bunnies.
"Ah that was for rescuing some folk who got lost in the deep forests. Dad was a pretty good tracker." Eira explained while tracing a finger round the brass badge. "The feathers represent how many people he saved. Six total."
The Bridge Bunnies each purchased high topped broad rimmed black hats with a green band around the base. They looked a bit like triangular witch hats with the point removed. Zana selected bonnet and Scanner donned her own green wild west style hat with one side pinned up. All the head-ware had built in heat dissipation materials to help disperse built up UV warming.
Next they ambled over to the clothes shop and here Eira helped Seren pick out a long coat in blue that went with his hat. "Yeah! Very Phantom Rider now! Just need to get you a silver steam pistol and a white coesau plu."
"Eira... Is this a vacation? Or dress up doll?"
"Why not both?"
Scanner picked out a woman's riding outfit in green while the seven lapine brothers all selected elegant coats and pants with buckled shoes. They looked reminiscent of Spanish aristocrats dressed so. Especially with the frilly lace. Zana dressed in a gown that spread out in all directions. She blushed so much it was visible through her cheek fur when Seren teased that she could hide all of the Bridge Bunnies under her petticoats.
All done with basic shopping they stopped by to say hello to Eira's distant cousin. This fellow was a Wiwer Fawr of a light brown fur pattern and blue eyes. "Eira ar y Blodau! Been three years since saw you last! Welcome Welcome!" He looked over the masked Dynol curiously. "Why are you so cute with that mask on? I am Gwynt Drwy'r Canghennau. You must be Llygaid Llawn o Ser my cousin has written about?"
"Probably unless she has more than one Dynol wrapped up in her tail." grinned the Systems Tech.
Gwynt grinned at that. "If the rumors are true then just one of you is more than enough." The squirrel-like alien and the human exchanged the double paw clasp greeting and then everyone padded over to an shaded eatery sized for small and large folk. "You hit a good time to visit. This is the cool season. Temperature will spike for three months during the hot storm season. Warm rain and high winds. Great for the plant life. But whooo! Don't plan on traveling!"
They got to try out the local quinine including bara haen fewnol, which was akin to a calzone stuffed with cheeses, a white cream sauce, ground nuts, lettuce and carrot equivalents, and strips of coesau plu meat for the omnivores in the group. Scanner and Zana had roast coesau plu with a selection of greens the two carnivores could ingest. From the store owner Seren learned that the Cozi Mari was picking up a shipment of meat to supplement the more carnivore sided crew's diets.
Gwynt would be joining the group as their guide while planet-side. Mostly just an excuse to catch up with Eira and socialize with aliens. "Not many offworlders stay long for obvious reasons. Too bad you Dynol can not improve the conditions here like are on the other colony."
"I am no terraforming expert, but the problem here is a bit more involved. Fixing it would require moving the planet's orbit or thickening the atmosphere to increase UV shielding. Any of which might disrupt the ecology established here." suggested Seren. "That is even assuming we could alter the orbit without wrecking the planet."
"Tis what I heard last time it was discussed. The trees here are dependent on the increased solar intake and adding more cloud cover might well cause them to weaken or outright die. There's also worry that thickening the atmosphere could increase the intensity and duration of the storms we get." A flick of the squirrel's bushy tail fore-back-fore showing his reluctant acceptance of that.
"It is a planet we Dynol would have passed on during survey simply because it would be more likely to make things worse trying to make it more agreeable for habitation. As is you need alot of tech solutions to stay here right?"
"Correct. But it is not bad once you get used to it and we have adapted to the environment slowly."
"At a cost." Seren pointed out.
Gwynt nodded. "At a cost yeah."
Seren shrugged. "Maybe in time a better solution can be had. Right now the tech just has not caught up to being able to handle a situation like this. So you are to be commended for sticking it out and finding solutions outside the box."
That perked up the tan furred squirrel and after everyone had eaten and gotten a drink they set about picking up another local to join on the trip. That being Gwynt's fiance Erlid Awyr y Nos. Erlid was a solid pitch black of fur and had bright red eyes. She was a shipping clerk for the starport. She also complimented Seren on his Phantom Rider cosplay. Much to Eira's continued entertainment at the Dynol's expense.
Finally it came time to board the train and Seren got to see first hand a functional and fully restored mono-wheel steam train. The engine and tender were were Thirty meters long and the main engine consisted of four interlinked mono-wheels. The series engine was surprisingly powerful and the train could pull eight-hundred unit-tons. Eira explained a little of the history as everyone boarded. "Very early on we developed parallel wheel designs. But one experimental company pushed for the mono-wheel design and it gained popularity and quickly muscled out other designs."
Gwynt added to this. Mono-wheels have always been a design aspect of transportation and no one is exactly sure when it supplanted other styles of wheels. Part of the success was very early gear and stabilizing breakthroughs."
"Due to the stopping problems when not used in series?" guessed Seren.
"Exactly. Early mono-bikes were more than a little harrowing to stop at speed." Gwynt grinned. "But were too fun to drop for safer designs. The basis worked fine. It was the sudden stops that kept leading to accidents. Speed laws were for a good while very strict. But people were always pushing it when out away from the dencities. Eventually someone hit on a pivoting gyro system to counter the rotation problem. The trains did not suffer that problem and just needed stationary bracing legs when at a stop."
The passenger cars were luxurious with padded seats and even a dining and lounge car. The sleeping cars were just as finely crafted of metal and wood. Each car of the mono-train was accessible via two doors, one on either side of each car's center-line wheel. Some luggage and cargo was packed into the lower parts of each sphere that comprised a car. The ride was scheduled to take a twenty-two hour day to cover some one-thousand kilo-units distance.
And so plans were made as to what to do during the shore leave at the re-enactment site and surrounding tree-city.
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2023.06.05 12:56 Square-Platypus3702 Landlord refusing to use email as first point of contact after ignoring our emails for weeks

I live in a 3 bed flat in London. Our landlord is raising the rent by over 50% so we are moving out end of tenancy (late August). A few weeks ago they emailed to say a maintenance worker would be at the property “next week for 3-4 days”. We said they could come from Tuesday onwards and sent several emails asking for details, but they didn’t respond and the maintenance worker never showed. This was for a second bathroom sink - told its a HMO requirement (I’m guessing they’re doing it now that they’ll have higher paying renters…) Still, no response from them. We had arranged to be out of the house for that week and stayed elsewhere so we could wfh without the disruption. Super inconvenient. During this, I have been arranging viewings with a letting agent whose communication has also been terrible. After they showed up for viewings yesterday without confirming first, I denied them access and emailed the landlord explaining the situation. Now, the landlord has called us this morning. We emailed saying we couldn’t speak on the phone while at work, and to please email as the first point of communication. Ensue a back and forth where the landlord is refusing to email as first point of contact, despite us repeatedly stating we would prefer it for clarity/ease of communication. What are our rights here? Can we keep putting our feet down about emailing? Can we refuse to reschedule the maintenance worker?
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2023.06.05 12:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (

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2023.06.05 12:55 Accomplished_Emu2081 Work-around for using IAA (inter app audio) apps with Logic Pro for iPad

I believe I found a “solution” for Logic for iPad’s lack of support for IAA (inter app audio), unlike GarageBand for iOS which still supports it.
Currently the SonoBus app allows you to stream uncompressed audio from plugin to plugin using a wonky IP address hack to internally use the iPad’s internet packets without having to go through a server.
How to:
(Using AUM as the host app for managing IAA app audio streams for this example)
In AUM, open desired app (AudioKit Synth one is a good example), and have the midi input be Logic’s virtual port.
Instantiate the SonoBus AUv3 plugin as an effect plugin in the chain.
In Logic, create an external midi track, use Logic’s Virtual Out as the midi Destination. Then place SonoBus as the first effect in the midi track’s chain.
Go back to AUM, to the “send” Sonosbus plugin, click the gear symbol to access the options window. From there change the default send quality to 24 bit PCM, and click the option box near the bottom of the options window to “use specific UDP port”.
Take note of the 5 digit UDP number, and rinse repeat those steps in the Sonosbus plugin on the Logic side.
Tap the “connect” button in the AUM side of the Sonosbus plugin, tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the window and tap “connect to raw address”.
Major detail: You input number of the receiving SonoBus port)
Example: if Logic’s UDP port is 10001, and the AUM UDP port is 20002, in AUM you input, and in Logic you would input
After rinse-repeating those steps in Logic to complete the connection, you will now hear audio streaming into your Logic app through the SonosBus connection Only when the session playhead is actively playing. The audio will not pass through if you did not hit the play button.
After confirming connection, mute the mixer output of the IAA app to prevent doubling of the signal.
Best way to capture audio into Logic is via outputting the Logic midi track into a bus track, creating a new audio track and changing its input to that bus through the mixer, and recording in real time to the arranger.
Average recorded latency is 2ms without Ableton Link and 6ms with Ableton link. There was no perceived latency while performing/ midi playback.
Go nuts. 💪🏽
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2023.06.05 12:55 gambilala LDR and Love Languages

I noticed that for those whose love language is Physical Touch, LDR can be a challenge! My SO’s primary love language is Physical Touch and early on he shared his frustrations because he can’t kiss, hug or touch me.
As for me, my main LL is Quality Time so if I can and I would always find the time to talk to my SO even if it’s just about stupid stuff.
I was also disappointed why my SO didn’t really plan surprises or give romantic gifts but I understood him when he scored zero on that aspect 😂😂😂 But he found out I scored pretty high on it, he got me something almost immediately.
What challenges did you face in communicating your affections to your partner while apart?
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2023.06.05 12:53 loontoon Anyone looking for a good cheap condo in the Udomsuk Area?

I have lived in the same condo for 12 years and will be moving out before the 1st July (most likely around the 15-17th June)
It is located very close to UdomSuk BTS (2 mins walk). There is a fresh market, 7/11, MaxValu all within 4-5 mins and many other useful things around here. True Digital Park is less than 10 mins walk for example.
My unit is on the same floor as the nice large pool and the gym, so from your front door to the gym is about 20 feet and to the pool about 40 feet 📷
The unit is 50 sq/m, one large living area, nice separate kitchen, decent bathroom and one bedroom.
The unit is only partially furnished with a bed, wardrobe and a new flat screen TV (not smart).
Rent is 10,000 per month.
You will need to ask the landlord for a new mattress.
The unit had brand new AC's 2 years ago that I hardly use (my electric bill last month was 1019.00 THB)
I really hate that I'm going to have to give this place up, even though I'm moving out to a larger place.
Please let me if you are interested and would like to see it or have any questions.
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2023.06.05 12:53 Born-Environment-239 Spider-Man vs Batman Icon

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2023.06.05 12:52 Deeyeff Starting out . .

Help! I’ve got the bug and am hoping to catch something (anything . . please!) off the South coast.
Managed to catch loads of mackerel in Wales - great camping breakfasts
Also caught a handful of fish from kayaks
Have enjoyed a couple of days trying my luck at Hurst but apart from that not much experience
Want to go more often and am looking for easy (?!) spots - something towards the end of the M3 / Southampton
Be grateful for your advice/suggestions. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.05 12:52 Skyebble A page from my ancestor’s 181 journal. He was the captain of a merchant vessel.

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2023.06.05 12:52 becca81mi Ain't no way

I am baffled and I know I shouldn't be. I commented before saying how she almost got me the other night when she had her little girl with her and I almost sent the amount for the room the live got shut down and then some one sent me this link on here about what she been doing and it was like Pandora's box opened. I literally believed everything she was saying and was like damn her luck sucks hard but I still sympathized cause I been there we all have been you know when it rains it pours. However after staying tuned and invested in this mess since then I have watched her spiral. The audacity of asking for hair money. Getting room money then saying but I'm hungry yeah I get it she got to eat but then she gets the money to eat then changes the story about the apartment. Now I am hearing she saying she ain't getting the apartment cause she got to pay the courts well she already knew that and if you remember she said she had that money set aside in a savings or something to pay it. But NOW she don't have it. So many people said she was gonna pull this act and I was like ain't no way she had me that convinced and now I'm sitting here waiting for this woman to get online and show proof of that place even tho I already know in my heart and y'all do too it ain't happening. If it does and I'm wrong then call me out and I will apologize. The world we in right now everything being so expensive and housing shortages and these people sent you I know well over $3000 what will you have to say for yourself girl ? You gonna give it back ? What ?! New hair wigs food breaks now a fine clothes giving money to bd what the actual fuck. There is people out here who truly need that money to survive and she shaking her ass all over the place buying shit. Again if I'm wrong and she moves in today then we'll I'll shove my own foot in my mouth for judging and being wrong but damn. That's a scam that's fraud and she can go to jail for it if this has all been a game and lies. Like who does this shit ??? Anyways rant over. I hope everyone reports her page and gets them people their money back but doubtful she will probably disappear cause there gonna be so much hate once people see it ain't happening. What a stupid ass fell for all the all them. Keep them kids away from her. She is very sick
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2023.06.05 12:51 cimpanatochimpanz I'm going to a bachelor party as the best man in August, what can I do to make it special?

Hi all, in August I'm going to my friend's bachelor party, I'm flying over to the US from the UK and they've rented a cabin on a lake for the 7 of us. The original best man pulled out and I was asked to take up the role, which I am honoured to do.
The plan is to chill out together and have a BBQ, maybe some cigars later on. Whilst this sounds great I would really appreciate some pointers/stories/ideas to make it a little more special. It's not going to be a rowdy/stripper kind of event (thank god...) but I would like to take my role as best man seriously and maybe plan an activity or game to do whilst we're there. If it helps we're all in the 25-35 age range and we all met through online gaming. Any ideas? Please feel free to tell stories about good (chill) bachelor parties you've been to for inspiration!
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2023.06.05 12:51 Sloppy_Salad [SOLVED] - Gimbal calibration for Mavic 3 (and others that don't show in Com Port)

I have a Mavic 3 and replaced the gimbal myself, of course this meant the gimbal needed calibrating, and as most of you know, the drone wont appear in the connected Com Port devices. I think this applies to drones such as the mini 3 too?
Reading through a history of forums and posts, I discovered a random stranger on the internet, claiming he could calibrate the gimbal.
I contacted him with his Telegram number, paid him $30 via PayPal Goods & Services (gives you the buyer, buyer protection and a money back guarantee), he connected via AnyDesk to my spare laptop, and calibrated the gimbal within about 10 minutes!
I cannot recommend him enough, and I implore anyone with the same difficulties as myself to contact him!
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2023.06.05 12:51 iiiaaa2022 Help: How to deal with my friend who’s declared me her “personal coach”

So, first of all for context: I met this friend on vacation, we live in the same country but different cities, like 500 km apart.
We’re both over 40, she’s 43. You’re not gonna believe me, but she is.
So we are in touch via Voice messages mostly, sometimes more and sometimes less. Had quite an intense phase of contact from nov-April. She was quite helpful when I vented to her about work. I was quite supportive when she vented to me about her love life.
The problem with her is: there is no “love life” and that’s completely due to her. It’s not like she has no offers!
It goes like this: she is on the apps. She swipes. She has matches. She is, for some reason, deadly afraid of (cis) men but defines as straight. She wants a family and bio kids. As a woman who’s battling with infertility myself, the clock is ticking and fast. There no way to sugarcoat this.
Whenever she matches a guy, she finds something that’s wrong with him. Sometimes she goes on one or two days and THEN she finds something that’s wrong with him. Recently, she had found one who she apparently liked (she always says she likes them but there’s no romantic feelings, but how can there NEVER be any feelings?) and she went on six (!) dates with him. He then came to her house one day for “movie night”, apparently she’s unable to decipher dating code since she was super taken aback when he wanted to make out. They had kissed a couples of times before but then she “pulled back” for lack for a better term. Her “official” reasons were that he didn’t bring anything for her and didn’t ask any questions about family pics on the walls.
Problem is, when you’re THIS picky, you’ll always!! find something wrong with everyone!
She constantly asks me for advice but never applied any of it. After half a year, I’m kinda tired of this.
I’ve asked her very sensitively if maybe she was assaulted before. She said no and I’ll certainly not question an answer on a topic as touchy as this. Apparently, She had one relationship at 19/20 and the guy left her for someone else. So, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Yes I’ve suggested therapy.
What to do?
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2023.06.05 12:49 Ok-Distribution-6520 How do I speak to my ex about child support?

Looking for any advice or similar experiences please! My ex and I separated almost 10 years ago when our daughter was 3. We agreed to co-parent with our daughter spending half of her time at each house. As we were both spending the same amount of time with her, we didn't talk about child support as, in theory, we would both be spending similar amounts of money to look after her.
This continued until this new year when, after an increasing number of arguments between my daughter and my ex, she came to live with me full time. Initially, this was expected to be only for a short while til things calmed down, but 5 months later it looks like things will stay this way permanently. This is fine with me as, even though looking after a 13 year old on my own and working full time is a lot, she does seem a lot happier. They have seen each other semi regularly during this time but usually only for a few hours apart from one weekend when I was away on a pre-booked trip.
The issue I have is my ex has contributed next to nothing financially in this whole time (he pays for her phone, has put around £40-50 on her school meals account, pays £5 pocket money weekly and paid for half of a new uniform). I'm now in the position of having to tell him he needs to provide child maintenance. He is very very weird and defensive about money so this is not going to go down well. Also, I have a super stressful job which I have had to leave and move to a lower paid one as I was struggling to cope with that and full time parenting of a teenager.
Does anyone have any experience of having similar conversations with an ex (particularly one with narcissistic tendencies)?
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2023.06.05 12:49 RedWarmth3 [21] [tele] Dom leaning switch looking for older, experienced, kinky and conversational subs~

As the title says, I'm a lightskinned dom leaning switch looking for older, Submissive daddies. I adore subs with genuine experience and fun or kinky stories to tell. Love all you guys who are new to this but im really just in the mood for those with loads of experience. Whether you're an eager, slutty sub bottom, a more controlling power bottom, or a dom leaning switch, come and try me!
Im not into shit, cucking, sounding, cut, puke, beast, vomit, or diapers, apart from that im quite open minded. Please say more then just "hi" or some variation of "saw your post". No one liners please gentlemen. Be bold, be engaging, come and say hi😇
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2023.06.05 12:49 Mountain_Track_4324 Apartment for rent in Afpovai near bgc

Hi! Baka may naghahanap dyan na apartment (studio type) speciallly working pro near bgc. May mababakanteng katabing unit sa amin baka may gustong kumuha. rent is around 7k-ish Pwede nyo ivisit yung unit. PM nalang para kayo na mismo mag usap ng mayari. Thanks
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2023.06.05 12:49 MSA784 Kitchen cabinet recommendations.

My wife are I recently went into contract on a 2 bed 1 bath 1938 PreWar co-op. Our current apartment is within the same complex and when we renovated our kitchen (10’x7’ nyc galley) the custom cabinets cost us $14k in 2017. The new kitchen is 18’x7’6” however has a similar footprint except longer which will allow us to use stand sized cabinets. Does anyone have a recommendation of kitchen cabinet brands? I was roughly quoting out the prices and it seems to be $8-9k for Wolf Cabinets sold by Kabinetking
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2023.06.05 12:49 brandmeist3r Reversing an active USB cable.

Hi there,
for this question I found no answer online.
I know it will not work, these cables are not bidirectional and it could potentionally damage the USB port of the computer. Anyway, having a disagreement with a collegue in the local Makerspace and he doesn't belive me.
Do you have any sources online with potential problems?
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2023.06.05 12:48 Wowwwwowowow I’m going to love you now, the only way I can… from here.

I can’t stop thinking about what you said the last time I texted you.
The texts I sent in a moment of weakness; a moment I was flooded with love and gratitude and longing for you. The text was my pathetic attempt to… I dunno, make sure you knew that you’re on someone’s mind… to make sure you know that YOU left an imprint, a life altering impact on the trajectory of my life… to let you know that you are a celebrity in my world.. the freakin bees knees. I wanted to find out how you were doing.. if you’re ok… know if you’re happy and loved.
I’m grateful for what I’ve learned in this time apart. I’m still me… I’ve learned so much about myself; my values, my integrity, my self worth/ self love, living with grace, having desires, wants and needs;, and living in acceptance; of myself, and others for who they are. I remember how I used to be… the only area where my expectations were high, happened to be the area that I am more well versed in… empathy. I tried to push you to be the version of you that I believed would best serve you, and me. That was wrong. Because meanwhile I failed to appreciate ALLLL that you are. So I didn’t even see how you were, are, and always have been MORE than enough. You’re everything . I understand why you fell out of love with me. The person who showed me the deepest love imaginesble. It couldn’t have been easy for you to walk away. It was probably the most difficult thing. I feel like I’ve been dying slowly, every day since it ended, and nobody even knows it but me. But luckily the drive to become someone YOU deserve has kept me going all this time. I do sooo good sometimes.. I go months and months without sending a peep. The love and the longing is something I feel I will have for the rest of my life. Unconditional, love from afar, I can live like this though.. because I can’t hurt you this way. I never want to hurt you again. I love reflecting on everything we shared. Time is irrelevant; you are as much part of me today as you have been since we met. You are right here next to me every damn second of every damn day. I am so happy I have so many amazing moments to hold on to. Thank you for giving me that gift all that time. I’m sorry I squandered it. I was an idiot.
So I texted you a few weeks ago… You humored me… ❤️ you responded the next day so not to leave me hanging. You told me how you looked for my eyes night you saw me (the same night I did everything in my power to NOT meet your gaze, out of fear of instant bawling 😭)… you said that you were searching to find MY eyes; that I’m the person you wanted to share that moment with. It was a short and sweet exchange; you were there for a moment then you were gone. But I can’t stop thinking about what you said. Do you think I’m happier without you?? Do you even ponder my emotional well-being at all…?
Then I remember… thatI shouldn’t have texted you. It was selfish and wrong of me. I regretted it the instant I sent it! I believe that you love me, deeply. I also believe that I’m no good for you, and you know it… that’s why you’re not in love with me anymore. I respect you and I respect that. I took the person that I love to my core, to hell and back. You are really TRYING to move on. And i think you’re doing so well… it’s different this time, than before. I’m so proud of you, babe. But alas, i forgot ALLLL of that when I sent that stupid text… you probably felt like you took 5 steps back by responding to me… meanwhile, it gave ME life. Never again. I am so sorry for what I’ve put you through… for what I keep putting you through, without even trying. I’m a real piece a work…. I’m workin on it.
I will simply leave you with this… If you ever do get the urge to search for my eyes again in the future, I promise you’ll find them looking back at you… and I’ll be giving you that bittersweet smile.
I love you, my person; my penguin; my best friend. My heart is yours, for eternity. I love you. ❤️❤️❤️
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2023.06.05 12:48 marg-hoe Searching for resources for Masters thesis

Trigger warning: talk of murder trials in South Africa (for academic research purposes)
Good day everyone! I am currently undertaking research on the impact that live-streaming criminal trials has on sentencing outcomes, and as such I need a list of cases to compare to live-streamed trials.
Does anyone have any knowledge of any axe murders which have occurred within South Africa, apart from the Van Breda case (I have already included this case in my research, but I need something to compare it to which is not livestreamed). I have tried searching for cases, but the only thing Google (scholar) seems to want to suggest to me is the Van Breda case, probably due to the high traffic of news media coverage. I know these types of cases aren't that common, but I do have the feeling that there must have been more than one case with such a weapon in the last 30-ish years.
Also, if anyone knows of any suggestions for livestreamed criminal trials which are currently happening, very recently happened or are scheduled for the near future in South Africa, please let me know, as it could be relevant for my research. While I am South African myself, I have been residing in the Netherlands for the last year during my studies so may have missed livestreamed cases which made it to the South African news cycle. I will not be including the Oscar Pistorius case as it's outside the framework of my analysis.
Any help or even suggestions will be appreciated! Thank youuuu
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